After Yata had painstakingly asked the doctor if intercourse was ok, the following week had Saru on a constant edge. He didn't know why he was nervous about the action, but he just knew he didn't want to have sex with Misaki as of right now.

Maybe it was because how the doctor had explained that they needed to be more careful when involved in sexual activities. The warning had Saru thinking of the worst possibilities, but he wouldn't tell Misaki that.

Coming to the room, he knew he was in trouble when he saw Yata sitting at the edge of the bed, tense and waiting for him. The moment Yata saw him, he grabbed him and pushed him to the bed.

"Lie down. The next nurse comes in an hour. Got everything ready for you, gives us plenty of time. Even prepared myself." Yata mumbled the last part as he kissed Saru. Before he could say a word, Saru was pushed onto his back and Yata was straddling him.

"Since you're afraid to actually move faster than an old man, I'm going to have to be in charge." Yata scoffed. Leaning to Saru he kissed him again before grasping his member. The third in command grunted at the cold hand, but kept his eyes on the beautiful body on top of him. Misaki had his eyes clenched and a look of concentration as he positioned himself.

His mouth opened as he steadily lowered himself. Moans were leaving on both their lips, but Yata's were louder as the slow growing feeling of being filled was something that he secretly enjoyed. It was an overwhelming feeling that made him forget about everything else. Which he was looking forward to.

A groan escaped him as he bottomed out and his head tilted upwards. The feeling of being overwhelmed for a moment caused him to lately register that Saru was talking to him.

Coming back from the initial high he found that the other was now gripping his hips tightly. Before this pregnant situation, Yata would have taken that as a sign that they were about to have rough sex in several positions. But now looking down at the worried face below him, he saw that the sex he was hoping for was not going to happen as he planned.

"Are you ok?" He asked in a tight voice. He desperately needed some movement and fast. A nod was all he received, but he took it. Steadying himself, he lifted himself and lowered himself back down. He created a fast rhythm that satisfied him. He lost himself in the mixture of pain and eagerness as he tried to hit the right spot. The spot that would make all his thoughts vanish and for a moment he could just focus on Saru and himself.

Just two bodies that were one at the moment. That's all he wanted. Looking down at Saru he was disappointed to see the look of discomfort was still on his face. Before he could ask again if he was alright, Saru whispered something. He repeated himself louder with a hint of panic in his voice.


Yata stopped moving and stared down at Saru, wondering if he really heard correctly. He stilled when he felt something go terribly wrong and he quickly got off the now limp member. He sat himself at the corner of the bed with his back to Saru. Neither of them said a word for what seemed like hours, but what could have been only five minutes.

Yata was finally the one who broke it. With an unsure tone he asked the other. "Are we seriously not going to have sex until the kid is born?" The sound of Saru's panicked voice was not something he ever wanted to hear again. Especially during sex. Saru wasn't supposed to sound scared.

He was glad to hear the panicked tone was gone when Saru replied. "I'd rather not. At least not until we're past the danger of losing the baby."

Yata didn't reply. Instead he got up and walked towards the restroom. Before he could close the door, Saru turned to him still lying on the bed. "Do you really need it?"

For some reason the answer pissed Yata off and he growled before slamming the door. "I'm going to take a shower."

A few days after the chaos of trying to have sex, Yata found a surprise in his boring routine. After taking his routine midday vitals, Doctor Mika smiled at him and announced. "Ah Yata-san you have visitors today. You can meet up with them in the courtyard."

"I have visitors?" Yata replied with a hint of suspicion. The doctor merely smiled at him, before she left.

Looking at his reflection in the mirror, he winced when he saw his reflection. He looked like shit. Grumbling that he didn't ask Doctor Mika more info on the unexpected guests, he quickly tried to look not so much like shit. Grabbing a beanie, to cover his bed hair, he also grabbed a large sweater. It was Saru's and it drowned Yata and successfully hid the slight swell in his stomach. Though Saru swore that it looked like he was just bloated, Yata was still embarrassed of anyone else seeing it.

Seeing as he wasn't going to look any better he sighed and left his room. Walking outside and staying clear of any noisy nurses, he sighed as the fresh air hit him. The courtyard was large and was used by mostly the workers of the hospital. Unfortunately since the Blue King assigned all the nurses, they all knew his case. The one time he did venture outside by himself, he felt several pairs of eyes on him while hearing whispers all talking about him.

