Chapter Six: Celebrations, becoming a family and Naomi Kaguya.


"Kit, the girl seemed very shaken when she arrived. But she seemed to calm down once she realised she could never be hurt like that again." The fox said to Naruto upon his entrance.

Naruto looked at the still battered, bruised and undressed girl, curled up on the couch asleep. "well I guess it's time for me to finish my technique, otherwise she'll be overwhelmed by my consciousness."

Quietly approaching the girl, Naruto finished his set of hand seals and pulled on her chakra. The end result, was her body falling off the couch as an empty shell while her consciousness stayed asleep on the couch, now looking much healthier without the injuries of a body. And Naruto absorbing the physical abilities of the girl.

Naruto imagined a pale pink sundress on her small frame, and suddenly it was there. Picking her up, Naruto imagined a bed next to the couch, and so it appeared. Placing her down on the bed, Naruto and Mizuki had a long decent look at her.

She lay on her back in a pale pink sundress, with shoulder length white hair she appeared to be very young, age eight, maximum. Taking a look at her face Naruto noticed some strange birthmarks and pointed them out to Mizuki. "hey sensei, look at this"

Mizuki looked towards her face and recognised the marks instantly, "That's the birth marks of a Kaguya! Their warriors were legendary before they died out," indeed, there were two red dots on her forehead, and her eyelids where red as well. "I wonder how she survived alone like this?.."

She slowly woke up at Mizuki's loud statement. Seeing Naruto, she focused on him, "Ninja-san? Why didn't you kill me? They'll just come back for me again."

Startled that she awoke, he turned to her "Oh hey, I didn't expect you to be awake already."

"Kit, she's just a soul now, spirits don't need to sleep." Hearing the huge voice, the girl turned around to see the Kyuubi in all its fearsome glory. "is that a kitty? Can I have it?"

Mizuki barked out a laugh and fell on his back holding his stomach, and Naruto laughed to the sky with his hands on his hips.

The Kyuubi bristled, standing on its haunches it stuck it's snout through the bars and leaned over her, "I AM THE ALMIGHTY KYUUBI! CONQUERER OF LANDS, THE NINE TAILED DEMON FOX"

The girl smiled and patted the end of kyuubi's snout, "I'll call you Kyu-chan!"

This had Naruto and Mizuki falling onto the couch laughing so hard they were crying, "AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA KYU-CHAN! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA."

Turning back to the laughing duo, she sees Mizuki for the first time. 'he has white hair like me, and hazel eyes so close to looking like my green ones.' Walking over to a now, mostly calm Mizuki, she pulled on his shirt to get his attention. "hey mister?" Mizuki looked down at her still smiling, "Yeah kiddo?"

Swallowing, she let out a quiet, "are… are you my dad?" this made all of the laughing stop.

Mizuki looked at the little girl in shock, "uh, I'm sorry but no I'm just Mizuki. I haven't had a child."

Hearing this, the girl looks down to the floor sadly, "oh, I just thought," she sniffed a little trying to hold back tears, "sorry, it doesn't matter."

Mizuki looked at the sad little girl and pulled her into a hug thinking 'I don't know if I'm asking this because the Kyuubi took away all my dark emotions or if I really do care, but I can't just watch such a young child be miserable.' "hey there, what's your name?"

With another sniffle, she spoke quietly "I don't have one, but the people that have owned me called me different things. My favourite was Naomi."

Smiling at Naomi, Mizuki asked. "I know I'm not your biological dad, but if you want I can be your dad for as long as we're here together."

Naomi's eyes lit up smiling at Mizuki, "Really?"

Mizuki picked her up in another hug, "Of course Naomi-chan."

With happy tears in her eyes, she hugged him with all her strength, "otou-san!"

Naruto looked at Kyuubi, "well this is unexpected," "indeed." "you wanna eat her body while she's distracted?" "oh yes! I've been waiting for another meal."

Stealthily grabbing the corpse, Naruto threw is between the bars where Kyuubi swallowed it whole to avoid making too much noise.

Naruto approached the new family, "so Naomi, you seemed to recognise a ninja technique pretty quickly. Is it possible that you knew because you can do some yourself?"

Naomi turned in Mizuki's arms to face Naruto, "yeah, but only the three things that my first owner taught me."

The fox hummed in disappointment, "it seems you will only be able to use her bloodline ability for what she was capable of when you did your jutsu Kit. It is unfortunate that you won't be able to advance such an incredible bloodline further"

Mizuki put Naomi down in front of him, "so what can you do Naomi-chan?"

Fiddling nervously, Naomi pointed at the wall near kyuubi's cage, "Bone bullet!" she exclaimed shooting her finger bone at the wall at an incredible speed that Kyuubi was barely able to follow, making a large crack in the wall as the bone drilled into the wall.

Naruto opened his eyes wide in shock, "WOAH, that was awesome!"

Mizuki smiled at his daughter with pride, "that is amazing Naomi-chan!"

Smiling Naomi shouted, "I can do more! Hidden bone!" a sharp bone poked out of the underside of her wrist joint and extended forward about the length of a kunai.

Getting Naruto's attention, Kyuubi said "Kit, that skill would be perfect for up, close combat. And with the bone bullets aswell, you'll never have to buy kunai again."

