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Chapter 1: S & M

Rachel Berry couldn't believe how silly she was acting over all this. It was a trip. One silly little trip Kurt convinced her attend. Right now, Rachel could have been floating in a climate controlled pool on the sundeck of a cruise ship for Hanukah with her Dads, but no—she had to give in to Kurt Hummel's every whim. She was sitting in the JFK airport at 6:30 in the morning, snuggled up in a pair of comfortable yoga pants she had bought two days earlier. If she was going to travel to a place she didn't want to go, it was going to be in what she wanted. She wore a zip up Columbia jacket that she normally didn't wear, but the winter had been harsh and she didn't want to freeze in the cab ride to the airport. Kurt was upset that she decided to wear UGG boots, but the insides were super comfy so she won that argument once again. If she was going to spend two weeks hidden away in Beaver Creek, Colorado with the her old schoolmates from the New Directions, she was going to get her way. When Kurt brought up the idea of actually going, she shot it down immediately. She didn't want to spend two full weeks with the New Directions. Five years away from small town Lima Ohio had changed her; she just wasn't the same person she used to be.

She hadn't flown out of New York in about a year, since last Hanukah on her normal cruise, but it amazed her how quiet the airport was on a Sunday morning the week of Christmas. She had figured people would be flying all around the world to see family and friends, but clearly she missed the mark. The airport was dead empty; except for the vendors at the Starbucks Kurt were raiding and the United Airlines attendants that were preparing for their flight to Denver. There was nothing like silence at 6:30 in the morning to make a girl think. Kurt sashayed over to the seats where Rachel had been sitting, handing her an iced mocha as he fell into the seat next to her. Kurt was still the most fashionable out of the two of them. Considering he had been at Vogue for four years now, Isabelle had promoted him fully and Rachel would always listen to his stories about working at the magazine and how it was the equivalent of The Devil Wears Prada.

"The Starbucks here is beyond fabulous. They gave me an extra peppermint stick." Kurt said, crossing his legs, and looking at the flight board to see that their flight was on-time and about to board.

"Are you sure the cute barista boy wasn't flirting with you? He seems like your type." Rachel asked teasingly as she sipped her mocha drink.

"I do not need any more boy drama. Chase and I still have yet to apologize to each other, and I don't want to think about boys right now. I want to focus on our trip and seeing our old friends." Kurt added, making it a point to push Chase from his mind.

"Even if one of our old friends is your ex-boyfriend who is dating one of the guys you despised in high school?" Rachel said stinging Kurt even deeper.

"You know Miss Berry, if you think about it; you are in the same boat as me." Kurt said, knowing that he was rubbing salt into her old wounds.

"Actually, I'm not." Rachel crossed her arms and shook her head.

"Finn is going to be there Rachel. You two haven't talked in lord knows how long." He said as he sipped his coffee.

"And? We are adults now Kurt. He has his own life; I have mine." Rachel didn't really want to talk about it; she'd spent years bottling up her emotions and trying to forget about him. It wasn't exactly easy considering that he and Kurt were brothers—not that they acted like it.

"Well, I think you and I should stay far far away from both Finn and Blaine." Kurt said while he checked his watch. Kurt loved Finn, but he very rarely saw him anymore with the exception of family events and that was only if Kurt decided to go home. Rachel worried more and more about their fading relationship each day.

"How are we going to do that? We are sharing a huge cabin with them. It's not like we are going to be in a hotel hiding in our rooms ordering room service." Rachel added before giving him a look. "Remind me why we are doing this again?"

"Because we've been hiding for years. Every holiday, every vacation—we dodged it."
"No, I haven't been dodging anything. I have a life remember: my first off Broadway musical, graduating from NYADA, and even Brody." Rachel said, standing up and gathering her things together so that she could board the plane.

"You had Brody. Past tense." Kurt added quickly. "I swear, you put up with him for way too long."

"Let's not get into that, but I haven't been dodging anything. I just have a different life then I had in Lima. High school has coming and gone. We are all adults." Rachel slung her bag over her shoulder. She grabbed Kurt's hand, pulling him up to a standing position before pulling out her ticket.

"For once I agree with you on this. I hate dealing with our past. Let's just do this. It's like pulling off a Band-Aid; fast, quick, and painful."

"Why even mess with the Band-Aid? Why not just leave it alone?" Rachel moved towards the ticket line as Kurt followed.

"Because we have missed the last two New Direction meet ups and we didn't even go to Puck and Santana's wedding."

"Which I still can't believe happened." Rachel added with a slight giggle.

"What that Puckerman settled down? Or that he settled down with Santana?" Kurt handed the agent his ticket as Rachel followed slowly.

"Both. I do feel bad though for missing their wedding but I had a show and Brody worked and he never really felt comfortable around any of them." Rachel said before making her way down the tarmac to the entrance of the plane.

Her relationship with Brody was almost as complicated as her relationship with Finn, but it wasn't for the better. Sometimes Rachel wondered if she'd made the right decision jumping into a relationship with Brody. It had been a failed attempt to heal the wounds left by her break up with Finn. Did she ever fully move on? Kurt didn't say anything further as they made their way to the back of the plane to find their seats. They stuffed their bags in the overhead compartment before Rachel crawled into the seat next to the window, pulled out her iPad, and snuggled into her seat. Kurt followed suit, settling into the aisle seat.

Rachel was nervous. She hadn't been this nervous since—well since she opened the door of her apartment just after Finn came back from the army. She had changed, and part of her knew that was one of the main reasons they lost touch. She wondered if she knew Finn at all anymore. She wondered if he knew her. Finn always talked about this tether that they shared. For the longest time she wondered if she could even feel the tether now. She felt a distant and faint tug on her heart every now and again, but she truly didn't know if it was their connection or the pang of heart break that she knew she would never lose. She looked over at Kurt who had already had gotten comfortable and zoned out in his own world. She closed her eyes praying for this trip to be like that Band-Aid; fast and hopefully not to painful.