He didn't go out again. But this time there was someone to visit him. He thought for a moment that someone from Homra came to visit him. But his mind squished that hope as the hospital was far off and out of the way. Disappointment filling him, he sighed and looked at the courtyard to try to find his visitor.

Off to the far right, he saw three figures not in hospital uniform. His heart began to beat fast and he tried to keep his hopes to not get up to high. He walked faster and the figures began to get clearer. A tall lean man, was shadowed by a similar but darker skinned figure. And in the middle of the two was a small child. The moment Yata saw frills and a dark dress, a smile spread across his face.

The trio smiled back and stood up as he approached them. He spotted in Anna's hands was his skateboard. For the first time in a long time a laugh escaped him and he felt excited.

"She said we needed to bring it." Izumo explained with a smile. Anna frowned at him, but pushed the skateboard eagerly to its owner.

Yata happily took it and let himself take a moment to look at it. The object made him feel lighter as it made him realize that he was only in the hospital for a couple months. He would return back to reality soon and would have Homra waiting for him.

"Oh man! Thanks Anna" He thanked the child with a smile on his face.

"Saruhiko is not going to like that" Izumo commented dryly.

Yata scoffed at the older man and snapped back. "No. Which is why it's great." Rolling his eyes he said in an annoyed tone. "I'm not going to ride it. You act like I want to hurt the kid."

Rikio not wanting the reunion to turn into an argument so fast, suggested they sit down and talk. The two males allowed the potential argument to die and sat themselves. Yata was surprised to see Anna sit next to him instead of the other two. He wasn't too happy that she decided that personal space seemed to vanish between the two.

Silence lingered between the four as each worried that they would say something wrong. Finally Rikio was the one who broke the ice. With hesitation he asked. "So have you been told a gender yet?"

A smile came on Yata's voice and he informed the other. "No you idiot. The kid is way too small."

Izumo hummed at the answer and said in a teasing tone. "Hmm you sure it isn't twins? With the amount of weight you gained I'm surprised you're not eating for three."

Rikio and him laughed at the teasing, but Yata didn't find the idea funny. He actually found it horrifying. "Don't even joke like that asshole." He retorted in a weak voice. He barely got over the idea of two kids when a pair of hands touched his stomach. He jumped in surprise at the touch and looked down to see who the hell was touching him.

His anger dropped when he saw small hands on his stomach.

"Whoa Anna give me some warning next time!" The child ignored his comment and instead moved her hands around his stomach. The hands moved until they stopped right at the center. Yata watched the entire time and thought he knew what she was looking for. With a small smile he informer her. "You can't feel it yet."

The child looked up at him and smiled. Yata looked at the smile and a thought came to his head. "Wait can you hear its thoughts. Does the kid have thoughts this young?" He asked excitedly.

Anna stared at him for a moment before answering. "No. I just hear its heartbeat"

A blush came to his face as he realized how stupid his question was. Burying his face into his hands he grumbled. "This is so weird."

"You still haven't accepted it." Izumo asked with a hint of sympathy.

Yata heard the slight tone and refused to make eye contact with the two. Instead he grumbled. "There's too much for me to accept. The doctor just gave us the plan for the whole birthing shit."

"Do tell." Izumo more than less demanded. Looking up across the table to the bartender, he sighed before giving a blunt summary of the plan.

"They want me to hold the kid as long as I can and a few weeks before my due date, they're going to do a ceasared."

"Cesarean." Izumo corrected.

With a wave to the correction he continued. "Yeah that and basically get the kid out along with everything the strain gave me."

"And what did the strain give you?" Rikio asked curiously.

"Shut up you fucking pervert!" Yata yelled in a mixture of embarrassment and anger.

Rikio was shaking his head and hands as he tried to defend himself. Izumo sighed at the reaction and gave Yata a stern look. "Calm down and stop getting yourself worked out over something so trivial."

The skateboarder looked like he was going to deliver another insult but stopped when Izumo continued to glare at him.

The bartender looked at the younger male and advised him sternly. "You can't get mad at small stuff like that. Right now you just have to sit back and think of three things. Your first priority is your kid. If there is something you have to do that benefits the kid, you do it whether you like it or not. Second is you. You got to take care of yourself and not get yourself into any trouble."

Yata tried to deny the accusation but Izumo ignored the attempt to continue lecturing him.

