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"Brian what are you doing," Stewie said in confusion.

"I'm cleaning myself," Brian replied.

"Why the deuces are you doing it in the dining room where I eat?"

"Well it's what I do all the time. Besides I have seen a guy do the same thing to you."

"Yeah but you have shot a porno in the past."

"Bad come back, plus you didn't deny my accusation."

Stewie's face flushed with anger while Brian walked off with a smirk on his face. The infant's mind filled with thoughts of rage and homicidal images. He planned on killing the unsuspecting dog. The boy went to his room upstairs to plan the dog's demise.

Stewie decided that Brian will die slowly and very painfully. The dog will die by my hands tonight, he will suffer, and I shall enjoy every moment of his writhing, the child mused, evilly. That night, he shook the dog food bag and Brian came running down from Peter's room, for the promise of a meal that he would not receive.

"Die stupid dog." POW. The shovel in Stewie's hand made contact with Brian's face with a crushing blow, breaking his nose in the process.

"You stupid ass baby! You broke my nose!" Brian yelled when he came to.

Stewie did not care, so he hit him again, over the head, and his brains went flying everywhere.

~~ ChibiScotty beta'd my story, and helped me with the story line. ~~