Noah Puckerman could not drive to save his fucking life. Finn knew that he should have stolen the keys from him when they stopped in Grand Junction, Colorado, but Santana would had ripped him a new one if he took the keys from Puck. She had this thing about possession. It was odd; Puck and Finn had been best friends for so many years and the only time he had ever saw him this deep for a woman was in high school with Quinn Fabray. But now Puck was married to Santana Lopez, and Finn was just the third wheel that was traveling from LA to Vail. The third wheel that had to sit through their love fest in Las Vegas while they gambled together and he sat alone at the blackjack tables. Part of him wished that Ryder would have driven down from San Francisco the week before so he didn't have to share an SUV with the Puckermans, but he and Jake were flying in with Marley and Kitty. Puck had told him that things were getting pretty serious between Jake and Marley after so many years of them being on and off. He was happy for them even if it killed him to see all his friends moving on and getting married. He hadn't settled in years. He had an endless string of girlfriends that didn't last, and he could never really understand what was wrong with him. It had taken him two years to actually get out of Lima; he'd tried to figure out what he wanted out of life, but he'd just settled for listening to Puck's advice and moving to LA with him and Santana to start his life.

Finn didn't really mind driving instead of flying. He spent all his time in a firehouse with a bunch of men, so he figured he would much rather be in a car with two other people he knew than a small compact plane with fifty people he didn't. Even if Puck couldn't drive, he was willing to take his chances. He sat in the seat behind Puck, scrolling through his phone going through the emails he hadn't responded to due to his shifts at the firehouse and listening to Santana acting as—in Puck's words—a passenger's seat driver. Finn found it extremely hilarious that Puck let Santana get under his skin because he was supposed to be all macho. Santana spent most of the trip rambling on about her and Puck's six month anniversary or her job, so Finn knew that he had to tune her out. All he had to do was nod his head and say "uh-huh" a lot, and it seemed like he was listening. This was how he acted with most of the girls he dated. None of them really sparked any of Finn's interest. He had been living the single life for years now and it felt pretty damn good.

"So Brittany emailed me the final head count for the cabin." Santana said, scrolling through her own iPad as Puck turned onto the main road heading out of Grand Junction. "She and Artie just landed in Vail. They got to the cabin and said it is huge, but the rooms are limited. Artie says that we might have to bunk up though."

"Sorry man, but you aren't bunking with Santana and I. I need to get my dick wet more often than not." Puck laughed, and Santana slapped his shoulder, even though she shrugged because she knew it was true.

"I don't want to share a room with you and your wife for two weeks. I'd rather sleep in an igloo outside for two weeks than that." Finn leaned back, looking out the window; Santana rolled her eyes.

"Well, Blaine and Sebastian will be in sometime this afternoon." Santana commented, trying not to snicker at the thought of the two former warblers dating.

"I'm not sharing with them. I will sleep in the car before I do that." Finn added, preparing to challenge anything floating his way.

"Oh come on Finn, you know you want to be butt buddies with the Dalton boys." Santana laughed, turning around smiling. "Okay, everyone will be in this afternoon minus–" Santana cut herself off as the car got silent. Finn already knew what was going to fly out of her mouth.

"You might as well say it."

"Kurt and Rachel will be there sometime this evening." She saw Finn cringe at the mere mention of her name.

It had been years since the two of them talked, let alone seen each. All Finn knew about Rachel's life was what Kurt told him. She had graduated from NYADA just like he knew she always would; she was dating Brody; and from the vibe he was getting Rachel was happy and that's all that mattered. That's all he had ever wanted for her. . He spent the first year after their break up back in Lima helping out the Glee Club for Mr. Schue and working at the tire shop for Burt while he recovered from his prostate cancer. After the Glee Club's year ended, Finn moved out to LA with Puck, and things had finally started to come together. He found a great job as a firefighter, and he and Puck ended up getting a somewhat decent apartment. His life was okay, even if he was missing Rachel.

"Huddy boy, speak." Puck called out, glancing back in the rear view mirror.

"What do you want me to say?" He wasn't shocked by any means, but he really didn't want to face Brody.

"Listen Frankenteen, you are not going to ruin our Christmas this year by moping. This is the first time in two years I am doing something fun." Santana's tone was all business, and he knew she was serious.

"I'm not going to ruin anything. Rachel will probably bring Brody and I'm going to see my friends and have a good time."

"Well, it just says Rachel and Kurt, nothing about that d-bag donkey boy."

"I have a feeling he's coming, but its okay. I've made my peace with it." Finn faked a smile.
"Maybe you can hook up with Q. She finally dumped that professor guy. I'm pretty sure she's single and ready to mingle." Puck did a little dance in his seat.

"Sorry but that boat sank in high school. I don't feel like resurrecting the Titanic."
"Well, just have fun. Don't worry about anything because it's not worth it to worry." Santana added.

"I'm excited to just go out with my old friends. I heard they have some great bars in Avon, and, despite what you think, I've learned some pretty good dance moves since high school." Finn tried not to laugh.

"Keep telling yourself that Hudson." Puck snorted as he let his right hand fall from the steering wheel. "I see you in the clubs. The fist pump doesn't work."

"It so does. That one girl liked it." Finn said.

"You mean the Rachel look alike you picked up?" Santana blurted out with absolutely no remorse. "What? She had the same hairstyle Berry had in high school."

"No she didn't!" Finn could feel his cheeks heating up.

"Oh yeah she did. Puck was in the living room when you brought her home. He seriously thought you ran into Rachel at Blue." Santana laughed.

"Remind me why I live with you two again?" Finn sulked down in his seat.

He really didn't intentionally seek out girls that look like Rachel. It was just his type. He really didn't date blondes, and brunettes were his weakness. To be perfectly honest, Rachel Berry was his weakness, but he would never say that aloud. It didn't matter how many times he would go to the club or bar to meet another girl, she was always in the back of his mind.

"Because you love us, and you are too scared to move out on your own." Puck joked.

Finn rolled his eyes, looking out the window. He was nervous, but he was going to have to suck up his pride and get use to the feeling he was going to have for the next two weeks. The only thing that legitimately considered Finn was that he was going fight not to share a room with Rachel. He didn't know if he could do it. He knew that he was only about two hours away from the most awkward situation in his entire life.


