Author's Note: Hello all! It's my birthday! :D Hooray for me! Anyway, this chapter contains a lemon :3 you know you all want that! Also NO cliffhangers in this chapter :) just enjoy part two!

Chapter seventeen: Missing You: Part 2

I wasn't quite sure what Cyan's motives were, or his intentions, but a part of me had an inclination to believe that a Pokemon battle wouldn't suffice to hear the end of this. No, even if I did defeat him he wouldn't give up. He wanted to make sure I suffered for what I did to his baby brother, and maybe that was why he was currently biding his time, waiting for the right moment to strike.

I wasn't sure.

But whatever it was that he was planning it wasn't going to work. He had already put phase one of his plan into motion when he attacked Red, ensuring I would make a swift return to Johto. He knew me better than I thought, he knew I would come back and that was what he wanted. But still, I had no idea when he would make his next move, what stunt he would pull.

It was like this whole thing was a big game of Chess, and it was his turn to move.

"Are you okay?" Gold's voice entered my ears as I sighed.

We were currently laying down on the sofa, Gold's head resting against my chest as both of us zoned out to whatever programme was on the television. Weakly I nodded;

"...don't you wonder why Cyan hasn't done anything while I was gone?"

Golden eyes gazed at my face with confusion. It was true, and it had crossed my mind a few times.

Every time I worried about Cyan hurting Gold he hadn't even harmed a hair on his head. Why was that?

"...when you were gone, he tried talking to me...he tried to convince me to have nothing more to do with you because you were not worth it. After that, I just didn't have the heart to face going outside any more... so I stayed at home. Cyan hasn't tried to contact me since then"

Burying my nose into his dark hair I sighed deeply.

I hated mind games, and he was so fucking good at them. Was he waiting for me to make my move before he did?

I had this awful feeling that every event that had happened were all pieces beautifully linked to his devious scheme, whatever that was. I was determined to find out.

"Why would he hurt Red though? Red wasn't close to me, or even a friend...I just don't understand..."

Gold shifted so he was facing me.

"If he is just a nut case then would he even have a reason? Or maybe, it was so he knew you would come back to Johto or something. I don't know to be honest..."

He was right, there might not even be a reason for his actions.

"Man... he hurt Red? Has he got a death wish? Red is the Champion!"

"I know...and with Green on his ass I sure as hell wouldn't want to be him"

I chuckled at the thought of Green pounding him into the ground. But then another thought crossed my mind.

Shit! I never spoke to Green after Red was taken away in the ambulance! Man... my people skills still sucked it seemed. I would have to call him later or something.

Gold sighed softly as he rested his head against my chest once again, arms wrapping themselves around my waist. Right now it would be better to not think of any of this and just wait until the storm came.

I would deal with it then.

It was now I had just realised that all throughout the time I had spent with Gold I hadn't seen his Mom.

Was she out? Not that I cared or anything, just the thought of her bursting in on us if we were doing anything was a little...scary to say the least. Was she even okay with her son being gay? I hadn't asked.

"Where is your Mom by the way?"

Gold looked up at me before answering;

"She went out not too long ago to get some food in. She discovered I ate all her favourite ice cream and then she immediately went to get some more"

I watched as he smiled, and now I noticed the colour was starting to return to his cheeks. He didn't look so pale and malignant right now. I nodded, now expecting her to come back at any minute. Gold smirked cheekily;

"...why did you ask that? Did you want to make sure she wasn't around so you could...take advantage of me?"

I jolted in shock at what he said, and watched as he wiggled his eyebrows playfully. Seemed to me like Gold wasn't completely gone after all. I rolled my eyes at his stupid idea, even if it was so devilishly tempting right now.

"Gold... what I did before... when I was basically using you for sex... it was wrong, and I never meant to hurt you or...anything"

"No," Gold shook his head defiantly " makes sense. You only said it was a sex arrangement, and that no feelings or emotions would get involved. You wasn't using me because I knew what I was getting myself into"

I sighed as I looked into golden eyes that sparkled in the dim light. He was still defending my decision even after everything. It was a stupid plan, that only resulted in me finally admitting that I was Gay and that I actually loved this idiot!

"It was just a fucking stupid excuse! I wanted you...but I tried to distance myself at the same time, to keep control of the situation. You kept fucking taking my control away from me, and I hated it! So.. that was why this whole situation happened..."

