Five months have passed since the two kings have fallen. Over that time, several changes had been made to Yata's life.

Though a majority of the Homra group had left a month after Mikoto's death, the core of the group still stayed together. Over the first few months of their king's death, they stayed close and each made sure the other was okay. If he stopped at the bar at any given day he would be sure to find at least three of his friends there.

Their lives were starting to change and move forward. And when Izumo found out that Mikoto had put some money aside throughout all the years of him being a king, plans that seemed impossible were now in reach. Almost eight years of saving money and all of it being left in the care of Izumo, money would never be a problem for them again.

Along with the large amount of money there was Mikoto's will. Izumo didn't read it, because he said he was there when the King made it. With clear instructions, the Homra base would always be a home to its members and a safe place. The rooms upstairs were always free in case one of them needed to crash or to simply be near them. Also, Izumo would be the sole guardian of Anna and the king had already placed a large amount of money for her education.

Already the child was reading books and studying various subjects. When asked why, she would simply say that she was going to get a scholarship so she could use that money that Mikoto left her for another thing. She would never clarify what she planned to do with the money, but with how she was studying she was determined to get a scholarship.

And Anna wasn't the only one who the king left money to.

The king had left each member of the core group of Homra a small fortune that they could use in case of an emergency or something useful. Only catch was Izumo was the dealer of the money and had full control if the money should be given out. Or if the emergency was a real emergency. Izumo was determined to give the money only when he was sure it would enrich their lives.

And he told Chitose several times already that using the money for smokes was not enrichment and buying condoms when he ran out was not an emergency. He, himself hadn't touch his money and he doubted he would soon. His life was good at the moment. He had his friends, he was making cash on the side, and he finally had his best friend back.

Who was also now his lover.

After several months of hurt and conflicted feelings, one sit down, and one destroyed fast food chain restaurant, they had finally talked about what happened and how it came to them not being friends. Both mistook the other's actions, and were blinded with their own hurt that when they finally talked, all became clear.

Muttered apologies were made and though Yata would swear that Saruhiko grabbed him and wouldn't let go, they embraced each other and finally felt things were right again.

A couple months later, Yata to this day didn't know how, but he ended up in Saruhiko's bed. After that day, the months of separation was made up by nights filled with sex. Or lovemaking as the damn monkey called it.

But overall, it was really a win win situation.

Thinking about Saruhiko brought a smile on his face and he decided to see if the damn monkey was home. Grabbing his skateboard he yelled out "I'm heading out. I'll see you guys later!"

"Going over to the blue's house?" Eric teased in good nature. Everyone knew of their relationship and they didn't care. As long as Yata was happy and not breaking everything in sight, they were happy.

Yata pulled the other's hood down to his chin and pushed him onto to the couch. Getting a running start he ollied out the door skated towards Saruhiko's house.

"Go get some Yata!" Chitose yelled out after him.

Looking back he flipped the other off and yelled back with a flushed face. "Shut the hell up. Do you really think all we do is fuck when we're together? Not everyone is a horny perverted bastard like you!"

"Fuck Saruhiko." He breathed out. Laying on his stomach he buried his head in the pillow, but the other quickly followed. Kissing his neck and trying to get the other to face him "Just one more time Misaki." .He pouted

"That will make it the fourth time." The redhead groaned. Though he was complaining he knew he would be spreading his legs in a moment. The stupid monkey was making him into a pervert. He tried to avoid the kisses by burying himself further into the pillow.

Fushimi laughed and to relax the other he let his hands roam on his lover's back. Fushimi massaged and rubbed till he was getting moans of pleasure from him. Lowering one hand on Misaki's ass he said with a grin on his face. "This is why I love doing it multiple times. By the fourth time, we really don't need-" He slowly and teasingly pushed three fingers into his lover's backside and listened to the delicious moans that came. "any preparation."

Still with the grin on his face he stroked and curled his fingers into Misaki and ignored all the insults and demands to hurry the fuck up. He glanced down at his erect member and with one last curl of his fingers that had Misaki moaning his name, he took out his fingers.

Turning the other over so he was able to see his face, he pushed himself into his Misaki. Not stopping till he was fully in, he listened to the gasps and moans of pleasure coming from his lover. He gave a moment for the other to get comfortable but it was only for a moment. The next second he was fully out and slamming himself back into Misaki. With a fast and heavy pace he made his Misaki shout his name in pure ecstasy.