Grinning at the information, Naruto said "Oh man, this is gonna be soo sweet!"

"I can do one more, but you can't see it." Naomi said to the three others.

Mizuki blinked in shock, "huh? Why not?"

Naomi grinned, "because I'm doing it right now!"

The three just looked at her in confusion, "doing what Naomi?" Naruto asked

"the armour of bone jutsu, it's a defensive technique that creates and moves plates of bone underneath the skin of the whole body to make an armour everywhere at once! When I was learning this technique, a stray kunai hit me right in the belly and bounced off, barely even leaving a small cut that didn't even bleed. It didn't hurt at all" Naomi explained with an even bigger smile, if that was even possible anymore.

Picking Naomi up and cheering, Naruto yelled "YATTA! Noone will stop me now Naomi-chan! Thanks a ton! With these new skills, no enemy will stand in my way," Putting Naomi down, Naruto turned to the other two "the sun's coming up now, I'm gonna go practice before my team wakes up, cya next time I'm asleep!"

He then ran down the corridor and into his body, excited of the use of the new skills.

Naomi pulled on Mizuki's arm again, "hey tousan? Umm what is Ninja-san's name anyways?"

Mizuki smirked and sat on the couch with Naomi by his side, "his name is Naruto Uzumaki, and at the rate he's growing, he will be Hokage one day."

Getting up, Naruto looked around to see that Sasuke had left the tent. 'probably more training, heh he does owe me a spar.'

Climbing out of the tent, Naruto saw Sasuke standing upside down on a tree branch doing crunches.

"Morning teme" Naruto said,

Sasuke just grunted in reply before doing two more and dropping down infront of Naruto, "morning dobe, did you realise you sometimes talk in your sleep?"

At that, Naruto looked at Sasuke thinking 'oh shit, what did I say? What did he hear? I'm sooo dead!' "what do you mean Sasuke?"

"As I was walking out of the tent, I heard you mumble, 'with these new skills, no enemy will stand in my way' did you uncover a secret technique or something on the mission?" Sasuke asked point blank, forcing Naruto to give him a straight answer.

Naruto started to panic, 'crap, crap, double crap, crap on a stick! What do I tell him?' "kit, just repeat after me ok?"

Turning to Sasuke, Naruto spoke "well in all honesty Sasuke, I'm a little freaked out. You remember when I thought there was a prisoner in that ninja's tent?" Sasuke nodded in confusion, "well I was half right, when I entered to where the prisoner was, there was just a bleeding dead guy sitting there. But when I went to check his pulse, I slipped in his blood and some of it ended up getting into a cut I made on my chest earlier on in the thug camp. And well it hurt, a lot."

Sasuke raised a brow and said, "so? You think you may have contracted something you can use from his blood as a weapon?"

Scratching the back of his head, Naruto looked at Sasuke seriously. "I don't think. I know." And in a dramatic movement, Naruto whipped out his new hidden bones and showed them to Sasuke. "I did it by accident when I was in the tent grabbing the attention of a thug and on instinct, I leapt at him and the bones slid into his skin so easily. But he screamed, drawing the attention of the last thug in the tent. I turned and pointed at him, and suddenly," Naruto pointed to a near-by tree and shot off a bone bullet, "that happened."

Sasuke just looked between Naruto and his new weapons in shock, "is that seriously your bones?"

Nodding, Naruto faked fear "I- I don't know what to do Sasuke, what if my bones keep growing out of me? I mean, I've noticed they grow back almost instantly, but seriously. This sucks!"

Sasuke grabbed Naruto's shoulder and slapped him, "keep it together Naruto, this team needs you. I don't care if you randomly shoot bones from your body and neither will Sakura. Your our teammate Naruto, and honestly….your my brother now. I will always help you like you've done for me. Alright? Now pull yourself together."

Naruto looked at Sasuke in real shock, "you think of me as a brother?"

Scowling, Sasuke replied, "yeah, I don't know when it happened but the fact remains that this team is the last thing I have left. I will protect the last of my new family with all that I am."

Naruto sat in silence before hugging Sasuke with tears in his eyes, "thanks, aniki. I've never had a family." Looking up at Sasuke's face, Naruto realised Sasuke was glaring at him with red eyes.

"just because your my otouto doesn't mean I won't hurt you. Get. Off. NOW!"

Naruto jumped away just as Sakura and Kakashi jumped out of the tent because they heard Sasuke yelling, "Naruto, Sasuke what happened? Why where you yelling?" Kakashi asked, his eyes scanning the trees for any possible threat.

Looking up at their sensei, Sasuke said "nothing's wrong, Naruto just startled me."

Sakura looked at Sasuke's eyes, "Sasuke-kun, your eyes are red." That caught Kakashi's attention, causing him to look at Sasuke's eyes.

What Kakashi saw shocked him, "Sasuke, you've activated your Sharingan!"

Sasuke's eyes turned to Kakashi, "really? I think I'd know if I activated my own bloodline sensei,"

"Look at me Sasuke, I want you to watch this." Kakashi said running through handsigns, "Ninja Art: Chameleon jutsu, now Sasuke, walk over to where I'm pointing, Naruto, Sakura be quiet."