"Are you saying you regret your decision?" Gold questioned, looking expectantly at me.

God, I was not great at wording things, was I?

"No...just... oh just forget it!" I snapped, pushing him away to sit up properly on the sofa.

Once again the old me resurfaced. When I was backed into a corner I would always revert back to type and snap at whoever it was. I really needed to stop that. Luckily for me Gold wasn't offended. He just laughed and nudged my arm.

"It's okay Silver, I knew what you meant..."

I turned away, trying my best to scowl but it was more like a forced grimace right now.

God... I really had gone soft...

Then my whole body jolted when I felt hot breath on my ear, absolutely murdering my nervous system. I just seemed to become paralysed, and I could not move. With eyes widened to the point of almost watering I started to feel a warm and moist feeling consume my ear lobe, gently teasing, causing my heart to thunder angrily inside my chest.

Shit...what the hell was Gold doing to me?!

"'re so hot when you're angry you know...I just can't stop myself... I need to show you...Silver..." He purred into my ear, which caused a volcano of goosebumps to erupt all over my body.

Holy shit! What was he doing?! That was so... alluring. I wanted him... so bad.

I closed my eyes, biting my lip harshly as his tongue continued to slowly tease my sensitive skin around my ear, down my neck and stopped so he could suckle the skin.

"...ah! Fuck, fuck!" I cursed, as I felt my once dormant organ in my pants begin to swell with excitement.

How had this even happened? One minute we were talking about Cyan, and then his Mom and now... this?

My neck started to ache when he finally tore his mouth away.

Great... he had marked me yet again.

I looked over at him, to see a lust driven sparkle light up those eyes. He had that come hither look and I swear it drove me crazy! I watched as the shorter boy lay back on the sofa, eyes never leaving mine as one of his hands slowly pulled his t-shirt up his body, revealing his stomach.

"You can't deny that you want me..." He purred softly.

My eyes just seemed to just melt in their sockets.

Oh my God... did he have the devil in him today? When did Gold act so... hot?

I swallowed hard as my eyes couldn't divert their gaze from looking at his stomach, at the lovely honey coloured flesh.

I wanted it so bad...

The ache in my groin just increased ten fold. I bit my lip, trying to fight off this uncontrollable urge to just attack him and ravage him senseless, and it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

Then one of his hands held mine, pulling it over to his exposed stomach and allowing my fingers to touch his skin. It was hot, almost burning and it caused the breath to hitch in my throat. I watched as Gold closed his eyes, sighing softly as he moved my hand slowly over his exposed stomach. Then he was using my hand to pull his t-shirt further up his body, allowing more skin to fall under my watchful gaze.

He really wanted me to touch him?

My free hand moved to gently caress his stomach while the one he had control over desperately tugged at his t-shirt. I watched as his body arched like a cat as I touched him, hearing breathless moans escape his lips.

God... this was torture...

"Silver..." He breathed out, eyes still closed.

I smirked watching as the dark haired boy started to get flustered. Chewing my lip I removed my hand from his grasp to slowly massage the semi erect organ that lay waiting in his tracksuit bottoms. Gold gasped as he moved his hands to lie at either side of his head.

He liked it! Gold liked me doing this to him.

"Do you.. want me to?" I asked, watching as lust driven eyes opened slightly.

A weak nod was the only affirmation I needed. As I squeezed his arousal softly I felt Gold's hips buck upwards, allowing my fingers more access to his growing need that longed to be freed. With my other hand slowly I pulled the tracksuit bottoms down along with those white cotton boxers, baring the honey coloured skin more and more.

Gold was so vulnerable now...he was waiting for me to take him... and God I wanted him so badly.

I couldn't help but grunt as my hand slowly closed around unfamiliar skin, and started to move, slowly.

"A-Ah..." He groaned softly, his whole body writhed under mine as my hands gently worked his organ, pumping it softly to start off with only to speed up and slow down again. I knew I was driving him insane with this, but I wanted him to enjoy the feeling, after all, usually he was the one touching me. My heart pounded in my chest as I admired the object in my hand.

Slowly extending the strokes I squeezed tighter around it, while I allowed my other hand to softly embrace the sack, massaging in time with every stroke.

"...oh God...Silver..." Gold moaned out, hands becoming limp at either side of his head as his breathing seemed to become very irregular.

He was struggling, and God it was so appealing. I closed my eyes momentarily, just wanting to feel... to hear everything that was going on right now. Gold's breathless moans were driving me insane, and with every passing second I could feel myself getting harder and harder.

