"That's the fourth time this week you've worn a skirt."

"Prim, it's only because Cinna made them. It would be rude if I didn't wear them."

"Are you going to Peeta's again?"

"'Yes, tell mom I'll be back later."

"You're always…" Prim's voice trailed off as Katniss closed the front door and ran across the lawn to Peeta's house. Peeta was sitting in his upstairs studio and could see her from the window. He noticed the skirt right away and knew exactly what she was coming over for. After they first started their sexual explorations on the train, she had managed to let her guard down in some ways, but not others. Katniss had never been completely nude with Peeta. She began wearing skirts and dresses after they returned from the tour. She would simply move her panties to the side when she wanted attention there. She had, however, become louder. She would quiet her moans on the train by giving Peeta deep kisses, always fearful someone would hear. Now that they had the privacy of his home, she let herself be heard.


"I'm up here!" He waited at the top of the stairs and she practically leaped into his strong arms. He lifted her by her bottom and quickly stuck his tongue into her mouth. Neither one was interested in wasting time. He carried her to table in his art room and quickly pushed away the papers.

"This is the fourth time this week."

"So I've been told." He left a trail of kisses down her check, chest, arms, and stomach, until he reached her thighs. He liked to take his time down there, tasting and smelling every inch of her. He always started at the bottom and worked his way up. He'd stop to circle her nub and then inserted his tongue into her wet center, pushing it in and out.

"Katniss, my tongue is starting to cramp," Peeta said after a while. He'd made her cum once but that didn't mean he wanted to stop.

"Just keep your tongue is place. I'll do the moving." She grabbed a hold of his hair and quickly began moving her hips. She loved fucking his face. It was yet another way that made her feel in control. When she'd had her fill, she released her grip on his head and proceeded to gently run her hands through his waves, a silent apology for pulling too much. He left her thighs and let his cock, still restrained by his pants, rest between her legs before giving her a kiss on her lips.

"Do you ever think about sleeping with me?" The feel of him resting between her had prompted the question.

"I sleep with you all the time."

"That's not what I mean and you know it."

"Then tell me what you mean." He knew exactly what she was talking about but he wanted her to say it. If she couldn't even say the words, how could she possibly do the deed.

"Sex. With me."

"I think about making love to you."

"Oh Peeta, there you go with all your hearts and flowers."

"What's wrong with the hearts and flowers?"

"It's a made up notion."

"To me it's not. Plus, you need to be more comfortable with your body and be able to show me your body. We're not having sex with half our clothes on Katniss. And besides, were not even dating. I think we should at least be dating before we have sex."

"Dating! Were engaged Peeta!"

"But that's not real."

"You've never even asked me to be your girlfriend! Maybe you should start there."



"Will you be my girl?"

"Yes," she looked down when she answered suddenly feeling shy but brought her lips to his for a sweet kiss. "Now, let's deal with that situation in your pants."

"That's my girl," he said with a grin.

"You're picking him out of convenience, Catnip."

"No, I picked him because he asked." She purposely emphasized the past tense of the words, making it clear to Gale that the decision had already been made. She left out the part that she brought up the whole girlfriend thing to Peeta. Gale didn't need to know that. It spoke volumes to her that she even mentioned it in the first place. She could have had the same conversation with Gale before the games but she didn't. Being someone's girl, as Peeta put it, only meant something to her once Peeta was in the picture.

"It was those stupid games and the stupid Capitol. I should have just volunteered."

"Don't say that. Things worked out this way for a reason. This would have happened even without the games."

"I'm not so sure."

"I am." With that she left him in the woods walking much quicker than normal. She wanted to get to Peeta as fast as she could. She knew he'd be at the bakery and she hoped his mother wouldn't be working today. She eyed him through the large storefront window. His brows were creased together and it was obvious he was concentrating. His oldest brother walked in the room and popped Peeta on the back of the head with a towel. Poor Peeta, always being picked on. She could tell Peeta was saying something to his brother before his dad stepped in to break the boys apart. She approached the door and heard the tiny bell signaling her entrance.

"Katniss, what a lovely surprise!"

"Hi Mr. Mellark." Peeta's eyes softened the second he saw Katniss. "Do you mind if Peeta spends the rest of the day with me?"

