Chapter 2: Explanation and Squad formation!


"Come on in you two" said Sarutobi Hiruzen, the third Hokage of Konoha.

A bandaged Iruka entered with a polite bow the vastly powerful elder, "Good morning Hoka-"



Naruto ran over to Sarutobi with a smile on his face so big his eyes were closed tight, ignoring Iruka's furious outburst.

Sarutobi chuckles graciously, "Hmhmhm… Good morning to you Naruto-kun, how was your rest?"

He hopped into a chair and leaned back relaxing, he pouted "Ah the hospital was stuffy and they kept me up all night AND they don't serve ANY ramen you gotta fix that!"

Sarutobi 'hmmm-ed' with a smile before turning to the now seated Iruka, "And you Iruka-kun? All fixed up?"

"Only a scar or two now Hokage-sama," he said, patting his side and wincing, "And the scroll?" he asked.

"It's in the right hands now, so don't worry about it-"


Sarutobi turned to Naruto with a withered smile, "Yes you are Naruto and I'm so very proud of you."

Naruto's answering smile lit up the whole room.

With a small cough, the Third Hokage now demanded their attention causing the two to straighten up in their chairs. "Now, Shinobi of Konoha, I want a full report on the happenings of last night starting with Iruka."

"Hai Hokage-sama" they chanted together before Iruka led off with his version of what occurred the night before.

"When I arrived at the forth survival training grounds, I discovered a tired but cheery Naruto clutching the forbidden scroll and staring at me expectantly. After learning from Naruto that my colleague Mizuki told him to steal the scroll in the first place, I witnessed Mizuki attack a fleeing Naruto with the shadow clone kunai jutsu," the aged Hokage picked up his mug of tea to try and calm his growing anger at the deceased Mizuki, "after this I stepped in and attempted to stop Mizuki's attack. This is when Mizuki told Naruto the S-class secret about the, umm, well the demon fox"

The temperature in the room dropped as the Hokage clenched his mug in his hand barely controlling his rage.

"And then, Naruto defeated Mizuki to save me with his new jutsu."

The rage disappeared; "Huh?" the Hokage said looking dumbfounded at Iruka.

Iruka looked at the Hokage nervously and stated "Academy student; Naruto Uzumaki, completely destroyed senior Chunnin Mizuki Kohaku. So I gave him Gennin status."

The Hokage stared at Iruka stunned and then at Naruto disbelieving, 'Kid, I think it's time to tell them the story we fabricated', the Kyuubi thought to Naruto.

Naruto nodded, 'Okay Kyuubi-san'

"Umm, Jiji? Do you want my report now?"

The Hokage looked at Naruto and slowly nodded while refocussing, "ALRIGHT! Well after Iruka-sensei returned fire and manage to injure Mizuki-teme, Mizuki blasted him away and I thought he was hurt. So while Mizuki was down I hit him with my new jutsu! And sent his body waaaaay underground to rot! But when I came back up, Iruka sensei was waiting for me and he wasn't too bad off so I was really happy" Naruto said before smiling like an idiot up at Iruka.

"An earth jutsu? Well that is impressive Naruto, could you give us a demonstration?" Sarutobi asked with a proud nod, 'I knew this boy was a real treasure, already learning such advanced techniques at his age.' smirking to himself.

"Ugh… well the thing is," Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, "I kinda….forgot the jutsu"

Sarutobi and Iruka deadpanned at Naruto, 'I take it back…he's a moron'

Sarutobi weakly smiled at Iruka, "Iruka-kun, thank you for the report, I'll see you at the meeting tonight yes?"

Iruka knew a dismissal when he heard one, "Hai Hokage-sama, I will be there." Turning to Naruto he ruffled his hair, "Catch ya later Naruto, good luck as a Konoha Gennin, and be careful okay?"

"You got it sensei!" Naruto beamed up at Iruka as Iruka smiled and left.

As soon as the door closed, Sarutobi took off his Hokage hat and gave a woeful sigh, "Naruto, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the fox. But you must understand, if the wrong people found out about your status as a container…well it wouldn't end well," Sarutobi stared to Naruto, willing him to understand.

"Kid, I think he was just trying to protect you from being harmed. And I guess, from me" the Kyuubi supplied to a confused Naruto.

'Kyuubi-san, I have to tell him the truth. If I can't trust Hokage-jiji then how can I trust anyone?' Naruto thought to the Fox.

With the fox's following silence, Naruto took it as an agreement with his statement, "Jiji….what I told you before, well it's not the full story exactly…" Naruto gazed up at the startled old man, "I remember the jutsu….it wasn't an earth one,"

Sarutobi sat back, shocked and worried about Naruto's subdued behaviour and after a few moments silence, "…ANBU, leave us alone for a moment," four blurs moved from strategic points in the room and flew out the window. "Naruto, please tell me what happened? I swear on my honour as the Fire Shadow that I will not tell anyone of what you say now unless it endangers the village."