I slowed down my strokes only to hear him whimper under my gaze, then I would quicken up again. His face showed signs that he was struggling, and that soon enough he would just release, and that was what I wanted. Alternating the pressure seemed to be working.

"...aahhh...please...don't stop.." He groaned, bucking his hips upwards as my hand continued to work his organ. Then I found myself leaning over his writhing body to place a subtle kiss on his neck. The skin was hot and laced with sweat, and after that kiss had melted into his skin I started to suckle on it, savouring the salty flavour that the sweat had caused.

Gold panted, fingers now becoming entwined in my hair as my mouth assaulted his neck. This was what we both wanted, so it was okay. His body trembled under me as I knew he was so close to release, and with that in mind I quickened the pace.

"...oh God~!" He cried out, hands moving down from my hair, to my shoulders and continued to move until they started to slowly slide my trousers down.

Wow, he was eager!

I groaned softly as I felt the material rub against my hardened organ. Right now I craved him, I wanted him so badly... With one final suckle on his neck I pulled away, hearing him inhale sharply. A nice purple mark lay on his skin, that was something to revel about later.

As my hand continued to pump his arousal, feeling it pulsate with need, a vague sound at the front door made me stop and remove my hand immediately. As our eyes shot open I heard the sound of the door creaking, as if it was being opened.

Oh shit!

Gold ended up burying his face into my t-shirt, and without thinking I lay on top of him, covering his half naked body up as much as I could.

Please don't let it be his mom... please...


I heard the shriek and winced, feeling Gold's hands latch onto my t-shirt desperately.

Yeah.. it was his mom... great...

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO MY SON?!" I heard her loud voice enter my ears and deep within I just knew I was for the high jump.

"Mom..." Gold mumbled, hidden from view and literally clinging to me like a lifeline.

I glanced at the older woman, watching as the colour drained from her face, and she looked as if she was going to pass out.

Well... this was obviously not expected.

"...I'm sorry about this..." He continued, poking his head from out of my t-shirt to look at the figure of his Mother. I watched as she steadied herself against the wall, dropping the bags of shopping on the floor.

"Gold... what the hell is going on?! Why is there a... boy on top of you?!"

Okay, so he hadn't told her he was Gay yet. Well, she must definitely know now!

I sighed softly, feeling Gold shuffle underneath me.

"Mom...what does it look like?"

I couldn't believe he just said that! I might even get kicked out for doing this!

The older lady sighed heavily, placing a hand to her head.

"...please don't tell me you know..."

"No, but... if you hadn't have come back.. then we could have..." Gold admitted.

I was starting to get cramp in my leg given the awkward position but if I moved now his Mom would see everything! Well, even though she had probably seen it all before anyway. She shook her head in disappointment.

"Gold.. I have taught you better than to have one night stands with people!"

"He is not a one night stand!" I heard the dark haired boy's voice raise in pitch, as I watched him sit up slightly.

Thankfully I was still covering the vital areas, so it was okay. In all of this I stayed quiet, thinking if I said anything I was definitely going to get kicked out.

"You mean this has been going on for a while?!" She screamed at him.

Guess the cat was out of the bag now.

"You wouldn't understand anyway..." He grumbled, nuzzling into my t-shirt protectively.

I watched as the older lady placed her hands on her hips.

"Too right, I don't! So what, are you Gay? Or just experimenting with your sexuality?!"

I sighed, really wanting to say something right now. I had half expected his Mom to be understanding, and give him a break.

Instead, she was demanding that he tell her exactly what was 'wrong' with him, even though being Gay wasn't wrong at all.

"Yes I am Gay!" He answered defiantly, bringing his arms up to wrap around me tightly.

"...and I love him..."

She huffed as she started to pick up the bags of grocery off the floor.

"Gold love, you're seventeen! What you feel isn't love! It's just lust... you'll get over it soon enough..."

You have no idea how angry that made me.

Did she have any fucking idea about what love felt like?! Probably not, considering she was all alone.

I bit my lip, trying to stop myself from cursing, but surprisingly Gold did it for me.

"How can you say that?! You have no idea how I feel! I might only be seventeen but that doesn't mean I don't know what love is!"

I think I knew what she meant. It wasn't that he was too young to fall in love, it was probably the idea of her precious golden boy being in love with another boy that she couldn't handle. She probably hoped this was just a phase he would grow out of or something... God... it got me so agitated.