"I don't see why not. Don't forget you're eating dinner with us tonight son."

"Alright, dad," Peeta said as he lifted his apron over his head. He was happy to get out of the bakery for a while, especially to spend time with Katniss. She was in pants so he knew they wouldn't be fooling around. He wondered what she had planned for the afternoon. She brushed flour of his brow and then led him to the tree closest to the bakery. She made sure they were standing on the opposite side of the trunk from where the window to the bakery faced. She didn't want Peeta's dad or brother for that matter to witness this moment.

"Peeta, I want you to know that this is where it all started for me. You said you fell for me the minute you heard me sing in school when we were five. I fell for you the moment you threw the bread to me in the rain. And the next day when I saw you at school after I picked the dandelion. And when Effie called your name at the Reaping. The cave. The train. It's been a much slower process for me but I don't want you to think less of me because of it."

"I'd never think that Katniss. I've known how you've felt for a while, how you've really felt. I just needed to hear it from you."

"I want to go back to your house, right now." She pulled on his arm and their pace was faster than a walk. She was eager to get him home and upstairs, so that's exactly where she led him the moment they walked in the door. She pushed him to the bed and made him sit down. She then slowly started to unbutton her top followed by her pants. She shimmied out of her clothes and stood before him in only her undergarments. She paused for a moment then continued on to the clasp of her bra, letting the straps fall down her arms until her chest was fully exposed to him. She hooked her thumbs inside her panties and pushed them down, giving a final flick of her foot to discard all that was left covering her body. She stood before him, arm covering her belly, nervous but liberated at the same time.

"How's this for naked Mellark?"

"Oh Katniss, you have no idea. You look so beautiful. Come here."

"Not until you lose some of your clothing." She didn't think she ever saw him strip so fast. He stumbled slightly when he was trying to free his legs from his pants. She couldn't help but laugh, it was so Peeta.

They briefly stood a few feet apart just looking at each other. Slowly they made their way into each other arms and kissed. She noticed how he tasted like the sugar cookies he must have been decorating at the bakery. They reveled in the feeling of their naked forms against one another. They were the same height so their parts met up in just the right places. He pushed his hardened self against her clit and down to her folds. Her wetness covered the top of his dick and he couldn't wait to enter her fully.

"I'll go slow."

"I know, I trust you."

"It's supposed to hurt the first time. I don't want to hurt you Katniss."

"I'll be fine."

He went to his night stand and pulled out a condom his brothers gave him the same night they gave their demonstrations. He had his back turned to her while he slipped it on. She climbed on top of the covers, not trying to hide herself this time. She opened her legs to him and he briefly swirled his tongue against her center to make sure she was wet enough. She gently tugged on his hair telling him she was ready and with a shaky breath he lined himself up with her entrance. Inch by inch, he pushed himself in. She wasn't making eye contact with him. Her chin was lifted and her eyes were rolled back.

"Look at me Katniss. Are you ok? Has it hurt yet?" He placed both of his hands on either side of her face while he rested on his elbows. His thumb circled her cheek.

"I'm alright. Keep going." With that he pushed himself entirely in. He let out a gasp of air and her a moan, although it didn't sound like a painful one. She felt a slight pinch but nothing too painful. This again made her feel like her and Peeta were meant to be. She let him into her mind, her heart, and now her body. Surely her body wouldn't be so accepting of his if it wasn't supposed to be this way. He rocked in and out slowly then took time to circle his hips. He put most of his weight on his right side while his left hand closed around hers. She needed him to be closer, so she placed her opened palm on his back and pulled him down so there was no space between their skins. He was disappointed he lost himself inside of her so soon but he couldn't help it, this was his first time too. Their breaths mingled with each other as he rested his fore head against her.

"Not yet," she told him as he tried to pull out. When he pushed back in she made another moan. That's when he realized she wasn't done yet.

"Katniss, I'm so sorry. I finished too fast. Let me make it up to you."

"Don't even think about it Mellark. This was perfect. I loved every minute of it. You don't need to do anything."

"What did it feel like for you?"

"Very filling. And so good. How about you?"

"Amazing. Warm. An arm and ab workout if I'm honest." She slapped his butt while laughing.

"Can we do it again?"

"I don't see why not."

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