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Summary: Pre-series. AU. Sam gets kicked out of Stanford after a fight with another student, so he turns back to hunting but goes solo thinking Dean and John wouldn't want him back. Sam is 19, Dean 23.

Chapter 1

Sam made his way through the crowds in the cafeteria towards the table where Jess and some of his friends were sitting but was stopped when a large body stood in his path "excuse me." he mumbled as he tried to step around the person but the body moved to block his path again. He looked up and was greeted with the angry face of Gary Harris, he gulped nervously knowing why Gary was angry with him, because he had insulted him in class, he had called him something along the lines of a dump-as-a-post idiot, he didn't mean to but it slipped out.

"What's the matter Winchester? You seemed so confident in class." Gary hissed in his face.

Sam sighed thinking he'd left these cocky jerks behind in high school but apparently not. "Look I'm sorry alright but just back off." He replied as he tried to move past him again but was surprised when a fist drove into his cheek sending him to the floor. He huffed in annoyance as he climbed back his feet. As soon as he was on his feet he glared at Gary who was smirking wickedly at him. He didn't really want to fight, he just wanted to eat his lunch, get through the next class and then go home and sleep.

"What's a matter Sammy?" Gary snarled as he approached Sam again and when he was close enough he swung his right fist again catching Sam on the nose. Sam stumbled back and saw red. He quickly regained his footing and launched himself at Gary sending them both to the ground and Sam pounded his fists into Gary's face and the guy struggled to get Sam away from him.

Sam after a couple punches and stood. He looked up and was greeted with another angry stare. From one of the teachers.

"Shit" he thought as he stared back at the teacher. The teacher pointed at him and yelled "You!" he shouted and then pointed at Gary who was being helped up by his friends "and you, Mr. Roberts office. Now!"

Sam swallowed, he knew this was bad. dealt with all the students when they behaved wrong, and to say he was a mean man was a compliment to the man. He had heard rumors that he had kicked someone out for just looking at him wrong.


Sam and Gary sat in silence on one side of the desk and on the other.

"Well gentleman, I believe you two had a fight in the cafeteria."

"Yes sir." Both boys said in unison.

"This kind of behaviour isn't accepted in this school, I want you both to go pack your stuff and get off campus by tonight!" yelled.

"What?!" Sam gasped "No, please sir, I can't get kicked out! I'll have no where else to go!" he pleaded.

"I'm sorry but you made your own bed now lie in it." He said sternly.

Sam felt tears burning in his eyes as he stared in shock at the man.

You walk out that door don't ever come back.

His father's words rang in his brain and he knew he couldn't go back to his family.

He stood and walked out of the room followed by Gary. He started to walk down the hall when he heard Gary call after him "Winchester! Sam! Wait!"

"What?!" He snapped angrily.

"What did you mean when you said you had nowhere to go?" Gary asked.

Sam sighed "my dad... He didn't want me to come here, wanted me to go into the family business. The night I left... He told me not to go back."

"Man, that sucks!" Gary said "sorry man I didn't know, I was just being an idiot."

"Sorry about your face." Sam said as he offered a small smile.

"Yeah... But you can apply for another college, can't you? I mean you're smart enough dude!"

"No I can't I only got in here because I got a scholarship. My family never had a lot of money, and other colleges won't give me a scholarship if they know about the fight." Sam felt tears building again, it felt like his whole world was crashing down.

"Jesus... I'm so sorry." Gary said simply.

"It's okay don't worry about it." Sam replied.

"So what are you going to do?" Gary asked.

"Yeah I dunno... Maybe I'll go see some family friends." Sam said "Bye Gary." he mumbled as he walked away.


A few hours Sam was all packed and had said his good-byes to Jess and his friends, and he found himself on an empty bus, he didn't know where it was going and didn't care. It was then when he let the tears fall. He had threw away his only chance at a normal life, the normal life he had longed for since he was a kid.

A couple of hours later the driver kicked him off the bus telling him it was the last stop. He stood alone at the bus stop, unsure of what to do or where to go. It was getting late and he knew he would have to find some where to stay and quick otherwise he'd probably end up sleeping in a dark alley somewhere, that thought alone encouraged him to move. He headed into the unknown town hoping to find a motel.

Sure enough he found one 10 minutes later, it wasn't the cleanest of motels but he didn't care, he was exhausted and just wanted to sleep and then hope tomorrow would be a better day.


He woke the next day and the situation that he was in had well and truly crashed down on him, he wished that he would've woken up in Stanford and all of it was just a bad dream.

He was alone, completely alone, he had barely enough money to last him the week and he was in a filthy motel room in an unknown town.

He remembered he promised Jess that he would ring her to tell her he was okay so he did, although it only made things harder because he knew he wouldn't be able to see Jess for a long time because she was always so busy with work and studying. She promised she'd ring him when she had the chance and maybe see him over christmas but Sam knew they were practically saying good-bye at least for a while.

After a few moments of trying to keep his tears at bay he had a shower and got dressed and went to find some breakfast. He found a small diner just down the road and ordered himself toast and coffee. He wondered if he should call Dean or his father just to let them know that he wasn't in college anymore just in case they needed him.

"Of course they don't need me or ever will anymore, that boat sank the minute I said I wanted to go to college, they didn't even need me before that. I was just a burden, especially to Dean. I bet they're happy without me there." he thought miserably.

"Here you go sweetie!" The waitress chirped as she put the food and coffee down in front of Sam. Sam mumbled a thanks before picking up his coffee.

"Are you alright honey? You look like someone shot your puppy." the waitress asked with a look of sympathy on her face.

"Yeah just a rough couple of days you know... I got kicked out of college yesterday." Sam replied.

"Oh dear, well you've got your family to go back to haven't you? I mean it's not the end of the world." She said in a soothing.

"Nah, I haven't seen my family since I left to go to college. I had a fight with my dad before I left.."

"I'm sure they'll want to see you." She assured.

"No they won't. Hey do you know if there's any jobs going in this town?" Sam asked trying to change the subject, he saw a newspaper on the table next to him and he leaned over and grabbed it.

"Yeah actually you can try the shop up the road, it's nothing exciting but it I heard it pays well."

"Great thanks." Sam said giving her a dimpled smile.

"I better go. Call if you need anything else sweetie." She smiled back and returned to the kitchen.

Sam looked over the paper and the title caught his attention.

"Another group of hikers go missing" The title read and Sam flipped through the paper to find the article.

"A total of 27 hikers have disappeared in the forest, to the west of town, over the period of 2 months." The first line said and Sam instantly knew something strange was going on in the forest, supernatural strange.

"Looks like a hunt." He thought "I'm out of college for a day and I've already stumbled onto a hunt. I might aswell check it out, it'll give me something to do." He nodded to himself, finished his breakfast and coffee and exited the diner.

The youngest Winchester had no idea that whatever what was in that forest was going to not only threaten his life in the worst way possible but also bring his family back to him.

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