"I seriously can't believe they scanned your bag." Kurt said sitting next to Rachel in the small shuttle van that was transporting them from Denver to Vail. Rachel had already been embarrassed enough with the security at the airport, but now Kurt was rehashing the whole experience again. "And the fact that they opened your bag in front of everyone."

"Kurt! Can we stop talking about it?" Rachel shifted in her seat, trying to forget about the moment she just had. She tried to focus on the snow that was falling outside the window as the shuttle whisked through the mountainsides.

"It's hard not to talk about Rach. Did you think they wouldn't check your bag?"
"Well, I checked it. I didn't think they were going to stop me as I am getting on the plane." Rachel bit her lip. "I just thought they scanned it and that would be it. I didn't think they were going to open it up on the tarmac in front of the crew and pull it out like it was a freaking bar of gold."

"Well they were all men. They did think it was a bar of gold." Kurt snickered."I mean you could have at least took the batteries out of it so it wouldn't vibrate."

"Oh my god Kurt!" She tucked her head in her hands trying to hide the blushing creeping up her face. "I seriously didn't think the whole pit crew was going to be so fascinated by my vibrator." Rachel looked over at the older couple who was sitting across from them who were snickering to each other as if what Rachel did was wrong.

"Rachel…don't—"Kurt was cut off by a snappy Rachel Berry.

"Excuse me, but just because I have a vibrator doesn't make me a bad person." Rachel was no longer ashamed just angry. The couple stopped whispering to each other before they turned away not wanting to face Rachel's fury. Kurt now sulked down in his seat as she snapped at the older couple.

"Rachel…hush." Was the only thing Kurt could spit out as she saw the shuttle driver slow the bus down in front of a small Beaver Creek resort that seemed to be at the edge of the mountain side. Rachel saw the older couple grab their bags quickly as the shuttle driver got off the bus to grab the rest of their bags off the storage of the bus. Rachel turned to Kurt as she fall back into her seat mad.

"The nerve of some people, I swear." Rachel huffed as she looked out the window, seeing the hill in front of them which she knew led to their home sweet home for two weeks.

"Sweetie, you just announced to the bus that you had a vibrator on board. I think you scared people away." Kurt interjected before looking around. "Luckily it was just the old couple and the bus lady."

"I don't get the point of arguing. In less than twenty minutes we are going to be at the cabin with our ex's, how much worst could it get?" Rachel shrugged fixing her bag as the nerves set in at the thought of being in the same room with Finn.

The last time she saw him was at Will and Emma's wedding. They had been broken up for months, and she'd recently begun dating Brody around that time. He brought some girl he met at some party, and, yes, she was jealous. She was always jealous of any girl who came within hugging distance of Finn, but she knew that she had no right to be. The wedding was awkward and full of tension; she had to admit it. Everyone could tell. They shared a drink together before dueting, and they—as Kurt called it—had amazing eye-sex before he scampered off with his date. To be quite honest, if Finn would have fought for her that night, she would have fallen back into his arms, but he didn't. He walked away and never looked back. She was pulled from those thoughts when the bus driver kicked her boots against the side of the shuttle before coming back in taking a seat.

"Next stop Snow Valley." The driver announced before looking back into the mirror winking at Rachel.

She instantly became uncomfortable and pushed her head into Kurt's shoulder in an attempt to hide her embarrassment. The twenty minute ride up the mountain was very quiet, and with each mile they inched closer to the cabin, her uneasiness grew. The shuttle bus pulled up in front of a huge cabin that could be considered the size of a small mansion in New York. There was a fresh patch of snow lying on the ground but the driveway was plowed and the sidewalks up to the house were clean. There were a few cars in there already which meant either everyone was there or the people who drove were there. The driver put the bus in park and opened the door as Rachel and Kurt stood up putting their jackets on.

"Take a deep breath," Kurt whispered, following his own advice as Rachel grabbed her backpack and bag and headed off the bus. Rachel looked up at the front door and saw that it was open. She pulled in a deep breath, worried that it was Finn before she saw Santana open the door smiling. She was wearing a big winter jacket and the same boots Rachel had on. Santana rushed down the steps, and the two women embraced.
"Berry, it's been like years, literally." Santana laughed squeezing her for one moment before pulling away.

"I'm so sorry we couldn't make the last get together. Being on Broadway can be rather tiring, and, let's just say, I needed my beauty rest." Rachel laughed as Kurt made his way over to Santana to hug her.

"I never thought I would see the day that I actually missed Santana Lopez." Kurt giggled.

"Well, actually, it's Santana Puckerman now." Santana quipped, showing the two of them her wedding and engagement rings. "Not that the two of you would know that because you never come home."

"Santana you know I wanted to come." Rachel defended herself quickly as she spotted Puck.

"Yeah I know. But that guy got in the way and Broadway was calling your name." Santana rolled her eyes, her words laced with sarcasm.

As soon as Puck headed out the door, another tall figure followed behind him. She automatically recognized him. He still had the same hairstyle, Finn's fin. He looked a little older, but they all did now. He was growing scruff that always turned her on. She couldn't lie to herself; there was no denying the way her body tingled for him already. She was feeling things she hadn't felt in years, not even when she was with Brody. For a moment a silly grin grew across her face before it felt when they made it down the bottom of the steps.

Finn, on the other hand, didn't know how to feel about Rachel standing in front of him. They still had some type of sexual and emotional connection between the two of them, they always would. But the last time they saw each other he was walking away from everything forever. The last time he saw her she was wearing a red strapless dress, her hair was down and curled, and her eyes were lined with eyeliner as if she were trying to hide behind it.. She was dating Brody, and he was dating a random girl at the time. Now Rachel stood in front of him slightly different then he last remembered. Her makeup had toned down again, and she seemed more relaxed with herself. Finn noticed that she had grown more beautiful with each passing year, and he was slightly jealous of Brody, knowing that he got to spend the years with her. Finn didn't say a word as he went over and hugged Kurt tightly while Rachel and Puck hugged.