The older woman sighed and walked towards the kitchen, bags in tow, ignoring us.

"You have no idea how angry I am right now..." I murmured to the dark haired boy feeling the need to punch something right now.

I watched as he smiled at me and gently placed a hand to my face.

"Ignore her...she will understand eventually...she has to"

He was right of course, if she didn't want her son to completely hate her for eternity this was just something she had to get used to, even if she disliked it.

But maybe most of her actions were down to being shocked, which I suppose might have been understandable.

Slowly I helped Gold pull his boxers and tracksuit bottoms up his legs so he was finally decent. With a heavy sigh I lifted off his body, watching as he adjusted his crumpled t-shirt.

Well... I guess sex was definitely out of the question now...

"So... what now?" I asked him in a low voice, hearing his Mother potter about in the kitchen. Gold leaned over to me to whisper in my ear.

"We could always wait till she falls asleep, or sneak up to my bedroom?"

I glanced in the direction of the kitchen, having the distinct feeling his Mother would be far too busy to interfere, and besides...he was old enough to do what the hell he wanted! As I adjusted my trousers the thought seemed so tempting.

To claim Gold while his Mother was actually in the same house? Just thinking about it was making my trousers tighten.

My eyes met his and with a simple wiggle of his eyebrows we both quietly stood up, trying our utmost not to make a sound. With one final glance at the kitchen Gold and I made our speedy getaway up the stairs, hoping that she wouldn't try to stop us doing what we wanted to.

As Gold and I rushed into his bedroom I watched the shorter boy quickly grab a key from a nearby dressing table to lock the door. Well, at least that was comforting, there was no way she would be coming in now.

Unless she kicked the door down...

I sighed heavily, not quite believing that we had got caught doing... that!

What if we were actually doing it! Oh my God she probably would have had a heart attack!

Gold turned to me, placing the key back where he found it.

" will your Mom stay mad at you?"

"She is shocked... that's all, she'll come round eventually"

And a large smile smothered those features which instantly lifted my heart right into the heavens.

How I loved that smile...

"But still... it definitely killed the moment..." I groaned, combing my fingers through my hair in annoyance. Gold nodded in agreement.

"Yes, but... she isn't here now..."

I watched as he walked closer to me before pulling me into an embrace.

It was gentle, loving...and I liked it.

Closing my eyes briefly I sighed.


I loved how his name sounded when I said it out loud, and even better when I moaned it. I shivered slightly, loving the soothing warmth he emitted. As his nose nuzzled into the crook of my neck his voice purred softly;

"...there is so much I want to give you..."

Sighing softly I just melted into this embrace, never wanting it to end.

"Well what's stopping you?"

His eyes raised to look into mine as a small smile crept upon those lips.


As his arms wrapped around my neck our faces drew closer so our lips touched, softly. I closed my eyes, loving how soft they were, how good he tasted in my mouth. He was like a drug to me, and every time we kissed I was having my fix. I held onto his hips as our mouths collided, fitting together just perfectly, as if they were made for each other. His tongue delicately flickered out every so often to tease my lips, just dampening them and not daring to meet my own just yet.

God... he was such a tease sometimes...

Every time his tongue traced the contours of my mouth it would just open expectantly, waiting, until eventually my own entwined with his. He whimpered, grabbing fistfuls of my hair as he pulled me deeper into the kiss.

My God...he was driving me insane...

I groaned softly as our mouths collided, tongues entwining ferociously like battling Arbok's.

... I loved this...

Reluctantly he pulled away from the kiss a little breathless, and looked into my eyes.

"...we also have a lot of...catching up to do..."

I nodded weakly, also feeling out of breath.

" what?"

Gold smirked as his nose touched mine delicately.

"...we haven't played chess in a while..."

A few seconds of awkwardness followed as I was hit by a non too pleasant flashback in the Pokemon Centre, but when I looked at Gold's face I knew he wasn't meaning it literally. He meant it in the way everyone saw it back then. I ended up smirking too.

"You're right, I'm a little rusty though..."

"That's okay... we could always practise..."

I shivered, knowing exactly what he meant. It was so tempting that I literally just wanted to pounce on him. And as his arms reached around my waist to pull my body flush up against his he moaned seductively;

"...your move..."