Sasuke walked over to where Kakashi was pointing, "how is this meant to prove I have my Sharingan?"

Kakashi nodded, "the Sharingan automatically sees through Genjutsu, and you just saw through mine. Naruto, Sakura. I want you to walk over to where I'm pointing now."

Naruto frowned while Sakura said, "but sensei we can't see you, you disappeared once you used that Genjutsu."

Undoing the Genjutsu, Kakashi turned back to Sasuke, "now do you remember that jutsu I just performed?" "Yeah" "I want you to tell me about it"

Confused, Sasuke suddenly realised he knew how to do the jutsu flawlessly and all the details about the jutsu itself. "the jutsu uses chakra to manipulate the signals between a target's senses and their brain to make it appear as if the user doesn't exist. How do I know that sensei?"

Kakashi eye-smiled, "that's the power of the first stage Sharingan."

"Names and details?"

"Kakashi Hatake and team seven returning from C-rank clean up mission"

Looking up from his clipboard, Izumo smiled at Kakashi, "welcome home you guys, and three days earlier than expected too. Nice work."

Naruto smiled at the gate guard, "thanks Izumo-san."

Sasuke just grunted out his classic, "Hn." While Sakura's face lit up with happiness at being praised.

Izumo smiled back to them, "don't need to thank someone for tellin the truth, the Hokage'll be waiting for you. You know how he is,"

"thanks Izumo," said Kakashi, "we'll be on our way, catcha later"

Izumo nodded, "mhmm, cya."

Taking the first few steps into the village, Kakashi turned to his team. "alright guys, we'll head to the Hokage tower and report the full mission, then everyone go home and clean up. We'll have some light training this afternoon and then I'll buy dinner, consider it a reward for your first successful C-rank"

"hai sensei," the team chanted back, happy with the idea.

Smiling at the others in her team, Sakura jumped onto a nearby rooftop "Race ya there!" and off she ran.

Running after her, Naruto yelled "Hey you cheated! No headstart!"

That's when Sasuke flew past him, "ANIKI WAIT UP!"

Kakashi was shocked at how Naruto addressed Sasuke, and many nearby villagers threw insults at Naruto, saying things like: "how dare that Demon try to befriend our Uchiha." "yeah, trash shouldn't mix with treasure."

Kakashi appeared behind the two gossiping villagers, "excuse me what did u say about my students?" He said casually with a kunai knife in hand.

The villages turned scowling until they saw that they were talking to a Jonin, "oh umm nothing at all sir" "yeah we were talking about… the birds!" "yes the birds!"

Kakashi just looked at them, "that was the worse lie I have ever heard, and I lie at least twice a day. Usually about the reasons I'm late for things…" Kakashi put away his knife as he trailed slowly behind his students.

Sakura arrived at the door to the Hokage's office and turned around to wait for the other two, they arrived ten seconds later neck and neck. "I totally won that one Aniki,"

Sasuke just smirked, "in your dreams otouto."

"actually boys, I won." Said Sakura with a curious grin, "why are you guys calling each other brothers?"

To cover up his brother's bravado, Naruto stepped up with a huge grin, "well Sakura, since I grew up without a family I started to see our team as a family. Sasuke finally accepted me and lets me refer to him as my older brother cause he understands the pain of not having a family member.."

Shocked at Naruto's confession Sakura just replied with a highly intelligent, "oh.."

Trying to diffuse the awkward silence, Sasuke started "so….where do you think Kakashi sensei is?"

At that moment the door to the Hokage's office opened and Kakashi stuck his head into the hallway, "ah there you are, I was wondering when you three would get here. Come in quickly, you've kept Hokage-sama waiting long enough."

Pointing at Kakashi in shock, Naruto attempted to speak, "wha-? How did you? But we were-? What the …?"

With the help of Sakura, Sasuke managed to pull Naruto into the office and sit him between them on the long chair against the wall, "I think you broke him sensei,"

Kakashi smiled at Sasuke and said, "good. That way he won't interrupt my report."

The Hokage watched on in amusement. 'it's hard to believe this team has only been together for such a short amount of time.'

Clearing his throat, Sarutobi returned everyone's attention to him. "right team seven, what is the status of your mission?"

Kakashi eye-smiled, "Completely successful, with a large bonus."

"Congratulations are in order then I suppose. Kakashi, I think this report would be better if you filled it properly instead of just telling me your interpretation. Here is some paper, get cracking."

Kakashi just looked at the paper with unblinking eyes, "umm are you sure Hokage-sama? I could just tell you what happened.."

With a wizened smile, the Hokage waved of Kakashi.

Sighing in defeat, Kakashi turned to his team "alright guys, meet up at our training grounds in two hours. Until then your free, ciao." And Kakashi disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Naruto turned to the Hokage, "hey jiji, can we talk to you for a second?"

Raising an eyebrow in curiosity, Sarutobi replied "sure guys, what's wrong?"

Naruto and Sakura both looked at Sasuke. With a sigh, Sasuke looked at the Hokage and sent chakra to his eyes.

