September 16, 2015

I watched my husband, probably the most level headed man I have ever known, scurry around our room in a fit of nerves.

"Which shirt?" He asked, holding up two.

"We are not going to a fashion show, Edward. Just pick one." I told him calmly and then returned to writing in my journal.

"You're right." He said, shrugging into a shirt. He moved into my eyeline and I blinked and held back a laugh.

"Edward?" I asked.

"Yeah." He said eagerly, looking over me quickly.

"That's my shirt." I pointed out.

He looked down at his…er…my shirt and cursed, throwing it off and grabbing a tee shirt out of the drawer. He then rushed out of the room and I heard a crash in the other room.

I laughed lightly.

He rushed back in our room and started throwing items in the bag; clothes, shoes, socks…

Then a trip to the bathroom where my shampoo, soap, lotion, face cream, two towels…

"Honey, they have all that where we are going." I called out.

"Oh, right." Out that stuff went.

"Did you call everyone?" He asked.

"Yes, Edward."

"How are you feeling?" He asked.

"Great, Edward."

"Okay, I think we are good to go." He nodded as if agreeing with himself. He then grabbed the two huge bags and ran out the door.

Without me.

I just smiled knowingly and resumed scratching my pen on paper.

Dear Journal,

Well, this is it. The moment we have waited for for…ever. Well, really just over a year, but you know what I mean. Edward is frazzled, which makes me laugh because Edward is never frazzled. In fact, I just heard his car back out of the driveway. Hope he remembers he forgot me soon before he gets too far.

I find that I am remembering our wedding day so much more these last few days. How I felt when I saw him standing there at the edge of our cliff, now the sight of our home, waiting for me in his suit and tie. How his face looked when he saw me and how his eyes twinkled when he took my hand from my father and told me how beautiful I looked. How his eyes brightened with tears as he choked through his vows. How I felt when he kissed me for the first time as husband and wife and how he had whispered 'mine'. How he looked when I mouthed it right back to him. How we danced under the stars, forgetting anyone was around us. How Irina had caught the bouquet and went on the prowl for the single guys at our wedding and finally hooked up with an unsuspecting bartender. How my father tried to hide his tears as we danced together, telling me I would always be his baby girl. How I cried at his words.

It all runs together in a constant loop.

How easily we adjusted to living together, sharing chores, while working together day in and day out. How we would fight and he would always let me have the last word, because he knew it drove me crazy if I didn't. How we would make love all night long to make up for our harsh words. How he looked sheepish when I discovered that was why he was picking fights…

How hard it was when we decided to have children and discovered we would have to have medical intervention. How hopeful we were when we underwent IVF. How sad we were when I miscarried the first time.

But we got through it all. The last two years have flown by and I feel like, at 37, my life is just beginning. Now. Today.

Oh, I hear Edward's car ripping into the driveway. I had better go. It's time.

With all my love,


"Bella?" Edward called out panicked. "I am so sorry I forgot you!"

"I'll be right down." I yelled back. I stood up carefully and stretched to try to work out the kinks of my very sore back. I held the bottom of my huge stomach and reached down to pick up my already packed bag. The one I have had packed for one month. The one Edward helped me pack…

I looked around my room and smiled.

Then I looked down at my stomach, rubbing it lovingly.

"Well, looks like it's time, Kiddos. Make this easy on your poor Mama, cause I am not sure your Daddy can handle much more excitement tonight. He looks like he is about to pass out as it is. Okay?"

I reached over and shut my journal and put it in my bedside drawer, tracing my fingers over the embossment before shutting the drawer.

Swan's Guide To Being Married…And Staying That Way


"Coming!" I yelled, before turning out my light and waddling down the stairs.

It was time to welcome the newest members of our family.

Now our lives would be complete.

And that's all folks! It's been a crazy 6 weeks. Thanks for the reviews, all of them, even the bad ones. Thanks to all who pimped it out. Maybe you will see be again one day. Who knows.