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"So how is the new little Herondale? Well I trust?"

Jace nodded as the warlock straightened up. He'd come over to reinforce the wards placed around the mansion even more now the baby was born. Magnus couldn't help but notice the Shadowhunter's tired aureate eyes. He looked like he hadn't been sleeping. When he saw the way the warlock was looking at him accusingly, he groaned. "Do not look at me like that."

"Why have you not been sleeping?"

"Is it not obvious?" Jace retorted gruffly. "Everytime I contemplate sleep, I see him crashing through the doors like a madman. He will not take my daughter, I swear on the Angel."

A pause and Magnus sighed out, "you need to sleep. Depriving yourself will not do you any good."

"I do not care," Jace growled. Silence fell. Magnus finished off the last ward and asked, genuinely curious, "what did you name her? Where is she?"

The ghost of a smile twitched onto Jace's lips. "Evelyn. Evelyn Céline Herondale. Clary demanded her middle name be that for my mother. Despite how much strife it will give us, I have agreed with her that the vampire be made her godfather."

"How is Clary? Was the birth hard on her?"

Jace nodded. "Yes. But she is doing well now. Just tired. She is asleep at the moment, and I am letting her as long as she can. Valentine's funeral was this afternoon, but obviously we did not go because of her condition. I do not intend on letting either out of my sight."

A frown. "And Evelyn?"

"Oh William is visiting from London. He is with her at the moment."

As soon as he said that, as if almost on cue, there was a yell from the other room. Magnus didn't even have time to blink as the blonde boy was gone. When he walked into the main room, he soon found out what had happened.

"Your bloody daughter threw up on me-!" Will was groaning, shrugging his waistcoat off and tossing it aside with his nose wrinkled up. "I swear I shall never have children" he added with a grumble. "Disgusting."

Jace was smirking, the white wrapped bundle close to his chest, arms around it. "Good girl," he said down to it, using the corner of his shirt to clean up the mess around her lips. Magnus could hear the quiet crying emanating from within. Jace was frowning, lowering his face down to press his lips to the small forehead, mumbling out against it, "shh sweetheart. Only Will. He is rather revolting and terrifying to look at I know, but he will not hurt you. No one will hurt you."

"Did you just tell your daughter I was ugly?"

"Why yes I did." Jace told him smugly before turning away, cuddling the bundle into his chest. Magnus couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Jace Herondale was a father.

And he… loved it?

When he returned, there was a thick leather bound book in his hand. With his other he held Evelyn to him. "This," Jace told the warlock, "will wake Jocelyn Morgenstern up. Page four."

Magnus paused before taking the book, staring at it intently. He could feel the power emanating from it. Ancient spells of immense destructive power among other things.

"I shall do this at once," Magnus told the Shadowhunter quietly. That poor woman had been comatose for so long this was like a breath of fresh air. New hope.

But first, he had a letter to reply to.

Magnus had stared for hours at the letter Alec had sent him.

Dear Magnus Bane

We need to talk. You know where I am.

Alec Lightwood

The warlock wondered how many other letters the Shadowhunter had wrote beforehand. Ones filled with anger, maybe. Or one with love? He simply had no idea.

He penned a letter back, though.

Dear Alec Lightwood

Business with your parabatai and his wife has ended. You may tell the vampire that he is godfather to an exquisite baby girl named Evelyn Céline Herondale. Also, Valentine Morgenstern is dead. Killed by his own son.

If it is agreeable, I shall be calling in at the mansion tomorrow.

Sincerely, Magnus Bane

Magnus still planned on going even if the Shadowhunter refused.

He missed his blue eyed boy.


Clary found adapting to motherhood strange. But she liked it.

The first night was the worst when Evelyn woke up crying, but she took it with good grace. Probably because the little girl had stolen Clary's heart. With her wide dark emerald eyes, it was impossible not to love her. A small tuft of honey colored hair atop her head had caused Jace to grin and note that she had his hair. He'd already bet that when the girl was older, she'd be tiny like Clary. Clary had laughed and told her husband that she was going to be tall like him.

"Her cheeks are so chubby" Jace chuckled the next day, prodding one gently. The little girl didn't wake up, content to doze in her mothers arms.