"I have been meaning to call you." Kurt smiling up at Finn as he hoisted his backpack on his shoulder.

"That's okay little bro, life can be pretty hectic." Finn chuckled, ruffling his hair before leaning over and grabbing a bunch of bags, including Rachel's; Puck rushed over to help him and the two headed up the stairs of the cabin leaving Santana, Kurt, and Rachel to follow behind him.

"So everyone is here. Most everyone rushed down to town to eat and Mercedes and Mike are downstairs in the den playing Just Dance 9." Santana linked arms with Rachel as they scurried up the steps.

"Do they already have the rooms picked out because I can bunk with Mercedes." Rachel stepped off the porch and into the huge cabin which lead into a grand living room with a burning fire. Finn and Puck dropped the bags and stood towards the fire to warm them up as Rachel, Kurt, and Santana slipped out of their boots and jackets.

"Well most of the rooms are really only fit for couples. There is only one room that had enough beds for four people but Quinn, Sam, and Mercedes called that room. So you and Kurt are going to have to fight for the last spot in the room." Santana glanced between Kurt and Rachel.

"Well, who has room left?" Kurt asked nervously.

"Most of the couples have picked rooms already. So I think the only room left is with Finn, right next to Blaine and Sebastian." Santana said before heading into the kitchen. Rachel automatically shot eyes at Kurt, who looked ready to fight to the death. It felt like The Hunger Games of vacations.

"Please don't do this to me. He is your brother and at least you two are on speaking terms." Rachel whispered to Kurt.

"Rachel you know I am still trying to get use to Blaine and Sebastian dating, and if, god forbid, they make noises, I would be sharing a room with my brother next to my ex. Rachel please?" This was killing her. She was his best friend, and she didn't want to see him suffer. But this was her ex. This was the man who hadn't been on speaking terms with her for years.

"Kurt, you know that I can't…" Rachel drifted off looking at Finn before pulling away. Santana made her way over to them.

"Rachel if you do share a room with Finn, there is a pull out in the room so you won't have to share a bed." Santana shrugged. "But Kurt, don't you think you should share a room with your brother?"

"You don't understand Santana. Blaine and Sebastian are dating and I really don't want—" Kurt was cut off by Rachel who had a sullen look on her face.

"I don't want to ruin the holidays for Kurt even more than Blaine and Sebastian have by being here. I think Finn and I can be civil enough to share a room." Rachel sighed, tucking her hair behind her ears. "Besides, I can always bunk in the den if it because too much."

"Okay, it's settled. Puck, go take Kurt's bag to the bedroom with Quinn, and Finn, you can help Rachel settle into your room." Santana was still the ultimate puppet master.

Santana headed upstairs and Kurt pointed out all his bags to Puck as he headed up the stairs and down the hallway to his room with the others. Rachel and Finn stood in silence, only hearing the crackling of the burning logs in the fireplace. They tried to avoid each other's glances for a moment.

"Well, let me show you where we are." Finn picked up the remaining bags that were lying by the front door.

Rachel just nodded quietly as she picked up her things and followed him down the brightly lit hall. It was already almost dinner time so the house was lit up like the Fourth of July. Rachel glanced up at him as he opened the door revealing a large room with a California king size bed, a small sitting area, and a master bedroom. All in all, the room was perfect, but it was made for a couple, which Finn and Rachel were not.

"It's really nice." Rachel murmured, setting her purse down on the couch where she'd be sleeping. "I will take the couch."

"No, no. Take the bed. I will sleep on the couch." Finn moved her purse on the bed as he fell onto the couch.

"Finn, please, you are way too tall to sleep on the couch. You are going to wake up with a backache, you remember that night you slept in my basement?" Rachel insisted, grabbing her purse again setting it on the couch.

"But I am a gentleman, and I am not going to let you sleep on the couch." Finn tried grabbing her bag again. but her grip it was too tight. Maybe she was acting like a five year old but she didn't care. Finn always put her first and ended up hurting himself in the process and she couldn't deal with it.

"You are not going to argue with me until you realize I'm right. I am sleeping on the couch." Rachel settled on the couch.

"You never listen to me, do you?" Finn bit his lip; this was not the best way to start a vacation.
"Excuse me?" Rachel seethed as she narrowed her eyes at Finn. How dare he say she didn't listen to him?

"Well, you always argued with me back in high school. You knew how to press my buttons to get me mad. That's why you always won because I didn't even want to bother fighting with you." Finn leaned against the post of the bed with a half smirk.

"We always argued because you would pick the stupidest things to fight about." Rachel spat out at him as she shrugged off her sweater revealing a light pink tank top.

Finn's eyes fell to her upper body as she struggled pulling off the sweater. Finn wasn't going to lie when it came to Rachel's body. Even if years had passed them by, Rachel's body just grew more and more beautiful with each breath she took. The waist line of the top rose, and he caught a glimpse of her navel and her tan colored skin before she pulled her head out of the sweater, making his eyes divert towards the ground. Rachel dropped the sweater on the bed as she saw Finn try and make it seem like he was interested in something else.

"Stupidest fights huh? Last time I checked you were the one making stupid mistakes." Finn spat at her.

"How am I making stupid mistakes?" Rachel planted her hands on her hips in her classic Rachel Berry defensive stance; at least it was if Finn remembered correctly. Rachel really didn't want to bring out the list of stupid things that filled her head, but the fact that Finn thought she was making more mistakes than him was absolutely absurd. If anything they both made their fair share of mistakes.

"I'm really not getting into this. That no contract rule should have been written in contract because if you are going to bitch for two weeks, I'll bunk with Artie and Brittany." Finn knew that it was his fault they opened up this can of worms.

"Wow, I was just trying to be nice by sleeping on the couch so you wouldn't be in pain on your vacation." She grabbed her bag and set it on the bed before crawling up onto the king size bed that swallowed her small frame whole. "But screw that, if you want to be a dick and live in a haunted past, by my guest. I was leaving all of it behind. Oh and by the way, another mistake you made, arguing with me today. Enjoy the couch."