Sarutobi looked comfortingly at a scared Naruto, "…. Well when I opened the scroll, the first few jutsu just didn't stand out to me, so when I found one that did I jumped on the opportunity to train," Naruto started blabbering nervously, "It's called…Ninja Art: Soul Drain," At this the Strongest man in fire country, the legendary Fire Shadow…went stark pale, "I-I didn't destroy Mizuki, I absorbed him, he's in my head right now. If I go into my mindscape I can talk to him-"

"How do you know that Naruto?" Sarutobi whispered in concern, "If a person like you entered their mindscape, they'd meet… their tenant."

Naruto shifted nervously, "Well if you mean Kyuubi-san, then yeah I've met him, and I-"

"What did he say to you Naruto?"

Naruto looked up into Sarutobi's eyes with fierce determination and boldly stated, "The Kyuubi pledged itself as an ally to myself and to Konoha,"

Sarutobi sat shocked and silent for a few minutes, 'A demon this powerful, being channelled through someone with Naruto-kun's spirit? This could very well be the bringer of the destruction of the Shinobi world I'm talking to,' Sarutobi looked down at Naruto seeing what he could be, then Naruto grinned at Sarutobi like the innocent child he is, 'And just maybe he will be the most incredible Hokage this village has ever seen..' Sarutobi thought with a smile.

Sarutobi sat up straight and placed his hat back on his head, "Alright Naruto-kun, I've come to a decision. The public story will be what you first told Iruka and myself, only I will know of your new LAST RESORT jutsu. You will keep your position as Gennin, in exchange for a wish of mine, okay Naruto?"

Naruto nodded his head vigourously and with a huge grin, "Yeah Jiji whatever you need, I can do, believe it!"

With an aged smile, Sarutobi slowly got up walked around his desk and knelt to eye level next to Naruto, "Believe in the will of fire Naruto-kun," Now placing the Hokage hat on Naruto's head. "And use it to protect the Hidden leaf village."

Naruto looked up at Sarutobi with more determination than any 12 year old should have, "Til my last breath jij, I will live by these words! My new Nin-do! BELIEVE IT!" finishing with a hug Naruto gave the hat back with a smile,

"Good to hear!" stated Sarutobi while adjusting his hat, "Naruto Uzumaki! Gennin of Konoha! Our meeting is adjourned, the details of this meeting is an A-Class secret" Sarutobi ruffled Naruto's overly happy head,

"Hai Hokage-jiji!"


Iruka sat at Ichiraku ramen feeling lucky about the whole situation with Mizuki, 'I wonder when Naruto is due to come out of the meeting…' not a moment sooner Naruto hopped up onto the stool next to him.



Laughing, Naruto said "ne, Iruka sensei, remember you said you'd buy me ramen if I graduate, right?"

Iruka sighed in defeat, "Yeah sure, go ahead Naruto" he couldn't help himself from smiling seeing Naruto so happy.

"ALRIGHT! Hey old man Ichiraku! Gimme Four Miso Ramen and keep em coming!"



Later that night at the large meeting hall at the base of the Hokage tower, Iruka and the principal of the ninja academy sat alongside the Hokage, facing twenty four Jounin.

Clearing his throat, Sarutobi gained everyone's attention. "Alright thank you all for coming, tonight those of you that want to may request and new Gennin for a squad that will be ran by you. If you have any problems with what one of your colleagues suggest feel free to share your opinion."

At this Asuma Sarutobi, Hiruzen's son, stepped forward "Hey dad, I'd like to request this generation's Ino-Shika-Cho unit, under my old team banner, team 10."

The Hokage nodded approvingly, "A sound request, anyone object?" Silence. "Alright Asuma, team 10 is yours."

"Umm, Hokage-sama?" Kakashi Hatake stepped forward, "I was told that no matter who I chose I'm gonna end up getting the Uchiha cos' of my Sharingan, so can I have Naruto as well please?"


"SILENCE!" at Sarutobi's yell everyone shut up, "Anko, please leave you are a tokubetsu Jounin and as such not allowed to train a squad anyway"

"'kay" Anko says before diving out a closed window, shattering the glass all over the floor.

Sarutobi sighs in exasperation, "Kakashi, was their anyone else you wanted to request?"

Looking up from his book, "Huh? Did you say something Hokage-sama?"

Sarutobi facepalmed himself, "For the love of log, your third candidate Hatake!"

Eye widening in realisation, "Oh umm let's see…..I guess I'll take…"Kakashi rummaging through the sheets of paper containing Gennin names, "Hmm, this one? Okay Sakura Haruno I guess."

"Any objections?" nobody cared, "Alright squad 7 under Kakashi Hatake, Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki and the pink haired banshee!"

Everyone looked at Sarutobi with a raised eyebrow, or a suppressed giggle. "Ugh.. I mean… Sakura Haruno. NEXT"

Chapter end