Jason Vorhees kills Twilight
It was sunny day in town from movie twilight and evryone was happy. Bella Swam and Edward Clullen and Jakob Blake
were having sex on the beach and stuff when suddenly, Edward said "I would like to eat ice cream!" so he stood up and
looked for ice cream when suddenly, there was a huge man standing behind him who had a hockey mask and a machete
it was… Jason Vorhees! "OMG plz don't kill me!" cried Edward Cullen because he was pussy but Jason Vorhees was
like "Fuck you Edward Cullen!" and he grabbed his head and twisted his neck and Edwrad Cullen was dead! And now,
Edward Cullen was dead!

"Oh no you killed byofriend Edward Cullen!" said Bella Swarn and started crying because her boyfriend was killed by
Jason Vorhees while Jacob Blane was cried pussily and also, he's pedofile. So Jason Vorhees cut his legs and he had
no legs and started crying "Oh no plz have mercy!" but Jason Vorhees didn't care and he impaled him on machete and
liften him in air and punched him and Jacob Blakc was flying through air until he hit a stone and was impaled on it! Blood
was dripping from his mouth and he was dead and there was blood and bones everywhere!

Bella Swane was still crying while Jason Vorhees was walking towards her very slowly when suddenly, he was standing
next to her! "You killed boyfriend Edward Culln you monster!" she cried when suddenly, Jason Vorhees grabbed her arm
and ripped it off! And then, he beat her to death with it and she was dead and every where was blood and bones and stuff
and now, Bella Swarn was dead. Jason was happy because they were all dead so he went back to camp crystal lake and
everyone was happy because no one liked Bella and Edward and Jakob.

END rnBella and started crying because her boyfriend was kille by Jason Vorhees while Jakob him who had a hockey
mask and a mach