"I wish that we were older," Clary muttered just loud enough for Jace to hear. He went quiet at that for a moment. "I know," he replied softly. "But things cannot be helped now. A few more days and we shall leave, yes?"

Clary nodded, not taking her eyes of her daughter. "He is not touching her. Or even seeing her for that matter." A pause and she asked Jace, "what about Isabelle? Is she… well, has there been news? I do not want to be an aunt." She sat up on the bed, keeping Evelyn close to her chest. "Where can we even run? We could run to the ends of the earth and he would still come after Evie. And what about my mother? Is she awake yet?"

"Magnus has gone over," Jace told her. "You may even see her by the end of the day."

The mere thought made Clary smile. But then it faltered as she realized: "Mother has no idea I have had a baby, does she?"

Jace sighed. "I do not think so. She will have a shock." He sniggered. "Grandmother Jocelyn."

Clary had to laugh lightly at that. She was tired, but better than before. More alert. The worry about Jonathan was causing her to worry nonstop though. Between that and caring for a newborn, she was stressed.

And Jace could tell from the dark shadows under her eyes. They were almost charcoal in colour.

"Come here," he told Clary softly, taking Evelyn carefully from her and supporting her head. "Go back to sleep. And try to relax. I know it… well, it is hard. But I swear on the Angel I will not even let Evie out of my sight. Yes?"

Clary smiled tiredly. "I know."


Simon ducked sharply as the book went flying towards his head, scowling. "Izzy-!"

The young woman ignored him, pacing the room. Simon sighed, folding his arms. "Sit down."

"Shut up. Leave me alone."


The other book went flying towards him.

Isabelle groaned, sinking down into the chair next to the mirror. "I cannot get comfy." She sighed and Simon stepped behind her, twining his arms around her shoulders. "How do you feel?"

"Like I want to rip your head off" Isabelle growled. Simon rolled his eyes, pressing his lips to the young woman's temple. "Just a few weeks to go."

"Ha," Isabelle laughed bitterly. "If it is his, the baby will be here within the week. If it is yours… well, it shall take longer." Her eyes flickered downwards. "But there is no way to tell. It… it tears me apart." She winced sharply, a hand traveling to her stomach. "It cannot be his," she muttered, more to herself than anything. "But what if it is? By the Angel what do I do?"

Simon could hear her voice breaking. His arms tightened around her lightly, voice just as gentle. "The poor child cannot help it, can it? It does not deserve to be hated." He sighed sadly. "But it shall be."

A frown and Isabelle turned her head to face him. "A father that is either a demonic monster, or a vampire." She swallowed hard. "Is it wrong to feel such pity for it already? And for you?"

Simon blinked. "Me? Why me?"

There were tears in Isabelle's eyes. She couldn't help it. That monster had broken her, and she was past caring about what others thought. "Because," she whispered. "If this child is yours… you will outlive it. Outlive me. And no parent should outlive their child. It is… it should not happen. It is horrible. Could you…" her voice cracked. "Could you raise a child knowing you shall watch them grow old and eventually die? Watch as their whole life passes you by? One day you will be stood before my grave, Simon. Before Clary's. And your child's. If this is your child."

He didn't know what to say. Simon hadn't wanted to think about it, but now he was forced to.

"I know," he replied quietly, burying his face into the top of Isabelle's head. "I know. Do you think I do not? Do you think I sleep soundly at night? That I do not lie awake thinking about the fact I shall remain this way forever? A boy? I will never have children, plural. No… I cannot even say-" the word God stopped dead upon his lips, but Isabelle knew. He sighed. "Being a vampire… it is a hindrance. But, as long as I have you and the people I care about?" his smile was weak. "That is the most important thing, yes? I am still Simon. Just with a little more bite. And a bloodsucking tendency."

Isabelle laughed at that, tears springing to her eyes once more. Simon chuckled, stroking her arm gently. "I love you Isabelle Lightwood. You and this baby. And I am here to stay."

"I like the sound of that, vampire."


Alec was constantly on guard. How could he not be with both a vampire in the house and raving lunatic on the loose? At least the vampire had enough control. Well, when he had blood.

