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Chapter four: Thalia (We *sort of * steal our father's heirlooms)

I turned away from the edge of the cliff and found Nico starting at my hand... and the object I held.
"How did you.." Started Nico.
I cut him off. "I don't know. Don't ask. Don't question. Let's just finish the perimeter check."
"But the master bolt.." Murmured Nico. I rolled my eyes and continued walking. I felt confident, powerful, and totally prepared for whatever else Kronos had to throw at us. I think I said that out loud because Nico responded with, "yeah Air -Head, sure." I whirled around at him. He was going to pay for that. He must've seen it in my eyes, probably pulsing with electricity. He calmly held my gaze and said, "Thalia, drop the bolt."
"Never!" I yelled. I've never felt so much power coursing through my veins. Then, Nico seemed to disappear. There was a sudden kick to my hand and I dropped the bolt. I felt my power drain and I crumpled to the ground the exact moment Nico reappeared by my side and caught me as I fell.

I awoke to see 3 pairs of eyes at me. I was still on the ground. I was surprised that I wasn't taken into the warehouse. My head started spinning as I sat up. "What happened?" I asked, my voice sounding groggy. My eyes focused on two of the figures looking expectantly at the third. Annabeth and Percy looking at Nico. Nico hesitated but then began, "I don't really know. One second you were looking at me really fiercely and I was scared... for a second... then my fathers helm of darkness shimmered and appeared in my hands and I knew what to do..." He paused leaving the rest of us waiting for him to go on. "I told you to drop the bolt and you refused. I put on the helm and you tried to strike with the bolt," I buried my head in my hands while Nico still continued. "I stepped out of the way and you were confused. I took that moment to kick your hand and you dropped the bolt... and almost passed out." Nico finished.
"Why are we still out here?" I asked, raising my head from my hands. Percy was the one who responded this time. "We tried to move you but decided that it wasn't the best idea to leave the master bolt lying on the ground. We all tried to move it but it shocked us whenever we tried."
I nodded slowly. "The question is, how did Nico and I recive our father's most treasured items?" Nobody responded. They looked as confused as I was. "You know what. No. We'll think about this tomorrow. I don't know about you guys, but I'm POOPED. I'm going to sleep... after we get back to the warehouse." The last comment kind of ruined the strictness of my voice, but I didn't care. What I said was true. I WAS pooped. We walked back to the warehouse, Nico and I carrying our father's items. As soon I was comfortable (which took a little while) I fell asleep instantly. It may sound good, but it wasn't for a Demigod. sleeping is when the dreams "attacked".

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