Rachel's head fell back onto the pillow, allowing the tension to ease out of her body; Finn couldn't tear his eyes off her body. No matter how much was unsettled between them, the sexual tension kept building. If he was being perfectly honest with himself, half the time he argued with her in high school because she looked so sexy when she was mad. Her hair would get all messed up, and she'd pout her lips at him. Besides, the makeup sex was something he still couldn't find the words to describe.

Finn thoughts were drawn away by the idea of Brody and Rachel fighting and then making up the same way they used to. Finn's fists clenched, and his eyes became dark and troubled as he pulled his bag onto the couch.. Part of him wondered why Brody hadn't shown up with Rachel. The last New Directions event had been Santana and Puck's wedding, and apparently Rachel's excuse was work. But Kurt had mention in a call awhile back that Brody and Rachel were having issues. Maybe he couldn't deal with the group of friends who had become protective of Rachel Berry and the light she held. He saw Rachel toss herself off the side of the bed grabbing one of her bags trying to pick it up putting it on the bed. She struggled with the weight and almost dropped it on her foot before Finn grabbed it helping her. He didn't say much as he set it on the bed before going back to his own bags. She didn't say thank you, but the tension between them was so thick it could be cut with a knife.

"Why isn't he here?" Finn asked not looking at her. He unzipped his bag pulling out a few things trying to dodge any glances at her.

"It's none of your business." Rachel didn't make any attempt to continue the conversation as she pulled out a pair of pajamas and her slippers.

"Was he not man enough to face me or anyone else here?" Finn spoke quietly.

Rachel looked up, her face full of sadness and disgust.. The truth was so hard to tell the ones she loved. She'd fallen into a black hole with Brody, and if people only knew.

"Who are you to judge what a man is? There was only one time when you ever were one." Rachel snapped; she knew she'd cut deep, and Finn barely looked up at her.
"Last time I checked, I gave up my entire life and happiness for you."

Finn stood up and headed out the bedroom door leaving Rachel stunned and dejected. She didn't even get the chance to tell him that Brody was gone from her life. She wanted to but didn't. She just stood there at the edge of the bed, sadly gripping her pajamas. . This fight was never going to end.


Screw him. Finn Hudson was not going to have this power over her. He was not going to ruin her vacation, and yet she laid in the king size bed alone without anyone in the house. They had all decided to take a trip down to the pub down the road, and Kurt had begged and begged her to go so he wouldn't have to deal with the loving antics of Sebastian Smythe and Blaine Anderson. But Rachel declined. Finn's comments had opened the doors to emotions she'd been trying to hide. She felt like she was in high school again and something was tugging at her heart. She wasn't completely sure what it was. Maybe it was because she shared a cabin with the people she grew up with and her connection with Lima and home was strong. Maybe it was because her first love was here. Maybe it was because she could feel the sexual tension that had been growing more and more as the night drug on. She was so happy when they decided to go out and leave her alone.

She slipped into the oversized tub that was in the bathroom filling it with bubbles and bath salts. She relaxed for a good half an hour before climbing into bed in nothing but her oversized McKinley High t-shirt that she had stolen from Finn years ago. She hoped he wouldn't notice, that by the time he would be back, she would be fast asleep in the king size bed he'd lost in the argument. The lights were on dim, soothing Rachel's senses, and all she heard was the fire that she attempted to start herself. Finn's bags were huddled in the corner by the couch and her own bags were neatly stacked by the bathroom door. She really didn't feel like unpacking. The Mountain View that they had was beautiful at night as she watched the snow fall and for a moment she felt really lonely. It wasn't so much missing Brody, because she didn't. It was the feeling of having someone care about her; she hadn't felt that in quite some time

If Brody and Rachel were sharing a room, Brody wouldn't have given Rachel the bed. He would have said that his beauty rest is more important than a chorus girl's. He wouldn't have put her first. Finn put her first, and he wasn't even in love with her. Her mind began to flicker back to the thoughts of Finn and she didn't know why. She was so angry at him. What right did he have to pry into her personal life? So what if Brody wasn't around anymore. She was better than any man and she could deal with herself without the drama of someone dragging her down. She even knew how to please herself properly. She had been giving herself mind-blowing orgasms for years, especially since Brody wasn't ever quite up to the job. The last time she felt good with a man was in high school and she was sharing a room with him.

Rachel's hands moved to the bed side table and pulled out what had caused such a frenzy of embarrassment at the airport almost 10 hours before. She knew that everyone would be out for at least two more hours and half of them would be drunk. She sat up slightly wondering if she should lock the door but instead she trusted her instincts. Rachel needed to relieve the tension that had been building up because of Finn; just one look from him made an ache grow between her legs and gave her the feeling like she was in high school all over again. She drew the blankets up close to her and moved her hands down between her .. If people really knew what she thought about when she touched herself they would say she wasn't over Finn. He was the only man she had ever been with to give her the kind of orgasm she knew how to get herself. Her fingers danced across her skin as she tickled her inner thighs causing a slight moan to escape her lips. Rachel's head fell back slightly as she checked the batteries before turning it on. A hum filled the room, and her right hand held it tight as she wiggled out of her black lacy panties and dropped them on the floor quicker than she put them on. Moving her left hand up her shirt, Rachel massaged her breast slightly as she moved the vibrator against her inner thighs for a moment before she ran the purple shimmery vibrator against her heated core feeling the vibrations send shockwaves through her body.

Rachel released a loud moan, glad that she was alone in the house. She continued to massage her breasts as she let the tip of the vibrator move between the glistening lips that were begging to be touched and tasted. Rachel closed and allowed her imagination to take control as usual. She was on stage and Finn was in the audience and she was dancing on stage turning him on. It was one of her many fantasies. She moved the tip of the vibrator over the bundle nerves that throbbed between her thighs. As she felt the vibrations against her, Rachel moaned moving her left hand to the sheets of the bed squeezing them tightly between her fingers as if she was running them through someone's hair. Rachel's moans and the vibrator's hums filled the room as she moved her hand causing her body to jerk at the motions she was creating. Her moans turned into heavy breathing and she pulled her vibrator away for a moment to catch her breath. Her desire had been pooling between her legs and she moved her hand back rubbing the tip back over to her clit letting out a loud moan once again. Rachel was so lost in herself she didn't hear the door creak open.

