This story is a first for me.  Never before have I felt moved to write anything built upon another's written work, and certainly I would have thought the audacity of tampering with Tolkien's masterpiece as beyond me.  Yet one day whilst driving, I got this image in my head of Legolas sitting high above the Anduin River, grieving in silence.  Then he and Gimli began a conversation in my head.  And then they had other conversations and pretty soon the story that had got in my head would not be gotten out ... until I wrote this.

Please note that it is entirely my own plot-device that Legolas carried the Elfstone of Galadriel to the Blessed Realm with him.  Such an incident is not any part of Tolkien's histories of Middle Earth.  I have in fact found no mention of the stone's fate after Aragorn's death, and so I took this liberty.

Actually, the Lady Arwen simply told me that was what happened . . .

Last but not least, I know there is some debate amongst fan fiction writers as to the merits of reader reviews, whether those cheery bursts of "I liked that!" are as valuable as more scholarly and in-depth critiques.  Whatever.  For myself, it simply a joy to hear from those who share my love for Tolkien's Middle Earth, and to know that for a brief space of time we shared an adventure of imagination together.  To all of you, thank you for walking my road with me.

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