Crowfeather sat down in a small open clearing, the stars glowed in his eyes as he looked up at the star filled sky. "I'm so, sorry Feathertail" he meowed shaking his head slowly. He loved Leafpool so much but… it was never the same as what Feathertail had given him, and then there was Nightcloud he didn't even love her. Crowfeather let out a long sigh before standing up and turning around;

"Crowfeather" came a soft mew on the wind. Crowfeather froze, he new that mew better then anyone, "Feathertail?" he said turning around and to his greatest pleasure, Feathertail had appeared. "It's been many moons my love" meowed Feathertail looking at Crowfeather with those eyes he had so much missed. Crowfeather rushed towards her purring, "It's been to long" he said rubbing his cheek along hers. Feathertail smiled "You shouldn't be sorry my love" she purred softly. Crowfeather looked at Feathertail, "But, but let you die! It was my fault and, and I fell in love with Leafpool and had kitts with her!" he meowed pacing around Feathertail. Feathertail smiled softly, "No matter how many times I tell Leafpool and you, you never listen, I am not mad at you for falling in love again, you are happy my love and that will never anger me" she soothed licking Crowfeathers cheek. Crowfeather stopped "But why aren't you at lest upset abut e letting you die?" he said, Feathertail sighed sadly, "It was my destiny to die Crowfeather, every cat die's at one stage and it's their destiny, from the tinniest kit to the eldest warrior we all die at one stage" she meowed rubbing her cheek along Crowfeathers. Crowfeather closed his eyes to savour that moment with Feathertail, "Goodbye my love" whispered Feathertail into his ear, Crowfeather opened his eyes and saw that she was gone.

"Goodbye… Feathertail"