Chapter one: Percy (Introduction)

I kicked at a piece of rubble of our burned down camp; feeling completely devastated. Annabeth stood beside me lightly clutching my arm. Nico and Thalia stood right behind me still frozen in shock. I got a lump in my throat. After five years of calling this place home, I return to see my home burned to the ground. There were tears in my eyes as I said "secure the perimeter, then meet me back at the... remnants," I choked out "of the big house" Nico and Thalia snapped out of their shock, nodded, and ventured out.

When we met at the Big House, I spoke up, trying to keep my voice level.
"We are obviously not safe here and since Kronos has taken over, we need to constantly move around; as to not fall in his clutches. We can pick up demigods on our way. If any have survived." I added under my breath. The rest of my friends nodded grimly and headed out.