Elizabeths POV

I watched as all the Vampires were in shock and in fascination. They had asked about our lives before coming here, what our previous films we did, all that.

"Remarkable" Carlisle mumbled once more, leaning back in his chair. His eye's glistening with his new-found knowledge and desire to find out more.

"He says like we're a science project" Mia commented, jokingly. I giggled, then remembered Maggie.

"Maggie, go up stairs and apologise to Peter." I said, looking straight at her. She was currently leaning against the radiator, looking at her finger nails. She acted like she didn't hear me. I narrowed my eyes, pushing my invisibility to her hands, making then disappear. She jumped in surprised.

"Oh...I don't feel so good" I heard a thud, I turned to see Jackson lying on the floor. Everyone looking at him.

"Did he just faint?" I asked, amused by this.

"I think he did" Kellan said, leaning over him. But then he grabbed a vase and tipped the content over Jackson's head. Flowers and all

"KELLAN" I snapped instantly. Jackson was conscious immediately, gasping as the water got him in the eyes.

"Oh you-" Jackson shouted, shooting up, steam now rising off him as the water was evaporated from the temperature rise of his skin. "Run for your life Lutz" He shouted, as predicted Kellan was gone, Jackson chasing after him.

"Ten bucks on Hot head" Taylor bet, looking out the window. But the boys were far from the house how.

"I don't know, Kellan's resistant to fire. He can throw in a few punches" Rob argued.

"We have a bet?"

"It seems so." Rob said tapping his chin.

"You. Up" I jerked my thumb towards the ceiling, looking at Maggie. Glaring she stomped up the stairs.

The vampires and wolves looking at us in amusement.

"They started it" I waved my hand to the others.

"Its fascinating to see how you interact with each other" Carlisle mused. "You act like a family, even though you're friends"

I shrugged.

"I guess being trapped in a parallel universe can do that to you." I said, we had become closer as I thought about it. We only knew each other so we gravitated to each other for guidance. Everyone looked up to Peter as the Cullens did to Carlisle and I looked after my friends, like Esme did with her family.

Mia agreed. There was another crash down stairs.

"Should I?" Nikki stood up, pointing to the floor. I nodded. She shot down though the floor. The vampires staring after her. I felt a little uneasy so I shot up and stood against the window, just as Nikki shot up though the floor, Just where I had sat.

Obviously trying to scare me again. Lee and Christian standing next to her. Both of them held dazed face. Alice danced over and held then into a seat with Nikki.

"Oh, we have guests?" Christian asked, his voice had a far away sound to it, showing he was still under the influence of the tranquilizer, even sat down he was swaying slightly.

"How stong was the tranquilizers?" Eleazar asked, looking to Christian.

"I don't know?" Casey said, then disappeared before returning with the draw.

"Wow" Lee said, completely bemused, looking at Casey in amazement, he too was also swaying in his seat. Carlisle held his hands out for the draw. He knew what was used from the containers in the draw. His eye brows shot up as he read one of the containers

"Very strong, that should have put a wild and dangerous animal to sleep."

"Dangerous animal? WHERE?" Christian began looking around, panicking. Dakota grasped the Opputuninty.

"BEHIND YOU" She screeched pointing past him. He shot round so fast but he slid off his seat with a thud, he face becoming blank with shock. The others biting their hands to not laugh.

I shook my head but snickered quietly. Maggie shot back into the room, sitting down on the window ledge. Not looking at anyone.

I heard a thud upstairs. Everyone stopped. Instantly I shot to Peters room. Carlisle and Edward behind me.

"Whats going on?" I demanded as soon as the door swung open. The room looked empty, Carlisle medical bag by the foot of the bed that was empty...

But then I heard a very low

"ow" It came from the blind side of the bed. I rushed to the side to see Peter lying on his front on the floor.

"Bed too much for ya?" I asked, Edward and Carlisle carefully picking him up.

"Shu' up" His words slurred. "No I want to go down stairs..." His whined, seeing that he was being put back on the bed.

"No your staying here to heal. If you don't recall you shattered you side." Being a little harsh but I didn't want him in more pain than he should. He didn't have a reply, just shot me a glare as I left.

"What happened?" Rob asked as I came back.

