Chapter 7

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Previously: "Alright everyone, let's go!" John took the lamp off of the ranger and started towards the tunnel that he thought he had brought in through, quickly checking that everyone was following, Dean and Sam were behind him, Katie was in the middle, then Matt and Joe, then the ranger, and John smiled, he wasn't a control freak, but it made him happy when everyone followed his orders.

He wasn't sure if they'd all make it out of this alive, but the son of a bitch was going down, he was sure of that.

Because it had hurt his baby boy.


"Keep close and stay alert, Katie, ranger, eyes open but be careful, you see anything make sure you'll be able to hit it before you shoot, we haven't got many flares." John turned to look over his head to glare sternly at the group, more importantly at Katie, Joe and Matt, they were the risks to John in this whole thing, the ranger should have a good aim, seeing as he is a ranger. But the brothers, Joe and Matt, he didn't trust them, especially not Joe, there was something off about him, and Katie, although she seemed like a nice girl and she had said she knew how to fire a gun, but being a hunter had taught John not to trust people just because they seemed like a nice person, so basically a lot could go wrong if Katie or Joe messed up or didn't follow orders.

"At least Dean's here."

That thought helped sooth John's fraying nerves a little, as long as his eldest was here and still prepared to follow orders like he always had, he'd have backup to help him control bad situations, and Sam, Sammy, although he was a little battered, bruised and bloody, they had him back, there was still a lot of questions to ask his son, but at the moment Sam was safe with them, well as safe as he could be, and that also calmed John.

"I need to concentrate, stop thinking about who's a risk or not and focus on making sure nothing happens that would make them a risk." He thought, suddenly realising that he had already starting to make his way down the tunnel that he guessed was the way out, and everyone was following him without thinking otherwise, or too scared off the elder Winchester's temper to do that, like lambs to their slaughter.

The group continued down the tunnel, Dean stumbling under the weight of his little brother every couple of seconds but he was trying to keep the noise to the minimum, trying not to attract unwanted attention, although now thinking of it, the wendigo probably knew where they were just by his super smelling ability. Katie saw that Dean was struggling and wanted to offer to help, but last time she had done that, she had received death glares from the older man. Dean stumbled again, this time he nearly dropped Sam and he cursed slightly as he regained his balance and his hold on his little brother.

"How many burgers have you been eating, Sammy?" He grumbled under his breath.

"Hush, Dean." John barked out sounding loud but quiet at the same time which confused Katie, glancing over his shoulder again to glare at his eldest, which made Dean blush slightly in embarrassment and lower his head. Katie saw the way Dean acted when his father criticized him and felt bad for him, maybe he wasn't the jerk he had like back it the cavern, just fiercely protective of his little brother. She decided to offer help again but this she was going with a softer approach but wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer.

"Hey." She whispered, walking up to join the Winchester brother's on Dean's side, figuring not touching Sam until given permission was the best way around the potentially dangerous situation. Dean fixed her with a hard look and Katie stared back, not knowing what to say now that she had Dean's attention.

"SAY SOMETHING!" Her mind screamed at her which only made her open her mouth but nothing came out. "Words, use words! Apologize! Even though you did nothing wrong just say sorry, 'cause Dean won't let you help unless you tell him what he wants to hear." She shut her mouth before taking a deep breath inward. "Here goes nothing."

"I'm sorry about before, I overstepped your boundaries when it came to your little brother and I didn't mean to. I was just trying to help." She explained nervously, hoping her un-intimidating tone and posture made her fake apology sound genuine.

"You make it sound like I'm a landlord and Sam is my territory." Dean replied, face blank but his voice sounding like she had just added fuel to his rage instead of water.

"Isn't he?" Katie's mouth countered before she could think about what she was saying, Dean's face twisted in angry, "yours I mean, Sam's your family and more than that he's your little brother so by default he's yours." She added quickly trying to defuse the bomb that was just about to blow up in her face. She then waited, staring into Dean's eyes trying to find clues in what Dean was going to do next. After a few moments Dean broke out in a grin, he couldn't get mad at the girl for trying to help.

