Allen mysteriously disappears one day and no one in the Order has any idea where he went. Komui creates a time machine for Kanda, Lavi & Lenalee to go back in time so they can find out what happened to Allen. What happens when there is a little malfunction and they go farther back then they originally wanted?

I do not own D Gray Man or any of the characters. The plot is my idea, but everything else goes to their respective owners.



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Normal POV

Allen was walking brisk fully down the hallways of the Order, once again lost. Sighing the tenth time that day he turns a corner only to find another dead end.

"How big is this place?! It seems like ever corner is a dead end!" Residing to his fate he sits against the wall hoping someone will see him and offer some help.

He sat there for what seemed to him like hours. His stomach growled in protest, not having anything to eat since breakfast. Allen was starting to feel faint and he didn't no how longer he could wait for help.

"Moyashi?" An annoyed and slightly surprised voice spoke out from the darkness causing Allen to jump.

Out from the darkness stood a lone figure with midnight hair and a stoic face. He was grinning at Allen.

"Lost again, Moyashi?" Allen's face turned a bright red at the use of his accursed nickname.

"It's Allen, BaKanda! And it's not my fault that the Order is so big…" Kanda's grin quickly dropped at the insult, sighing in irritation he started walking again, passing Allen.

Turning to see if Allen was following he frowned when he saw he wasn't. "Moyashi are you going to follow or do you enjoy sitting in a dark hallway by yourself?"

"It's Allen, BaKanda!" Although he said that Allen was secretly grateful to Kanda for helping him even though he knows that the older exorcist hates his guts.

Quickly getting up to follow he notices, to late that that was a bad idea.

After not eating for so long Allen was weak, it was only through will power was he able to stay conscious for as long as he did, but now his body was shutting down.

The world started to spin as Allen felt a dizzying pull on his mind.

He wasn't able to stay awake long enough to see if he hit the ground or if Kanda had noticed his absence, but he did feel a strong pain course through his entire body as if fire was in his veins.


Allen tried to get his attention.

A scream.

Warm arms.

Worried face.

What was his name again?




And nothingness.