"Right, this place is perfect!" The Doctor said, running round the console, pulling levers. Yas sat on the jump seat, giggling along at him.

"Are you sure this is a time machine?" Yas asked.

"I can have you home in 5 minutes." He said, stopping in front of her, his face dropping. "Why, did you not want to come? You just came cause you thought I was lonely didn't you?" He asked quietly, looking at the floor.

"Come here you idiot, course I didn't!" Yas chuckled, jummping up and throwing her arms over his shoulders, pulling him into a hug. The Doctor put his arms round her waist, hugging her back tightly.

"Oh!" The Doctor said suddenly as a beep came from the other side of the console. The Doctor pulled out of the hug, running over to the other side of the console, pressing a button from where which the sound had came from. "Yas, get the scanner!" He said. Yas skipped up to the scanner, pulling it round cautiously. She pressed the button in the middle nervously, not sure on what to do. "Pull that red lever on your right." He said. She quickly pulled the lever next to her, and The TARDIS shook. Yas stood holding breath and biting her lip nervously. "Come on." He said, walking round standing next to her, grabbing her hand and they both stood, staring at the doors.

"Where are we?" She whispered.

"Crake." The Doctor replied, grinning. "It's the 34th century and your universe now has 18 planets. This is one of them. There's a cliff full of emerald's outside and the people are humanoids like us but are covered in purple and green swirls on their skin and have one eye.

"Right, as long as it's not another Slitheen."

"Come on then, we didn't come here to stay in The TARDIS did we?!" The Doctor said, pulling her by the hand out of the door. They stared out, looking over the planet in awe. There was pure white snow on the floor and Yas observed the emerald cliff they were parked against in glee.

"It's freezing." Yas said, rubbing her arms.

"Stop moaning." The Doctor chuckled.

"You didn't let me change, I brought all those clothes but no, adventure straight away!"

"Do you want to go home?" The Doctor said jokily.

"No." Yas said, sticking her tounge out at him and tapping him on the nose. "Right, just going to grab my cardigan." She said, heading back into The TARDIS again.

The Doctor kicked the snow lightly with his shoe before taking out his screwdriver, sonicing the cliff. Quite a few little perfect diamond shaped emeralds fell off the cliff and into The Doctor's hand. He grinned at them before rummaging round in his pocket and taking out a silver bracelet chain and slipping the small emeralds onto it, so they were all crushed together and you could barely see the silver chain anymore, and slipped it back into his pocket again. Suddenly, both of The Doctor's arms were grabbed from behind him, and he was being dragged away.

"Hey hey hey!" He shouted as two men covered in purple and green swirls pulled him away, his sonic dropping on the floor into the snow.

"Right Doctor, I'm ready!" Yas said, shutting The TARDIS door behind her. "Explor- Doctor?" She asked, looking around for him. "Doctor?" She called out into the snow. She walked over to a trail of footprints and found his sonic on the floor. She picked it up and put it in her pocket, sighing to herself. "Please don't say you've wandered off and left me on a alien planet." She muttered, following the foot prints. After 10 minutes of walking, she found a modern looking igloo. She waited outside the doors, but they didn't open. At the side of the door there was a red circle, so she took out the sonic, cautiously sonicing the circle and the door opened. She walked inside slowly, starting to warm up as a snow storm started to brew outside. She took in her surroundings and found herself in a white corridor. She slowly made her away along the corridor before finding herself in another white room, with a gold chair. In the gold chair sat a woman, covered in purple and green swirls with one eye, like The Doctor had said the people of this planet looked like, with short, bright red hair and a long black dress. Either side of here were to men covered in the swirls and one eye, the men who had dragged The Doctor away. And a little to their right, was the man himself. "Doctor!" She gasped, running up to him. He eneveloped her in a massive hug before the lady sitting in the chair let out a loud cough. "What have you done?" Yas hissed at him.

"I don't know, they kidnapped me."

"We didn't kidnap you." The woman in the chair said. Her voice was soft and she gave them both a small smile. "There's a snow storm on it's way in, we were rescuing you."

"Well we were fine-" The Doctor began.

"Thank you, so much." Yas interupted, glaring at him quickly.

"Us survivors have to stick together." She said. "Jasmin Unaygi Forhannah Uuze. I'm the high priestess of Crake, I assume your not from round here."

