BOUNJOUR my fellow readers!

As some of you might know I'm in the middle of writing Pan's Time Travel Adventure and trying to think of a bit more ideas even though i got more than 600 views of who saw in less than a month(smiles proudly)

But while I was dreaming I had a dream about being in Goku's world and had been happening like a story in chapters o.o ik weird.

So I decided to write the story out with my friend Emille. Hope you enjoy the story !

I do not own DB,DBZ,NOR DBGT (sighs) we all wish we did


It was a cool spring Thursday afternoon. My friend, Emille was in her house watching Dragon Ball Z on my TV. We were watching my favorite episode, take flight Videl. It was about Gohan teaching Videl and his little brother Goten to fly. The reason why Videl was there is because she blackmailed him. I was a red-headed japenese girl who wore big circle like glasses and gray sweaters with blue jeans.

My parents were both black haired and had no idea howi was a pure red headed in the first place. But it didn't matter. I was pretty sure i was adopted even though my parents don't talk about it. I was always left out in the crowd really.

Every where I went people would stare at me and wonder what kind of 'creature' I was. I liked sitting home alone reading all these stories and of course watching Dragon Ball Z.

But my friend at the other hand, Emille. Sweet. Popular. Emille. She was a pure brown headed girl with such tanned joyful blue eyed girl. She loved being out in the open being embraced by other people and when i say people I mean boys. Her parents acctualy won the lottery for 42 million dollars and moved here. Even though we were two diffrent people we were very close friends.I taught her theindependence and peace in life when she is not being her. She taught me all the fun and pleasure in life when I'm not being me. But we both LOVED anime.

While the episode was playing the doorbell rang. Emille pounced off the couch and ran over to the door awkwardly. I was suspicious. Why would she be in such a rush to get the door like that. No one would be coming here, I would have known.

Emille slammed the door shut and ran here speedy quick before I realised she was here. "What up with the box?" I asked looking a the small brown box in her hand. Her eyes were sparkling widly with a happy grin. "You won't believe me when I tell you this Shizuka!" yelled Emille with delight. She opened up the box carefully. When I looked down I couldn't believe my eyes. There were 7 of them. Orange. Each had a number of stars. They were dragon balls.

"Would you like to tell me where you got those?" I asked. "This man wearing this big while cloth thing handed it over to me telling me that for some money I could have those!" "You are right I don't believe you." I said walking away.

The girl looked at me curiousley then mad. "Hey what do you mean? These are the dragon balls, the man said so." yelled Emille. "That was a total scam, Emille," I said with my eyes closed. "He took advantage of your money." Emille pouted. "I don't believe you!" she said. "I am pretty sure these are it and I'm going to prove it!"

"And how?" I asked. "Come outside I'm going to wish Shenron out to grant my wish!" said Emille running outside. "Emille.." I said walking out behind her. Sometimes that girl has no idea who she is and what she is talking about.

We got outside in the backyard. She placed down each ball carefully to the ground. "It's not going to work."I said. The girl just ignored me and made sure the balls were in right position. She backed away inhaled. "SHENRON ARISE!" she yelled. Nothing. "I SAID SHENRON ARISE!" Still nothing. "Try saying please," I said sarcasticlly.

But of course for her stupidness, she yelled, "SHENRON ARISE PREETY PLEASE..WITH SUGAR ON TOP." Nothing.

Emille blinked. "How can this be?" she asked. "I did what I am supposed to do and yet I got.. nothing. She put her knees to the ground with her face on the floor. "No..." I put my arm around my friend. "Its ok maybe he's on vacation?" I said trying to comfort her. She gave me a glare. "The dragon works once a year at least for five minutes. Why the hell would he go on vacation?!" she asked in a loud voice.

I flinched. "Emille.." "Why the fuck would he go on vacation Shizuka? Why the fuck will he?!" I couldn't respond. Emille looked down lower. "I wish I was in Goku's world. It sure would have worked.

I was going to respond but suddenly the dragon balls glowed. "Emille look!" I said pointing to the balls. They were glowing brightly. The sky was turning. "Huh..?" we both said. The trees were turning rapidly everything was. "Shizuka...?" said Emille. We both gaved a little shriek and saw blackness.

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