The night was dark and snow fell as a young woman walked alone down the icy street, followed closely by three men in a v formation. She took no notice of them until they were directly behind her.

" hey you!" A tall, dark haired man said, sinister eyes flaring.

"Wont the boss be jealous when we tell him what we picked up?!" Roared a small, stocky man.

"Thomas Sabrent's Daughter!"

'Let me go!"

"Not until your father sells the company!"

"She SAID let her go!" a southern accent roared. One by one the men fell, as the southerner fought them expertly, like a queen's bodyguard .

As the men ran down the street, the stranger knelt down , his long brown hair falling into his eyes. And took the woman's shaking hand.

"Are you alright Mam?" His accent showed but only slightly. She grasped his hand and tried to sit up, but her head swam and she fell back.

"I'm Elliot Spencer, Mam' and I'm here to help."

"I'm Katie, Katie Sabrent, my father owns Sabrent Security Software."

" Well, Katie, do you know what they were after?"

"Yes , Mr. Spencer, I do. Joseph Buquet, owner of Buquet's Internet Security, has wanted to buy my father's company for almost a year now. Daddy wouldn't sell, so Buquet hired those men to kidnap me and use the company for ransom."

"It's Elliot, Mr. Spencer was my father. Do the police know about this?"

"No." Her voice shook, "They've threatened to kill us, Daddy and I . Already there've been "accidents", " she put air quotes around the word. " Daddy's breaks not working, him running off the road, my horse spooking and throwing me, It won't stop until Daddy sells the company."

"Katie, I know someone who can help."

" Not the Police, Please, anyone but the police."

"No, Katie. Not the Police, a man named Nathan Ford. My Boss."


" Can you walk, or should I carry you?" Elliot held out his hand to Katie, who took it and smiled.

"I can walk, thank you." she paused. " wait a minute. Where's your car?"

Elliot smiled and looked toward an alley . " Right there!" a large black van was driving toward them at full speed. The car pulled up and Elliot opened the door , helped Katie inside then leaped in himself.

" Who's this Elliot, you know Nate said no bringing girls to the office!"

" She's in trouble Hardison, I told her that Nate could help."

" Whatever man."

" She almost got killed!" Elliot snarled.

" Relax you two!" A blond girl said. She sat in the front seat next to the driver, and put a calming hand on his arm. " Calm down Alec. You'd do it for me." She turned her attention to Katie, " What's your name?"

" Katie Sabrent." she looked terrified.

" Well Katie. I'm Parker. Nothing else, just Parker. And trust me Katie, you're safer with us than if you had a thousand specially trained body guards. We're experts."

" in what?"

" you might say we're spies, steal from the rich, give to the poor, all that jazz."

" Like in Robin Hood?"

" Kinda, I guess," Parker smiled and reached into the glove compartment and pulled out a candy bar. " Twix? "

" sure, Thankyou."