Allowing that feral side of me out into the open I grabbed Gold by the scruff of his t-shirt and forced our lips together. I heard a soft whimper as my mouth attacked his in this hungry rage.

I needed him... I wanted him so badly...

Gold's eyes closed as his hands gently placed themselves on top of mine, relaxing my grip immediately. I could feel my trousers tighten with every passing second, with every time our tongues danced together and with every moan that escaped his lips.

Slowly I pushed the shorter boy forward, allowing the kiss to break so he could fall, flustered on his bed. Golden eyes stared up at me as I crawled on top of him, never diverting my gaze. I wanted to absorb this image for eternity, the beautiful tantalising image of Gold with ruffled hair, lust clouded eyes and panting for air.

Fuck... it was such an appealing image.

"...I said you were good at Chess..." Gold mocked, raising an eyebrow at me, as if he was beckoning me to do something else.

Deep inside I allowed a second of thought before deciding this wasn't enough. Gold wasn't going to mock me and get away with it. I smirked as my hand slowly moved downwards and started to massage his semi-erect organ through his tracksuit bottoms.

He groaned softly, pushing locks of dark hair further into the pillows as his body arched at my touch. I knew he was horny, but I never expected this. As my hand softly fondled him I could hear breathless sighs escaping into the atmosphere.

Was he eager? Did he want more?

"S-Silver..." He mewled, legs writhing underneath me.

Biting my lip I tried to ignore how hard I was, and how much I just wanted to ravage him. Gold was usually the one in control, only this time it seemed like he wanted me to be the dominant party. Not that I minded.

One of his hands became fisted in the bedsheets as the other lay limp at his side. My eyes drank in the image of the dark haired boy panting for air like he would run out of it soon.

As his eyes fused closed I took this opportunity to really put my plan into action. My fingers danced underneath the material of his tracksuit bottoms and his boxers until my hand was once again teasing his arousal, feeling the warm hard length. Gold gasped loudly, bucking his hips accidentally as I stroked him.

Nearing his ear I whispered;


The boy shuddered underneath me as his fingers desperately curled around the bed sheets, panting like his life depended on it.

This was such an appealing image...if this was in my dreams they definitely would not be nightmares.

"A-ahh...stop...teasing me..." He murmured weakly, moaning softly every time I would apply enough pressure towards the tip of his length. I figured he liked it there.

Softly I placed feather like kisses all along his neck, feeling every movement he made against my own body. It was driving me insane, if I had my way his clothes would be ripped apart and then I would have just ravaged him senseless. But I had to stay in control.

Slowly with my other hand I started to slide his bottoms down, exposing more and more of the younger boy beneath me. He made no sounds of protest, just delicious moans that were driving me up the wall.

"...Oh God...aaahh...S-Silver..." He panted as my pace slowed down to an excruciating rate.

Once his bottoms were removed I went back to the task at hand, and quickened the pace up a little. He bit his lip as golden eyes refused to open. He probably knew I watching his facial expressions, I took great pleasure in seeing his face contort like he was about ready to explode in pleasure.

Once again my mouth neared his neck, placing a delicate chaste kiss on his honey coloured flesh, which soon turned into suckling, hard enough to create a mark. Gold wriggled underneath me, obviously struggling to stay calm. Torturing Gold like this was causing my erection to pulsate uncontrollably in my pants, just hearing his moans, seeing his face, and tasting his skin was doing unbelievable things to me.

"A-ahh...I...Oh God... I... want you... so badly...aaahhh..." Gold groaned loudly, hips bucking upwards with every time I stroked his hardened length.

So, he wanted it too?

As I tore my mouth away from his neck I eyed the purple mark, pleased with my handiwork.

Then I slowly removed my hand, watching how Gold's eyes shot open almost immediately. His mouth opened to protest, but was soon quietened down when I placed a finger to his lips.

" said you wanted me, didn't you?"

He nodded, large golden eyes staring up at me expectantly. I smirked, loving how right now I had ultimate control over this situation.

As I removed my finger from his lips I started to remove my t-shirt. My eyes caught sight of the dark haired boy watching me eagerly, mouth slightly agape.

It was so attractive...

Once the garment was thrown onto the floor somewhere my hand wondered towards Gold's t-shirt, which was very old by the looks of it. It just looked very worn out. As I slowly pulled the garment further up his body he raised his arms to help me remove it entirely. And once that too was discarded I grabbed his hand, edging it towards my trousers.

