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WARNING: this is probably one of the most M-rated things I've written so if you can't handle it, run now :)

When Tony finally woke up the next morning, he realized that Gibbs wasn't lying beside him anymore. He reached out his arm and let his fingers touch the mattress. Already cold. He frowned and groaned softly when he moved to sit up and he felt a delicious ache in his muscles that reminded him of what had happened between them.

He knew without a doubt that the older man had been in control every step of the way but it still felt amazing to be trusted like that. Tony didn't need ten years of working with the silver haired man to know that he didn't make a habit of letting himself be fucked by other men. He allowed his eyes to slip closed for a moment longer as he relived the expression of sheer pleasure he'd seen on the older man's features.

He listened for other sounds in the house and opened his eyes again when he didn't hear any. Where was Gibbs? An irrational part of his brain panicked and told him that the older man already regretted their night. He got out of bed with a groan and got dressed in a pair of sweats and t-shirt. Maybe Gibbs could be convinced to join him back in bed.

As he got out of the bedroom and looked around, Tony didn't see Gibbs on the couch. He wasn't in the kitchen either and he didn't smell the older man's ever-present coffee. His heart picked up pace and he glanced around for Gibbs' stuff. He'd apparently taken his wallet, keys and phone wherever he'd gone.

A quick dial to Gibbs' cell sent him straight to the older man's voice mail. Where had he gone that he would so easily break rule 3? This really wasn't the moment to be unreachable.

Tony blindly reached for the chair behind him and tried to make sense of Gibbs' sudden disappearance. The more he looked around the small house, the more stuff he noticed was now missing. Small things like the dusty lamp Gibbs had brought with him, or his coffee.

He started to get really agitated now. And what the hell was that stinging behind his eyes, because he certainly wasn't gonna start crying like a little bitch in this ugly pastel-colored house with those terribly old-fashioned lace curtains. He didn't hear the sound of the front door opening over the blood rushing through his ears.

"Tony?... Tony!"

The Italian's head jerked up and apparently Gibbs thought his facial expression was funny enough to laugh out loud. The older man could not crack a smile to save his life but here he was, like he was being cast in a damn Colgate commercial.

Tony only now realized that he was angry as he sprung up from the chair and jabbed a finger against Gibbs' chest, who now had the decency to look surprised.

"Where the fuck did you go?!" Tony yelled.

"Tony, what happened? I was just going for a run." Gibbs interjected in a slightly raised voice to cut him off.

Only now did Tony notice the attire Gibbs was wearing – his running shoes, shorts and a sweaty t-shirt that clung to his toned chest. Really, Anthony? Now is not the time to get horny.

Suddenly he felt at a loss of what to say.

"But… your stuff was all gone…" he mumbled. He started feeling more ridiculous by the minute. He hated being this vulnerable – he used to be the one with the power to control his relationships.

"I was up and couldn't sleep so I already packed up some stuff." Gibbs answered, pulling Tony out of his thoughts.

The Italian nodded weakly and scratched at the back of his neck. Gibbs' facial expression went from carefree to concerned in a matter of seconds and he approached the younger man.

"Did you think I'd left?"

If Tony's hurt expression hadn't been enough confirmation, his reluctance to answer was. Gibbs sighed and wrapped his arms around his second in command. Tony melted into him, despite the sweaty shirt the older man was wearing.

"I thought we went over this last night. I'm in this as much as you are." Gibbs whispered in Tony's ear as his hand lightly stroked the Italian's back until he felt Tony exhale loudly and his shoulders loosened up.

"I must've really scared you if you thought I'd leave you in this ugly home." Gibbs chuckled, his smile growing even bigger as he could feel Tony laugh.

"I know, right?! I thought the same thing." Tony laughed and shook his head as he backed away enough to kiss his Gibbs.

"I think this is the last one."

"It better be." Gibbs grumbled as he took over the last box of Tony's stuff.

"Stop bitching, I'm totally worth it." Tony grinned as he walked off to the house and smacked his own ass, knowing Gibbs was staring after him.

