Allen mysteriously disappears one day and no one in the Order has any idea where he went. Komui creates a time machine for Kanda, Lavi & Lenalee to go back in time so they can find out what happened to Allen. What happens when there is a little malfunction and they go farther back then they originally wanted?

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'He's mean and rude, and all he ever does is yell at me when we meet... But, even so, why is it that I'm wishing for that jerk to save me?!'

Normal POV

"Kanda... Do you... Do you believe what that man said just now? About that boy being Allen?" Lenalee turned to her stunned friend, hoping to receive their opinion in the matter, in order to better understand their situation.

"It all makes sense... It makes so fucking perfect sense!" Kanda yelled at himself as he resisted the urge to punch the nearest thing, which would preferably be the Usagi's face. "He had the same eyes, the same laugh, he didn't move his left arm, he talked strangely about Allen, and he fell in love with me at first sight!"

"Um... Yu-chan, I don't think that last one counts—" Lavi tried to argue Kanda's reasoning in the small child's attraction to the raven-haired man, but Lenalee jabbed him in the stomach with her elbow, effectively shutting him up.

"Lavi, Kanda's finally found Allen, and he's having a mid-life crisis, he doesn't need your help too." Lenalee whispered, hoping Kanda wouldn't overhear her, and get angrier.

Kanda's frown deepened as he made a silent resolve to find his Moyashi and thoroughly apologize for his behavior to his crush's past self, and if everything goes relatively smoothly from now on, he can find a way to get the young boy back with them to their time period.

Without saying a word to his friends, Kanda leaves the bright and colorful tent, and made his way toward the direction the boy had gone when they had bumped into each other.

'You better be safe when I find you Moyashi or there'll be Hell to pay.' Kanda thought darkly, as a sinking feeling crept into the back of his mind, poking at his consciousness, as if to warn him of up-coming danger that could destroy everything.

"Do you think he's okay? He doesn't seem to be taking the news of Allen's identity very well..." Lavi muttered under his breath, so that only Lenalee could hear him, as they followed Kanda on his determined new journey to find little Allen.

"I really don't know, Lavi, I had thought that it would make him happy to finally know Allen's whereabouts, but I guess knowing that Allen isn't really "Allen" anymore crushed a little of his hope." Lenalee stared sadly at Kanda, wishing that she could somehow make his worries go away by finding a magical solution to their taxing problem.

Lavi looked down, as he found his conversation with Lenalee failed to bring any idea's to mind, and by such, made him feel even worse, but what he saw made his eyes widen in realization, "Yu-chan, your wound! It's still bleeding!"

Kanda glanced back at them, before looking forward again and continuing on his search for any sign of the auburn-haired Moyashi.

"Kanda, I can't believe we forgot about your injury, why didn't you remind us?!" Lenalee fretted as she grabbed her friend's hand. Inspecting the damage, she pulled out of the bag that she had been carrying with her a white-clothed handkerchief that she tied around the bloody and torn palm. "There, that should stop the bleeding for until we get real medical treatment." Lenalee smiled softly as she watched Kanda open-and-close his hand.

"It wasn't important at the time..." Kanda commented at the previously asked question, but muttered a "Thank You" loud enough to be heard nonetheless.

"Really, Yu-chan, you could have died from anemia, or fainted! What did you think we would do then? It's not like we have anywhere we could take you where you'd be safe. And we don't even know what's wrong with you; we'd be in serious trouble in you lost consciousness on us. And imagine the chewing out we'd have with Allen and little Allen if he found out we let you get hurt unnecessarily!" Lavi rambled on about all the ways Allen would get back at him for letting his "precious crush" get hurt, and how he couldn't possibly live with himself if Allen hated him.

"Then die, Baka Usagi, it's not like you'd be missed." Kanda said nonchalantly, though jokingly, at the prospect of a world without the annoying red-head.

"Kanda, don't say—" Lenalee was about to scold her dark-haired friend on his "inappropriate jokes", when a loud crash could be heard from an abandoned looking building to their right, from within several curses could be heard.

Without waiting to see if Lavi, and Lenalee were following him, Kanda gave a slight nod as he made his way toward a side-door, once his friends had joined him, they all drew their weapons. Lenalee put her hand in front of her face, and started counting down from 3... 2... 1... GO!

Breaking down the door, Kanda immediately stopped, not halfway through the doorway, as his heart froze from the sight within.

Their, in the middle of the building, sat the person he had been looking for, the same person who had disappeared in his arms after declaring his mutual love...that person was surrounded by a much of kids, who couldn't be older then 16-17, covered in a white substance that clearly came from the exposed privates of said children.

When Kanda's fiery-blue eyes met with the scared starry-white ones, he knew that he wouldn't be able to hold back, "Welcome to Hell, brats..."

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