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"Yasmeena?" Professor Childs asked up into the stands of the lecture. Professor Childs was a short man, with little hair. He wore a short, brown leather coat and a long blue tie with black trousers. He pointed at the white board next to him, which looked too big next to him. All the students looked down at him, chewing on the end of their or looking over their notes. Yas was doodling swirls across the top of her page, trying to remember as hard as she could the dream she had the night before. She dreamt of golden and emerald swirls in the night sky.

"Yas!" Her friend elbowed her in the side, making her look up suddenly.

"Er, yes?" Yas sighed, looking at Professor Childs. He stared back at her impatiently before sighing, looking at his watch.

"Ok, let's call it a day you lot. Take a look over your notes if your not too busy getting pissed." He muttered.

Yas grabbed her handbag, stuffing her notes inside and walking out of the room, walking through the corridors of the university with her two friends Hannah and James and her arm linked with her other friend Todd. They eventually made their way to the student union bar, making themselves comfy with their other friends. Yas laughed along with her mates, scraping back her long, shiny, black hair into a pony tail. She lay her feet on Todd's lap, as he watched her laugh along with the rest of the group.

"Right, I need another drink!" Yas chuckled, grabbing her glass from the table, swinging her feet to the ground and walking over to the bar, her hips swaying slightly in her black sleeveless top and dark blue jeans. She walked up to the bar, sticking her glass on it, when Hannah appeared on the other side of the bar, she was working her shift. Yas was well known to everyone on campus, especially in the bar.

"Make it yourself." Hannah sighed, looking out of the corner of her eye and biting her lip. Yas looked round to the other end of the bar, where a slightly rough looking skinhead was sitting in a black biker jacket.

"Oh god, what does he want?" Yas asked. "Tell him to piss off Han." She said, giving her friend a reasurring pat on the arm as Hannah made her way slowly over to her ex-boyfriend. Yas hopped up and sat on the bar, swinging her legs over and jumping down again as she poured herself another drink. She looked underneath the bar, looking into the ice bucket. "What a surprise." She muttered when she found it empty. She turned behind her and pushed open the door to the kitchen, pulling some ice out of the freezer. She headed back into the bar, putting some into the bucket before heading back into the kitchen. She froze and the ice dropped to the floor, smashing everywhere. She stood gobsmacked, looking at a green beast that was about 7 foot tall with big, beady black eyes and long claws. It growled out at her and blinked loudly, leaning its claws forward quickly to attack. She suddenly felt a hand tightly gripped in her's.

"RUN!" The hand pulled her out of the room as the creature followed them, knocking down the door and into the bar, smashing everything in it's wake as everyone screamed and ran out. A man in tweed and a bow tie pulled Yas through the bar and outside, into a safe, quiet bit away from the bar.

"I thought the aliens had decided to leave us alone." Yas said breathlessly. "None of that's been around for ages."

"Of all things you could say, not oh my god it's a alien! Right, well ok, not one of those who will freak out, good." The man said. "Name?"

"Yasmeena Craig, Yas." She said, giving him a small smile.

"The Doctor."

"The Doctor? Doctor who?"

"Just The Doctor."

"Ok." She chuckled. "What?" She asked, when he shot her a funny look.

"Your just accepting it?"

"Yeah." She said genuinley.

"I like you Yasmeena Craig." He said, shooting her a wink. "Now thing is, what's a Slitheen doing here?" He asked, taking out his sonic from his pocket.

"What's that?" She asked curiously, looking closer.

"My sonic screwdriver, it... sonic's things. Mainly for doors."

"Cool." She said, grinning.

"You find it cool?"

"Are you a alien?" She asked slowly.

"Would it bother you if I was?"

"Would it bother you if it bothered me?"

"You seemed a bit freaked out by that Slitheen, that thing, in there, it's called a Slitheen."

"Yeah but your not all big and green and just tried to kill me. So... are you?"

"Well..." He said. "Yes."

"Doesn't bother me." She said, smiling at him. They heard a crash and behind them, the Slitheen appeared.

"YAS!" She turned to her left and saw James shouting to her with Todd and Hannah, as they panicked, watching the Slitheen come straight for her.

"Move!" The Doctor shouted, running to the right. She kept looking left and right between her friends before looking at the Slitheen who was nearly at her before running right, towards The Doctor.

"YAS WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" Hannah shouted before James and Todd dragged her off, running away before they caught the Slitheen's attention.

"Doctor!" Yas called after him, catching up and running along side him. He grabbed her hand and suddenly pulled her round a corner, pushing her into The TARDIS. He ran up to the console as they listened to the banging on the door before The Doctor grabbed a squeezy bottle and throwing open the doors, squirting it at the Slitheen and slamming the doors again. There was a sudden bang and the windows were covered in green slime. Yas slowly opened the door again, observing the green slime all over the other side of door, her and The Doctor looking at it in disgust.

"There's gonna be more." The Doctor began nervously, pulling her out of The TARDIS, slamming the door behind her before she had a chance to look inside The TARDIS. He grinned nervously, jumping up and down in glee. "This is fun!"

"Fun?" Yas frowned. "We nearly died!" She shouted, making The Doctor flinch slightly.

"Hey!" He said, tapping her on the head with the sonic. "That's the fun of it."