"The Sharingan?" Sarutobi asked quite stunned. "I must say Sasuke, it's quite amazing for you to have activated it at such an age. But I guess it's time now.." said Sarutobi, while reaching into one or the many drawers in his desk.

Sasuke frowned in confusion, "time for what Hokage-sama?"

With an aged smile, the Hokage pulled out a scroll with the Uchiha symbol on it. "after the incident involving your clan, the council and I decided that throughout the stages in your life you will receive one of the scrolls left by your clan. This one teaches about the visual Genjutsu used by your clan. Once you master these Genjutsu, your Sharingan should've increased into the second stage. At that time I will give you the advanced fire jutsus of your clan and the second stage sword scrolls."

Looking at the scroll in shock, Sasuke thought hard "thankyou Hokage-sama, but when it comes to the sword style could I swap it for the scrolls on tracking?"

The Hokage looked at Sasuke in shock, "tracking? I didn't know that was where your interest lies Sasuke-kun. Alright that's acceptable, master those visual jutsu and I'll have the next scrolls ready for you."

With a smirk Sasuke bowed to Sarutobi, "Domo Arigatou Hokage-sama."

Sarutobi smiled back, "it's the least I can do for the Shinobi of my village. Is there anything else you need team seven?"

Naruto looked up, "umm jiji? I got a question about a couple of jutsu I recently…umm stumbled across." Said Naruto seriously,

Sarutobi's eyes widened in recognition, "of course Naruto-kun, we can discuss that now if you want? Privately?" he said pointedly, looking at Sasuke and Sakura.

Sasuke got the message, "alright otouto, we'll get out of your way. Come on Sakura."

"Hai Sasuke-kun, so long," she hesitated looking hopefully at Naruto, "…Nii-san?"

Naruto froze in shock before smiling widely and hugging Sakura, he whispered "see you later, Onee-chan." Stepping away from the hug with a smile, Sakura bowed to the Hokage and grabbed Sasuke's hand and ran out of the office waving to Naruto.

Sarutobi watched the scene with a happy smile, " it seems your little family is starting to grow Naruto-kun."

Turning back to the old kage, Naruto replied, "Yeah Jiji, they're finally accepting me for who I am."

"I'm happy for you Naruto, do you remember the promise you made me when you became a gennin?" Sarutobi asked, his smile slowly becoming a frown,

Tilting his head to the side, Naruto asked "yeah jiji, how could I forget? I took those words as my nindo, I will protect the village and the will of fire no matter what, and I know my team will help me."

"and what if a member of your team tries to extinguish the villages fire Naruto?"

That question froze him, "what do you mean old man? They'd never do that, I know they wouldn't"

"but what would you do?"

Naruto stared at the desk in front of the Hokage, stuck in his thoughts. 'how could I choose between my family and my village? Kyuubi I need some help. "just answer me this Kit, would you want someone in the next generation to live like you have? Alone?" hearing the kyuubi's question, the answer to Sarutobi's became clear.

Making eye contact with the Hokage, Naruto answered seriously. "I'll do whatever it takes to ensure the Will of Fire lives on into the next generation. I will burn through all forces that try to extinguish the fire. And I will rise on top."

Sarutobi leant back in his chair, "good Naruto. Now what abilities did you gain from this absorption?"

Naruto raised his arm and out came the hidden bone. "I have three prized techniques from the deceased Kaguya clan, wielders of the Dead Bone Pulse bloodline."

Sarutobi's eyes widened in shock, "that will help you immensely on your path as a Shinobi assassin Naruto-kun, thank you for making our village stronger. Do you know if it'll pass on through your genetics?" Sarutobi's mind raced with the possibility of restarting the legendary Kaguya clan in Konoha.

Naruto nodded, "Kyuubi-san seems to think so, but my descendants will start with this level of control and it'll be extremely hard for them to advance any farther. Heck I can't at all."

"Good work Naruto, whatever cover story you come up with, I will back it up. Now, you are dismissed. Tell Kakashi at training tonight to come back tomorrow if he wants another C-rank." Sarutobi spoke.

Bowing, Naruto finished with "Hai Hokage-Jiji, see you tomorrow." Before diving through the floor of the Hokage's office with his jutsu.

Locking the door of his apartment, Naruto starts walking to the designated meeting spot for the team only an hour late.

Arriving at the scene, Naruto looks up to see Sasuke already waiting. Naruto raises his hand and is about to yell a greeting, when a pink blur speeds past Sasuke and tackles Naruto to the ground in a massive hug.

"wow Nee-chan, are you getting faster?" Naruto asked taking deep breathes from the painful glomp.

He looked down and saw Sakura's taped mouth and puffy eyes, she'd been crying recently. "Nee-chan?"

Sasuke was the one to answer him, "I told her about your…condition, ya'know, with the bones."

Looking at Naruto's face, she asked "Mmf mh mm mhmff?"

Helping Sakura back up onto her feet, Naruto taped her mouth shut. "yeah it hurts a little, but I'm getting used to it, and besides its nowhere near as painful as Iruka sensei's history lectures," even with the tape on, the boys could see Sakura's smile reach her eyes.

"Mmf mmhm?"

"yes really, actually I wanted to tell you guys about the Hokage's theory on how this happened," said Naruto, remembering the story he and Kyuubi fabricated during the small break.