"Yeah and don't forget that." Dean said and watched guiltily as the girl laughed nervously, obviously just trying to cover up for the fact that Dean scared her. She did have a point though, Sam was his, his to protect and look after.

"You do look like you need help though." Katie replied.

"Yeah, that'd be great, thanks." Dean continued to smile at her, reassuring her that they were good, and Katie immediately rounded the back of Dean and Sam to reach Sam's side, her finger's reaching out for Sam's arm, glancing back and forth from Dean's face testing if it was actually okay for her to touch Sam. When Katie's hand reached Sam's arm she grasped it gently, careful because it was Sam's arm that was attached to his injured shoulder, but as soon as she did so Sam groaned and his head bobbed, and then Sam was ripped from her grip, and then Dean was shouting at her.

"What did you do?! I trusted you to help, not hurt him!" But before Katie had the chance to yell back, because she hadn't done anything, John had stepped in.

"DEAN! What the hell are you doing?!" Apparently all carefulness and quietness had been thrown out of the window, and before Katie even had time to blink Dean had Sam at the opposite side of the fairly large tunnel as her, glaring at her and John was standing between them, his eyes swinging from her, to his sons, to her, and back again.

"Dean, is Sam okay?!" The older man asked frantically, Dean ignoring him as he lowered himself to ground with Sam in his arms, his hand going to cradle the back of Sam's neck to lift Sam's head without having to touch Sam's wound.

"Sammy?" Dean asked, his voice laced with fear, and he got another groan as a response. "I think he's waking up." Dean looked up and gave John a hopeful look. John approached his sons, swooping down onto his knees on the other side of Sam as Dean, the ranger had also came closer, wanting to check on the younger kid as well, while Katie stayed where she was, too afraid of Dean to step any closer, while Joe also stayed where was supporting his brother, no one noticed the sinister, sadistic grin on his face as he watched Dean and John hovering fearfully over their youngest family member, both trying to rouse Sam.

"Sam? You waking up, kiddo?" Dean asked as John gently cupped Sam's cheek in his large palm, hoping the touch would seem familiar enough to Sam that he'll be safe when he woke up. The two watched anxiously as Sam's head rolled on his neck that was still being held by Dean as he tried to orient himself into consciousness. After a few painful seconds of waiting on Dean and John's part, Sam's eyes blinked open, his pupils rolling around in the sockets before they focused on the rocky ceiling above him.

"Sam?" John asked quietly, knowing there's no doubt that Sam would have a major headache.

"Hhmmmmm, owww." Sam's words came out slurred and long, his glazed over eyes moving from the ceiling to search around him, they found John and Dean pretty quickly as their faces were suddenly floating right in front of his own.

"D'n? D'd? W't 'r' you gu's doin' 'ere?" Sam was dropping way too many letters to make Dean and John feel any better.

"We can ask you the same question, Sammy. What happened to Stanford?" John thought maybe it would better if Dean saved the questions and recaps until they were all safe, but his curiosity stopped him from intervening.

"G't kick'd out. A guy sta'ted a fi't wi'fffff meeeee." Sam eyes were fixed on Dean's as he tried to explain why he wasn't in school.

"So you decided to start hunting again? Why didn't you call us? You could've got yourself killed Sam and we wouldn't have known?" Dean's words came out bitter and angry, but John knew his eldest wasn't angry at Sam, just scared, if John had learnt one thing about Dean over the past twenty years it would be that Dean didn't handle seeing Sam hurt very well, sure he would act calm around Sam to keep him calm, but when he wasn't there would be little moments when his emotions got the better of him and his vulnerability when it came to Sam would shine through.

"Dean. Maybe we should leave the Q&A until after." John suggested, seeing the glare Dean was throwing at Sam and the way Sam was tearing up at the fact that the look was being aimed at him.

"Fine." Dean snapped out and then looked away from Sam, but kept a hold of him, who was looking at with a watery, puppy dog look that he knew if Dean looked at him for long enough he'd cave.