"Third, whatever helps you and Saru's relationship, do it. Your guys' world and responsibilities have just been flipped. You two are no longer teenagers. You're adults. You guys are going to have a child."

The statement stilled any comments Yata had, and he actually took in the bartenders words. The words hit a little close to home and he mumbled defeated. "Stop lecturing me old man."

Rikio stepped in and added. "It's not lecturing. And let me add Yata-san. Nothing comes before that child. And if you are struggling, call us and we will help you with no hesitation. I mean it."

He knew the others would help. They had been his rock far too many times. "Thank you."

A silence reined between them which Yata tried to break. "So how is everyone?" He asked.

Rikio told him how everyone was and how they sent their wishes on his sudden illness. Yata felt a relief that only the trio in front of him knew what was going on, but also made him fear what would happen when he reappeared with a baby.

Anna gave his arm that she latched herself on a gentle squeeze. Izumo gave him a look that reminded him to think only on the important things. "So how are you?" Izumo asked.

Rikio joined in and asked as he took a look at their surroundings. "Yeah Yata-san how's this place?"

"It's ok I guess." Yata mumbled as he messed with the thread on his sweater. Before the two could respond Anna gripped Yata's arm and declared one word that froze all three males. "Haunted."

Pushed by the silence she continued by looking at Yata in the eye and informed him in a grim tone. "It's haunted by several angry ghosts."

The other two watched in worry as the shorter male's face drastically paled.

Izumo panicked as Yata just stared in frozen horror at the child. "Anna tell him you're joking." He shouted as Yata continued to get paler. The child ignored the plead and continued while taking a hold of Yata's hand. Looking at him she whispered. "You should stay with us. Homra has no ghosts. There's two ghosts in your room."


"Yata-san are you ok?!" Rikio exclaimed while grabbing ahold of Yata, as the fear of him fainting was becoming more of a reality.

"Shit he's going to puke."

Anna please tell him you're kidding!" The child shook her head stubbornly and glared at Izumo. Meanwhile Rukio was trying to revive Yata from his horror trance.


Covered by Rikio's jacket and a strong warm tea in his hands, Yata sighed as he knew the visit would be coming to an end. Sipping the warm liquid he absorbed the last moments he had with the trio. He turned when Izumo cleared his throat and glanced at him.

"Did you ever find out what happened to the strain?" Izumo asked.

"I haven't seen her since that night. I hope the kid is ok. A couple of idiots were trying to take her." Glancing at Anna he glared as he looked at the blue's building. "I'm pretty sure the blues are after her."

Izumo hummed in agreement and said. "Most likely." Silence came between them as they all watched the sun begin to fall. They all knew their visit was coming to a close. Izumo was the first to get up and with a hand on the skateboarder's shoulders he told him. "Be careful Yata, we'll come back next week. Same time."

"Anything you want us to bring?" Rikio asked with a smile.

Yata thought for a moment before he replied with a serious tone. "Just come back."

The duo gave him a nod, but it was Anna who stepped forward and took his hand. The squeeze was all the reassurance Yata needed.


Waking up to a headache was the first sign that his day was going to be a shitty day. Groaning, he curled himself and buried himself into the covers. The morning drifted slowly and he laid there miserably wondering when the hell Saru would be back from his morning shift. He wanted to make the stupid monkey just as miserable as he was.

Lying on his stomach, he groaned as his head was pounding with the lingering headache. The groan stilled when he felt fingers combing through his hair. Catching the hand by the wrist he looked to see who the hell was touching him.

Relief flooded through him when he saw it was Saru next to him. He didn't know how he snuck up on him, or how the hell he didn't hear him come in. He was going to bat the offending hand away but the fingers were doing magical things to his headache. Releasing his hold he buried his face into a pillow and let Saru continue.

The hands lowered to his neck and shoulders and he relaxed his body so Saru could get all the knots that had built back there. Pure bliss filled his body as the large hands rubbed at his back. A moan escaped him as the fingers used more strength to rub out his lower back.

After a few minutes focused on his back, fingers traced over his ribs and the touch made his body shake lightly as he was overtaken by chills.

When the hands stopped, he turned to look up from the pillow. His complaints died on his tongue, as he saw Saru was standing in front of him completely nude. Blood rushed to Yata's face and he yelled at the other. "What the hell do you think you're doing!?"

