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"Aghh!" My younger sister screamed as I hit her with a jet of freezing cold water.

"Good one Clove." Cato smirked, extending his fist to me. I fist bumped him and fired another jet at my sister. This time, she ducked and fired her own water gun at me. I grabbed Cato by the wrist and pulled him in front of me. The water hit him square in the chest.

"I'm gonna get you now, Clover." Cato promised. He spun around and lifted me off of the ground.

"No! I'm sorry! No!" I yelled as he hauled me towards the pond we had filled our water guns up in earlier.

"I love you really." He grinned as he threw me into the cold water.

The memory played back in my head as I tackled Cato and we fell backwards into the river, narrowly avoiding Thresh's blade. We resurfaced and I cursed as I remembered that I had left my knives at the camp. Stupid Glimmer. Cato drew his sword and charged at Thresh. All I could was stand and watch as they engaged in a viscous battle. Thresh struck Cato in the shoulder. He let out a scream that was a mix of pain and frustration that almost broke my heart.

"Clove, get out of here!" Cato yelled as he stabbed at Thresh, catching him in the thigh.

"I'm not leaving you!" I called back. Our makeshift camp was about half a mile back, I'd never get there, grab my knives and make it back in time. The fight would be over, one way or another. Cato forced Thresh backwards away from the riverbank, away from me. They were equal in everything except skill. They looked to be the same height and weight and they had similar builds. But I had to trust that Cato would use his years of experience with a sword and come out of this fight victorious. Thresh slit at Cato's stomach and I gasped, praying that the cut wasn't too deep. Cato managed to sever Thresh's left hand, but the only thing it seemed to do was ignite his anger. Thresh swung at Cato with the handle of his sword, catching him in the temple and knocking him unconscious. Wide eyed and crazy looking, Thresh turned to me.

"You gonna watch me kill him. And then I kill you." He grunted, blood spewing from his wrist. Just as Thresh was about to plunge his sword into Cato's chest, I slammed into him. I may have been smaller than him, but I wasn't going to let him kill Cato. We crashed to the ground and the sword he was holding went flying. I punched him in the jaw. He kneed me in the stomach and rolled over so that he was crushing me. He grabbed my hair and lifted my head up and slammed to the ground again. Spots danced in the sky above. I blinked a few times and they faded. He had yanked my hair so hard that my hairline was bleeding, and the blood was trickling down my cheeks. Thresh held is hand over my mouth and pinched my nose in an attempt at suffocating me. I bit down hard on the palm of his hard. He screamed in pain, blood dribbling from the bit marks. He drew his fist back to punch me and I closed my eyes, waiting for the impact of his fist on my face. But it never came. Instead, he slumped down of top of me. Blood from a fresh wound on his back covered my shirt and Thresh's body was kicked off of me. Cato, now conscious, removed his sword from Thresh's back. He had thrust the blade in so far that the point stuck out of his chest. He tossed the bloodied weapon to the ground and extended a hand to me. His other hand was clutching his stomach. I took his hand and he pulled me roughly off of the floor.

"You run next time, okay? You fucking run." He yelled.

"Oh, I'm sorry I saved your life!" I yelled back.

"Well, I saved yours too!" He shouted. Then his voice dropped to a whisper. "What would I have done if he'd killed you? Tell me, because I have no idea."

"I…" I trailed off, not sure what to say, and flew into his arms.

"Just be more careful. Remember your knives." He whispered into my hair.

"Oh my God, Cato, your stomach!" I pulled back, remembering his wound.

"I'm fine." He said, but he was at least two shades paler than usual.

"You're not. Come one." I rested one hand on his said and put my other arm around his waist to help him walk. When we got back, the fire was dimming and Glimmer and Marvel were sleeping. Lover Boy was keeping watch. Cato sat with his back against Fire girl's tree.

"I heard a cannon. What happened?" Peeta asked as I rooted around in my pack for a roll of bandage, a needle and pain meds.

"We ran into Thresh." I replied. I found what I needed and sat down next to Cato. I threaded a strand of surgical thread for the needle.

"Need a hand?" Lover Boy asked. I shook my head.

"No, I'm fine. Go to sleep." I watched Lover Boy

I grabbed the knife I had dropped when Cato had carried me to the river and cut his shirt just above the wound.

"Cato? This is going to hurt, okay?" I said. He closed his eyes and nodded in reply. I desperately tried to remember what to do. When it came to me, I started to stitch up the angry red stomach wound before Cato could lose any more blood. He gritted his teeth and growled slightly. I whispered soothing things as I continued to stitch. When I was finished, I wrapped a bandage around his stomach just in case it reopened. I handed him the pain meds and a bottle of water. He swallowed and leaned his head against the tree, sighing.

"Is your shoulder okay? Does that need stitches too?" I asked, biting my lip. He looked slightly better, but not by much.

"No, it…It's okay." He said, taking my hand. I settled down next to him, leaning my head against his good shoulder.

"Sleep. You'll feel better in the morning." I kissed him on the cheek. "I promise."

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