It had been nearly a week since Peeta had asked Katniss for some space. He missed her dearly but couldn't shake his feelings of betrayal. This separation made it painfully obvious to him how much time he had been spending with Katniss. Without her around he felt like he had little to do.

He ran into Delly at the bakery one day and decided to ask her over to his house to kill some time. They had known each other since they were kids and yes, had fooled around on more than one occasion, but that stopped shortly before the games. They both realized they were better off as friends. They played a few board games then switched over to cards.

"Let's make a bet. If I win this hand, you have to talk to Katniss."

"Not a chance, Delly,"

"Why not? You seem miserable without her."

"Thanks, Delly. I actually thought I was doing pretty good today."

"You're not yourself. Whatever it is she did just forgive her and move on. It's obvious you can't live without her."

"I just need a little more time."

Katniss watched Peeta escort Delly outside his house. She clenched her fist at this low blow. How dare Peeta do this to her. He had to have known how she would react to him spending time with Delly. Delly, with her curvy hips and large breasts. She wondered how many time Peeta had compared her to Delly and how she measured up. Was Delly better at pleasing him? Was she more his type? She was going crazy thinking of these scenarios and wanted nothing more than to stomp across the street and give Peeta a piece of her mind. But she knew she had no right to do that. This separation wouldn't be going on if it weren't for her kiss with Gale.

She had to do something though, so instead she waited for Delly to leave the street before she walked over to Peeta's. She had seen him go to his back yard so she walked through the gate and found him on his porch. He was washing paint brushes in the outdoor sink. His hair was in his eyes but he couldn't move it because his hands were wet and dirty. She loved the length of his hair.

She marched up the steps onto the wooden porch, making her presence known. Peeta jumped with a start, surprised to see Katniss after a week. Neither one of them had violated the terms of their agreement until now. Katniss stretched her arms out towards Peeta before wrapping him up in them. He was afraid to touch her with his dirty hands so his arms awkwardly hung to the side. She kissed him with as much passion as she could shoving her tongue into his mouth and stroking his over and over again. He hardened instantly and was hyper sensitive since he'd had no sexual release in days. She felt like she had made it clear to him how much she missed him and wanted him so she abruptly stopped and walked away without saying a word.

He stood there, chest heaving, with a serious situation in his pants. What had just happened? One moment he was saying bye to Delly and cleaning his paint brushes and the next thing he knew Katniss' sweet tongue was in his mouth. He missed her and he was ready for their separation to be over.

"I wonder what Peeta was thinking," Prim said with a laugh. The girls had offered to watch Greasy Sae's granddaughter Alliah while Sae cooked a rabbit stew. Her granddaughter was beautiful and easy to entertain. Plus, it got Katniss out of the house for a little while and into town.

"I have no idea! I half expected him to follow me but he didn't." Katniss blurted out. Now that her sister was dating Rory, the two girls could talk boys. Katniss still couldn't believe her little duck was old enough to date.

"It's your turn Prim!" the child said before throwing Prim a ball. They had set up a make shift play area in the back of the hob.

"Did he kiss back?" Prim asked, never taking her eye off the child.

"Not at first. I think I really caught him off guard. I just hated seeing Delly there."

"I wouldn't worry about it Katniss. From what I've heard at school, Delly likes some other guy. She knew before the games that Peeta was hung up on you."

"Well that's good to know. How did everybody realize he liked me before me?"

"I dunno, Katniss. Have you seen Gale lately?"

"No, I figured Peeta wanted me to stay as far away from him as possible."

"I don't know if that sounds like Peeta. He doesn't seem like the type that would ask you to cut someone important from your life."

"Well maybe I need my space from Gale."

Alliah had wandered around to the side of the hob to retrieve the ball. She spotted Peeta leaning against the wall with a smirk on his face. He held one finger up his mouth to quiet the girl. He was having too much fun ease dropping.

"Alliah? Where'd you go?" Katniss called.

"Go on," Peeta whispered to her. Alliah did as she was told and rejoined Prim and Katniss.

"Will you sing to me?" Alliah asked. Peeta could count his lucky stars. He would never ask Katniss to sing for fear of bringing up too many memories of her father, but this little girl was so innocent she didn't know how large her request really was.

"Just a quick tune, ok." Katniss began lamenting a lovely lullaby Peeta was unfamiliar with. It must be a Seam song he thought. He basked in the sound of her voice, closing his eyes and letting it take him away. This was how he fell in love with her as child and this was why he knew there would never be another girl for him.

Katniss was making the trek back from the woods empty handed. Her shot was off which wasn't typical of her. She knew she was distracted with thoughts of Peeta. Wasn't this why she had avoided love in the first? All it did was lead to distractions and heartache. As she made her way into the house she quickly slipped off her boots and flung down her empty hunting bag.

"Mama?" she called out, knowing she'd be the only one home. Prim was off at school.