"You're completely insane, aren't you?" She whispered as he grinned back at her, like a maniac.

"Oh yes!" He cheered before running off.

"Where are you going?" She shouted before running after him.


"The Slitheen are a fascinating race," The Docotr said, running round between the computers. He didn't bother to look up at Yas when she appeared in the doorway of the University's computer lab when she eventually tracked him down. "Well, Slitheen is actually a family name, they're actually from the planet Raxacoricofallapatorius-"

"Raxacorico- what?" Yas mouthed to herself, frowning as The Doctor started sonicing the computers, standing back as they all bounced into life, the glow from the screens illuminating the room, until one by one they blew, sending sparks into the air. Yas stood, open mouthed as the last computer finished exploding before glancing at The Doctor.

"You blew them up." She said sarcastically and deadpanned.

"Ah, that was meant to happen." The Doctor winced. He laughed a little before striding out of the room.

"What's going on here?!" Yas demanded, following him down the white corridor through the building.

"Some aliens in a spaceship are after your water supply and now that I accidentally killed their footman, they're going to blow up the planet."

"Hang on," Yas frowned. "If they blow up the planet, they won't get the water?"

The Doctor stopped abruptly, making Yas bump into him as he span around and faced her.

"They won't get the water?" He asked blankly. "I've just told you a bunch of aliens are going to blow up your planet, and you're spotting logic?"

"I'd of thought logic was needed in this kind of situation." She teased.

"Not always," The Doctor shrugged. Yas coughed lightly. "What?"


The Doctor jumped in alarm. "Yes! Slitheen, sorry!" He grabbed her hand and Yas gave out a small yelp as she was pulled away.


The Doctor burst into The TARDIS, pushing Yas out of the way as she stood in the doorway.

"Keep an eye on the sky!" He instructed, running up to the console and pulling at the controls.

Yas turned round, looking at the control room. "It's beautiful." She whispered.

"Sky!" He shouted back at her, making her turn back and look up at the night sky. "Usually people freak out." He said, appearing next to her.

"So, is this like, a spaceship?" She asked as The Doctor nodded, both of their gaze fixed on the sky.

"And time machine."

"It's bigger on the inside... it's, wow!" She laughed nervously. "Beautiful." She giggled as she felt the warmth of The TARDIS' approval to her.

"This is The TARDIS."

"Let me guess." She said. "Time, obviously. And... And..."

"Relative." The Doctor said, helping her out.

"Dimension, this place, like another dimension. In space." She said, looking up at him and grinning. "Yeah?" The Doctor didn't know what to say, he just grinned like a mad man at her.

"There!" The Doctor shouted suddenly as a white spot flew across the sky. "It's far away, but it's there." He frowned as the dot got smaller and smaller. "What are they doing?" He asked before running back up to the scanner. "They're leaving." He frowned. "Yas, what-" He looked up to see The TARDIS doors swinging in the wind with the doorway empty as the sound of sirens rang in the distance and Yasmeena Craig ran towards the University bar.


The Doctor sighed, dropping the sponge into the bucket of luke warm water he was using to clean off the Slitheen gunge from the front of The TARDIS. He put the bucket on the floor and looked up at the night sky, only the glow from the open door of The TARDIS giving him the ability to see out onto the Earth.

"Sorry about earlier," He looked to his side to see Yas leaning against the other door, smiling at him. "I heard sirens and... someone needed to be there and I needed to see if my friends were ok."

"And were they?" The Doctor mumbled.

Yas nodded, "They went home." The Doctor smiled at her before picking up the bucket and walking into The TARDIS, leaving the door open. Yas stared at the open door before quickly looking back at the University and stepping into The TARDIS, shutting the door behind her. "So," Yas began, leaning against the railings as The Doctor walked around the console. "What will you do now? Chase after the Slitheen?"

"Nah," The Doctor said, waving a hand at her. "They'll turn up again sooner or later." He looked up at her and grinned. "Got the whole universe to explore!"

"On your own?" Yas asked as The Doctor bounded round the console, spinning as he went. "Don't you get lonely?"

"I used to have friends, who travelled with me." He shrugged as he stopped in front of the jump seat and flopped back into it, putting his feet up on the console.

"But not anymore?"

"No." The Doctor said sadly, looking over at her. "They all had their lives. They found something to stop running for."

"Ever had someone travel with you who already had a reason to start running?" She asked, standing up straight.

"No." The Doctor said carefully as he sat up and Yas walked towards the console. "Why, know someone?"

Yas pursed her lip and sighed, "My parents... they died in the battle of Canary Wharf."

"I'm sorry." The Doctor said sadly, standing up. "I was there, in the battle, I fought, lost people in it too."

"I've already got a reason to run." Yas whispered. The Doctor walked up to her with a smile and wrapped her in a hug.

"You're a tiny thing, aren't you?" The Doctor said, making Yas giggle. "I think they'll be enough room for you in here."

Yas gasped, letting go of The Doctor and looking up at him. "I can come?" The Doctor nodded. She squealed with delight as The Doctor went to hug her but was met by fresh air. He looked up to see Yas had bolted out of his grasp and towards the door, shouting back at him something about clothes. The Doctor chuckled to himself, shaking his head. What had he let himself into this time?

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