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Chapter 10 - Don't Tell Serenity

"Okay roll count guys, are we all still here." Minako's voice came through the darkness and there were groans that replied to her forced cheerful voice. Inside their heads everyone was wondering if they had all survived the darkness that had consumed them.

"Yup," the few male and female voices responded to her.

"Yeah," others said and there was a grunt from the direction where Vegeta had last been seen and he muttered loudly,

"You can't get rid of me that easily."

"Okay can we get some light pyro?" Minako was obviously asking the question of Rei as they all crawled around in the dark trying to follow one another's voice's. Makoto held tightly onto what she hoped was Kroyan's hand and Rei had a splitting headache as did Goten, Trunks and Minako, the splitting of their bodies obviously affecting there minds as well. Ami stayed right where she was knowing they would find her and Goku was standing up in the darkness bumbling into the walls looking for Vegeta who was still grumbling about the injustice and how he was a Saiyan Prince who deserved respect.

"Just for that little," Rei replied stubbornly to Minako's attempt to be humorous by calling her pyro, which meant fire maniac, in polite terms.

"Rei come on," Goten pleaded his beloved's case and Rei gave in with a little humph and said the special chant that allowed a fire ball of alight on the tips of her pointer fingers. The first person she saw was Trunks and the light went out as they fell into each other's arms hugging one another desperately.

"Hey some people want some light!" Minako's voice reminded them and they pulled apart and Rei lit up her fingers again. Minako's face came into view next and her and Rei grasped hands tightly a smile on each of their faces. Trunks hugged her as Goten stumbled towards the light and he and Minako kissed passionately with relief and Rei let her fingers go out again.

"I did not light my fingers for that!" she complained teasingly and at a chorus of annoyed,

"Rei's!" and one deep, "Onna!"

Rei lit up her fingers once more and Goku and Vegeta came into view, Vegeta looking like he still had ruffled feathers from being stuck in the energy ball. Makoto pulled Kroyan forward with her although he obviously felt uncomfortable and out of place. Ami wandered up and sighed with relief when she saw everyone was okay. Then she thought of something.

"Selenity!" Ami cried out and there was a weak cough to the right of them and Rei turned her hand to the ground to the right and they all saw the Queen lying on the ground in a pool of what they assumed was her own blood. The senshi gasped and rushed to her side while the men stood back and watched on with pity.

"I don't understand how could this have happened?" Rei asked looking down at the wounds all over the Queen's body at a loss to explain how such a horrible thing had happened. Just when they thought they had saved Selenity's life.

"I am back on the verge of death, as I was back on the moon before I allowed the evil to use my body, I have done unspeakable things, I deserve to die," Selenity coughed as she said this and Minako fell to her knees beside the Queen as did Ami who checked her vital signs finding the Queen's diagnosis of her own state of health totally correct. Selenity was dying, all over again.

"No Selenity not you," Minako whispered tortured and Selenity smiled gracefully like she had a millennia ago as she stared up at the faces of her daughter's best friends. Rei used her free hand to hold onto Makoto's and Makoto reached down to take Ami's hand and Ami reached for Minako's. Minako took firm hold of Selenity's hand and the gesture of one brought tears to her eyes.

"I know what my destiny is, my life should have ended long ago," Selenity said serenely and the senshi tried not to let their tears show but each and every one failed miserably. The Queen chuckled hoarsely to herself then frowned turning serious to ask,

"Do me a favour all of you."

All the senshi nodded and the saiyans and Kroyan's did so as well, hearing in the dying Queen's voice how much this favour meant to her.

"Don't tell Serenity," were the last words to come from Selenity's lips as she died, just as she was meant to have died so long ago. Her time here had come to an end and all the senshi felt Selenity's spirit leave them.

The ground beneath them started to rumble and every stone little boy started glowing and the room illuminated with light. As they watched on the stone melted away to reveal little boys that were aging every second that passed until they were once again young men. Just when the men were starting to ask questions about what was going on one by one they started to disappear, supposedly back to where they came from. Mamoru was the last to disappear and when they were all gone there was darkness again in the room until Rei lit her fingers again realising they were all still there.