" make your move" I purred.

Gold's large golden eyes looked up at me innocently, before turning into a mischievous glance. I let go of his hand, noticing that both of them were now working to try to unzip the borrowed garment. I closed my eyes briefly, feeling nimble fingers occasionally brush against my arousal, which caused me to groan softly.

As Gold started to slide the trousers down my legs I helped him remove them entirely, and they too ended up on the floor.

Once most of the annoying items of clothing were now missing I pressed my body flush against Gold's, feeling his erection brush against my stomach. A breathless moan escaped his lips as skinny arms wrapped themselves around my waist.


As my nose nuzzled the purple bruise that lavished his honey coloured skin I felt his lips attaching themselves to any part of my body he could get hold of, my neck, my collarbone, my throat...

Closing my eyes I sighed softly, loving the sensation of his tongue dancing across my skin.

I only wished it was somewhere else...

In response I grind my hips into him, brushing against his erection, only to hear him whimper like a puppy.


"How badly do you want it, Gold?" I whispered into his ear, causing more friction against his hardened length every time I rocked my body over his.

Fragile fingers dug harder into my back, clawing softly, not hard enough to create any marks. Hissing slightly I closed my eyes, my hands lying either side of Gold's head, longing to do something right now. His body writhed desperately underneath me as sweat started to congeal all over his beautiful honey blemished skin.

"...oh God...I... aaahhh..." He mewled loudly as my own erection through my boxers was rubbing against his.

Breathless moans escaped my lips every time my hips rocked against the dark haired boy, feeling his body shudder in delight.

"I can't hear you..." I moaned into his ear, slowly tracing my tongue over the sensitive flesh.

Panting loudly like no amount of oxygen would ever be enough I heard grunts and groans escape into the atmosphere around us.

"I...aaahhh...want you...Oh"

I bit my lip hard, trying to keep control of this situation.

Gold was doing insane things to me right now, all those moans...the heavy breathing... it was torture!

I removed my hand from the side of his head until one of my fingers was just barely teasing the edge of his entrance. His body shuddered suddenly at the contact, he obviously wasn't used to it. As I slowly slid my finger inside the tight ring of muscle Gold gasped loudly, fingers digging harder into my back. I closed my eyes tightly, trying to ignore the overwhelming sensation his clawing was doing to me. I wriggled my finger slightly, feeling just how tight it was inside of him, how the hell I would fit in there I had no idea.

"S-Silver~!" He cried out loudly, before I had to place a hand over his mouth.

The last thing I wanted was his mother banging on the door, demanding me to stop having sex with her son. That can fuck right off!

Golden eyes shot open and met my own as my finger continued to loosen the tightness deep inside of him.

I so wasn't used to this, I had no idea if I was doing it right! But from the noises Gold was making I had a feeling I was.

He was panting and moaning against my hand, causing soft vibrations through my skin. I shuddered. Holding this out for much longer I doubted I could do right now.

"...not so loud..." I warned softly, watching as he nodded weakly, eyes now becoming half lidded with sheer lust. Without warning I entered a second finger, feeling his body jolt suddenly. I wasn't sure whether it was through pleasure or discomfort, but I had a feeling he would be used to it soon. Removing my hand from Gold's mouth allowed the remaining pants and gasps free into the open air as two fingers wriggled unmercifully inside of him.

He was enjoying this!

"Aaahh...S-Silver...please...aaahh..." He begged, fingers desperately clawing at my back.

I groaned at the touch, really wanting to just rip my boxers off and ravage his body senseless. His hair had fanned out all over the pillow whilst hot moans just danced off his tongue, causing my arousal to pulsate with want. He had no idea how aroused I was right now.

"Please what?" I murmured into his ear softly, feeling every tremble, every vibration his body emitted.

Sounding more like a strangled moan he managed to choke out;

"...please...fuck me..."

Slowly I removed my fingers from his entrance, deciding that he had begged enough right now.

My eyes scanned the bedroom in search of something to use, some lotion or anything would be handy right now. But I couldn't see anything. Gold's eyes opened fully, panting urgently, watching me scan his bedroom for something to use. Then I think it clicked.

"Wait... I have some...hand lotion in my bedside drawer..."

As I leant over the dark haired boy's body to reach the drawer it suddenly dawned on me.

Hand...lotion? Was he trying to be funny?