"In here, dear," her mother said. Katniss heard another voice as she made her way around the corner and into the kitchen. She lost her breath as her eyes met with the most beautiful blue eyes she'd ever seen. Peeta was standing in the kitchen, covered in flour, baking something with her mother.

"Hey, Katniss. I was just showing your mom how to make the cheese buns you and your sister love so much."

"That's great," Katniss said swallowing the lump in her throat.

"Why don't you kids go spend some time together? I think I got this," her mother said as Peeta began to clean off. He walked over to Katniss and took her hand before leading her out the door shoeless.

"How have you been?" he asked.

"Ok. I missed you."

"I missed you too, Katniss."

"Have you forgiven me?"

"I have and I understand why you did it, but it still doesn't make it right."

"I know. I just want to move on from Gale. He'll always be important to me, but not in the same way you are, Peeta." They had made it into the house and stood in the entry way.

"That's good to know."

"How could you ever doubt it?"

"Because I spent years not talking to you jealous as I watched you with him. Put yourself in my shoes. I know you went crazy seeing me with Delly the other day. What if you had to watch me walk home with her every day?"

"I don't like thinking about that," she said with a shake of her head. "Can we please just stop talking and make up already. I miss you," she said with a groan. She started to pepper kisses on his face.

"As long as you promise to never do that to me again."

"I promise." Then she leaped into his arms wrapped her legs around his waist. He somehow managed to not drop her despite being taken by surprise. They kissed as she pulled on the ends of his hairs and he ripped the fastener to her braid. He pushed her against the door and began grinding himself into her middle. They knew this was going to be fast but neither one cared.

He unwrapped her legs and placed her feet on the ground. They hastily undid their belts and bottoms and tugged each other's undergarments down. She fell to her knees and took him full on into her mouth. His palms and fore head rested against the door. He knew he couldn't keep this up for long so he pulled her up by the shoulders and pinned her hands above her head with one arm. He used his other hand to pump two fingers into her wildly as her lower body squirmed.

"Now Peeta, now!" she screamed. "I need you!" He pulled his fingers out and shoved his manhood into her. The force pushed her body upwards and it hurt her back but only to the point where it felt good. He lifted her by the apples of her bottom and thrusted at an unforgiving pace. He had reached the point of no return and at the very last moment he pulled out and finished in his hands. He used his boxers to clean his hand before throwing it to the ground and cradling Katniss in his arms. He carried her upstairs and to the bedroom and laid her down on her side of the bed. He removed his shirt and Katniss did the same not taking the time to remove it before their romp. He cuddled up to her in his bed and pulled her as close as he possibly could. They napped and it was the most relaxing sleep both of them had in a week.

She woke up to the feeling of his fingers tweaking her nipple. Her eyes fluttered open and she could tell it was his favorite time of the day, sunset. Her back was flush against his front. His fingers made a trail between her breast and down her stomach until he reached the apex of her thighs. He moved his fingers in tight circles looking for her bundle of nerves. He knew he'd found it when he felt her ass begin to clench against his front. He pinched and flicked her clit until he made her cum and her body went slack. It almost seemed like she was ready for another nap but he wasn't done with her yet.

He took her leg and pulled it over his, giving him easy access to slide inside of her. He rubbed his dick between her folds drenching himself in her wetness. He eased inside of her slowly giving her time to become accustomed to this new position. He brought his hand back up to her breast and palmed her. He kissed her shoulder until she leaned her head back far enough to reach his lips.

"Katniss, I want you to roll onto your knees." Her eyes met his for a second as she processed his request. This seemed dirty to her in a way but she knew being with Peeta could never be truly dirty. She trusted him so she decided it was safe to make love in this position. He pulled out and she rolled onto her knees gathering her hair to one side. He pushed inside of her and let out a moan at the tightness of this position. It felt completely different than him being on top.

"Does this feel ok?" he asked.

"Yes, just give me a second," she said as she tried to move her body into a more comfortable position. She arched her back and pushed her bottom into him before giving him the go ahead. He moved back and forth still in shock at how tight she felt around him. He began to pick up his pace and noticed the slapping sounds of their skin hitting each other. He reached around to her front and fingered her clit knowing that it would be sensitive after her last orgasm. This pushed her over the edge to the point where her hands could no longer hold her up. She rested on her elbows and looked between her legs. She saw and felt his balls come into contact with her skin. He didn't last much longer and when he came this time he spurted his seed all over her back. It felt warm and good to her as it dripped down her back and onto her bottom.

She flatted herself down on her stomach and he went to get a towel. He cleaned her off gently before he rejoined her on the bed. He pulled her closer to him and began stroking her center, not to turn her on, but rather in a soothing way. Their love making wasn't as slow and soft as it usually way. It was hard and passionate and just what they needed to reconnect. He kissed her lightly on the lips and they fell into another round and blissful sleep.

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