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A single cold draft floated through the room. President Snow walked briskly over to the window to shut it. Cold wouldn't do. Actually, he much preferred the warmth. Especially when surrounded by so much beauty. Yes, the Rose Room had been an excellent idea.

The door swung open, disturbing his peace. President Snow snapped his head around.

"Who is it?"

A man appeared behind a rose bush. He had watery blue eyes that shifted around the room, and graying hair unkempt hair. The man stood wringing his hands, and gave the exact appearance of a mouse.

"I-It's me. Head Gamemaker Octavian." The man practically whispered.

Snow gave a small sigh of dissatisfaction. No, this was not what he was looking for. Still, the man had to have been elected Head Gamemaker for a reason. And there was nothing wrong with having the power to make a grown man quake this way. He felt his lips twist into a small smile.

Octavian's face turned confused. "Sir, what is it?"

"Nothing. So let's hear it."

"Hear what, sir?"

Snow resisted the urge to shout at the man. "The arena, Octavian, what have you got planned?"

Upon hearing this, the man's watery eyes shone. "Oh, an excellent idea!"

Snow smiled again. This Quell was indeed a good one. All of the tributes have to be voted in. Neighbor will turn on neighbor, brother on brother, friend on friend. The whole thing was entertainment gold. Now all it needed was an arena to match.

Though he would never admit it, he had been nervous. Snow hardly ever got nervous. But it was only his third year as president. It was already time for the first Quell. The last president, President Maximus, had been lucky, he thought to himself. No Quells to deal with. Of course, there was the issue that he had to start the Games and deal with the mobs and protests that resulted. Of course, Maximus had dealt with them accordingly.

He was a strong leader, that Maximus Snow.

Of course, on the day of his funeral the whole Capital wore black. Such a strange sight to see. He had to admit, he much preferred all the colors. You see, Coriolanus adored color. Light red was his favorite, like the roses. He had made sure there were roses everywhere near his father's casket. Yes, he had wept. There were rumors floating around that started shortly after he was born. Maximus was cruel to his son. He beat the boy. Starved him. Locked him away with nothing but bread and water.

None of these had an ounce of truth behind them.

True, as a young boy, Coriolanus hadn't seen his father often. But when he did, the man was good to him. He hadn't ever laid a hand on him. In fact, both of them hated the sight of pain.

Snow almost laughed at that irony. If ever a death should occur, Snow wanted it to be done quickly. Well, that was just when he was doing the killing. The same couldn't be said for the others. You see, when the Games first started, the tributes were quite understandably hesitant to kill. It didn't make for very good entertainment. But after Maximus had ordered Training Centers to be built in his favorite Districts, those tributes who came out of them were ruthless. They had been Maximus's favorites, and now they were Snow's. At least, they gave the people what they wanted.

It was times like these, staring the the man in front of him, that Snow wished for his father to come back. He would have known how to handle all of this.

But Snow was his own man.

He could do this. And he would make Maximus proud.

Octavian watched as the president's eyes lit up.

"So, about that arena…?"

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