Saru didn't answer but instead kissed him. Yata thought for a moment to fight it, but gave into the kiss. Opening his mouth, he deepened the kiss. During the kiss, Saru quickly undressed him. When he too was nude, Saru grabbed him and carried him to the restroom.

With a steady hand on Yata, Saru turned on the shower to where the room was quickly beginning to fill with steam. A tug on his hand lead Yata to the stream of hot water. The next few minutes were pure bliss as the taller male washed him and massaged him in the stream of the shower. With Saru behind him, and a hand wrapped around his waist; he pulled him for another kiss.

The kiss wasn't deep but what left him breathless was when a soaped hand grabbed his dick. He was thankful that Saru was holding him up, because he was sure his legs were going to go out any second. While kissing and biting his neck, Saru jerked him off in a steady pace that left him breathless. He came with a moan and leaned heavily on Saru as the water spray hit his back.

Things got a little foggy after that, but he remembered Saru carrying him out of the bathroom. A towel drying and cleaning him. More kisses and hands that roamed his body. At this point Yata couldn't even open his eyes if he wanted to. He felt so relaxed and exhausted.

"Are you tired?" He heard Saru ask. A nod was all he could give and he heard a chuckle. A towel dried his hair and the next thing he knew, he was in the bed and buried in covers. Before falling asleep, he lifted his heavy eyelids and stared at Saru. His mouth turning upwards into a smile he mumbled to the other. "I don't hate you today."

This definitely needed to turn into a weekly occurrence.

The two were quiet for a moment, and Yata decided that this was the best time he was going to get. He had to tell the thought that came to him since the Homra members came to visit him. He was nervous on how Saru was going to react, but the idea felt so right to him. It couldn't be bad.

Through nervous lips he said out loud the name that had been plaguing his mind for days. The name he wanted to give to their child was a boy. "Tatara. I want to name the kid Tatara if he's a boy."

The silence that followed was heavy and Yata was afraid to open his eyes. He was afraid that he would open them to look at the pained face of Saru. But as the silence continued, he took a deep breath and opened them.

There was no pain in Saru's expression, just content. With a small smile Saru replied, "That's fine. But we get to name our baby Misaki, if she is a girl."

Yata hated himself for blushing at the reply but he scoffed and punched the other in the shoulder. "Whatever, at least the name will go to the right gender this time."

A smile spread across Saru's face, and Yata couldn't help but smile back. The rest of the day was spent lounging and just taking in the other's presence. Yata hated the fact that it would be over when Saru had to go to his night shift.


Someone shaking him violently had him waking him horribly from his sleep. Hands grabbed at him and before he gained his balance he was thrown from his bed to the floor. A large hand grabbed his and he was tugged and dragged from their small one roomed apartment to the cold winter night.

"I'm tired Dad." He whined as he tried to rub the sleep from his eyes. A few curses were spat from his father and he was thankful when his father reached down and carried him. He buried his face into his father's coat and soon fell back asleep.

The next time his eyes opened, he was in a warm room of bright colors. The air was filled with perfumes and high pitched fake giggles. His father grabbed his chin and instructed him. "You can sleep in the lounge."

The lounge. He knew where he was now. This was the place where his father took one of the giggling girls and went into another room. He always came out a little happier than before, but Yata had to spend the entire time in the lounge. The women always crowded him and touched him with their long nails and smelly hands.

Already a couple of the ladies were flocking to the two males. "You brought Misaki-chan!" One cooed while the other was running her hand through his father's brown tangled hair. Yata noticed that he always picked the red heads to take to the other room.

He always asked what his dad and the lady were doing, but the women just shushed him and changed the subject. One of the ladies who always tried to hug him was currently having her long nailed hands hovering to close to his face.

The intrusion along with the sight of his father leaving, was too much for Yata. That night he actually stood up and yelled back. Smacking the hand away from him he yelled at the painted face in front of him. "Get away from me!"

Before he could even tell his father that he wanted to go home, a fist punched his cheek. The blow had him thrown across couch, and he felt his cheek stinging. The room went silent and before any of the ladies could calm the customer, the father snatched his son by the shirt and screamed at him.

"You never hurt girls. Do you understand?" When Yata didn't reply fast enough, his father shook him and screamed in his face. "I SAID DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"


His chin was grabbed tightly and his father threatened between clenched teeth. "If I ever catch you being rude to a girl, I will fucking kill you."