"Peter fell out of bed. He wanted to come down but I'm forcing him to stay in his room. It's not like he could walk out there in the shattered bone state like he is"

"Another thing I find interesting" Carlisle mused, sitting dow next to Esme. "You heal at such a quick rate. Five times faster than the wolves but not instantly. His bones were half-way mended when I had to rebreak them" We all flinched.

"He'll but up and moving soon then?" Maggie asked. Carlisle nodded.

"Lets bring him down then" Casey said then disappeared with a crack. I flinched at the sound. There was no warning to when she did that.

"Do you people not hear me? Fair enough if you didn't see me all the time but you're not all deaf." I growled in annoyance.

"I have to go" Sam said, probably tired of sitting around talking. Then he and the wolves left. Jacob, Seth and Leah stayed. Well that freed up more space. Not so cramped any more.

"Bye" Lee called as they left. Maggie snickered.

"Whats wrong with Pace and Camargo? They seem a little...out?" She asked.

"Strong tranquilizers" Jasper said, completely amused but the way they were acting. Maggie giggled.

"This should be fun. Oh, Any reason Lee to why floated three inches out his seat" All head turned to lee. Who was in fact floating. MyAnna reached over pushed him down. Lee just grinned.


I flinched again, seriously annoyed now.

"Will you stop doing that." I snapped. Casey just smirked, pushing Peter carefully into the seat. He winced

"How you're doing, Peter" Kristen asked, moving slightly so she wasn't sinking into Robert's side.

"How do you think?" He rounded, suddenly glaring at her.

Peter did not look the best. He was in his suit but you could see the braces underneath, his skin was as pale as Carlisle's but had an unhealthy look to it instead. His hair was falling over his face, his pulled into a grimace He used his other hand to move his arm which was in a brace onto the arm rest, hissing slightly. Though parts of his arms and face was sliver, even his hair had stripes of sliver running though.

Kristen raised her her mouth, ready to retort.

"No Kristen" My voice coming out warning. Verbal fighting was doing him no better.

"Why do I get spoken back to while Elizabeth don't" Peter asked. I shrugged.

"We respect Elizabeth more" Mia said, flashing me a grin. I smiled triumphantly

"Rude" Peter said.

"Is this disagreement going to carry on?" Tanya asked, though she and Kate's eyes were on Maggie who fidgeted slightly. "Because I have a few questions myself" We all looked to her

"Shoot" Dakota said, throwing her magazine onto a pile before crossing her legs.

"What part of filming have you got up to? I'm more interested about the films and the books" Tanya said. the other Denali nodded.

"Almost finished breaking dawn part 1. Though both films were made at the same time. Breaking Dawn was spilt into two films because it was so long" Peter said, but yawned, winced and then a low growl echoed though his stomach. His face turned red.

"Maggie why don't you get Peter something from the kitchen." I said, though I wasn't perticualy hungry right now, I would get something to eat later.

"Why me?"

"You head butted him in the first place, chop chop" She glared before she was gone. It was silent for a moment but then Ii heard a loud bang then the sound of protesting metal. Rosalie's lip twisted as well as the other Cullen's.

I closed my eyes briefly, knowing what she was doing. I opened my eyes to see Maggie return with a bowl, obviously been reshaped because it was now flat on the bottom, the edged of the metal bowl had been folded over.

Peter narrowed his eyes at it, But Maggie smiled, putting the bowl on the coffee table and began walking away. Mackenzie grinned, moving next to Peter's side of the couch. I watched as Peter's eyes flickered to Maggie's retreating figure then to the bowl then to her again. I knew he was up to something.

Then Peters hand shot from next to it, throwing a bolt of electricity from his palm, hitting the coffee table and the bowl, which shot from it's place, spinning though the air and with a loud


It hit Maggie on the back of the head, food littering her hair, clothes and the floor around her. She froze. Everyone froze, waiting for her reaction, but Peter was laughing really hard, his sliver hand wrapping around his broken ribs. My lip twitched, but my mouth turned into a smile, chuckles following.

Maggie turned, slowly her face murderous, her eyes blazing. I heard a two thuds but I knew it Taylor and Nikki.

" . Food. In. My. Hair!" (AN/ I couldn't resist) She screeched. Grinning him one last filthy look, then she was gone. But Peter continued to laugh, tears streaming down his face.