Tony looked around for things he might have forgotten to pack and jumped when he suddenly felt Gibbs' arms circle around his wrist.

He barely managed to swallow a groan when he felt Gibbs' body settle against his.

"Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" his voice trailed off in a moan as Gibbs lightly bit his earlobe.

"Keep rubbing your ass against it and it will shoot." The older man growled and roughly spun Tony around, backing him up against a wall.

The Italian's pupils dilated quickly as Jethro trapped him between the wall and his body. He scratched at the older man's back until he got his t-shirt off and sighed when Gibbs did the same.

The older man's obvious arousal rubbed against his pelvis and Tony's breath hitched in his throat. He whimpered as Gibbs bit his earlobe and tried to pull him even closer. He would never get enough of this feeling: like his insides had melted under Gibbs' hot, cocky gaze and one more touch would make him come undone.

Gibbs backed away just enough to look at Tony. Apparently he was pleased as he stared at the younger man, panting against the wall, his hips making small thrusts to seek Gibbs' touch.

"Last night was fun", he sighed, his voice husky as he whispered in Tony's ear, "but now I want what's mine."

His hand traveled down the younger man's ribs, fingers raking over the sensitive flesh, until he cupped Tony's heavy cock and squeezed it.

"Are you mine, Tony?"

The Italian's brain caught up surprisingly fast with Gibbs' words and he nodded quickly. He reached out for the older man but Gibbs took his wrists in one hand and held them above his head.

"Say it." Gibbs' husky voice made Tony's cock twitch and the older man squeezed it again, reveling in Tony's responsiveness.

"God, yes! I – I'm yours, Jethro!" Tony moaned again as his cock was rubbed and squeezed mercilessly. "Please, I want –" he trailed off when Gibbs squeezed again.

"Please, what? Make you come?"

Tony shook his head and then remembered he had to speak. It surprised him that he could still form a decent sentence with the fog of lust that had taken over his brain.

"N-no, I want to… to make you c-come." He panted.

Tony thought he might come on the spot as he watched Gibbs' eyes darken until there was only a sliver of blue left in them. He licked his lips unconsciously. It was crazy how much he wanted to please the man – he'd never had the urge to make someone happy like this but every time Gibbs was proud of him or turned on by him, Tony felt this immeasurable sense of pride swell up in his chest.

"And how do you want to do that?" Gibbs asked hoarsely.

"Fuck me", Tony panted, "I want to… feel you inside me."

"God, Tony." Gibbs sighed as he smashed their lips together and kissed the younger man thoroughly. He pushed Tony's sweats down and pumped his hard cock a few times until he was satisfied with how the younger man looked – panting and waiting for him to take what's his.

He gave the Italian one more kiss before he turned him around and pushed him against the wall.

"I think I'll have you right… here." He sighed as he squeezed Tony's ass. The younger man's fingers clawed at the flat surface, as if he'd find some leverage to hold onto. The effect Gibbs had on him was scary and exciting at the same time and he decided to just give in to the pleasure and stop thinking.

Tony moaned wantonly as a slick finger circled his hole – where had Gibbs gotten lube in a matter of seconds? Some day he was going to find proof that the older man was a real superhero. He hissed as Gibbs pushed one finger in.

"So tight." Gibbs sighed as he took his time preparing the younger man.

"Gibbs, please…" Tony started pushing back against his fingers and Gibbs could feel the tremors run over Tony's back in anticipation.

"I love it when you ask so nicely." The silver haired man chuckled. "Is there anything you wouldn't do to make me happy?"

Tony shook his head curtly, the color draining from his fingers as he gripped onto the wall when Gibbs rubbed his prostate.

"Well, let me assure you…" Gibbs panted as he pushed the head of his cock in Tony's ass, "I am very happy right now." And he slammed into Tony with one thrust, groaning loudly when his hard cock was enveloped in the younger man's tight heat.

The Italian whimpered as Gibbs took him hard and fast. God, he could come like this without the older man touching his cock – or his prostate. But he'd wait until Gibbs gave him permission. So he held on to his last working brain cell and focused on Gibbs' pleasure, tightening around his boss' dick.