Appearing in a puff of smoke, Kakashi started, "that sounds like it would be a good idea Naruto. In fact, we will go around the group and discuss how you each think the second part of the mission went starting with you Naruto."

"Hai sensei," Naruto said with a nod. "well my part in the mission went pretty much exactly as I planned up until I replaced someone who held some power inside the group, then it got pretty interesting."

Naruto thought back to the mission and recalled his cover-up version. "the big bad leader ninja asked to see me to discuss the 'betrayal' of the man I originally posed as, and he just asked me these really random questions until Kakashi sensei's distraction started. Which the leader ninja forgot about me and rushed out to the battle. So I snuck around placing explosive seals under all the important looking stuff, I was doing well until I came to the private quarters of the ninja. There was a dead guy just dumped in the corner of the room, I didn't realise he was dead at first but well.." Naruto trailed off, forgetting where his story went after that.

Fortunately, Sasuke thought that Naruto was just having difficulty retelling the 'traumatising' event. "it's ok otouto, I'll tell him the rest." Naruto just nodded.

Turning to their sensei, Sasuke told Kakashi what he was told by Naruto. "Naruto slipped in the blood and some of it entered a cut on his chest, Naruto said it was extremely painful for some reason. After dropping a few more explosive seals, he fought off two thugs that attacked him with some new abilities of his. Then cut his way through the tent till he found us."

Kakashi raised a brow at Naruto, "New abilities?"

Naruto whipped his hand to the side and shot two bone bullets through a nearby tree. "I have three abilities from the Kaguya clan. The Hokage said that the dead guy must've been a Kaguya, and his blood entering my body awakened some latent DNA in me and activated a watered down version of their bloodline."

Kakashi just stared at Naruto in shock, "well…..that's certainly not something you see every day,"

Turning to the kunoichi of the team, "Your turn I guess Sakura," she nodded as she finally pulled the tape from her face.

"hai sensei, well practically speaking. My part of the plan was executed flawlessly. With only one small change, which only affects our bank accounts," Sakura stated with a smirk.

Raising an eye-brow, Kakashi asked "what do you mean Sakura?"

Whipping out the sealing capsule Naruto had let her use on the mission, Sakura unsealed four full bars of gold. Giggling at the boy's shocked faces she said, "I reckon one each?"

Kakashi stared at the gold bar Sakura just handed to him, "Sakura, just one of these bars would be enough to buy a whole clan compound AND renovate the whole thing!"

Sakura stuck her tongue out jokingly, "well I guess we won't be doing missions for the pay for a looong time, neh?"

Sasuke looked at his bar and whispered, "maybe I can afford it after all," but Naruto heard him.

"Afford what Aniki?"

Sasuke looked up and realised everyone's attention was on him. With a sigh he started, "well I guess it's time for my report right sensei?" at Kakashi's nod, Sasuke began.

"My part of the plan went perfectly. Exactly as planned, I also found a certain weapon I may have a calling for,"

"What do you mean Sasuke-kun?" asked Sakura.

"I found a grappling hook and used it for over three quarters of my kills, using it to grab, ensure and kill thugs left and right. The only actual weapon I've seen that may work the way I used the hook is a Kusarigama, that's what I was hoping on buying and learning to use."

Sasuke turned to their sensei, "is there anyone you know that may be able to help me learn sensei?"

Scratching the back of his head, Kakashi was ashamed to admit "Sorry Sasuke, I really have no idea about a weapon like that."

Naruto looked up excitedly, "I may know someone who could help, his name is Dan Higurashi. He owns a weapons store around here."

Kakashi looked at his students, "hmmm, maybe instead of training Naruto could take us to this weapons store and we can hopefully help out Sasuke. And maybe even find a weapon for Sakura."

Sasuke's eyes sparkled in excitement, "let's go, lead the way otouto."

Jumping to his feet, Naruto was about to run to the Higurashi Ninja store when Kakashi grabbed his shoulder. "Maybe we should cash these in first," Kakashi said holding up his gold bar.


Hearing the door to his shop open, Dan Higurashi started his sales pitch. "Good afternoon and welcome to the Higurashi Ninja store, we have all your…oh! Hello Naruto! How are ya?"

Smiling at Naruto and his team from behind the counter, Dan noticed Kakashi standing at the back of the group. "hey there 'Kashi, how longs it been since I saw you?"

Scratching the back of his head sheepishly Kakashi chuckled, "hehe umm let's see, must've been the last time I was dragged into a council meeting."

Dan rolled his eyes, "you weren't 'dragged in'. You were late for a mission, causing it to be failed. And you couldn't give a good reason for doing so."

Looking up in thought, "oh yeah that's right.."

Interrupting the adult's conversation, Naruto yelled "hey Dan! My teammates need help finding a weapon to specialise in, think you can help?"

Dan took stock of the two gennin, "of course I can, and since they're your teammates I think I can give you a discount. What do you kids need?"

