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September: The Parental Problems Part Two

After Kendall dropped Annabelle off, she was able to make it to her room without her parents seeing her. She managed to go through her nightly routine without any interruptions until she was about to climb into bed. There was a subtle knock at her door and she frowned immediately, scared of what was behind the door.

"Come in," Annabelle called softly and the door opened revealing her mom. Her eyes turned to focus on pulling down her dark red sheets instead of watching her mother. There was no way she could look Michelle in the eye. "What's up?"

"We didn't hear you come in, so I just wanted to come up and make sure you got in okay." Michelle's voice was tantalizingly sweet as she leaned in Annabelle's doorway. "Did you have a good time with Kendall on your double date?" She asked, trying to find any sign of good graces with her daughter.

"Yeah, it was fun." Annabelle said shortly, she tossed a few extra pillows onto the ground then shuffled around her room to find her phone charger.

"Well, that's good. Um," Michelle watched as her daughter avoided her at all cost and knew she had to do something. "Annabelle, what you saw today…it was nothing." Annabelle stood with her back towards Michelle unmoving. Her hands began to shake as she hooked her phone up into it's charger. "Charles and I were just talking. I know it might've looked…weird, but that's all it was, nothing was going on." Michelle lied through her teeth, hoping and praying that her daughter bought it. Unfortunately for her, Annabelle was smart.

She turned around instantly and glared serious daggers into her mother's eyes, "If it was nothing, you wouldn't have come up here and explained what was happening between you and Charles today." Annabelle called her mom out on her bullshit with a harsh whisper, scared that Zach was still awake or that her dad was close by.

Michelle's face broke as well as her heart. Never in a million years did she mean to hurt her daughter like this. But she had to keep going, "Honey, I promise you, nothing is going on. I promise," she whispered, tears threatening to spill past her lids, and moved another step closer, but Annabelle took one step back. Michelle's heart broke even more. "Annie, I promise. I would never do anything to hurt your father, or to break this family apart. Please, believe me."

Annabelle's anger somehow pushed itself aside as she watched her mother on the edge of a breakdown. She had never seen her mother like this and she honestly couldn't tell if she was lying or not. So Annabelle trusted the easiest thought in her mind, the one that would help her sleep at night. "I believe you."

The next day, Zachary's 13th birthday party was in full swing! His friends were everywhere, playing Wii games, paintball shooting in the backyard, even a few of them were playing board games with Annabelle's dad.

Her own friends showed up at various times and participated in all the activities. Sure, Annabelle fought with Chelsea sometimes or Chloe fought with Lauren, but they were all still best friends, and measly fights weren't going to stop them from being supportive of their family member's.

Kendall had shown up early with Logan to help finish decorating and with all the work they had been doing all day, he hadn't been able to pull Annabelle aside and talk to her. He was surprised to see her bouncing around with a huge smile on her face despite her emotional roller coaster the night before.

After the party was under control and noticed Annabelle had a free moment, he walked over to her with a grin on his face, dimples in full affect. "Hey, I'm Kendall, I'm looking for my girlfriend. She's about as tall as you, same features I guess. She's been busy with a party, so maybe you haven't even seen her—"

Annabelle cut him off with hearty laugh, "Shut up! I'm sorry," she grinned, playing with the top buttons of his flannel shirt. She looked up at him with flirty eyes and Kendall couldn't help but get lost in them and completely forget what he was going to ask her. "Do you forgive me?"

"I can be persuaded," he said loud enough for her to hear and leaned down slowly, gently pressing his lips against hers. It was meant to be innocent, but somehow Kendall found his hands gripping her sides tightly while her fingers tugged at his hairline on his neck.

"Whoa! Public function with relatives and middle schoolers around everywhere! Pull apart!" Annabelle heard her dad loudly scold them with playfulness hidden in his voice and pulled away from Kendall with a giggle. She buried her face in his chest to hide her embarrassment from her father.

"Sorry, dad." Her voice was muffled and Kendall laughed.

"My apologies, Mr. Walton, it won't happen again." Kendall hugged Annabelle and smiled apologetically at Brian.