Though it was their fourth time having sex that day, the redhead still gasped and clenched the bed sheets. His face so easy to read, he watched all the beautiful expressions come across his face. Misaki was just so beautiful and pure in these moments. And he was the only one who would see this side of Misaki. No one else. Ever.

"Misaki, what you do to me." He growled before biting down harshly at the other's neck. He sucked harshly at the spot so a hickey would no doubt be there later. To show everyone that this beautiful person was his. And only his.

The body below him was on the edge of coming undone, with his mouth open and whimpers and groans begging for more and for him to go harder. Just looking had him too close to coming. Grabbing the others hips he pounded into the beautiful body harder and faster. He watched as Misaki arched his back and quickly started to thrust back to meet his thrusts.

He clawed at the hips he was holding on so tightly and with a shout from his lover, Misaki came. The sight had him too coming a second later. The redhead gasped and threw his head back when he felt Fushimi come into him.

They had never done that before. Fushimi would always pull out before.

Both still trying to catch their breath, Misaki looked up at Fushimi with confusion expressed on his face. The other merely smiled at him and grabbed a towel to clean them up. When the redhead was still looking at him with confusion, he sighed and sat next to him. He looked down at his beautiful Misaki and truthfully declared "Misaki, I love you."

The redhead's corners of his mouth lifted but he was trying to remain expressionless. This later failed when the redhead's face began to redden. But he remained silent.

He wasn't upset at this reaction. He knew that his Misaki wouldn't tell him that for years. But he would wait for however long necessary for Misaki to tell him he loved him too. Besides his lover's face whenever he told him his love for him was worth the wait.

After they both came from the high of sex or lovemaking as Fushimi declared it, they simply laid in bed enjoying each other's presence. Fushimi held Misaki flushed to his chest and would massage and rub out all the knots in the other's back.

There were quite a few this time and he wondered if it was because of them having sex on the counter. He did treat Misaki pretty roughly, but it was only because he had whipped cream on the corner of his lip. He wasn't expecting the skateboarder to be waiting in his apartment, so when he walked in to see his Misaki eating whipped cream with some still on his lips, the other was only asking for it.

Though their entire day consisted of having sex on the way to his bed so they could have sex properly there, he secretly treasured these after sex moments. He didn't love Misaki only when he was on his back and crying out his name. He wasn't a sex driven bastard, though he was sure Misaki would argue otherwise.

He loved these moments where he was holding Misaki and taking care of him. And when he did rub out a knot or rubbed a sore part, the redhead would give a sigh of content that would take his breath away.

And even though he loved these moments, his mind would always ruin it for him. Because even though he loved Misaki, he could only show it to him in little things. He wished he could show Misaki how much he loved him by having a child with him. To take care of him through all nine months and when the child was born, they would forever be partners. To have a child that was from him and Misaki. It would be a dream come true. But that dream was impossible.

"Sometimes I get sad…." He stopped talking and tried to think how to approach this subject. His pause was however taken the wrong way by the redhead. He pushed himself out of the hold he was in and was getting up while cursing. "Well fuck you then. I'm sorry I'm so bad in bed that I make you sad afterwards."

He quickly grabbed the other and rubbed his neck while quickly continuing.

"Listen! Don't jump to conclusions when I haven't finished!" He waited a moment for the other to calm down. "I get sad when I remember that no matter times I make love to you, there will never be a child afterwards. Because I think Misaki will make a beautiful parent and I want him to become one with me."

He felt the other's body become stiff in his arms, and he embraced him tighter. He didn't want to scare Misaki away with his thoughts, but he honestly did want them to have a child. As crazy as the thought was.

He felt the redhead's heartbeat quicken and he waited on edge for what the other was going to say. "We..We can always adopt a brat." He replied weakly.

Though the answer was shakily said, Fushimi felt like he was finally able to breathe again. Misaki did want to be a parent with him. He released a shaky breath of relief, but he couldn't enjoy this moment before his thoughts again ruined it.

His silence must have bothered Misaki because he asked in a nervous tone. "What made you think of brats, you stupid monkey?" He waited for a reply but instead felt Fushimi press his face into his shoulder. He waited a few moments and before he could ask again, the other cut him off by declaring in an urged tone.

"I desperately want a child because having a child with someone is the only way to tell them that you truly love them and love everything about them that you want to bring a child into this world so you can spend the rest of their lives with them. I want to take care of you and our child. I know we can adopt but I am selfish and want a child that comes from you and me. I want a child that has the best of us!"