"Oh crap!" It was Finn; He was standing at the edge of the bed trying to solve the situation. "Holy shit!"

The words slip slowly out of Finn's mouth; his eyes became fixated on the bed and the small figure that was squealing and squirming in pleasure. Finn wondered whether or not if Rachel noticed that he had been lurking at the foot of the bed still dumbstruck by the fact that Little Miss Berry was getting off. He knew he should make his presence known, but it was really hard to do considering the sight he was staring at was such a huge turn on. He remembered the past five years of thoughts and memories of her. One thing he learned about himself after their break up was that Rachel was the only girl to ever make him feel real pleasure. He wasn't going to lie and say he didn't have good sex after Rachel, because he did, but 95% of the time it was only good because Rachel was the girl he would think about to reach his happy place. Seeing her lying in the bed moaning out was a longtime dream coming true and both of his heads knew it. Part of him was glad he decided to come home early. It took only a moment of his own heavy breathing for him to speak.

"Rachel…" Finn spoke a little louder causing Rachel's eyes to fly open and her head to jerk up.

There was a moment of quiet between them as their eyes caught glimpses of each other before Rachel squealed in shock and embarrassment as she shoved the vibrator into the off mode and hid it under the pillow while she gripped the blankets for dear life. How in the world did she think that no one would come back early? She was too lazy to lock the door and now she was paying the price, seeing Finn standing at the foot of the bed curious about what was going on. Luckily she wasn't completely naked because this was already awkward enough.

"Finn! Get out!" She screamed and jumped out of the bed, wearing the white sheet like a long skirt to hide her body from him.

Finn didn't really know how to respond to her. She pushed him slightly, and he found her anger more than a little cute. Finn looked down noticing that Rachel was standing in an extra large gray t-shirt that had 'McKinley' on it. If he had to bet it was one of his old shirts. Did she riffle through his suitcase for a big t-shirt?

"Are you wearing my shirt?" Finn asked tugging at it slightly as he tilted his head trying to see through the dim light of the room. Rachel froze for a moment, as soon as those words left his mouth, she knew he knew.

"Yes." Rachel whispered, holding the sheet tighter around her waist so that it wouldn't fall.

"Why do you think its okay to riffle through my suitcase for stuff that isn't yours?" Finn accused; he failed to consider that he'd been missing that particular shirt for years.

"I didn't riffle through your suitcase." Rachel snapped, clearly disgusted by the accusations.. "I am not obsessed with you like your little stalker girls in LA."

"Well if that is my shirt where did you get it?" Finn leaned against the bed and refused to move. He wasn't going to leave until he got answers. Rachel marched over to the bedroom door grabbing the handle swinging the door open.

"Leave! I need to compose myself." She felt the blood rush to her cheeks turning her bright red. How was she supposed to tell him that she stole it from him five years ago and wore it at least once a week to remember him?

"Not until you answer my question." He crossed his arms with a smirk; he knew he was getting under her skin already. He missed this. He missed teasing her and making her angry, but this wasn't the same. When they were together the small fights turned into amazing sex, but he wasn't going to get any of that now.

"I am not answering your questions. I don't have to." Rachel stomped her foot even though she felt like almost pleading for him to leave.

Rachel had grown up in the years she spent away from him. She was a completely different woman. They weren't in high school anymore, and Finn Hudson was not going to win this battle.

"Well when it involves my shirt, I think you have to."

Finn made a valid point. She said it was his shirt, and it was his property. He had every right to ask questions. He took a few steps toward her trying to figure out if he had worn it in the past couple of weeks. It seems like an older worn out shirt and to be honest, all he was really thinking about was tearing it off her body. Rachel bit her lip when she saw Finn's hand move to the door and close it.

"I am not leaving until you answer me." The tone in his voice was sharper, more forceful than she'd heard him speak in a long time.

"I took it." Rachel spit out hoping he would leave.

"So you did riffle through my suitcase?" Finn crossed his arms.

"No, I took it like five years ago." She whispered as she looked down at her feet looking at the sheet that was touching her toes.

It caught Finn off guard. The fact that she had stolen his shirt and kept it this long astounded him. He was really lost with how to react at the moment. She was Brody's girlfriend, and yet she was wearing his shirt.

"I bet Brody loves that." Finn hissed, grabbing a few things from his bag heading towards the door of the bedroom.

"Why do you keep bringing him up? You don't see me bringing Miss Bimbo Tits up."

Rachel crossed her arms, the sheet slipping to the floor, and Finn's breath caught as his eyes fell on her legs. The shirt was like an oversized nightgown, and in one swift movement he could easily lift it to see all of her. She planted her hands on her hips again, causing the shirt to rise farther and expose more.

"Miss Bimbo Tits? Who the hell is that?" Finn was completely confused; he hadn't steadily dated anyone for years so he had no clue who she was talking about.

"The blonde chick at Mr. Schue's wedding." Rachel snapped.

"Are you kidding me?" Finn dropped the pair of pajama bottoms on the floor with his toothbrush and bag of toiletries.

"What? She was all you cared about back then? I'm sure she isn't happy with you sharing a room with your ex-girlfriend." She could feel the shirt riding up, and she pulled it down slightly.

"Gia? Rachel, that was five years ago. You honestly still think I am dating her." Finn couldn't help but laugh; he hadn't seen Gia in four years, and Rachel really thought she was still an issue. "You are so freaking delusional Rachel Berry. Go back to your boyfriend and be crazy in New York."

Finn leaned down it pick up his stuff, and Rachel grabbed a pillow, throwing it at his head.. It hit him in the back of the head as he stood up.. She couldn't help but feel a tinge of frustration when he simply picked it up and placed it back on the bed; he didn't seem to even care enough to be angry with her.

