The Feeling Is Gone
The Feeling Is Gone

A.N. My first Pokémon songfic. I read these lyrics and thought it was perfect for something between Ash and Misty. The song is called The Feeling Is Gone by M2M. Let me know if you like it!

I stared at the girl in front of me, her aquamarine eyes narrowed at me in accusation.

What do I do? I stared a moment longer, then brushed my teeth.

I left the bathroom and walked back to my bed. Since Ash had won the Pokémon Leage Competition, things had gotten wierd. He wouldn't admit it, but I knew I was holding Ash back. He returned to Pallet a hero, finally brought Gary down a few notches, and won the respect of Charizard.

I sat on the bed and tucked Togepi under a sheet.

"Briee!" It trilled in its baby-voice.

I knew I could talk to at least one person in this town. "Okay Togepi, I'm gonna tell you something and I don't want you telling anyone. Especially not Pikachu. 'Cause I'm not sure if I'm gonna do it, okay?"


"Listen to me as I explain this situation.
Its not like I wanna destroy his reputation."

Togepi waved its little arms, definately not paying attention to my story.

What had gone wrong between us? A feeling of jealousy?

"We're still together.
But we are not moving on."

Here was Ash, Pokémon Master, fullfilling his life-long dream. Brock had finally gotten a date and things looked pretty steady between him and Suzy. But me...I felt like my life was at a stand-still.

"When we first met it was the perfect combination."

Well, nearly. If he hadn't totaled my bike on the day I got it.

"Now when I look at him it fills me with frustration.
What is a girl to do when she is not having fun?"

Not that Pokémon training is supposed to be total fun, it is. But've gotten too...Too bold? Too good?

I sighed and rubbed my eyes. I needed to think, to sort things out, but I felt so crowded. Ash was constantly surrounded by young Pokémon trainers who wanted tips and girls who wanted dates. What did I possibly have to offer him? A Psyduck?

"How can I tell him I have to try?
There is no easy way of saying goodbye.
How do I break it?
Its just no good.
My heart is telling me that I really should.
I must be subtle.
I must be strong.
The feeling is gone."

Flashback, late this morning.

I went looking for Ash, I had something I wanted to talk to him about. "Hey Brock," I called out, spotting him walking down the sidewalk. "Have you seen Ash?"

"Yeah, he's down at the café." He stopped next to me. "Why?"

"No reason really." I hated the abrupt edge to my voice, but it couldn't be helped. "I just need to talk to him."

Brock shrugged. "Sure and when you catch up to him, tell him to try to make it back to his house before noon."

"I'll do that." I waved as we parted ways and made my way to the café. I stepped in and looked around for Ash, my eyes adjusting from the bright sunshine. I saw him in a corner booth..surrounded by girls, at least five of them. All were good looking and around his age. I decided to not let that bother me. After all, wasn't I one of the Cerulean City gym leaders? One of the Sensational Sisters?

I walked up to the counter and ordered an ice cold soda and a sandwich. I took it to an empty booth that was four away from Ash and his groupies. I had my back to them and I listened as I ate. Nothing but psycho-babble from girls desparate to hook a date with a Pokémon League winner.

I had finished my sandwich and was about to get up when I heard rustling behind me. A breeze as the girls walked past, the chiming of the bell above the door as they left.

Phew, thought they'd never leave!

I got up, a smile on my face and turned to see....Ash, hooked on every word spoken by a petite blond bimbo. I blinked, C'mon, Ash, don't listen to her. She doesn't care about you.

I finished my soda and walked up to them. "Hey Ash."

He blinked, looked up in my direction, a blank look on his face. "Oh, hi, uh.."

I glared at him, "Misty."

The bimbo smiled like a Meowth that ate a Pidgey.

"Right. Misty. Did you want something?"

I shook my head, wanting to pound him into oblivion. "No, Brock just wanted to see you before noon."

Ash smiled, "Brock. Noon. Right."

I turned to leave, got to the door and paused. I looked back to see them gazing into each others eyes and I left.

End Flashback.

I looked at Togepi, half-asleep, its eyes closing then opening up again. I smiled and continued telling it my tale.

"I think we're in the opposite direction.
No longer think that we are making a connection.
I am so unhappy.
I'd rather be alone."

I got up and started gathering the few things I had scattered across the room. Lip gloss, hair supplies, cleaner for Togepi's shell. I had some dirty laundry, but I could have that washed in the next town.

"In the beginning it was one special occasion."

I placed my bag on the floor near the door and got in bed, thinking about when I first met Ash. So young, so full of determination. Perhaps it's time for me to find myself. To make my dream a reality.

"Now when I talk to him his mind is on vacation."

I was sure he'd be okay here with Pikachu, his mom, Brock, the bimbo(s). I would be alone, save for my Pokémon. Maybe Psyduck could be for me, what Pikachu is for Ash....Nah, probably not.


I fell asleep still dressed in my day clothes, too tired thinking about everything to get changed. I would do it. A few hours of fitfull sleep and I knew I had to do it. Now or never. I got up, put on my backpack and picked up Togepi.

"I want it over all said and done.
How can I tell him that he isn't the one?"

I took out a folded envelope, smoothed it out. The letter inside would suffice. I placed it on the kitchen table, remembered the meals we ate there. Togepi stirred in my arms but didn't wake up. Quietly, I crept through the living room.

"I must be subtle."

"Pika?" a voice called out sleepily.

"I must be strong."

I turned around and saw Pikachu sitting on a chair. It looked at me and rubbed its eyes.


"Pi, pikachu?"

"I'm sorry, Pikachu," I whispered to it. "I have to do this. I need some space and I don't think Ash needs me anymore."

"The feeling is gone."

Pikachu shook its head, "Chu! Pikapi...Pika pipika chu pi."

I walked to Pikachu, scratched between its ears. It sighed and leaned into the scratch. "It's not just Ash. I need to follow my dream and I'm not doing that by sitting in Ash's shadow. And he did give me a bike, better than the one I had before." I walked to the door, opened it and stepped onto the porch.


I closed the door behind me and walked down the walkway and onto the road.

The feeling is gone and so am I.