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The story is before 4th Great Ninja War. ( So Neji is still alive.)

The Heart Shaped Kunai

"Oh Crap! I'll be late again!" TenTen thought while running to the training fields. It was a beautiful morning, but TenTen wasn't happy. Today was her birthday, and she knew how Gai-sensei and Lee always over-acted... Last time they had made a cake that was over tree meters tall, and shouted and cried about "their youthful flower of youth" living her "youthful days too fast"...

It's not like she hated her birthday, or her friend or sensei, she just was a bit tired because of the nightmare she had after their last mission, and so she is a bit too tired to listen to Gai and Lee's crying. She had woken up this mornig at 3 a.m. to her own scream. She had seen a nightmare about their last mission when she almost died.

She slows down when she remembers their last mission, when she almost died... She had stepped to enemy's trap, and her right arm was hitted badly from that trap's explosion. She was hanging with one hand on the edge of a high cliff. Her and was falling down from a high crag. Last thing she remembered before she fell unconscious was Neji's strong hands holding her body. She had woken up yesterday from hospital, but could leave home right after she woke up. She wasn't badly injured, except from her hand. Even though medical ninja had tried their best, TenTen's hand was still too weak to be used in a fight.

Medical ninja said that it was almost ripped off, from the power of explosion of that trap. If Neji had not taken her so fast to the hospital, she would have died to loss of blood. Neji had saved her. She felt sad... She was so mutch weaker than Neji and Lee... She was the weakest of her team. She always tried her best, but was never as good as Neji or Lee... Neji had saved her so many times already...

She didn't want to be weak. She wanted to prove everyone that she wasn't weak, she wanted to prove it to Neji... She felt like she was annoying Neji. She loved to be with him. Even to just to talk to him, or be on a mission with him. When Neji was close, she felt comfortable and safe... But lately, Neji has started acting weirdly...


Before their mission, when they heard from Tsunade that their enemys are prfessionals in setting traps, Neji started to look annoyed. When they got th mission details, and left from Tsunade's office, Neji stayed. Tenten listened behind the door, and heard Neji talking to Tsunade.

"Why TenTen is coming with us? I know that we are a team, but the enemy is too strong." Neji said angrily. "she'll get hurt!"

"TenTen is coming because you're a team." Tsunade said.

"Then why aren't Gai-sensei or Lee coming?!" Neji almost shouted.

"They have another mission to do, and because enemys uses lots of traps, they wouldn't be the best choises for this mission. It's weird for you to get this angry over so little thing, Hyuuga." Tsunade said.

TenTen had heard enough. She left to home, to prepare for the next mission. She was a little sad, but same time, little angry for Neji. "If he hates me so mutch, that he doesn't even want to go to a mission together, he should just say to me. " TenTen had thought while she was filling her backpack with scrolls and everything. She was so annoyed that she forgot to pack a first aid kit.

Tsunade's office

Neji calmed down a little. "I'm not angry, I just don't want that she..."

"You don't want what?" Tsunade said curiously.

"Nothing." Neji said and left from Tsunade's office.

End of Flashback

"That was so weird from him." TenTen said to herself, while she arrived to the training fields.

"What was weird from who?" She heard Neji's voice behind her.

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