Or the one, where Bail doesn't just fade from the story without another word.

A/N: I'm a terrible cheat, I admit: I have run out of snippets already finished by the time the main story was done; consequently, a good deal of the following outtake is still in the sketch stage, so all I have for you, now, is a little teaser. I'll replace it by the real version, once I get around to polish it up. Just wanted to let you know, there's still a bit more to come ...

Special mention goes to JHMLYNDALE, whose story Return of a Jedi made me remember, that totalitarian regimes like to practice Sippenhaft, that is: routinely go after "relatives of the enemies of the people."

It was sheer happenstance.

As one of the highest-ranking survivors – barring Lord Vader himself – of "that Death Star disaster", as the ill-fated behemoth and its devastating, short-lived maiden voyage was quickly growing to be known among the Imperial Forces, a lost patrol leader had defaulted to Colonel Veers, to finally rid himself of his prisoner, whose routine arrest had turned into a four week odyssey for said patrol, seeing how their shuttle had not yet cleared the gravity well of the prisoner's – and the patrol leader's, incidentally – homeplanet, before said planet had dissolved into so much rubble and its gravity had dispersed with it.

Rubble on an astronomical scale, mind, and if not for the anisotropic cascade effect causing the destruction and the resultant asymmetric expansion of the debris, the shuttle would have ceased to exist, only seconds after the planet had. Crawling towards Delaya on minimal power had cost the patrol leader the first two weeks; struggling through the bureaucratic chaos left behind in the wake of "that Death Star disaster", accounted for the rest.

If not for the stormtrooper's blind adherence to orders, the man would have ditched his prisoner weeks ago.

Would have, but he hadn't; and now Veers stared in disbelief at the same name for the second time this month.

Oo oo oo oo oo oO

... TBC ...