Sasuke stepped up first, "my name is Sasuke Uchiha, not 'kid',"

Dan brow raised, "the last Uchiha? You've come to the right place," seeing Sasuke's confused place, Dan explained, "when you clan shall he say…reduced in number? Yeah well, many of their kata scrolls become public domain. This seemed like a prize for your average non-clan ninja but the problem was that no one could use them efficiently without the Sharingan, so people started selling them. And well, I'm a bit of a collector." He gestured to the large rack on his left and waved Sasuke over.

Sasuke was in awe at how many of the scrolls had the Uchiha clan fan on them. "these were all…from my family?"

Grinning down at Sasuke, Dan said "yeah, I was actually a close friend of your uncle's. he was an odd one, but he wrote most of these scrolls. You see he was a ninja tool specialist."

Sasuke looked up at Dan in shock, "Uncle Shozatsu was a ninja tool specialist?"

"sure was," Sasuke tried to remember his deceased uncle, but other than the fact he was a very serious man, Sasuke couldn't recall that much.

Seeing the look of loss on Sasuke's face, Dan patted his shoulder to get Sasuke's attention. "Y'know, if you ever wanna hear about him, feel free to come by. I'll be glad to share some of my memories with you."

Sasuke suddenly felt a small weight float off of his shoulder's, "Arigatou Higurashi-san"

Letting out a boom of a laugh, Dan exclaimed "Higurashi-san?! Haha you sound just like your uncle aswell! Please just call me Dan,"

Sasuke shook his head smirking, "nah, I think I'll follow in my uncle's footsteps Higurashi-san."

Smiling down at Sasuke he asked, "So what weapon do you need Sasuke-kun? A lot of the Uchiha were versed in swordplay, will you be choosing that aswell?"

Smirking, Sasuke replied "No thanks Higurashi-san, I'll leave the cleaving and cutting to Naruto. I was wondering, do you sell any Kusarigama?"

Dan's face lit up in happiness, "Now THAT'S a rare request, I have exactly what you need Sasuke. It was actually wielded by your uncle. Let me grab it for you, while you wait look at these two scrolls. The first is the leaf village's style of using it, and the second is the scroll made by your uncle. Including his special fire jutsu and techniques that work with the Kusarigama." Dan grabbed two scrolls from the shelf and gave them too Sasuke before walking over to Sakura who was looking over tools on the wall in curiosity.

"see anything that catches your eye?" Dan asked,

Sakura frowned, "not really Dan-san. I don't really know what I'm looking for.."

Dan thought for a second, "say, why don't you come with me out the back while I grab Sasuke's weapon? I got a huge display of every possible weapon you could think of."

Sakura smiled looking hopeful at Dan, "that would be great! Thanks!"

Heading into the back, Sakura looked around in awe at all the weapons. Each weapon laid on one of the seven shelves, with a picture of them in action underneath them, leading all the way around the massive room. Only stopping for two other doors.

"just have a look around and if you see something you like, tell me and we can test it out for you." Said Dan as he picked up a small case from inside one of the other rooms. "I've got to give this to Sasuke."

And with that Dan walked back out the front to where Sasuke was leaning against the counter with his uncle's scroll in hand.

"This is it Sasuke," Dan said getting the attention of the three people in the room. While sliding the case across the counter.

Reaching out to the case, Sasuke popped it open and pulled out a chain from the inside. Sasuke looked at either end of the chain and noticed two seals on each of the last links. "This was my uncle's?"

Nodding proudly, Dan said "do you want to test it out or..?" "I'll buy it now." "alrighty."

Handing over a large wad of cash to Dan, he asked "I assume the seals are storing either end of the weapon?"

Dan winked while handing Sasuke his change and a piece of paper, "you got it, here's some notes Sho had on the seals used on this baby. Trust me, it can do much more than you think."

Reading the piece of paper, Sasuke grabbed one end of the chain and pressed it to his chest. Glowing for a second with chakra, the chain suddenly wrapped itself around Sasuke's torso over his left shoulder and around to his right hip.

Picking up his scrolls, Sasuke bowed deeply to Dan. "Arigatou Higurashi-san"

Dan was about to replying when they all heard Sakura's yell of, "these are perfect!"

They turned to see Sakura running out of the room with new red bracelets on her forearms and on her biceps. On each of her pointer fingers was a little red ring. "Dan-san can I purchase these?"

Smiling at the girl's excitement, Dan said "of course Sakura-chan, but don't you wanna show your teammates what they are first?"

Nodding quickly, Sakura held her arms out to the side and sent chakra into the each new accessory. A seal on each band glowed for a second before Sakura's arms disappeared in a rainbow glow, when she swung them out of the glow Sakura showed her new weapons to her teammates.

On each arm, a long red and black painted steel bracer followed from her wrist to halfway up her biceps. On her hands, she had completely steel gloves which somehow didn't restrict her movement at all. They ended in sharp claws that extended about an inch past her fingers.

Dan asked Sakura, "Did you grab the information sheet sitting under the weapon?"

Nodding, Sakura pulled out the sheet, "it says these arm braces are chakra conductive, meaning if I send plain chakra through them they'll get much stronger, and if I sent my elemental chakra through them, they'll gain a special property depending on which type it is." Looking back at the sheet again, Sakura read "they also carry a paralysing agent in the claws, so I'll have to buy a few bottles of that agent in case the claws empty out…but they only release the agent when I want them to."

