Well, you couldn't say she hadn't been warned. Even before coming to Rome, Buffy Summers had been told by Giles and others in the know that while the Eternal City didn't possess a Hellmouth, this millennia-old conurbation had its own special magic, and this could manifest at any time without the slightest warning. Still, after a few weeks here, while she and her sister Dawn were beginning to settle in during their badly-needed vacation after the Sunnydale collapse, Buffy hadn't encountered anything particularly weird of the supernatural type. Until now, that is.

However, on the list of 'Ten Thousand Strange Things Buffy's Gone Through Ever Since Somebody Threw A Really Big Knife At Her Head' (okay, one of these days she'd think of a more concise title), this was a good candidate for the dead-last position. All that'd happened during her Slayer patrol through Rome's alleys had been a faint all-over tingling and then an abrupt flicker in her line of sight, as if the world had suddenly shifted in position.

Buffy warily looked around, but she didn't see anything all that different in the alley. There were the same stained walls, the same cobblestones from the time of the Caesars, the same indescribable smell from the sewers below… In short, nothing. Shrugging, the young woman decided to head for the closest main street and try to find a cafe there open this late at night for a quick cup of coffee and maybe something to munch on. Briskly walking through the darkness, Buffy eventually came out from the alley to find herself across from a very familiar place, all due to her and Dawn's visit there during their first few days in Rome.

Stopping in her tracks to gawk at the magnificence of the world-famous Trevi Fountain brightly lit up well after midnight, Buffy's attention was at once captured by the two people happily wading in the fountain. One of these people up to their thighs in the water was a striking adult woman as blonde as Buffy, but with decidedly much more, um…just more of the tallness and chest sizeness. Firmly squashing the hasty surge of jealousy which had unexpectedly materialized in her mind, the Slayer stared the lady's black dress with its skirt floating atop the water like a lily pad.

In between cattily noting to herself that bimbo over there would be in dire need of a supporting bra in a couple years, Buffy was soon distracted by the hottie in the formal suit also wading in the fountain. Mmmm, she'd like to meet an Italian guy like that herself, even if he clearly seemed besotted by the other woman.

After spending a few minutes watching the pair in the water clearly having fun with the kissing and touching and all, Buffy saw the dark around her was fading into grey. Just when the unknown woman anointed the man's head with water from her hand, Buffy glanced around, to look directly into the rising sun breaking over the city's horizon. Blinking in her suddenly dazzled vision, Buffy felt yet another all-over tingle, and when she glanced back at the Trevi Fountain, she saw nobody there at all.

"What-?" Buffy began to blurt out, gaping at the empty waters. It wasn't possible! There was no way for anyone to get out of there so fast without her noticing, so what the hell just happened? Peering around, Buffy still found nothing to solve this minor mystery among the sounds of Rome beginning to wake up. At last, when her stomach started to noisily growl with real hunger, Buffy exasperatedly threw up her hands in defeat, and she started heading back to their apartment. Maybe while discussing this with Dawn, they could come up with some kind of explanation of what she'd just seen.

Thinking about this, Buffy was sidetracked by finding a now-opened bakery on her way. A happy five minutes later, the Slayer contently carried in her arms several warm paper bags filled with the heat of the many scrumptious pastries she'd just bought for their breakfast. Dawn was gonna love this for sure! Happily heading down the sidewalk, Buffy Summers thought to herself something she'd never dreamed possible after all the tragedies and upheavals of her past few years in a certain California city, that life was good.

Author's Note: In case you don't recognize it, the crossover is Federico Fellini's 1960 cinematic masterpiece La Dolce Vita.