"No, were not." The Doctor said, as he and Yas walked round, infront of Jasmin. "And what do you mean, survivors? The Crakenians are a fine and noble race, you're no way near extinct, you spread the stars for millions of years."

"Surviors on top." Jasmin said. "Me and my boys, that's all I have left, the rest of the population hibernated underground until the end of the snow storm, nobody can survive outside. We were getting a good patch when we saw you, we couldn't leave you out there. But there wasn't enough shuttle pods to get underground, so I stayed up here, to keep my people safe. The rest of the royal family went underground."

"Royal family?" Yas whispered to The Doctor. "I thought she was the high priestess?"

"34th century, royal family's moved on, high priestess is just a fancy name for queen." He whispered back.

"I know I won't survive the storm, but as long as my world is safe, my people, I will die happily. My teenage daughter, she'll take my place when they return to the surface."

"Doctor. We can't leave them to die." Yas said quietly.

"I know." He said. "But if we're gonna get them out, we're gonna have to go quick, I don't know how much longer we have til the storm picks up." He said, turning back to Jasmin. "Pack your bags your Majesty, were gonna get you out of here!" He said loudly to Jasmin.

"But how?" She asked.

"I have a ship, not far from here, if were quick, we can get out of here, I'll bring you back when everyone returns to the surface."

"But the storm, we won't get there in time!"

"Your majesty." Yas began. "My name's Yasmeena Craig, and this is The Doctor. We'll get you out, I promise, but listen, if the storm gets us when were out there, either way you'll die here, isn't it worth the risk trying to get to our ship?" Jasmin stared at her for a second before smiling at her. She pressed a button on her chair and the two man behind her dissapeared.

"They were only androids." She said, getting up and walking over to them. Yas held her arm out to her and they linked arms, walking through the hallway again.

"Oh yeah, you dropped this." Yas said, handing The Doctor back his sonic. The Doctor soniced the door and it opened up. The storm was wild, but just bareable enough to get to The TARDIS. They tried their best to run through the snow, but eventually Yas was trailing behind Jasmin and The Doctor. She slipped in the snow, falling to the floor and the storm got so bad she couldn't get up. "DOCTOR!" She screamed, but he couldn't hear her. She watched as he unlocked The TARDIS and let Jasmin in before turning, looking round for Yas. "DOCTOR!" She screamed once more. The Doctor saw her and his eyes became filled with worry, he ran over, dropping to the floor and helping her up. He picked her up bridal style and she layed her head against his chest, starting to freeze. He ran towards The TARDIS and pushed open the door. "I thought you were gonna leave me." She whispered.

"Never." He said, placing a quick kiss on the head. He layed her on the jump seat, before running off up the stairs and returning with a blanket, throwing it over her. "Now your majesty, let's get you home, shall we?" He smiled at Jasmin.

"It was lovely to meet you." Jasmin said, giving Yas a hug when they arrived. The Doctor and Yas stood in the doorway, looking out over the now peacful snow, all the Crakenians reappearing on the surface. "I owe you my life, if there is anything you ever need, don't hesitate to ask, and there always be a place in my home if you ever visit again."

"MUM!" There was a call from behind her. Jasmin span round and ran to a young Crakenian teenager, pulling her into a hug. The Doctor and Yas smiled, watching them as The Doctor put his arm around Yas' waist and she layed her head on his shoulder. They both chuckled before shutting the doors. The Doctor ran up to the console, typing away.

"So where next?" Yas asked, joining him at the console.

"Nowhere, the vortex." The Doctor said, Yas frowning at him. "You nearly died in that snow, you need some rest. And, The TARDIS has just made you a room. That is, if your staying." He said sheepishly.

"Of course I am!" Yas giggled. "Where's my room then?" She asked in glee.

"Go up them stairs, keep going til you find it, you'll know when you see it." He said, pointing to the staircase quickly. "You'll find your bag will be in there now, and if she's being generous." He said, tapping the console. "Your stuff may have already been packed away. Oh, I got you something." He grinned, giving her the bracelet from his pocket. "Now, sleep Yasmeena."

"Don't call me Yasmeena." She frowned before smiling quickly, slipping the bracelet on her wrist. "Goodnight Doctor." She said, placing a quick kiss on his cheek, heading up the stairs and dissapearing to find her room. The Doctor turned round and leant against the console with a small smile on his face.

"Good night Yas." He said quietly.

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