Kakashi nodded appreciatively as Sakura de-activated the braces, returning them to being red bands on her arms and fingers. "Great choice Sakura."

Dan looked on a little worried, "but Sakura did you see the price tag? It may be a bit more than," Sakura pulled out four wads of cash and put them on the shop counter, "…would you like a second pair?" Dan said as his eyes lit up with $$ signs.

Laughing at Dan, Sakura grabbed a set off chakra weights from a shelf near the counter "I don't think that'll be necessary, but these weights would be useful, do I need to pay more or is that still enough?"

The $$ signs gleamed in the light, "it's still more than enough walking-bank, I mean Sakura-chan." Dan said grinning oddly at her.

Backing away slightly, Sakura said, "umm, keep the change then."

Laughing at Sakura and Dan's interaction, the boys of team seven started dragging their sensei out the door, "thanks a lot Dan! We'll come back again soon okay? Maybe I'll bring more friends next time!"


Sakura followed the boys out closing the door behind her, "Arigatou Dan-san, we'll see you later!" and off they went.

Sitting down and staring at the four HUGE wads of cash in front of him, Dan grabbed the top one and starting flicking through counting out the cash with a huge grin on his face. "thank the log for little ninja's and there growing need for weapons.."

"Alright guys, did you wanna stay in the village for a while and do D-ranks? Or ask Hokage-sama for a C-rank?"

Sasuke just looked at their sensei, "No D-ranks. Never again." Naruto and Sakura nodded in agreement.

Sweat dropping at his students, Kakashi said "ummm..okay, well we could grab one tomorrow morning. That way we can go over the mission set-up, plan for what's gonna happen, and leave in the afternoon."

Naruto smiled up at Kakashi, "Or you could go grab the mission straight from the Hokage himself right now, and meet up with us for dinner at Ichiraku's!"

Sakura thumped Naruto on the head, "Nii-baka! We're not going to Ichiraku's again."

Sasuke looked up at his sensei, "but otouto has a good idea about the mission. We'll wait here for you sensei, go grab one. Quick!"

Kakashi sighed, "you all want a mission so soon?" they nodded. "alright fine, I'll meet you guys in….the Falling leaf? It's just a few blocks over and it's a pretty decent place. Also, I think it has ramen…""TO THE FALLING LEAF!" Naruto yelled and ran down the street.

Sakura yelled to the distant Naruto, "you're going the wrong way! Damn he didn't hear me. Kakashi-sensei go get the mission, Sasuke-kun go get us a table, and I'll go get our Naruto. K?"

Sasuke just grunted out a "Hn" while walking away, and Kakashi managed a "Ciao." And poof'd into smoke.

Smiling at the situation, Sakura sent chakra to her feet and skated at an incredible speed after Naruto.

With Kakashi.

Appearing at the mission hall in his signature puff of smoke, Kakashi realised they active missions were closed for the day and everyone was packing up.

"Ah Kakashi, what brings you here so late?" turning, Kakashi saw the Hokage who was getting ready to leave for his office.

"ahh Hokage-sama, my team wanted me to grab tomorrow's mission tonight so that we can discuss plans and tactics before heading out tomorrow."

Gesturing to a stack of scrolls, the Hokage stated "unfortunately, you were late. Again. So all the missions are packed up.."

The Hokage was interrupted by a knock at the door and a semi-nervous old drunk guy poked his head though the opening, "umm excuse me, I was told I could find the leader of this super village here?"

With a grin, the Hokage tilted his hat to the man, "I thank you for referring to my village as 'super' I am the Hokage. How may I help you?"

Stumbling in shock the man stood up straight, "oh sorry, I was hoping I could apply for a C-rank escort mission? That's the cheapest you've got right?"

The Hokage nodded to Kakashi, "I think you've found your mission Kakashi," turning back to Tazuna he said, "this is one of my Jonin Kakashi, he leads the best team of gennin we currently have, would that be enough protection Mr….?"

Smiling, the man said "Tazuna, Tazuna the bridge builder. And I think a Jonin and his squad would be super!"

Eye-smiling to Tazuna, Kakashi said "well Tazuna-san, tell me where we're going and when you wanna go and we'll be ready to head off."

Grinning at the thought of a full squad of battle hardened ninja, Tazuna said "First thing in the morning would be super! We'll be heading to the land of waves so I can build my bridge. Can you look after me until I'm done?"

Nodding, Kakashi answered "of course Tazuna-san. We will see you at the main gate at seven am. Not a moment later."

The Hokage turned to Kakashi, "And if anyone is late, I'll see to it that their favourite book is set on fire. Right Kakashi?"

Gulping, Kakashi replied. "O-of coarse Hokage-sama, seems fair. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a team to track down and inform them of the mission tomorrow. Ja."And off he poofed.

With Sasuke.

Waling up to the maitre'd of the Falling Leaf, Sasuke asked. "a table for me and my team?"

Recognising Sasuke as 'the last Uchiha,' the man nodded straight away with a smile on his face. "Of course Sasuke-sama, right this way."

Rolling his eyes at the 'sama' Sasuke followed the man to booth next to a window facing the Hokage monument. "thanks."

