Overture: With Arms Wide Open

Overture: With Arms Wide Open

Okay peeps, this is the last song fic I shall write for a long time. It's a grand finale of the whole Songs in the Key of M and Interlude in the Key of J thing I wrote. If no one could figure it out, the two were connected. If you did figure it out, then thank you for being so intelligent.

I am using the last name of LeBlanc for James because it's all I've heard of in other fics. Plus I like the nice French sound to it. It sounds old money...kind of.

The song is Arms Wide Open by Creed. Lyrics will be bolded for your convenience. The lyrics are mostly what a character is thinking, though they can be spoken. We'll figure it out when we get to it!

James stared at the paper in his hand. A written request from their Boss, Giovanni.

He wanted to meet with James.

After rescuing Jessie from the treatment center, they'd had precious few days together before the note. He would be leaving her with the Twerps in Pallet. Jessie had protested, weakly, but gave up when James showed her the note.

Well I just heard the news today.
It seems my life is going to change.

James, in 'civilian clothes', made his way to Viridian and was met by a Grey Rocket in a Suburban. As the Rocket drove the two to HQ, James thought of many things. Was it the fact that the Pikachu still hadn't been caught? Or maybe the Boss wanted James to pay for Jessie's medical bills. He cringed at that thought.

The Suburban pulled to a halt in the courtyard and James got out. He stared at the imposing white stuccato walls and walked in. He knew the way to the Boss's quarters and soon found himself staring at the huge double doors.

I closed my eyes, begin to pray
He knocked once and the doors opened.

"Come in, James." A deep voice intoned.

He walked into the room, it was darkened and imposing feeling. The desk was lit via a lamp on its marble-topped surface and James could see the unemotional features of his Boss.

"Sir, you sent for me?"

"Yes, James," The man said. "Please, come closer."

James did, seeing the huge Persian laying out on the floor to Giovanni's right.

"It's about Jessica," Giovanni said. "It seems that neither she nor you are needed anymore. How shall we finish this?"

James felt his heart begin to race. There was only one way out of Team Rocket, a messy way out.
"If you harm her in any way..." he began in his most threatening tone.

Giovanni began laughing. "Oh, James, I will miss your delightful, if not naive, humor! I wouldn't harm Jessica."

"Why not?"

"Because she is my daughter."


"It is true, though she would never believe it. I always thought she was a little soft and I hoped this would give her some backbone. Someday she will be the leader of Team Rocket." Giovanni settled back into his overstuffed chair. "When I heard she wanted to be a Pokémon Nurse...gah, that almost took the cake."

"What does any of this have to do with me?" James asked, not really wanting to know the answer.

"I know your past..your history. I know of your family troubles." Giovanni paused, patting his Persian's head. "Question. Would you be a good father, James LeBlanc?"


Twenty minutes later, James walked out of the Boss...his former Boss's office. He had been stripped of his uniform and any immediate connections to Team Rocket.

He was free.

It took several hours, but James finally made it to Pallet Town. Stars were twinkling overhead and the moon was out. Crickets sang their summertime song and a warm breeze blew occasionally, rustling the tree's leaves.

He knocked on the door and the Twerp...Ash answered the door, his brown eyes sleepy. "Huh..James?"

Pikachu appeared then and zapped Ash awake.

"Thanks, Pikachu." He turned to James. "Uh, Jessie's sleeping now. You get the couch."

James walked in, the door closing behind him and he followed the Twerp. So much had happened and he wanted more than anything to see Jessie. But he could wait until morning.


Morning came and found Ash, Misty, Brock, plus Jessie and James, all at the breakfast table. Deliah's Mr. Mime was serving breakfast and James could barely keep his eyes off of Jessie. He was so happy to see her, even just sitting and eating. She was safe and she was alive.


With breakfast finished twenty minutes later, James took Jessie's hand and they walked out to Pallet Town's center and walked onto the dock.

"James, what is it?" Jessie asked, looking at him quizzically. "I've never seen you looking this upset before."

"Oh Jessie, I'm not upset. In fact, I have never been happier in my whole life!" James cried out, tears begining to fall. "The Boss, Giovanni....we're free of him, Jessie!"

Then tears of joy stream down my face

The sun was high in the sky, not a cloud in sight. It picked out the highlights in her hair and James could see the shock on her face.

"Free? No strings attatched?"

With arms wide open.
Under the sunlight.
Welcome to this place.
I'll show you everything.
With arms wide open.
"Well, maybe one."
Well I don't know, if I'm ready.
"You ready, Jamie?" Ash called out, straightening his tie.

"How many times do I have to tell you?" James said, straightening his own tie. "Don't call me that!"

To be the man, I have to be.
"Do you, James LeBlanc, take this woman.." The minister intoned monotonously.

I'll take a breath, take her by my side.
"It's a boy!" The doctor cried out.

Wailing cries filled the air as James laughed in delight.

"No wait! There's a girl too!"

We stand in awe, we've created life.

Six years later...

"Catch me, Daddy!"

With arms wide open
James looked up to see his little girl swan diving off of his Pidgeot. He stretched out his arms and caught her safely in their wide open grasp.

As daring as her mother! He thought, sending a glare at his Pokémon.

The Pidgeot shrugged its wings and preened itself.

James looked to the hilltop where Jessie was laying out. Next to her was their son, busily training his Chikorita.

Under the sunlight.
Welcome to this place.
I'll show you everything.
With arms wide open.
"Daddy, Uncle Ash and Uncle Brock said they'd help me train Lava but I can't find them!"

Now everything has changed.
Ash had become the Pokémon Master he'd wanted to be; Brock had become the Pokémon Breeder he'd wanted to be.

"I'm sure they'll show up, honey." James said, looking at the cloudless sky. "You know how busy Ash is."

"Daddy, will you train with me?"

"Of course, sweetie!"

I'll show you love.
I'll show you everything.
With arms wide open.

As James trained with his daughter, he thought back to six years ago and suddenly he could see it all as if it were happening all over again.


"James, in all my life, I've had everything I have ever wanted. Power, wealth, an endless supply of eager women. But there was one thing lacking." Giovanni had stood up then, stared out the windows to the courtyard far below.

James waited for him to speak, not daring to prod his Boss for more information.


The simple word echoed in the still office for a minute and then Giovanni had turned to James.

"When I found out I had a daughter, I made her mother promise that our little girl would never know the real truth about her father."

James had only nodded.

"I promised myself that I would guide her as much as I could in her life without letting her know the truth." Giovanni had paused again. "I had also promised myself that I would not interfere with her life, save for one thing. When she married, I would make sure she had the best in a potential mate.

"If I had just one wish.
Only one demand.
I hope he's not like me.
I hope he understands.
That he can take this life.
And hold it by the hand.
And he can greet the world.
With arms wide open..."

"I will, Sir..I will...


Aiight, folks. Thaaaassssssit! End. No more. It's a wrap. Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

I hope this was the right ending. It was good for me;)

Okay! J/P! In a more serious tone, this is the last songfic I'll be writing in a while...possibly a long while. Not the last fic I'll ever write, I know I'm sending some people for cover.

Just when you thought it was safe to surf on ff.net.....Pikajenn's back... I'm going to the BACKSTREET BOYS concert on Thursday!!!!!! Awwyeah!!!!! Okay, I'll shut up now.

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