When I opened the drawer and retrieved the bottle I looked at it curiously in my hand, wondering why it seemed so familiar. Then the penny dropped.

Wasn't this... my hand lotion?!

"Gold... why do you have my hand lotion?" I asked, holding it out for him to see.

I watched as he smiled wildly, like a naughty child who had just gotten caught stealing sweets from a candy store.

"'s not yours...I bought it!"

Staring at the object in my hands yet again I wondered why on Earth Gold would buy strawberry scented hand lotion.

I thought it was just me who was weird...

"...can I ask why?"

Gold used his elbows to prop himself up.

"Because... it reminded me of you... of us...and besides, I never knew when it might come in handy"

I so wanted to murder him right now for that, but instead I just nodded. I never quite realised how popular my hand lotion would become.

Whilst staring at the bottle I hardly noticed Gold wrapping his arms around my neck and pressing his warm soft lips to mine. Closing my eyes I inhaled deeply, savouring the taste of him on my lips, enjoying the warmth he emitted.

Then I realised Gold was moving. His body shuffled from underneath me until somehow he ended up on top of me, straddling my hips.

Not that I minded, but still, didn't he want me to be the dominant one?

When we broke the kiss Gold gently took the bottle from my hands and with the other started to pull down my boxers. I bit into my lip, watching as he eyed my erection. It wasn't like he had never seen it before. Then he smirked, like he was thinking of something mischievous and naughty. And he was.

I just watched as he opened the bottle and squeezed out the strawberry scented lotion onto his hand. Then he caught me completely off guard when a cold sensation consumed my arousal, causing me to shudder violently.

It was Gold!

His hand was now wrapped around my hardened length, along with the coating of lotion and slowly started to stroke up and down.

"..A-aahhh..."I groaned softly, loving yet hating this weird warm yet also cold sensation that consumed me.

I closed my eyes as my hands now became limp just above my head, just staying there and not moving. Gold's pace quickened which somehow made my arousal get harder and pulsated with desperate need of release. Panting heavily I tried to remember to breathe at all times and not just try to hold it inside of me. Passing out didn't seem very appealing right now.

"...I want you so badly..." Gold murmured softly, his hands now becoming warm on my arousal as the cold sensation dissipated completely.

God... I wanted him had been too long...

Once my erection was coated with the lotion Gold slowed the motions down to a stop. Weakly I opened my eyes wondering what had caused him to stop, but I soon discovered what he was up to.

"S-Silver...I want you to fuck me..." He groaned, moving his body upwards while his hand started to guide my erection.

Eyes widened I knew what he was planning, and I had no idea what was going to happen afterwards. Feeling my heart thunder in my chest and my breathing become very rapid I watched as slowly he guided the tip of my arousal into his entrance. I closed my eyes when I felt a tight feeling on the tip, and right at that moment I had doubts he would even fit it inside.

Gold inhaled deeply, his body shivering slightly with every inch that slithered inside him.

I knew it would be uncomfortable at first, it was for me...but soon it would change.

Feeling the tightness suffocating my hardened length it took all my control not to just thrust merciless into him. But I had to. Exhaling deeply Gold waited once all of my length was inside of him. My hands wondered to gently place on his hips, to coax him into moving slightly. This waiting was excruciating.

"Are you.. okay?" I asked nervously, watching as he nodded weakly.

It was weird to be in this position, but I just hoped Gold knew what he was doing. Sighing deeply I pushed my head further back into the pillows when I felt Gold's muscle tighten considerably around me.

Shit...I needed to move and soon.

"Yeah...move..." He groaned out, panting slightly as his hands now held onto my shoulders tightly.

Thrusting my hips slowly I allowed my length to slide out of him only to push deeper inside of him. With eyes closed and his hands tightening on my shoulder's I had a feeling the discomfort was still there.

"Why don't you move instead?" I suggested, leaving Gold to do all the work.

And it was the best thing I have ever suggested.

In his own time Gold lifted himself off my arousal only to plunge back inside, and soon enough he wasn't panting due to discomfort.

"S-Silver..." He moaned, back arched like a feral cat as my hips thrust in time with him, plunging deeper into that warm tight spot deep inside him.

It was like heaven, and my heart was feeling the effects. My eyes became half lidded with lust every time Gold bounced harder.

It was driving me insane!

"Fuck...aaahhh...Gold..." I mewled, feeling my stomach muscles contract every now and then.