Stunned into silence, the redhead didn't reply. He instead just turned around so he stared at his lover with wide surprised eyes. With shaking hands he cupped his lover's face and brought it close to his.

He laid a light kiss on the other man's lips and with his chest tightening he whispered. "I love you Fushimi."

By the time he left the apartment, it was late at night. Though the damn monkey begged him to stay for the night, he knew he had to leave. Besides he loved skateboarding at night. It cleared his head.

Which he desperately needed.

What the hell was the monkey thinking saying those things to him? You didn't need a kid to show that you loved someone.

But if he and Fushimi were able to have kids, he knew they would be the coolest fucking kids ever. They would be tough as nails and beat up all the kids who dared try to mess them up. But they would be smart too. And they would have the coolest fucking parents ever.

Lost in thought, he lazily made his way to his apartment. He didn't go his usual route due to his daydreaming and instead went through the back alleys. He was a block from his home when a child's scream followed by several crashes caused him to stop. He listened and crept into the shadows.

"This is the strain the boss wanted right?"

"Yeah this is her. Hey bring out the rope will you."

He crept closer and saw that in a deadend alley were three men all around a small child. Already his stomach was twisting with disgust as he saw blood drip down the child's jaw. The man with the rope leaned down and grabbed the girl roughly by the arm.

The girl screamed again and one of the men lifted his fist. "Shut the hell up!" He snarled while he brought his fist down.

His fist never met her face and instead was caught by the wrist. Startled by the hand he tried to snatch his hand back but the hand holding it, gripped it so tight that he felt his bones grinding against each other.

"Why don't you bitches fight with someone that will actually fight back." Yata stepped out of the shadows with a malicious grin. Not waiting for a response he tightened his grip and smiled when the sound of bone breaking was heard.

The man screamed and the two men quickly jumped the redhead. Their forms were off and their strength was weak. It only took three punches, two kicks, and two slams into their heads with his skateboard for them to be out cold.

He looked down at the three unconscious men and smiled. Though he could no longer use the red flame, that didn't make him weak. Years of being in Homra made him into a worthy opponent and right now those assholes realized it.

Throwing the guys into the middle of the road, he turned around and walked back to the still shaking figure. She was small and young, and for a second he saw Anna in her place. She was wearing torn shorts with a worn out tee. Her face was dirt streaked and she looked like she hadn't had a decent meal for a few days.

He helped her stand and asked if she could walk. With a small nod she walked with him on shaking legs out of the alley. She glanced at the men that minutes before were going to capture her and turned to her savior with a smile. "Thank you for saving me." She expressed with genuine gratitude. She looked up to him with wide excited eyes.

"It was no problem, ju- just be more careful. I know strains are always trying to be captured. S-So just be careful." Face heated and eyes cast downward he avoided any eye contact with her. "Do you have anywhere you can go?"

There was no response from the child. Instead the girl looked at him with the same smile and tried to grab his attention by leaning into his eyesight. When he finally looked at her she waved her hands at him in a gesture to come closer. Not knowing what else to do, he leaned closer to her and was surprised when the little girl stood on her tiptoes and brought her hands to his face.

Yata felt the wind get knocked out of him when her hands cupped his face. Before he could stop himself, memories of him and Fushimi flashed between his eyes. He saw his eyes, smile and hands before he heard the words 'I love you Misaki' echo through his head.

He felt hands on his stomach and heard from a distance. "This is my way of saying thank you." Before he could push the hands away, he felt a sharp pain. The last thing he saw before clenching his eyes from the pain was those crystal blue eyes.

A door being slammed open brought him back to consciousness. He heard several footsteps walk in, and he slowly tried to open his eyes. He had no idea where he was, and could only feel that he was laying on something and his stomach was killing him. He heard a light pair of footsteps coming towards him but abruptly stop. This halt brought silence into the room.

"What's wrong Anna?" Instead of answering the light footsteps continued to walk closer to him, which was closely followed by heavier footsteps. He felt someone near him and he desperately tried to make any kind of indication that he was awake.

"Yata-san, when did you get here?" Someone was asking him.

"What?" Someone groggily replied. It took him a moment to realize he said that. Now more footsteps were heading in his direction. He again tried to open his eyes but he couldn't defeat the challenge. He felt a hand on his forehead and heard someone talking. "You don't feel warm; did you hit your head?"

Now another pair of hands took off his beanie and began to touch his head. He wanted to swat the hand away and curse at the owner of the hands but instead all the came out of his mouth was, "Huh?"

Always a man of words, he fell back into unconsciousness.

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