You're at a club. You went there because you had a rough day and you thought that maybe you'd just let yourself loose, go all out and just have fun at the club but instead you didn't have the mood to do those kind of stuff. So you just sat at the counter, drinking shots and over thinking everything as usual.

Then a voice from behind asked, 'Is this seat taken?'

You didn't bother to look up and just replied, 'No,' and continued thinking about earlier that day whilst staring into your empty glass.

The voice then spoke again, 'Why do you look so sad?'

You just shook your head. A moment's pause, then the person who was speaking to you took your hand into his and said softly, 'Come on babe, you can tell me,' then pulled you down from your chair and onto his lap. Only then did you look up to see Nath staring at you with a worried expression.

'N-Nath...' you stammered, 'what are you doing here?'

'I saw you earlier today and you looked miserable. I wanted to talk to you but you were in a hurry so I kind of followed you. I didn't expect you'd choose to be here when clearly you have something on your mind,' said Nathan.

'It's nothing,' you replied as you got off Nath's lap.

Nathan grabbed you gently by the arm and turned you around so that you're facing him and then he stared intently into your eyes and said softly, 'There's still something I haven't asked you. Will you be my girlfriend?'

You smiled and blushed a little and before you could even nod your head or reply, Nath's lips came crashing down onto yours.