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The Man and The Scientist

The Man paces down the street,

No one following,

Except his shadow.

Looking up at the building,

His eyes full of tears,

Spy the ash.

As he watches it fall like snow,

He wonders if that piece of ash,

Is The Scientist.

He remembers The Scientist,

How she used to sparkle,

Like a flame.

The flame that burnt her,

Burnt her into an ash,

Like a figment.

Each figment of The Scientist,

Was loved by The Man.

And The Man was loved,

By The Scientist.

And though there were tears,

And though there were ash,

And though there were flames,

There was still love.

Between The Man,

And The Scientist,

There was still love.

AN: Thanks for reading my failed attempt at poetry.

My Mum nearly died earlier, so when I started pondering what it'd be like to lose her, I started thinking about Layton and Claire and came up with this.

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