He stood still on the couch and watched as his father went through the door where loud music was playing. He caught a quick sight of the room and blushed heavily when he saw a pair of naked breasts. Averting his gaze to the floor, he stood numb to the comforting the women did to him.

The stinging of his cheek was followed by the burning of his eyes as he tried to keep the tears from his falling. Later that night, as his father whipped him with his belt, he cried as the trust he had for his father crumbled.

The sounds of his father's screams forever gave him chills and made his body tense. It didn't help that the entire room was being filled with his screams and seemed to suffocate him. When it felt like he couldn't breathe any longer, he felt his eyes roll back and fall into the darkness.

Waking up to tangled sheets and a choked cry was becoming tiring very fast. The dreams of his father were plaguing him and he just wanted it to end. The fear of hurting his child was slowly swallowing him and showing up in his dreams.

At least Saru wasn't there to see the humiliating display. He had been taking more night shifts lately. It had bothered him at first to wake up to an empty bed but, since the night terrors came he was glad that he was alone.

With sleep out of the question, he at first pulled out the game system and played. When that quickly grew boring, he ruffled through their small book collection. Flipping through a few comics, the baby book was the one that made it back onto the bed. He read a few passages about the early development, but the silence of the room began bothering him. Turning the TV on, he let the background noise surround him as he read.

"Only 17 weeks and you already ruin my mornings." He grumbled as he read what would happen the next couple weeks. One passage caught his interest and he said while rubbing his stomach. "If you're positioned right, we can see if you're a boy or a girl. What do you think of that?"

Of course there was no answer, and Yata felt his face heat up from what just happened. "Shit I really am going crazy in here. Talking to you like I expect an answer." Closing the book as he buried himself under the warm blankets, he muttered aloud. "Doesn't mean I'm going to stop though."

And just like that, a routine started. Saru would leave, he would fall asleep shortly only to wake up after a terrible dream. The rest of the night was spent in the glow of the television, one sided conversations on topics ranging from normal to bizarre. If anyone caught him, he would kill them. But by the third night he memorized the nurses' schedule and knew when to feint sleep. Though he was embarrassed by the affectionate actions, he didn't stop and secretly enjoyed it.


The weeks began to bleed together, and thankfully Saru and his relationship was going well. The routine they had settled into was enough for both of them, and with Homra's visits Yata felt like he wasn't growing mad. But behind all this, in the background laid an uneasy feeling.

Lately he had been on edge. A restlessness that had stolen his sleep and dulled his senses in consequence. Something was wrong. He wanted to blame it on the thought of finally going over 20 weeks of pregnancy, but he knew it couldn't put the blame there. His gut was telling him it was something else.

The feeling of being watched always resided inside the hospital, and it was only when Anna and others visited that had made the feeling go away. He thought at first it was the trio that made him feel safe, but as he took his afternoon walks around the building, he found it was just being inside. Being outside gave him a barrier that seemed to ward off the horrible pressure that resided in his gut.

So he found himself revisiting one of old hobbies. Standing on roofs was a pastime hobby of his. Just standing at the towering height looking at the horizon gave him an amazing feeling. All his problems would take a step backs and he was alone to enjoy the view. The possibilities seemed endless when he gazed at the sight of the sky meeting with buildings.

But instead of buildings he was now seeing trees. Sitting on the rooftop of the hospital in the summer air he stared at the forest surrounding him. Trees whose branches reached in agony to touch the sky. Forever growing to try to meet the higher destination.

Buildings never grew. They were happy with their height and stood proud and tall amongst the background. They were determined to be seen and even dared to challenge the sky for the view. He used to be a building. But now he was a tree, stretching to touch the sky in agony.

His hobby no longer had the desired effect and that infuriated him. Everything around him was changing and he knew that would happen with becoming pregnant and all. But with all the changes that happened with the first twenty weeks, he feared how he would change throughout the next crazy months.

And he believed he had reason to fear. With the recent nightmares, all the medical jargon being thrown around, and the undetermined danger constantly hanging over his head had him feeling weak and frightened.

Something he hasn't felt since he was a child.

He wanted to give the best for the life that was growing in him. He wanted his child to have everything he didn't. But everything that he loved always managed to crumble in front of him. Saru, Homra, and now his life before the pregnancy. How would he know he wouldn't ruin his child?

What if he became just like his father. Putting himself before his own child. Such a selfish bastard, that he wished he could beat if he saw him today. But the old man was dead, and the chance was forever gone.

