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Rei sat on the steps of the Hiwaka Shrine, her chin buried in her forearms as she sat hunched over her knees that were pulled up to her chest as she contemplated her newfound life in peace. Galaxia was gone, as were all the other evils that had tried in vain to take over the Earth. Now there was only peace and while Rei knew the other girls were enjoying this peace Rei was at odds with herself. Inside her she could feel a longing to go somewhere with a life bigger and better than the life of peace she was living. She felt as though her talents were being wasted, that sleeping deep inside her there was a power waiting to be discovered. Rei shook these thoughts from her head with a small smile. All the fighting was over, soon Crystal Tokyo would be created and they would never have to fight again. This was very good news, but; why was Rei so loathe to welcome this peace?

"Rei-chan!" an excited voice called and Rei looked up to see Usagi racing towards her.

"Usagi-chan, what brings you here?" Rei asked smiling her welcome to her best friend who returned the smile happily.

"I thought perhaps we could hang out together, for old times sake," Usagi smiled holding up a picnic basket, "we spend so little time together."

"That's because you and Mamoru are always together," Rei teased Usagi who pouted at her prettily.

"We can't help it if we love each other so much that we can't stand to be apart from one another and besides you're the one busy recording an album," Usagi protested in her and Mamoru's defence but Rei merely laughed throwing a careless arm around her friends shoulder.

"I was just joking with you, odango atama," Rei replied her voice full of mirth and Usagi laughed happily.

"Rei!" another voice interrupted the pair. This voice was low and manly, a voice that Usagi had never heard before and one that Rei had hoped she would never hear again. As Rei turned around she stared into dark brown eyes that were shining with hope. A flicker of recognition shone in Rei's violet eyes and her eyes narrowed at the man standing before her. Usagi glanced at Rei, then to the man then back to Rei again who began to advance towards the man. Usagi had to admit he was quite a good-looking man. Strange ebony hair styled in large spikes and wide, honest dark brown eyes. He wore an outfit that was orange and looked like track pants and a Singlet that showed off his muscled body to perfection.

"What are you doing here Goku?" she spat at the man who looked offended at her tone and his eyes looked pained and regretful.

"You know, father would be a more comfortable term," he said to her taking a step forward arms wide open causing Rei to take a step backwards.

"Being called a father means you have respect, and that is one I thing I do not hold for you," Rei said to him with disgust and the man, Goku shook his head sadly meanwhile Usagi's mouth had dropped open. This man was Rei's father? This hunky looking guy with the body of a twenty-year-old guy? This couldn't be true.

"Rei, must you treat me this way? I am your father after all," Goku pleaded and Usagi's eyes widened. It was true; he was Rei's father. Rei however narrowed her eyes at Goku.

"No you lost that right the day you left me here and went away without another word to me," Rei said her voice choked with anger and Goku actually winced from the accusation in her voice.

"Rei I am sorry about that, I did the right thing back then, I wanted to do the right thing by you and I want to do the right thing by you now," Goku said reaching out to Rei willing her to forgive him but Rei turned her back on him and flicked her ebony hair.

"Then leave and don't come back, you expect me to want to know you? You didn't send me one birthday card, nothing, I grew up thinking I never had a father," Rei said tears shining in the corner of her eyes but when she saw the pity in Usagi's eyes she blinked them away and turned on her telling her snidely, "don't you have somewhere else to be?"

"Sure, see you later," Usagi said trying not to show how hurt she was and Rei and Goku watched her go before he turned to Rei with a pleading expression on his face.

"Please Rei, listen to me I need your help"

"You need me? Very funny," Rei forced a dry laugh that sounded cold and harsh to Goku whose heart felt like it was breaking that his only girl child hated his very existence.

"Rei this is a matter of life and death, the future of the Earth is at stake," Goku tried to tell her and Rei placed her hands on her hips proudly and cocked her head to one side.

"I think the Sailor Senshi can handle that," she said confidently but Goku shook his head.

"Not this time Rei, I have seen their power, it is nothing compared to what we are fighting against," Goku impressed upon Rei who raised a perfect eyebrow at him still sceptical.

"We?" she asked curiously.

"Your uncle Yumcha, Vegeta, his son Trunks, Piccolo and your brothers, Gohan and Goten," Goku listed his close friends and family off his tongue easily and was quite unprepared for the anger and offence he saw in Rei's violet eyes.

"I have brothers?" she asked in disbelief and Goku dropped his head.

"Actually you have three, they are all older than you," he said softly so that Rei had to take a step closer to him to hear what he said. He had only been talking to his daughter for a few minutes and already he felt ashamed of himself. Maybe that's why he had stayed away for so long. Rei frowned remembering Goku had only named two brothers but then shook her head confused thinking perhaps she had missed her third brother's name. Ignoring those thoughts and felt a sudden rush of anger inside her. How dare he keep such information from her!

"That was nice of you to tell me," Rei said snidely throwing him a look of utter contempt but inside she was confused. She knew her parents had never been married but was she some sort of lovechild? Was that why Goku never visited her?

"Rei I'm sorry but I didn't want to involve you," Goku apologised but Rei ignored it.

"But now your more than happy to," she finished for him and Goku took a deep breath trying to change the conversation into another direction.

"We need the power you possess," Goku told her seriously and Rei frowned in confusion.    

"Power?" she repeated incredulously.

"You are something special Rei, you must let me teach you," Goku insisted and Rei laughed scornfully, it was not a pretty sound. It was full of all the anger and pain she had felt throughout her entire childhood.

"Teach me what? How to abandon your children?" she asked him sarcastically smirking while inside she was hurting. All she wanted to do was throw herself into her father's arms and cry on his broad shoulder but she was too stubborn, she didn't want to give in, especially not to her father.

"Teach you to be more powerful than you ever imagined," Goku said his brown eyes staring openly into Rei's violet eyes and Rei was the first to break from the powerful gaze.

"I am already powerful," she said with poise and Goku shook his head.

"There is more to you than being Sailor Mars," Goku said almost laughing and Rei narrowed her eyes at him in disbelief.

"You know? How?" Rei asked not even trying to disguise her secret identity.

"You're my daughter, I know everything," Goku said nochantly and Rei took a deep breath before smiling cruelly.

"Then you'll know that I am about to give you the finger and tell you to leave so why don't you read my mind and get lost," she told him harshly and Goku winced but didn't retreat from her.

"I need you to come with me Rei, let me show you something and then you can decide whether you will help me or not," Goku finally compromised and Rei raised an eyebrow at him again.

"If I do will you leave me alone?" she asked and Goku took a deep breath and nodded.

"If that is what you wish," he said to her softly and Rei quickly pulled off her temple outfit and she was wearing a pair of miniature denim shorts and a tight red shirt with a smart looking collar and a star in the middle of it. Goku couldn't help but stare amazed at his daughter's beauty but Rei didn't seem to take notice of his fatherly pride as she smoothed down her hair then looked at him.

"Fine, lets go," she said leading the way down the stairs and Goku sighed then flew at her and grabbed her into his arms ignoring her protests and carried her through the air to a secluded area where he lived with the other saiyans somewhere in the Australian outback.