My hands steadied his hips with every movement, and with every chance I could get I absorbed the arousing image of Gold, hair laced with sweat, panting and moaning out my name... and bouncing harder and harder on my arousal.

Oh my God... it was so fucking hot...

"Oh God...yes..."

Gold's cheeks were flushed, and he was moaning and groaning with practically every breath, whilst I was trying so hard to hold it all together. My release was bubbling deep within and I knew if I kept going at this rate it wouldn't be long.

"G-Gold..." I moaned softly, feeling his fingers dig into my shoulders with every thrust.

I never imagined what it would feel like doing it this way instead, but I understood why Gold liked fucking me so much. My heart felt like it was going to explode in my chest every time Gold would bounce.

Well... he definitely got what he wanted.

"Oh S-Silver...aaahhh...oh God..." He groaned out loud, getting louder and louder the closer he was to releasing, but right now I didn't want to stop him.

Who gives a shit if his mom heard us?!

My fingers gripped his hips firmly, as right now the only thing that entered my mind was Gold, and this moment.

I didn't care about Cyan... about how tomorrow I would fight him, none of it mattered right now. This was the only thing that mattered.

"..fuck...aaahh...I'm...I'm gonna..." He cried desperately, his body shuddering with every precious thrust.

I grunted in response, fusing my eyes shut as this weird emotional surge just seemed to flood through me. It was something I had never felt before. And as Gold bounced a few more times, pushing my arousal even deeper inside of him his whole body convulsed.

"...Oh God...yes...yes...aaahhh...Silvvvvveeeeeer~!" Gold cried out loudly, as his hardened length released all over his stomach and my own, coating us in white sticky liquid.

The muscles deep inside him contracted painfully around my arousal which tipped me over the edge. Groaning softly I released deep inside the dark haired boy, feeling my erection twitch and pulsate. Weakly I opened my eyes, panting heavily only to see Gold's head was bowed and he was also trying to get his breath back.

God... I missed that...

"Fuck..." I groaned, feeling just how sensitive I was after the orgasm.

Then my attention was diverted to something else, a soft sound.

If I didn't know better it sounded like... crying?

Slowly I tilted Gold's head up to see his face, and as my eyes fell upon his crumpled face I wondered if I hurt him.

"Shit! Did I hurt you? I never meant to-"

"No..."He butted in, smiling weakly as a single tear dribbled down his face. " just...meant a lot that's all..."

As my erection started to go limp inside of the dark haired boy I shook my head, not believing him.

Who cries over that?!

"But... you're crying"

I watched as he wiped his face on the back of his hand, still keeping that smile on his face.

"I'm not upset or hurt if that's what you think.."

So why was he crying? Usually people cry if they are sad, or hurt in some way. You don't cry for no good reason.

As he slowly lifted himself off my now limp organ I hissed at feeling how sensitive it was. Then Gold moved to lie beside me, snuggling up to me to rest his head on my chest. With a heavy sigh he started to speak again.

"...I'm happy"

As my arm slowly wrapped around him I pulled the bed covers over us with my other arm to gain some heat from somewhere.

"...happy?" I questioned.

He nodded into my chest, as his arm draped itself over my waist.

"Yes...I am"

I raised an eyebrow in confusion.

Why was he happy? Was it because we had sex and it was good?

"About what?"

Gold raised his head to look at me straight in the eyes. He sighed dreamily.

"...I have you back..."

And at that moment my heart fluttered like a trapped Butterfree.

Was that why he cried? Because I was back, and we were okay?

I smiled weakly as I nuzzled into the top of his head, now inhaling the smell of pomegranate, strawberries and also the smell of sex. It was a weird combination.

"And it seems I won the game of chess too..." I added in coyly, knowing it would probably annoy him. He chuckled and playfully hit my side.

"...I let you win..."

"Like hell you did! You were the one begging for me, remember?"

And it was so true, he couldn't deny it. Gold shrugged weakly, sighing softly.

"...I can't help do weird things to me"

Too right! But, this had to be the best time Gold and I had sex, in fact, it almost didn't feel like just sex. It felt like we connected a lot more, on an emotional level, which was hard for me to comprehend. So what did that mean?


And as we lay there entwined amongst the bed sheets, allowing the afterglow to settle in I was almost positive I heard Gold's mom going ballistic just down the hall. Shrugging to myself I decided some things just weren't worth getting upset over. And some of those things were the events that were sure to unfold tomorrow morning.