"Great how are we supposed to get home?" Vegeta asked annoyance in his voice and Trunks shrugged not knowing that himself.

"Sailor Teleport!" Minako cried out joyfully and the senshi immediately got into position.

"If you saiyan boys please transfer some energy into us, that would be appreciated," Rei said winking teasingly at Trunks and they both knew Vegeta would have a field day with the taunt.

"Boy? I will have you know." Vegeta puffed out his chest to lecture Rei who folded her arms across her chest.

"I'm the Prince of all Saiyans," Minako mocked her father jokingly a serious look on her beautiful face before she broke into laughter and sighed, "we've heard it all before dad."

Vegeta started mumbling to himself but moved behind Ami and placed both hands on her shoulders. Trunks, Goten and Goku did the same behind Rei, Minako and Makoto respectively and Makoto's gaze came to rest on Kroyan who stood in the background watching them prepare to leave.

"Come on Kroyan, stand in the middle," Makoto said kindly and Kroyan did as he was told and the senshi closed their eyes.

"Venus power!"

"Jupiter power!"

"Mars power!"

"Mercury power!"

"Senshi power!"

As a wind picked up around the small group they felt themselves being lifted and each thought of the temple grounds and the loved ones that waited for them.

When they opened their eyes the first thing everyone saw was Mamoru staggering towards Usagi who was just as they left her, lying on the courtyard ground, her head on Chichi's lap. He fell to his knees desperately gathering Usagi up in his arms and Chichi stood up and raced to Goku who wrapped her in his arms tenderly. Mamoru stroked Usagi's face willing her to wake up but she slept on and Mamoru traced her lips with the tip of his finger before pressing his lips to hers.

Usagi's eyes fluttered open and when she saw Mamoru she smiled contentedly throwing her arms around his neck and holding onto him tightly, never wanting to let him go again. Usagi turned to see the others coming towards her and she sat up, still holding onto Mamoru.

"So, what happened?" she asked curiously looking from one face to the other. No one says anything, what could they possibly say?

"Well?" Usagi prompted when no one seemed to want to recount the tale.

"We smoked the bad guy!" Goten yelled out over the uncomfortable silence and Rei smiled inwardly thanking her brother in her mind for being so much like himself at that point in time. She had neither the heart nor the courage to tell Usagi that they saw her real mother die all over again, or that her mother had tried to destroy her love with Mamoru. Upon hearing Goten's words Usagi gave a yelp of happiness and hugged Mamoru tightly.

Bulma slowly came out of the temple towards Vegeta and once she reached him he roughly pulled her into his arms and gave her a romantic kiss that had Trunks and Minako twitching with mortification.

"How embarrassing," Trunks murmured to Rei who turned to him smiling cheekily.

"You think they're embarrassing, they've got nothing on us," Rei said in a competitive voice winking flirtatiously and Trunks drew her into his arms and kissed her fervently as they rose off the ground and into the sky.

Minako and Goten watched them go and Minako grinned mischievously at her fiancée as he grabbed her hand and kissed it gently.

"You're not getting off that easy," she said pulling his roughly to her and giving him a kiss he wouldn't forget and Goten moaned with pleasure.

"Ami, I'm so glad your okay, I was worried about you," when Ami heard the sweet voice of her boyfriend she turned to him and smiled happily. Uwara wandered towards Ami and they hugged each other tightly and without a word he placed a protective arm around her shoulders kissing her forehead. She fitted snugly into his body as they wandered down the steps of the temple, ready to go home for the night. Uwara had known Ami was Sailor Mercury and would forever understand her duty and destiny, he just wanted to be there for her always.

"Hey Ami, can we get a lift?" Usagi called out stopping the couple who turned and nodded.

"Come on then," Ami invited and Mamoru carried Usagi in his arms down the steps after waving goodbye to Goku and Chichi.

