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The Heart Shaped Kunai
chapter 6

In the hospital, Sakura walked into Tenten's room.
"So, why did Neji visit here again? It's unnormal for him to care about teammate so much." Sakura said while loking at Tenten curiously.
"I learn things about others while working here you know." Sakura continued.

Tenten blushed slightly, but Sakura noticed it immeadetly.

"Umm... He gave me a birthday present..." Tenten said quietly.

"What did he give to you?" Sakura said, starting to get even more curious.

"Just a necklace." Tenten answerred slightly smiling, like it was nothing special.

"Oh, nice. Let me see it." Sakura said.

Tenten blushed and couldn't even hide it. Sakura almost started to laugh.

"Oh reaaaaaally... JUST a necklace?" She said.

"Yes, JUST a necklace!" Tenten almost shouted, trying to look more like irritated than embarassed.

"Sure, JUST a necklace.." sakura said. She took the necklace quickly from Tenten.

"Hey give it back!" Tenten shouted.

"Yes, I'll give it back after I have looked it." Sakura said calmly, with so sweet and evil smile Tenten felt like she wanted to suddenly just dissapear.

Sakura looked at the small necklace. It was pretty, Ita was like kunai, but shaped like heart. Then she turned it around and readed the text carved in it. Then she looked at Tenten and smiled...

"Oh, nooooooow I get it..." Sakura said, still smiling and looking at Tenten.

"YOU AREN'T GOING TO TELL ANYONE." Tenten said, voice full of irritation.

"Okay, I won't tell anyone. But Neji does have a HUGE crush on you..." Sakura said.
But hey, do YOU like Neji?" She asked.

"Umm..."Tenten blushed. "OF COURSE I LIKE YOU PINK HAIRED RETARD." She tought.
"Well, he.. umm... I... well..."

"Geez, you're acting like Hinata." Sakura said and continued, "so you like him."

"AND WHAT ABOUT IT?!" Tenten shouted.

"Oh, nothing... " Sakura said, and walked to the door.

"Good. Now, if you would leave, I would like to sleep." Tenten said, still very irritated.

Sakura lef the room, smiling.


When Tenten woke up, Neji was sitting on a chair next to her bed. He seemed to be sleeping. Tenten looked at the clock and saw it was midday.

She saw the necklace on the table next to her and putted it on. Tenten had to admit it was pretty and that she loved it for two reason. Not only because it was pretty, but also because of it was from Neji. She looked at Neji next to him. He looked peaceful, and she just looked at his face for over two minutes...

"I wonder when he came here..." She said quietly.

"At eight this morning." Neji answerred.

Tenten startled. "You were awake?" She asked surprised.

"Oh, you just realized it? Well aren't you fast today." Neji said and opened his eyes.

"Well you were just sitting there eyes closed, OF COURSE I TOUGHT YOU WERE SLEEPING. Idiot."

"No need to get angry." Neji said calmly. "Did Sakura see that necklace I gave to you?"

"Umm... yes." Tenten said and blushed slightly again.

"Tought so. She smiled and winked at me when I walked here today." Neji said, blushing a bit by himself too.

After few minutes of silence Neji moved next to Tenten, and just sat there, while secretly looking at Tenten's reaction with his byakugan.
She didn't react at all. She just quietly sat there. But it wasn't awkward silence. It was more like comfortable silence. So they just quietly sat there for over an hour, when Neji realized that Tenten was asleep, leaning on him, her head on his shoulder. So Neji closed his eyes. He wouldn't sleep, but he was so comfortable he was almost asleep.

Sakura secretly peeked from the door, grinning. "There is good things after all about working in Konohakagure's hospital..." She tought, smiled, and walked away.


Tenten slowly walked to training field. She saw Neji meditating under a huge tree. The exactly same tree she had fallen from last time she trained with Neji. Lee and Gai were sparring. Until they saw Tenten.



"OH, MY YOUTHFUL LEE! YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD STUDENT!" Gai shouted and then they hugged their "normal" sunset-sea-dolpinhs-cryingforhappiness-hug.


Neji and Tenten were totally exhausted. Gai's traing was extremely harsh, and they had trained for hours. They sat under a tree, both too exausted to say anything. They just sat there.

Suddenly Neji spoke.
"Do you still have that necklace I gave to you?" He asked softly.

"Of course I have it." Tenten answerred, blushing, but trying to hide it with her irritated voice.

"Good." Neji said, and continued; "I'm not good with words, when I talk to you I don't ever have a clue what I should say to express my feelings..."

Tenten leaned on his shoulder, and looked at Neji's face, smiling.

"I understand, Neji." She said.

"Good. Because Tenten, I-, I lo-..." He blushed and couldn't continue what was very unlike him.

"I love you too Neji." Tenten said.

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