The Legend of Zelda: Dark Link Returns

by Justine Marie Torongeau

This story takes place in Hyrule, 5 years after Link pulled the Four Sword from the pedestal and split into four versions of himself, Defeated Vaati, Dark link and Ganon, and brought peace back to the land. Everything stayed peaceful for a time, but one day when link went to see his close friend, Zelda, A very unexpected event was about to unfold.

Our story begins at links house, in the country side, Just out side of Hyrule castle town.

~Chapter 1- The Return of Dark link~

Link was preparing to go see Zelda at the castle, When his uncle asked "Why link, where are you headed at this hour".

Uncle Alfon glared up at the clock, it read "6:00" link said to him "Uncle I'm going to visit Zelda , And its not that late, I'll be back before "9:00" I promise"… Alfon said "Well alright, You did save Hyrule after all, And you are 17, So you can stay out how ever late you want, Just…be careful"

"I will" said link…

Link ran out the door, shutting it gently behind him. After link had left Alfon said to himself "That boy needs to just propose to that girl and get it over with".

It was true, Link and Zelda had been together some time now…Link wanted so badly to propose to Zelda, but he felt that he was not good enough for her, He also felt bad, not being able to buy her an engagement ring, it would have to wait.

And not to mention that there relationship was hanging by a thread as it is, Even though link had saved Hyrule from pure devastation, The King felt that link would not make a good husband for her, As because he had no royal blood in him, And because the King felt that he could not provide for Zelda, as he thought that a prince or other royal could. Being kind and loving to Zelda, and being an amazing Knight, did not seem like enough to the King.

Link was almost to the castle, When he saw what looked like a shadow, He saw it off about 30ft away, He could see the figure of a man In the shadow, But there was nothing there to make the shadow…Link did not know what to think, he got a bit closer, and closer, until he was right in front of it.

What was strange was that it looked so familiar, Almost as if it was something he had seen before, He softly said…"Hello…can…can you hear me…" It made absolutely no movement, all that moved was the figures hair and hat slowly in the wind, Link was starting to get a bit scared…he decided to see what would happen if he just walked away…

But as he walked pass he could hear it breathing, then the mysterious shadow spoke, saying, "Hahaha Remember me?" Link was scared out of his mind, he tried to think… "Dark link?! Wait it…it can't be, 5 years ago, we broke the Dark mirror…And Vaati was sealed back inside the sword…so… what's going on". Link said "Dark link…Is….is that you?!" The shadow then replied… "Hmm Well, If I told you then this would not be fun any more now would it hehe" "Dark link!" Link shouted.

"Well I have to run; I've got BIG planes for Hyrule! …And its princess Hahah!" Dark link's shadow ran to the castle, Link did not think twice, he ran after him, Dark link said "Hmm I can't have him coming and ruining all the fun… just yet anyway…" So dark link, using his powers, Sealed link inside a magical cage made completely out of a type of magical barrier, Link watched as Dark Link ran off toward the castle, Dark Link then said "By the time that magic barrier fades, It will be to late Wahahaha!" Link said to himself "What could Dark Link be planning all by himself…There must be someone behind this all…but whom…And what did he mean when he said that he has big plans for Zelda?! There can only be one person behind it all…. Ganondorf!"

~End of chapter 1- The Return of Dark Link~