As soon as he got hungry, Alec didn't leave his sister's side. Like hell was he going to allow a staving vampire around her.

But he also owed that same vampire thanks. Without him, Alec was sure Isabelle would have withered away to nothing after what happened with the Morgenstern monster. Isabelle was strong, but he'd broken her. How was it even possible to shatter a girl like her? It scared him. It still scared him.

Thank the Angel for Simon Lewis. He'd been a simple servant, a mundane, and yet it had been him who had saved her. What's more, had made her stronger than before the incident. And was maybe the father to his niece or nephew.

Alec rubbed at his temple; Isabelle had slept with him. Had slept with a mundane.

Just… wow.

A hiss from the fireplace grabbed his attention now. Alec watched the sheaf of paper flutter from the tongues of amber to the floor, lying there with the edges lightly singed. He crossed the room and picked it up

Dear Alec Lightwood

Business with your parabatai and his wife has ended. You may tell the vampire that he is godfather to an exquisite baby girl named Evelyn Céline Herondale . Also, Valentine Morgenstern is dead. Killed by his own son.

If it is agreeable, I shall be calling in at the mansion tomorrow.

Sincerely, Magnus Bane

Alec just stared.

Magnus was coming over tomorrow.

That made him feel faintly sick with worry and excitement. He hadn't seen him for so long. How was he supposed to react?

And then there was the new addition to the family. His parabatai's at least. The rest of the words blurred together, all he could think about was the fact the warlock was coming to London. Coming to see him.

Alec crossed over to the writing desk, pulling forth a pot of black ink and a long pheasant feather quill. He swiftly wrote Until tomorrow – Alec on the back of it. He scrawled a rune at the corner of the page, and then tossed it back into the flames. It vanished with a hiss.

Magnus was coming.

There were light footsteps on the stairs. Simon. Alec cleared his throat, knowing that the vampire's keen hearing would pick up the words "Clary had the baby. A girl."

Less than a heartbeat and Simon was in the room, eyes as wide as his grin. Alec didn't flinch, but all his senses were screaming at him to stake the vampire stood before him. No, he told himself. Simon is not a threat. Relax. He handed over the note.

Simon laughed, beaming at it. "Evelyn," he chuckled. "And I am godfather! Fancy that." Alec was waiting for him to explode with happiness. He had a look about him… like a man that didn't care what others thought. And then Simon frowned. "Valentine is dead, and that bastard killed him? How did they know?"

Alec hadn't thought of that. Simon crumpled the letter up in his hand, growling out "he went after Clary, I know it. That monster son of his will not be far away. If I was him, I would have eyes on that house and his father at all times. And Clary had that baby a tad too early." He threw the balled up letter, exploding with "I am going to rip his head off. I am going to tear that monster limb from limb while he is sill alive and feed him to-!" he didn't finish, breathing heavily. Simon closed his eyes and Alec watched in silence. He noted how tired the vampire looked. There were dark shadows under his eyes. The kind Alec thought only humans could get. Not the undead. But Simon… he looked normal. Human. He looked like a man who had fought too many wars, but was refusing to step down. Refusing to admit defeat.

And Alec knew he wouldn't. Simon was fighting a never-ending battle with his life and own nature, but he would never let it beat him. He was Isabelle's rock. Her pillar of support and unending love.

He would outlive Isabelle. And yet, he hadn't broken down from that fact. Wasn't allowing it to affect how he lived now. Right now. Simon's focus wasn't on the long, long future ahead of him, but on the girl before him right now. The life he had with Isabelle and maybe even his child.

Alec wondered now. Wondered how many times Magnus had fallen in love. Had watched the one he loved die. He'd been such a recluse when he'd met him, and yet, the warlock had chosen to love him.

He knew he'd outlive him, Alec realized. But still Magnus loved him. It was dangerous. And a tragedy in the making.

It was then that Alec understood how much his words must have hurt the warlock. Accusing him of just messing with him. That he meant nothing. Why would Magnus even stick around if he didn't care for him?

He loves me, Alec thought quietly. And I pushed him away.

He loved Magnus. He always had.

And tomorrow he was going to tell him.

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