Brian nodded and opened his mouth to say something else, but something caught his attention outside, "Hey! Lance, we said no climbing on the shed!" Brian took off outside to scold another child, leaving Kendall to remember what he was going to ask Annabelle.

He glanced around and saw that they were relatively alone. He felt Annabelle lift her head to look up at him, her hands clasped around his neck with his still holding on to her sides. "So what happened with your mom last night? Did you talk to her?"

Annabelle's eye's fell back to the sadness that Kendall saw in them last night, but they were quickly back to normal in 2 seconds. "She said it was nothing. They were just talking; that's all." Annabelle smiled as if it were nothing, and it confused the hell out of Kendall.

"But you said—"

"I know, I know. But that was before I talked to her about it, and now that I finally did, I realized I was freaking out over nothing. It was a crazy assumption anyway." Annabelle smiled up at Kendall, pushing away her own doubts of her mother. She leaned up and pecked Kendall's lips quickly before turning away. "Do you want some cake, Kendall? We should go ask everyone if they want some." Annabelle was talking about all their friends, and Kendall caught the hint, but he also caught on to something else going on with Annabelle.

"Annabelle," he started to say, but she turned around fast to look at him. The bubbly-ness was gone, and she was the girl in his car last night with tears almost streaming down her face.

"Please, Kendall, just believe it like I do." She pleaded with him quietly and Kendall hesitated, but nodded anyway, hoping that her mother wasn't lying.

He was uncertain to leave her after the party was over, as was Chloe. They were the closest to Annabelle and knew just when she needed someone, but Kendall needed to get to work for a short evening shift and Annabelle had Chloe convinced that she was fine.

So here Annabelle sat, across from her little brother, and in between both of her parents, eating leftover pizza for dinner. They were all laughing and having a fun time together; it was like old times for Annabelle. She was quick to fall into the trap of old times as her mother giggled across the table at something her father said. Annabelle watched on with a small smile, now fully accepting that her mother told her the truth.

Gosh, Annabelle was such a fool to think that her mom was cheating on her father. She looked between them and saw what she thought was love glimmer in their eyes as they laughed together. This was her family, and they were perfect.

Until Michelle's phone rang at the dinner table and she rushed to answer it, leaving Brian to tell Zach a joke about his own 13th birthday party. Annabelle tried to focus on her dad's story, but caught a glimpse of her mom in the kitchen, she looked happier in there than sitting at the table with her family. And it hurt Annabelle.

She forced herself to listen to Brian's story as he laughed at his son's facial expression. Michelle came back in with a sad face, "I'm sorry you guys, but that was a client. I have to get back to the office to file a report for a restraining order." Annabelle felt her eyebrow raise on it's own in question, but before she could say anything, Brian jumped to it.

"Michelle, it's Zach's birthday. Can't you just wait until tomorrow morning? Come on," Brian pleaded. To Zach, it probably looked like it was for his own sake, but to Annabelle she saw something deeper in her dad's eyes.

Her mom sighed, looking down at Zach and running her hand through his hair. "I know, I'm sorry, Zachary. But this just can't wait. You understand, don't you honey?" Michelle asked her son, and he easily fell into her trap.

"Yeah, mom. It's cool. Dad, can we play my new CoD game?" Zach asked excitedly, not even caring that his mom was leaving. He already had a full day of birthday celebration with her.

Brian sighed, aggravated at Michelle, but agreeing to Zach's request. "Sure, go set it up." Michelle smiled to herself victoriously, but Annabelle saw it. "Michelle, can I talk to you?" He eyed at Annabelle as she ate the last bit of her pizza silently, pretending like she was playing on her phone.

Brian stood up and dragged Michelle into the kitchen, thinking they were out of ear shot. Annabelle tried to strain her ears to hear, but when she couldn't she crept up to the doorway and listened closely.

"How many times are you going to do this, Michelle? Do you realize what you're doing to this family?" Brian whispered harshly.

"Brian, I'm going to deal with a client." Michelle fought back. "I told you it was over."

