Peters POV

An argument suddenly broke out between The Romanians and the Amun. Both wanting to seize power. I shot a flare of electricity into the air.

"QUIET!" My double voice silencing them. "There will be no Leaders of the Vampire world once the Volturi are gone." I could sense confusion from the non-angry people, while the Romanians were staring, wishing they could burn into my head.

"Explain, if you could?" Carlisle requested.

"Everyone takes responsibility of the countries they're in or around. Anyone breaks you laws then bring it up to a lie detector, not just Maggie because I know there are a few flapping about in the world. If it's inexcusable then execution is probable. There could be a meeting every few decades to discuss what happened in the area and how you solved that. It's not control by one set of Vampires because that will always covert the coven to corruptions like the Volturi. It's logic! You're Vampires for Christ sake." I took a deep breath.

"But you stick to the Old laws to keep a world of Peace and ignorance. If another coven thinks you're over stepping your power then you can bring up a trial with the others to Judge and Jury to decide if an executor is necessary." Michael finished. "Work something and territory between you lot. You can designate meeting spots if you so wish and all that shit."

Abbie slapped his arm though it didn't make much of a difference.

We let the Vampires talk among themselves so we humans headed out to free space and let everyone take seats around the table which at this point, Billy brought up a world map for them to plot their territory.

"They'll be in there a while." Bryce commented, taking a seat on a rock.

"I love the logic though. Smart thinking." Elizabeth said. We all set ourselves down in groups, talking.

"I think Thinking's a strong word to describe Him, Liz." Omar called. Rami chuckled.

I replied by sticking up my spare middle finger. The next thing I knew my hands was suddenly plastered to my face. I ripped off the webbing and glared at Noel who was whistling innocently and playing thumb war with his both set of hands.

Mackenzie was playing With Taylor, a ball between them which they were throwing about, occasionally missing and once hitting Toni in the head and at that point joined in.

A sudden thought suddenly occurred to me, "Err, children did I pull you out of school yet?" I used the term to annoy them.

Andrea chuckled, "School?"

"I don't think you did." Kristen said slowly, her face breaking out into a grin. Billy thre me his phone before I called up the school. For about 20 minutes after being scolded by the receptionist, after five minutes of that time I left the phone to the side and began to play with a few vaults. When I lifted the phone to my ear.

"You done? I was only calling to pull them out. Bye." I hung up and threw the phone back.


All I did was grin and lay down on the grass. I watched as the clouds was slowly fading, turning eventually into blue skies.

"Tracey, it's forecast for showers." Judi reminded but was leaning back, absorbing the light anyway.

"Stuff that, I want sun!" She argued. "Ah good old Vitamin D."

No one argued, enjoying the sun.

About an hour later the Vampires and Wolves filed about, the Vampires shy about the Sun but came out anyway. Marlene went diamond to sparkle like them, this caused a few chuckles.

"Everything sorted out?" Jamie called from where in the tree above him, his eyes were closed though the claw in his feet were stabbed into the trunk to make sure he didn't fall out.

"Yes," Edward answered, looking remarkably happier. "We've created a treaty with one another, a meeting every three decades at the latest to discuss the problems and solutions, a background on each coven to make sure no one's gone power covert. If there's to be an execution of a coven then the whole coven will be trialled by neutral coven and a lie detector. If any coven is found guilty then or if any member if found guilty of breaking of the law then executions can be carried out."

"Sounds fair. Found a location?" Michael asked.

"Carlisle's purchased a huge plot of land in the wilderness of Russia. Far from Humans, satellites and any human interaction. We're going to build a place and document the trials and executions and bury the Ash with the names of them. Carlisle suggested the last bit."

"Not surprised. But before al that can happen the Volturi need to go, the most important thing to so."

"Actually we've discussed that." Carlisle said, "We put them to trial. Bella can Shield Everyone in the Volturi and stop the bindings Chelsea has on them. Elizabeth can easily separate then physically from each other. Bring them out, one by one and have them answer questions. Any one influenced by Chelsea can be put through Trial again to be determined if their actions were their own."

"So it's a Revolution." Dakota said.

"Yes." Garrett answered. "It's time we commoners kicked the white hats of their pedestals. God that sounds so…British."

Rob rolled his eyes.

"Let the Revolution begin." I drawled. "End of their era of rule to the new."

"No more poetics, Peter." Peter called, readjusting his crystal glassed.

"Pff." I snorted, pulling up a piece of grass and began to rip it up.

"So what about the wolves? They're in on something too." Nikki called from the back of the group, next to the new bunch of people.

"Anyone Vampire that crosses our land but haven't fed will be escorted off our lands, but if any vampires is found to have fed or in the mists of feeding on humans on our land is immediate Execution. No exceptions unless this vampire is suddenly an imprint of a fellow wolf." Sam answered. "If there is a state of War in the vampire world and any new-borns cross out lands then death will be direct. New-borns found in a time of peace will be disembarked and handed over to The Trial."

"Named it already, I see" Christian commented with a nod.

"So we have a total of 17 hours till we get to field. I sense time for sleep, bonfire and smores and hot chocolate before getting blind drunk." Mia said. "Well maybe not the last bit but the rest sounds fun."

"Only you."

"What's that supposed to mean?" She fired back.

"Children no fighting, we're going to do that tomorrow." Kate called, joining Mia and Maggie under the tree.

"Till then…" Noel added, "make the best with what we have and go over the plans, putting the Trial into place as well."

I felt a lot more relieved this time. We weren't going to blindly murder them as pre-planned but put them up at their own game and rip them apart. That was a lot better. And an even better story to pass about to further generations of vampires.