"D'n, I-" Sam started to try to explain things to Dean but was cut off by John.

"Sam, that's enough for now. How are you feeling?" John asked, trying to give Dean a look that would say 'Sam needs you right now' but Dean was avoiding having to look at him as well.

"My head h'rts." Sam said simply, wincing as the pain in the back of his head started to make itself known more and more, throbbing along with his heartbeat.

"Yeah, the wendigo smashed it in pretty good, but Sammy, we have to keep moving." John replied, hoping Sam understood what he was implying.

"Yeah, yeah, 'kay. J'st h'lp me 'p." With that, John stood and reached down, grabbing the arm that was closer to him gently and pulled, Dean helping as he grasped the other arm, flinging it over his shoulder and pulling Sam up with John. Dean and John made quick work of getting Sam settled on Dean's shoulder again, John worrying slightly when Sam seemed to not be able to keep his head in place and was groaning when he was jostled, wishing now that Sam had staying unconscious until they had him somewhere where they could start patching him up.

"Deeee'nnnnnnn m'sorryyyy." Sam grunted out, his head finally falling to land on Dean's shoulder.

"We'll talk about this later Sam, like dad said." Dean replied sharply, his body tense and sounding no less angry than he did a minute ago.

"Mmmmmmm 'kay, but m'sorry." Sam mumbled sadly, his face buried slightly in Dean's shoulder, and John heard Dean sigh and the tension leaving his body, his head turning ever so slightly towards Sam's, and he knew, at least for now, that Sam was forgiven.

"It's alright Sammy." Dean murmured back before looking to Katie, realising now that he had probably scared the girl. "Katie, I need a hand here." He said simply, Katie nodded approaching the brother's again, gently shoving her way under Sam's arm as support, Sam's face appeared from Dean's shoulder, his brow furrowing slightly, confused by the unfamiliar touch, his mouth turning upward in a small smile when his muddled brain figured out who it was.

"K'tie, you 'kay?"

"I'm fine Sam, just worry about yourself, okay?" Katie smiled fondly back at Sam, his selflessness making her heart swell. Sam nodded at her before burying his face back in Dean's shoulder, the position somehow lessened the agonizing ache that was the wound on the back of Sam's head.

"Alright, come on guys." John started back down the tunnel, heart clenching as he heard Sam's little grunts and moans of pains coming from behind him.


10 minutes later...

The small group had been walking through the tunnel for what felt like ages, and John was beginning to doubt that they were going the right way, but surely the ranger would've said something, right? Seeing as he had actually been conscious and had come to the cavern under his own power, not the wendigo's.

Suddenly there was a loud boom coming from somewhere in front of them and everything began to shake, and rocks crumbled and fell from the ceiling.

"WHAT THE HELL'S GOING ON?!" Dean yelled frantically, unconsciously shifting up to rest his chin on top of Sam's head protectively, just in case a rock fell on Sam's head because Sam couldn't risk another head wound. John had the same idea as he spun himself around on his toes and lunged at his sons and Katie, pushing them to the ground as more and more rocks began to fall. Sam screamed in agony when his bare back hit the ground and pain shot through his shoulder, the sudden movement of being vertical to horizontal made him dizzy. Before a thought could even come to his mind his father's weight was pushing him further into the ground, his large hand on the top of his head.

"D'dddd?" He asked sluggishly, weakly pushing at his father's chest that was sideways on top of his.

"Sammy, just stay still. The whole cave's coming down!" John shouted over the rumbling noise that was the rock falling and hitting the floor.

"DAD!" He heard his brother yell and then heard Dean grunt as a medium sized rock hit him in the forehead, knocking him unconscious. He turned to see if Dean was alright when he was hit himself in the side of the head, the blow caused the pain that was already there to increase tenfold. Black spots started to invade his vision as he started to lose consciousness as well.

"Sammy? Nonono Sammy you gotta stay with me!" He heard his dad yell and someone yell "hey, look out!" Somewhere off in the distance before everything went black.


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