"Then give me your phone. Let me see who called you." Brian reached for her phone, but Michelle moved it away from him, clutching it tightly in her grasp. "Dammit, Michelle!"

"I'm going to end it with him right now, Brian!"

That was enough for Annabelle. She backed away slowly from the kitchen, biting her lip to keep herself from crying. Without realizing what she was doing, she walked into the living room and sat beside Zach. "Can you teach me to play, my teenaged brother?" She grinned at him, hiding her emotions with a mask. She felt like this was going to affect him soon enough, but for now, she needed to protect him.

He smirked at his sister and tossed her a controller, "Oh, I'm totally going to kill you in this game!"

After half an hour of Annabelle dying in the game every 3 minutes, she gave up with a laugh. "I'm gonna go find dad. Maybe he'll be able to beat you!"

"Doubtful!" Zach laughed victoriously as Annabelle chuckled and walked into the kitchen. Brian was nursing a glass of whiskey in his hand with his elbow resting on the counter.

"Dad," Annabelle spoke quietly, checking behind her to make sure Zach wasn't behind her.

"Hmm?" Brian looked up, giving away that this wasn't exactly his first glass. "Yeah, sweetheart, what's up?"

Annabelle leaned against the counter across from her dad and watched him pinch the bridge of his nose. "Mom's not really at her office, is she?"

Brian's head jerked up at his daughter's question, opening his mouth to make up something, but failing, once he saw Annabelle's 'Tell me the truth' face. He shook his head, not able to say anything.

"She's with Charles Bridges." Annabelle looked down, unable to face her dad's tears now. He wasn't sobbing, only letting a tear or two pass down his cheeks.

"How'd you know?" His throat tried to close up, but he pushed through the pain. He always did.

"I saw them yesterday. She…she told me it was nothing." Annabelle felt her own throat start to close up. It was burning her lungs, but she couldn't cry.

"Come here," Brian ushered her with his head to make her come towards him and she quickly walked over to him and fell into his embrace. Annabelle found the tears that she thought were lost and held tightly onto her father as he whispered reassuringly into her ear, "It's gonna be all right. We're…we're working through this. She's gonna stop. I promise. We'll be okay."

Annabelle sobbed, shaking her head against him. She didn't want to hear anymore promises that were just going to end up being broken.

She woke up the next morning to laughter coming from downstairs. Images from the night before came flooding back to her and she felt her stomach get queasy at the thoughts. Annabelle tried to push the thoughts away and grabbed her phone, seeing a text from Kendall.

From Kendall:

Good morning, beautiful! I was thinking you could come over after lunch and help me with my science project ;)

She couldn't help but giggle to herself and roll her eyes at him. He was always asking her for homework help, even before they weren't dating.

To Kendall:

=D good morning to you, too, handsome! I'll be over as soon as I can, but I'm NOT doing your project for you!

Annabelle got out of her bed and made it up before going to her bathroom and brushing her teeth. Her phone beeped and she grabbed it.

From Kendall:

=( fine. Maybe you can help me with another project then. It's gonna be hard, so I'll definitely need help ;)

Annabelle choked on her toothpaste at his innuendo and blushed feverishly.

To Kendall:

Thanks for that. Just choked on my toothpaste.

She rolled her eyes and rinsed her tooth brush off. Kendall must've just been sitting around because he was quick to reply.

From Kendall:

That's not gonna be the only thing you choke on today. ;)

Annabelle's jaw dropped at his suggestion, unable to stop the mental images of what they would possibly be doing later. They had definitely been closer lately due to their amounts of sexual activities. At three months, Annabelle and Kendall were still exploring the other's body, finding something new and exciting to try each time they became intimate. They hadn't had sex yet, but it didn't matter. They both knew they didn't need sex to consolidate their relationship.

At the beginning of the month, Annabelle finally took them a step farther by giving Kendall the best blow job he had ever received. That had been two weeks ago, and since then, they'd only been able to be intimate like that once last week. Needless to say, they were both dealing with pent up frustrations, and the teasing that Kendall was doing wasn't fair.

To Kendall:

Who says I choke?

