The ambulance pulled to a stop out side of the emergency room. Once the paramedics had lifted Katie out of the ambulance, Elliot and Parker climbed out. Elliot walked beside the stretcher, holding Katie's hand. Parker ran into Sophie's motherly hug, burying her head in Sophie's shoulder.

"It's alright. Parker. Katie's a fighter. She'll be fine." Sophie ran her fingers through Parker's blond hair,until her sobs quieted. They walked inside and sat down in the waiting room. Elliot was pacing there, like a caged tiger, a Horse and Rider magazine in one hand. Every few minutes he walked over to the desk nurse, spoke in a quiet,hushed tone that held hidden anger.

"How's my Katie?"

Parker seemed to take it better than Elliot. She sat on the couch like seat, her head resting on Hardison's chest, one of his strong arms around her shoulders. He whispered softly to her from time to time, as he gently brushed tears from her face.

Sophie sat beside Nate, her head on his shoulder, her body tense, her face frightened. He held her hand as they waited for news. Still the Tiger paced.

The doors opened to reveal a tall handsome blond man in his mid to late 20's. He wore a white lab coat, a light blue shirt with a matching light blue tie. In his hand was a clipboard.

"Is the family of Katie Sabrent here?" Elliot snapped to attention and was at the Doctor's side within seconds.

"How is she?" His posture and tone should have frightened any man, even the toughest marine. Instead of showing fear, the doctor looked at him and smiled sympathetically, and when he spoke again, his British accent was much kinder, more fatherly.

"She's in a medically induced coma,but should come around soon. Her injuries, aside from the bullet wound, were not severe. She does however, have several bruised ribs and a concussion. When she comes around, there is to be no rough housing or running for at least two weeks."

"Thank you, Doc, For saving her." Elliot's voice was thick with emotion.

"You're welcome, son. I assume you're Elliot?" He smiled. " You've driven the Amelia up the wall for the past two hours." Suddenly, Parker walked up and laid a hand on Elliot's arm.

"Can we see her?"

"Of course you can. She was asking for you. I take it you're Parker. She was calling out for you and Elliot,and someone named Sophie, before we sedated her."

They walked into the room with the pale wall paper patterned with lilacs. In the middle of the room was a bed, and Katie lay in it, strapped to machines. Parker gasped and gripped Elliot's hand.

"Easy, Parker. I won't leave if you want me to stay."

"Thanks." She sat down in the chair by the bed and gripped Katie's hand, took a deep breath, and began.

"Hey, Katie. I hope you're listening right now, or else I'm talking to myself. The thing is, all my life, I've lived with people who didn't want me, I finally found the team, after almost 20 years alone. Then, I found you. I held onto the vain hope that you would somehow, be my sister." Her voice broke. " I can't, I won't lose you now, Katie."

She stood up and Elliot took her place in the chair, his face expressionless except for the look of pain in his eyes. He bent down and placed a feather light kiss on Katie's lips. " Hey, Darlin' . I'm hoping to high heaven you're listening to me right now. I'm sorry,Honey. I'm sorry you're hurt, but I know you'll get better. And when you do, we'll finish our date, because I hadn't even given you your gift yet, before those guys rudely interrupted" He stood up, and kissed her again. "I love you, my sweet Katie."

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