"Gia is such a porno name." Rachel sneered as she reached for her black panties from the floor.

Anger welled in Finn's chest as she continued to push. Why was it okay for her to rag on his ex's but when it came to Brody, god forbid the world end. The guy was a douche bag anyways.

"Yeah, well what kind of a name is Brody Weston." Finn said finally letting all the anger out.
"I don't know the name of an ass?" Rachel snapped, allowing her anger to escape; she hated Brody, and with everything that happened between the two of them, she swore she was going to not date again.

"That you cheated on me with." Finn spat, no longer concerned about the pain his words might cause.

"We were on a break!" Rachel ran her hands through her hair; Finn rolled his eyes."And stop bringing up Brody."

"No, you broke my heart to be with him." Finn cornered her against the wall, ignoring the way the space between them had closed almost completely.

"No. I let you go just like you let me go. Everything happened because you decided to put me on a train without you." Rachel's voice went soft, "I still hate you for what you did at the wedding, ignoring me like I was never alive."

Finn let out a soft grunt, his hands cupping her face and pulling her into a kiss; halfheartedly she pushed at his chest, trying to stop things before things got out of control, but his hands dropped to her waist and pulled her against his body. His lips moved against hers, kissing her hard and reveling in the softness he'd missed so much. Kissing Rachel was like a drug, and he was addicted. Now it was like he'd fallen off the wagon, and he just couldn't stop. Her hands moved over his chest, caught between the urge to push him away and the urge to pull him closer as his tongue parted her lips and his hands cupped her ass. He savored the feel of her under his fingers, squeezing as he caught his breath. Swiftly his lips dropped to her neck, intent on leaving a mark the way he'd done when they were together. Funny how easy it was to fall back into a pattern they hadn't found in years.

"Finn stop…" Rachel said in a moan as she tried to pull herself away. "We can't do this."

Finn pulled her closer, frustrating her more as it broke down her resistance.. As much as Rachel wanted to push Finn back on that bed and take advantage of him, she knew that it was like messing with fire and she didn't want to get burned.

"I hate him." Finn whispered in her ear, his voice rough and husky. "It's like he turned you against me."

Finn's hands moved up her body, grabbing her wrists and pinning her arms to the wall. Rachel's head turned, and she could see hatred in his eyes. She didn't know if he just hated him or her or even both of them, but Rachel Just couldn't pull away from Finn.

"I should make him feel the same amount of pain I felt when I saw him lying on the floor of your apartment…" His words made her shudder.

"Uh–" Rachel was cut off by Finn's lips again, as he slipped his tongue into her mouth.

He moved his fingers to the hem of Rachel's shirt and pulled it over her body, breaking their kiss. The light was still dim in the room but he could make out every feature of her body. Her skin was still as soft as he could remember, and when the whimpers slipped out of her mouth, Finn knew that he was still hitting her sweet spots. He moved his hand down her back as his lips moved to hers again, and he felt her body reacting just the way he wanted it.

"Finn we can't…" She pulled her body up , but he pressed her back against the bed as he tugged his shirt off and tossed it on the ground with hers.

"I don't care if you hate me. I don't care if you are so mad you want to kill me. I need this. You need this." Finn whispered before moving up her body looking at her tender perky breasts as they pebbled in the dim firelight.

He moved his left hand to her breast and pinched her nipples slightly.. Her whimpers and moans just proved that she wanted it just as much as he did. His lips moved to her other free breast and his sucked it slightly. Rachel didn't know what to do. She knew she should fight this, pull away and kick him out of the room, but her body was possessed. To hell with the damage it would cause to their already broken relationship. Her fingers danced through his hair pulling him closer to her body while she felt sweet heat pool between her legs.

"Finn…" His name released from her lips as his touch became rougher and more insistent ; switched his mouth to her other breast taking it in just as long as he did with the other one.

He was sure that tomorrow both of them were going to regret this, but the sexual energy in the room wasn't going to let them stop. He was almost unbearably hard, and his jeans were way too tight now. Rachel watched as his fingers fumbled with the belt, and she tried to hold in a giggle as she crawled off the bed standing in front of him. Her hands fumbled with the buckle as Finn tried to push her away to do it himself, but she just pushed him against the wall with her tiny hand. Her eyes stayed on his, full of righteous anger and aggression as she worked his pants off his hips; she could feel his erection straining against her. She'd done this; it was her body, her whimpers that aroused him like this. Rachel moved her fingers to the waistband of his plaid boxer shorts, reminded of the way he'd worn them in high school.
"Fine, you want to fuck me because you're angry, well I can fuck just as hard back." Rachel's voice was laced with frustration as she narrowed her eyes and pushed down his boxers, seeing him in all his glory.

She had been naked for long enough, and she wanted to make him feel exactly what she felt. Rachel ran a finger down his chest slowly as she he kicked out of the boxers. Her hand made its way down to the stiffness she created, running her index finger over the head of cock and feeling the pre-cum already slipping out. She couldn't help but wonder just how much experience he'd had since their break up, but she couldn't stand the thought of him with someone else. Rachel teased him for a moment before her hand encircled the familiar heaviness of his arousal. Finn's jaw went slack, and he released a series of soft grunt and less than manly whimpers. The fact that she had him literally in the palm of her hand made her body ache for something more.

Rachel kissed her chest lightly before moving down his body, slowly teasing him in painful agony. She knew what he wanted. They had spent the last five months of their relationship trying to perfect it. She looked up at him as his hand moved down to the strands of her hair before cupping the back of her head. She didn't have time to think before Finn aligned himself with her lips and pushed himself into her mouth, controlling her head with his hand. He felt her mouth wrap around him and his eyes closed for a moment. Her tongue flickered against him as she moved her head down further taking him deeper. The moans escaping his lips were proof enough that she still remembered exactly how to please him, and she smiled inwardly, knowing that she had the power to take it away at any second. She was tempted to pull away right now, but her body wouldn't let her. It was like two magnets stuck together.