She was confident through her text and knew that she was now winning their game of teasing. Annabelle tossed her phone onto her bed and traveled downstairs to the laughter.

She stopped when she saw her parents and Zach at the kitchen table, all smiling and joking. "What's going on?"

"We were just talking about that camping trip we took a couple of years ago," Michelle shared, sipping her cup of coffee.

"The one where you forgot your toothbrush and deodorant, so you were gross all weekend." Zach laughed loudly, earning chuckles from their parents.

Annabelle groaned playfully, "It was a spontaneous trip! I didn't remember everything!"

"Zach, go hurry and get ready, so we can get going." Brian rushed his son as he took his plate of pancakes to the sink.

"Where are you guys going?" Annabelle asked, sitting down in her usual spot and putting two pancakes on a plate.

"Dad's taking me to the batting cages today," Zach stated before running off to shower and get dressed.

"I need to go find the bats," Brian remembered and went out to the garage, leaving Michelle and Annabelle alone.

Annabelle was immediately uncomfortable around her mother. She ate her pancakes in silence while Michelle awkwardly sipped her coffee some more, "I was thinking we could go to the mall today; what do you say?"

"I'm going to Kendall's when I get ready."

"We could go get our nails done!" Michelle offered enthusiastically.

Annabelle put her fork down and stared at her mother with pursed lips. "You sure you don't have a client to deal with today?" Maybe that had been hurtful, but Annabelle didn't care.

Michelle stayed quiet for a minute, trying to figure out what to say. "It's over, Annabelle. Your…your father and I are going to start therapy next week and—"

"You lied to me, mom! You told me it was nothing!" Annabelle yelled, unable to hold her anger back.

"Annabelle Rose, don't you shout at me!" Michelle scolded her daughter, giving her a stern look.

"Well, don't lie to me! This is more than something you can fix with a day at the mall!" Annabelle stood up, abandoning her pancakes and pacing up the stairs. She heard her dad come back in with a, "What's going on? I heard yelling."

"I just don't understand how she could do this to my dad," Annabelle muttered, her eyes fluttering as Kendall ran his fingers up and down her arm. They were cuddled up on his bed after finishing his science project. "I can't believe she lied to me."

Kendall bit his lip, "It just happens, babe. At least your dad is still sticking around."

Annabelle looked up at Kendall with sad eyes, not even realizing she was probably bringing up painful memories for him. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring it up."

He shrugged, "It's okay. I got over it a long time ago."

Annabelle admired him in that moment. He was so brave and strong. His dad just left him and his family when he was 14 because he wasn't in love with Kendall's mother anymore. It was hard for Kendall, Annabelle remembered him having to grow up fast to take care of his mom and Katie, but not once did she hear him complain.

"But…just do me a favor, okay?" Kendall asked, looking down at her hazel eyes. "Don't let this mess you up, okay? You have to be strong for Zach if he ever finds out, and if…if things don't work out, he's going to need you a lot more than you think."

Annabelle nodded, "Okay….I will." She moved her hand up to hold onto Kendall's neck and placed a heavy kiss on his lips. His strength was amazing and she needed to show him her appreciation for his words. "Wasn't there something else we needed to work on today?" Annabelle grinned playfully, biting her lip in the process. She kissed Kendall's neck softly, trailing down to nibble on his collar bone.

He chuckled, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her tight against his chest so that she was laying back down. "It can wait. Let's just lay here for a while. We don't have to do anything." He whispered and Annabelle looked up at him, growing fonder of his words. Why was he so perfect? He was choosing to comfort her with cuddles rather than letting her blow him for appreciation.

Kendall's green eyes met hers and he smiled at her bewilderment. He knew what Annabelle was going through, and therefore knew that she needed to be held for a while because when he was going through that, he never had anyone to hold him tight. He had to grow up so fast, that he never got the chance to actually be where Annabelle was.

"C'mere," Annabelle whispered, signaling that she wanted one more kiss from him. He slowly leaned his head down to meet hers and with the simplest touch of their lips, both came to the realization of just how much they loved each other.

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