Different Worlds

Chapter 1 – "In the Beginning"

Rivendell was the only home I had ever known but Lothlórien should have been my true home. My mother, Alatariel had called the woods of Lórien her home but gave it all way for a mortal man. She found Elros injured in the woods and took him in. Knowing how her cousin Lord Celeborn was suspicious of men, she concealed Elros in the woods.

It wasn't till Lady Galadriel found them that Elros's true identity was known. Alatariel could not believe the truth, that Elros was the twin brother of Lord Elrond of Rivendell and a half-elf by birth. Haven given up his immortality, he was granted long life for a human and become King of the Numenor.

Once Elros was healed he knew he had to leave Alatariel but his heart belonged to her. Alatariel let him go but not before she gave herself to him. Within the year my mother gives birth to me. I was born a daughter of Numenor and Lothlórien but belonging to neither. My mother's heart longed for a love she would never have. Feeling the sadness of this bearing down on her, she traveled to Rivendell where she gave me to Lord Elrond and Lady Celebrian to raise. Soon after my birth she took the great ship to The Grey Havens, leaving me to never know her.

Elrond named me Ruunya, which means red flame. I was born with silvery white hair, the tips as red as crimson. As I aged a single streak of red adorned my forehead that waves down my cheek and curls under my chin. Many say I look like my mother but have my father's heart. Arwen, my dearest cousin, was born just after me. Celebrian raised us more as sisters and less as cousins and I loved her as such.

War raged across Middle Earth, taking many of my kin with it. My father never acknowledges me as his daughter nor do I seek him out. As an adopted daughter of Elrond, I live my life in Rivendell, never to give the world of men another thought.

Upon the visit of King Thranduil of Mirkwood, I hear of the plight of the Dwarves of the Grey Mountain. Arwen and I listen to the council held by the two elfin lords, how Thranduil left Erebor to fall. My heart sank, feeling so sorrowful for the dwarves.

In my many years I had heard of other creatures, some good and some evil. Elrond had told us about Orcs, Goblins and Trolls, the foulest creatures of Middle Earth. He would tell Arwen and I stories, speaking of his encounters with all sorts of beings, fighting side by side with men and dwarves. I often found myself daydreaming of leaving the safety of Rivendell to travel the lands of Middle Earth.

Listening to Thranduil speak of the attack on Erebor was heartbreaking. I made up my mind that I would leave, to know the world around me. Arwen wants to go with me but I refuse, her place is here in Rivendell. On the morning of my departure I am greeted at the river Bruien by Lady Galadreil. She stands before me covered in light, looking most beautiful.

My Lady extends her hand, the glistening light flowing from her fingertips. "Child, why do you leave your home?"

Hanging my head low, I pull my velvet green clock around me. "I seek adventure. To see Middle Earth with my own eyes."

Galadriel walks up to me, her long blonde hair illuminated so brightly. Stroking her hand over my hair her voice sounds so soft but stern. "Come to Lothlórien with me and if you wish to journey on then I will set you on your path."

I sense the presences of another as I turn to look behind me. Lord Elrond and Arwen stand gazing at us, Elrond looking very stoic. "Ruuyna, go with my blessing. It is time you see the lands of your mother." He walks toward me taking my hands in his. "Remember you will always have a home in Rivendell, daughter."

Giving Arwen and Elrond my goodbyes, I follow Lady Galadriel across the river Bruien. I hear Arwen's voice call out over the babbling of the river, her words cutting into my soul. "Amin mela lle."

"I love you too." I whisper, never turning to look back.

Many years pass and I spend my time between Rivendell and Lothlórien, occasionally visiting Mirkwood with Lady Galadriel. A great friendship had formed between I and Legolas, him teaching me how to use a bow.

Hunting had become a passion of mine, my skill with a bow increasing daily. It was my goal to out hunt Legolas someday, hoping to best him with his own weapon. The time had come for me to try hunting on my own, the woods of Mirkwood no challenge for me.

Legolas had often told me to stay away from the Old Forest Road, staying south toward the Long Lake. I asked him once why I cannot hunt in all of the forest only to get the answer to stay toward the south.

I knew that the land of Rhonvanian was home to elf, dwarf and man. All three living in harmony, sharing the forest and the mountains. Staying to the elven hunting grounds was important to Thranduil; he did not wish to mix with dwarfs or men. He actually had a great distaste for dwarves though I could never understand why.

Being the adventurous type I wanted to see what sport I could find beyond the elf lands, crossing over toward the Blue Mountains. Spotting a large buck, I decide to follow it. I watch it prance through the forest, nibbling on foliage. I hide behind a large white oak, aligning my arrow.

The large buck raises his heavy antlers, gazing up at me. It twitches its ear as an arrow slices into his throat. I stand astonished, my arrow still in my bow. My deep blue eyes glared at crimson flowing from the deer upon the green foliage of the forest floor. Then the sound of footsteps comes to my ears, two small figures approaching.

The beings were no more than five feet tall, speaking rather loudly. Hiding behind the white oak, I watch them approach the stag. The first one has hair of flaxen with a braided mustache and beard to match. His eyes are as blue as the sky above, his smile causing me to smile back. The second one came running up to his kill, grinning so slyly it was adorable. His long flowing dark hair looked like a starless dark night, the scruff of a beard across his tan handsome face made him look manly. I gazed at him, taking in his features. His brown eyes call to me, drowning me in pools of molten honey. No elven man I had ever seen came close to the earthly quality they possessed. The elegance that Elrond or even Legolas composed themselves with was not graced upon them.

I'm broken from my reverence to the sound of laughter. The dark one pulls the arrow from the buck's neck, his grin taking my breath away. "Come now Fili, I told you I would get it with my arrow before you could even lift your blade."

The blonde stares at him, crossing his arms. "We need to go Kili. We are far too close the Mirkwood forest for Uncle's liking."

"What do we care of Mirkwood, we are dwarfs. Let any elf try to take what we have rightfully tracked and killed." The dark one ties a rope to the deer, looking up in my directions. Bounding to his feet, he walks towards me.

"Kili, what is it? Where are you going?" The blonde follows him, both of them approaching me swiftly.

Pulling my arrow tight in my bow I step out from my hiding spot, the hood of my clock falling. The two dwarfs stop dead, the dark one looking at me curiously.

"Halt, I mean you no harm but if you come any closer I might." My heart pounds in my chest but I feel drawn to the one call Kili.

Kili reaches his hand out towards me, his fingers tipping my arrow down. "We mean you no harm. Tell me, what are you called?"

"Ruuyna, I am an elf of Rivendell." The back of my throat becomes very dry, my tongue sticking to the roof of my mouth.

"Ruuyna of Rivendell…you are far from home." Kili's brown eyes sparkle at me as he beams a brilliant smile.

"I've never seen a dwarf before, pardon me for my rudeness. You are taller than I had pictured and far more handsome as well." I feel my hand cover my mouth as the words flow out.

Kili and Fili look at each other, sharing an unspoken thought. Kili extends his hand to me and I take it. "I am Kili and this is my twin brother Fili. We are Durin Dwarfs of the Blue Mountains. I must say I have never seen an elven maiden before … well none quiet as lovely as you."

In that moment my heart erupts, a warm feeling covering every inch of my being. I tighten my fingers around his hand, wanting to know more of him.

A/N: This story is based on the movie version of The Hobbit not the book version.