Finn pushed himself further into her mouth and bit his lip, watching her eyes close as she stayed still for a moment before pulling away to take a deep breath. It was a sight he never thought he would see again. He remembered the nights they would sneak away to his room and experiment with each other; trying new positions, different ways to make each other climax, and just trying to make their sex life better. He learned all the basics with her, and he was forever grateful for the time they'd spent together. His thoughts were chased from his mind by the sight of Rachel enveloping him in the heat of her mouth while her free hand moved between her legs to stroke herself. He could feel the vibrations of Rachel's moans against his shaft, and he reluctantly pulled himself away from her. As much as her loved the feel of her lips around him, he was desperate for more, and he had to act before they both came to their senses. Rachel whined in displeasure as Finn picked her up, roughly tossing her on the bed. He parted her thighs, staring down at her as she quivered in anticipation.

His fingers traveled up her inner thighs, tickling her slowly before stopping at the sight he longed to see. Rachel was glistening before him, soaked with arousal, and he knew he'd done this to her. He moved his thumb slightly over the lips savoring the feel of her heat as he leisurely gazed down at her. He hated the thought of Brody touching her, of the asshole that stole her making her moan, and he slid his thumb against her clit, watching her squirm beneath him. He wanted for her beg for it. He wanted to her to want it so badly that she screamed his name so loud that the village down the road would hear it. Finn released a soft whimper when he felt her tightness as he pushed his fingers in her pumping in and out.

"Bet he doesn't make you feel this good, does he?" Finn used his left hand to grip her thigh as he pulled himself closer to her. "I bet he never made you cum like I did, like I can."

Finn leaned down whispering in her ear before kissing her neck slightly as his fingers dripped in her juices. Rachel shook her head unable to speak as he nibbled on her neck. She let out a moan as he pulled his fingers from her, seeing them glistening in the barely lit room. Finn lifted his fingers to his mouth, licking her essence from them with a groan. She still tasted like heaven, exactly as he'd remembered. He closed his eyes for a moment before moving his fingers back into her again.

"Does he make you feel this good?"

"No!" She screamed."I need you please Finn."

Rachel whimpered as his fingers touched the sweet spot for just a moment before he moved them back out of her. He tasted her one more time before he climbed onto the bed, hovering above her, his eyes meeting hers and hold her gaze. Rachel hadn't felt like this in years, even when she had to please herself. Finn knew what buttons to press, and as always, he was hitting every one of them. The more he teased her, the more impatient she became, and instinctively she moved to take control. Her arms moved around his neck, and she pulled him closer trying to align herself with him. But he rolled to his back causing her body to shift, and he was once again in control. Neither of them said a word as their eyes remained locked on each other; it was as if their bodies spoke a language all their own. The tension built, and soon neither of them could take anymore teasing; he gripped her hips, pressing up until he barely slipped within her. Rachel arched her back, moaning as e filled her completely.

"Fuck…" Finn groaned as her heat surrounded him,

It had been years since he felt this good and the fact that Rachel wanted it just as bad only made him feel more special. Rachel really did want this. No matter how angry she was with him or how rough their actions were with each other tonight, she wanted it. It didn't even matter that tomorrow it wouldn't be the same. She just felt like this moment she was sharing was a culmination of the five years of fighting, of ignoring and avoiding each other. Finn only took a moment before he buried himself deep into her snug walls, letting out a load moan .Rachel's body arched again, and he held onto her waist as she moved up and down on him slowly.

"Finn, oh god…" She whimpered as her fingers ran through her own hair before she started to speed up her motions.

Finn wasn't wearing a condom, but neither of them was thinking much about protection at the moment. Intelligent thought had flown out the window the moment his lips found hers. The sensation of the two of them connected with nothing between them almost sent Rachel over the edge alone but she was desperately tried to hold out, to prolong the feeling of him inside her, completely one with him. Finn slid in and out of her faster as he pulled himself up into a sitting position to face her. He kissed her lips swallowing her moans down for a moment as his hands moved down her back. The sounds of flesh pounding together filled the air like a steady stream of music as words slipped out of Rachel's mouth.

"Harder, Finn…fuck me harder… yes, yes, yes…"

Finn had never felt this much build up as he gripped her waist and complied with her request; it had never been so intense before, and he wondered if it would ever feel like this again. He could feel her wetness slip down the sides of his cock, and he knew that she was only moment away from exploding.

"You feel so fucking good." Finn growled into her ear as her legs wrapped around him.

She shifted her hips slightly so the tip of his cock could hit her g-spot. She wondered briefly if he still had it. She wondered if he could still make her climax and scream like he used to. Her nails ran down his back, and she knew she was probably leaving marks. She didn't have to wonder long as Finn's cock pushed against her sweetness, triggering her peak, and she cried out and arched in pleasure on top of him. Rachel's moans were muffled against his shoulder as she shuddered and quaked in his lap, riding out her orgasm while he continued to pump in and out of her . Moments later he reached his own climax, hips jerking as he released within her. The two breathed heavy against each other before Finn pulled away and fell back against the bed, not sure how to react. Rachel's eyes still held anger as they glanced over at him before falling back against the pillow..

"I told you I could fuck just as hard as you could."

"Brody is gonna kill me when he finds out I fucked your brains out." Finn mused, refusing to hide the pride in his voice; it didn't matter how much he still cared because this was a huge mess that they'd only made worse.

"Why do you care?" Finn didn't say a word; this was a bad idea, and he knew it. "Finn, he isn't going to kill you because we broke up two months ago."

"You guys broke up?" Finn looked over at her for only a moment before looking away again.

"Don't think it makes a difference with us. There is too much history behind us to open that can of worms again." Rachel was pushing him away—she didn't have a choice, and she stood up grabbing the gray t-shirt putting it on before climbing back into bed. "You can either sleep in the bed tonight or the couch, but starting tomorrow we don't sleep in the same bed."

With that Rachel put her head on the pillow and closed her eyes, trying to hide her sadness. Finn didn't know what to say or do. He was lost. This was going to be the longest two weeks of his life.

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