A waiter approached the table, "can I get you something to drink while you wait for these teammates of yours Sasuke-sama?"

"Just some water will do for now," with the order placed. The waiter and the maitre'd bowed and walked away.

Without the distraction, Sasuke looked out the window in thought. ' I know I vowed to avenge my clan, but the only way to do so without my team would be to steal other's strengths with my Sharingan….I won't do that. I won't steal from my comrades.'

Having a small epiphany, Sasuke thought 'I wonder when my teammates became special to me? I used to just think of them as tools to help with my cause but now, I can't imagine my life without them. They're my new family.' At his Sasuke let a real smile appear on his face.

Making a decision, Sasuke vowed. 'screw Itachi, I have a new Nindo. I will protect my family, I will help them progress through life. Hopefully they will return the favour when it comes to Itachi, but they are the most important thing. I will never risk their safety.'

Sasuke's thought was interrupted by a ruckus at the entrance to the establishment. Turning to see what was going on, Sasuke turned livid.

With Sakura and Naruto.

"the house is full, we don't serve demons." The maitre'd said scowling at Naruto.

Sakura was about to punch the guy in the face when Naruto stopped her, shaking his head, "sorry, I'll be going then. Sakura-Nee-chan, go and sit with Aniki. I'll just go home, I got some food there."

Sakura looked at Naruto in shock, while the maitre'd sneered at him. "that's right demon. Get out of here."

The man suddenly fell forward, with Sasuke standing with a foot on his back. Everyone in the restaurant stopped what they were doing and stared in shock at him.

Sasuke's waiter ran over to him, "Sasuke-sama what are you doing?!"

Sasuke ignored the waiter and looked at Naruto's shocked but scared face. 'I will protect my family, even I don't know why he's treated like this, I will protect him from the pain.' "I WANT EVERY ONE TO LISTEN TO ME, NOW!"

The staff, customers and even some people outside looked on in shock at the quiet Sasuke raising his voice.

Sasuke stepped off of the maitre'd and walked to stand in front of Naruto. Placing his hand on Naruto's shoulder, Sasuke looked around the establishment. "My name is Sasuke Uchiha, you treat my teammate like scum for some unknown reason. Well I've had ENOUGH!" the nearby staff stepped away in shock, "I don't care what the reason is, I don't care what he's done or what you believe him to be. If you dare treat Naruto Uzumaki, MY OTOUTO, the way you have been. You will find yourself buried in so much shit you won't be able to breathe."

Sasuke's waiter stuttered, "but he's the demon-"


Sasuke appeared in front of the waiter with his fist buried in the dry wall next to the waiter's head. "care to repeat that?" the man dropped the water he had been holding for Sasuke in fear.

Sakura walked up to Sasuke, who was crying in rage, glaring at the man infront of him. "c'mon Sasuke-kun, let's go." She said pulling Sasuke's bleeding fist and leading him over to a crying Naruto. She lead the two out of the restaurant before turning back to all the people staring at her.

With a dark sneer Sakura looked at all of them, "what he said," she paused activating her right arm gauntlet causing everyone nearby to step back in fear, "goes double for me." And with that Sakura turned and walked out while punching the door off of its hinges.

Back with Kakashi.

Kakashi appeared in his classic poof of smoke and was about to walk into the falling leaf when the door suddenly flew off its hinges and down the street. He watched on in shock as Sakura stormed off down the street, de-activating one of her gauntlets. "oh my, that can't be good." Kakashi looked at where Sakura was heading to see a crying Naruto with Sasuke patting on the back while glaring at everyone that looked at them. "holy log, what happened?"

Kakashi poofed next to Naruto and Sasuke just as Sakura arrived next to them. "what happened guys?"

Sasuke looked at Kakashi and said, "let's just go to Ichiraku's. I'm not a fan of that place."

"Me neither," Sakura nodded in agreement with Sasuke. "it was cramping my style."

Looking at Naruto's face, Kakashi figured out what had happened, 'shit, they must've refused Naruto's entry. I hope Sakura and Sasuke's actions didn't escalate to bad.'

Standing up straight, Kakashi said "maaah, I guess you two are right, that place's ramen pales in comparison to Teuchi's anyway. Let's go."

Sasuke pulled Naruto to his feet and let him stand on his own, "you alright otouto?"

Naruto smiled sadly at Sasuke first, then the others. "yeah I'm good, thank you guys. I'm sorry that happened."

Kakashi patted Naruto on the shoulder, "you can apologise later. My offer to pay for your dinner runs out at midnight so let's hurry along neh?"

Smiling, Sakura grabbed Naruto's hand and pulled him along, "let's get going then! Last one there is a rotten egg!"

Naruto smiled happily this time and said, "Yeah, last one there has to buy next time!" and with that Naruto ran off after the quickly escaping Sakura.

Sasuke turned to Kakashi. "your just gonna 'poof' there once I leave aren't you?"

Kakashi looked down at Sasuke, "poof? I don't 'poof' anywhere, it's called a Shunshin and it goes like this." Kakashi disappeared in a…poof of smoke.

"dammit!" Sasuke yelled and started sprinting at full speed towards Ichiraku's. 'at least I know I made the right choice. I will protect my family.'

Chapter End.