The wind picked up and brushed through the trees. Though he had on his red sweater a chill still ran through his body. He couldn't tell if it was from the cold or from the feeling of dread consuming him. A movement in the corner of his eye told him why he was feeling the dread.

Getting up, his body automatically went into an offense stance as he took in the enemy. The enemy however didn't move an inch from where he was standing. Instead, the Blue King just took in the scenery in front of him. In a carefree voice, he turned to Yata and said. "A beautiful view isn't it."

Yata didn't reply and instead was struck by time. It was disgusting how time had changed his reaction. Before his King's death, he would be filled with anger at the sight of the stupid Blues. But after living here, and knowing that all this was possible because of the stupid blue, he didn't know how to react. He had to force his offensive stance down. The murderous glare, however stayed on his face.

Silence dominated the air, and Yata was trying to figure what the hell he should say. Thank you? Go fuck yourself, you stupid blue? Go away?! His dilemma must have seeped through his body as the King stared at him and in an apologetic tone said. "Please if you are uncomfortable, I will leave."

Rolling his eyes at the disgusting politeness, he mumbled back. "I'm fine." He pulled his sweater sleeves over his hands and promised himself that he wouldn't be the first to leave the rooftop. He was the first here, and he wouldn't leave no matter how uncomfortable it got.

Unfortunately the uncomfortableness seemed to be one sided as Munakata nodded and said with a small smile. "Then I shall join you.

The two men sat there on the rooftop watching the sun slowly lower. They watched the scenery around them change and Yata almost forgot the King was there until the bastard broke the silence.

"I remember when I ended up here after a bad run in with a fellow king. I would have never known about this beautiful view if it wasn't for that day."

Yata glanced at the other in the corner of his eye and saw that he was staring at him. Was he supposed to reply? How the fuck was he supposed to reply after that comment. 'That's a nice story, my favorite was when you got your ass kicked'. Was he even expecting a reply?

He never did get to reply as a soothing voice confided in him. "Please Yata-san, causing stress to you is the last thing I want."

The words triggered the constant worry that he would fuck up the pregnancy and hurt the child. No stress. No worries. How the hell was that going to happen when his entire situation was fucked up and every step could be dangerous? Between gritted teeth he snapped at the King. "Why are you mocking me?"

"That was not my intention." Munakata immediately apologized as he casted a worry look towards the other. "I know that we were once enemies-"

"Were?" Yata spat back at him mockingly.

The mocking word, caused the King's lips to turn downwards into a deep frown. After a moment of silence he turned to Yata, and waited till the other returned his gaze did he say solemnly say. "Killing Mikoto Suoh will forever be a regret to me. But it was a promise I had made. A promise I had to fulfill."

Before Yata could say a word, Munakata continued and asked him. "You love Fushimi Saruhiko correct?"

He nodded cautiously and again he tried to enter the conversation. But once again the King cut him off. "Now if he asked you for a favor that he entrusted only to you to fulfill, you would act without a moment's hesitation? Even if you disagreed with the favor with your entire being, you will fulfill it. And do you know why?" This time he didn't wait for a response and continued. With sadness dripping with each word he said. "Because you loved that person and in the end would do anything for him.

The words left Yata speechless, and he remained still as the Blue King walked towards him. "I too was close to The Red King. My part in his death is why you may hate me. But those feelings should not have any influence for the next couple of months."

Reaching into his jacket he pulled out a small piece of paper. While folding it, he told the other. "This situation you are in is a dangerous one and I just want to be sure you receive the best care I can give. I give you my word Yata-san that I want to help you." Bending down he handed the paper to the younger male, and was happy that it was taken without a fight. "Here. It is my personal number. If you feel like you need anything, please don't hesitate to call."

The blue king stared at him for a moment before walking away. The moment the Blue King exited the rooftop, Yata's body began to release the tension he didn't know it was holding. He stood there for a few moments, before he too retired. Walking back to his room, so he could fall asleep before Saru could come, he was surprised to see an unknown item on the bed. Picking it up, he found that it was a cellphone.

Sighing at what he was about to do, he added Munakata's number to the contacts. He turned to place the phone on the table, but something in his gut told him to hide it. An hour later he finally found the perfect hiding spot. Tired from the search, he changed into loose clothing and fell into bed. Closing his eyes, he sighed in discontent. It angered him that the phone made him feel safer.

Safe from what, he was still trying to figure out.


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