"Fuck!" Gibbs growled. "So tight. I could do this all day."

He slowed down and slammed into Tony, pulling almost all the way out and waiting a few seconds before thrusting back in. He reached out with one hand and started playing with Tony's heavy sac, rolling his balls between his fingers and squeezing just hard enough to make the younger man sob with frustration.

"Mmmh, you're practically begging for my cum." Gibbs sighed in Tony's ear, chuckling at the way Tony shivered violently because of his husky voice.

"Gibbs, please…" Tony moaned, "I can't… hold…"

Jethro closed his eyes and willed himself not to come. Tony was asking for his permission? A flare of lust shot down his spine to his groin and he fucked Tony faster.

"Are you gonna come for me?" Gibbs wrapped his hand around Tony's aching cock and started pumping it at an agonizingly slow pace.

"Oh god!" Tony yelled as Gibbs finally touched his cock. He felt like his sanity had leaked out of his ears and he couldn't even form a coherent word anymore. Instead he just murmured wordless pleas as his orgasm built slowly in the pit of his stomach.

Gibbs tightened his grip and stroked faster now, knowing Tony would come any moment. He bit down on the younger man's pulse point near his neck and that was enough to force him over the edge. Tony let out a loud wail and came all over the wall and Gibbs' hand, tightening impossibly around Gibbs' cock.

Gibbs roared as he shot his load deep inside Tony and rode out his orgasm, only pulling out when the feeling had completely subsided. He cleaned them both up with his T-shirt. Then he wrapped his arms around the Italian and pulled him closer against his chest, pressing a soft kiss against his nape.

Tony let out a shuddering sigh and melted against Gibbs, slowly coming down from his high.

"Are you okay?" Gibbs murmured as he kept kissing Tony's hot skin, from his neck to his ear and back.

"Are you kidding?" Tony sighed happily. "I have a sweet, hot, gorgeous boyfriend, all rolled into one sexy Marine."

Gibbs smiled and nuzzled Tony's neck. "So no doubts about rough instead of slow and soft?"

Tony turned around in Gibbs' arms, pulling him closer.

"Do you know what I used to jack off to?"

Gibbs' eyes widened and he shook his head, opening his mouth to say something but Tony silenced him with a finger against his lips.

"I'd fantasize about you forcing me under your desk, making me suck your cock. The thought of you ordering the team around while you had one hand under your desk, fisted in my hair, to force more of your cock into my mouth…" Tony's eyes glazed over and he sighed.

"I would come so hard from that fantasy, every. Time."

Gibbs swallowed hard. "Did I come in your mouth, at work?" he whispered hoarsely.

Tony bit his bottom lip. "Yeah, you forced me to take it all, every…single…drop."

"And then?" Gibbs forced the words over his lips.

Tony came even closer and whispered the words directly in his ear.

"And then you'd let me lick your cock clean and take it back in my mouth, to suck on it until you were hard again. And you'd start all over, using my mouth for your pleasure."

Tony groaned as he took Gibbs' hand and laid it on his hard cock.

"Feel how hard you make me, just from thinking about that? I'm yours, boss. Use me." Tony moaned.

Gibbs growled low in his throat and he pushed Tony down without a word, feeding him his aching cock. The younger man moaned as he eagerly started to suck on his dick.

"Good boy." Gibbs groaned as his eyes rolled back.

Six months later

"Hey Boss, where's Tony?"

"Dentist appointment." Came the gruff reply.

"Oh. When will he be back?"

"When it's over, McGee. Don't you have something useful to do?"

"Right – on it, boss. I'm gonna check with Abby if she needs any help."

As Tim walked into the Goth's lab, he was greeted by the biggest grin.

"Oh no, we were right?" he whined.

"Yup!" Abby turned to her screens and replayed footage from the bullpen that morning, showing Tony crawling under Gibbs' desk before McGee had arrived. She fast-forwarded through the video to show that nobody could've seen him for the past hour because he was still down there.

"Unless he's got a dentist down there, I'd say he's got something else entirely in his mouth." She smirked broadly.