Makoto was feeling slightly left out and noticed out of the corner of her eye Kroyan standing on his own, head bowed obviously thinking about Anya. Makoto walked over to him and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"I know you are hurting but your pain will pass," Makoto told him gently and Kroyan turned to her pain in his eyes.

"I am sorry for all I have done," he said sincerely and Makoto smiled.

"We forgive you," she assured him and Kroyan looked taken aback.

"How can you forgive me?" he asked in wonder and Makoto shrugged punching his shoulder in a playful fashion.

"That's just how we are, come on you can crash with at my house," Mako offered gesturing for Kroyan to follow her which he did scratching his head.

"What do you mean crash your house? Are we going to destroy it?" he asked thinking that was a strange thing to say and Makoto laughed at his confusion shaking her head.

"Come on," she told him again and lead him down the temple steps and into the night.

Chichi and Goku watched the last couple go and couldn't help but feel smug. There were two weddings on the way, budding romances and Bulma and Vegeta had finally stopped their constant squabbling. Things were going fine and Goku and Chichi wandered inside the temple for quiet time and Vegeta and Bulma stumbled after them only to be bawled out by Grandpa for trying to sneak into the same room together.

"I told you, women in one room, men in the other!" Grandpa protested and Vegeta was heard to argue about his marital rights.

Giggling Trunks and Rei returned to Earth and Minako and Goten broke apart to join them in a little circle of four. Rei and Minako in between the two boys and they all joined for a huddle.

"So about this wedding business?" Minako winked at Rei as they decided to play a little game on their fiancées.

"Is next month okay for you both?" Rei asked a serious look on her face and both Goten and Trunks turned white. Yes they had proposed but they hadn't planned to actually get married for a long time yet.

"You guys want to get married that soon?" Goten choked out bluntly and Trunks could have kicked his best friend for not being more diplomatically.

"We thought maybe we could give it a year." Trunks tried to explain and both Minako and Rei looked absolutely livid with rage.

"You can't put us on lay-by you know!" Rei poked Trunks hard in the chest furiously and Minako let loose a punch that sent Goten across the courtyard.

"Or we could get married next month," Goten yelled back amending his words and Minako squealed and ran to throw her arms around her fiancés neck and showering him with kisses.

"What can I say she loves me," Goten said helplessly not trying to fend off her kisses, quite enjoying the overwhelming attention. Rei turned to Trunks and caressed his cheek lovingly.

"You don't have to marry me yet, I was only messing with you," Rei said understanding he was still young and probably didn't want to be tied t one woman for the rest of his life and Trunks laughed at her misunderstanding.

"Rei, I want to marry you now, today, tomorrow or next week or next month, as long as I marry you," Trunks pushed a stray piece of hair behind her earthen pulled her to him kissing her forehead, "I just thought maybe you wanted to wait."

"Nope, I'm ready when you are," Rei assured him eagerly and Trunks lifted her up and spun her around with joy.

"Next month then?" he asked and Rei hugged him pressing her lips to his. Here was no need for a reply. Her words said it all.

In their bedroom that they were sharing Vegeta and Goku watched the teenagers from their shuttered windows. Vegeta had lost the fight with Grandpa but had plans of his own to sneak in to see his wife later that night.

"Well now we have guided them we can move on to our new mission, exploring the universe and looking for other planets to save," Goku said cheerily and Vegeta rolled his eyes.

"The onna's are gonna blow their minds," he reminded Goku who cringed thinking of his wife and her frying pan.

"Chichi will understand," he said trying the words out but he knew they were untrue. Chichi would definitely mind.

"Well your woman might not mind but mine." Vegeta let the words fade away as he thought of the problem Bulma would pose if he left. Truth be told he didn't want to leave her. It had taken him so long to finally allow someone into his life, he didn't want to loose her.

"We could take them with us," Goku put forward and Vegeta thought about the question long and hard before a thought came to his mind that made him smile.

"At least we wouldn't have to make our own food."

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