I was walking down the street, hand in hand with my girlfriend, Nora. It was dusk, the sun was going down over Maine and it was slightly chilly, even though it was summer.

"Patch, I'm going to go look at something real quick, ok?" she asked, turning her grey eyes on me, her reddish hair stirring in the cool breeze around us.

"Alright, just don't go too far." I said, reluctantly letting her hand go, I watched her jog over to the rocky ridge of the cliffs we were by.

Concern settled over me, I knew I was being overprotective, but what with the accidents of Jules, The Black Hand, and Rixon not that far behind us…

I felt a small twinge of sadness when I thought of Rixon, he had been my friend, my comrade at arms, but he tried to kill her, kill Nora. "And now he's in hell," I thought bitterly to myself, and then sighed internally. "Yes, in hell because of me…" I sighed again, walking forward.

I kept my eyes trained on the spot where Nora had disappeared, the worry returned, "What was over there that Nora needed to look at?" I felt a little suspicious, but kept walking, moving my feet slightly towards the cliff where Nora had walked off.

I felt a twinge a fear, a small voice in my head saying, "Don't let her go, go after her, don't let her go." I looked around the trees, I was almost positive that I had heard the voice in my mind, but still. The only thing that creeped me out about the voice was the way it sounded. It was a creepy male voice, the kind you would hear being chased down the street or when you're being followed through a haunted house. It was slightly high pitched, but it was broken and gritty, like scraping your nails over a chalk board. I shivered, which surprised me, nothing freaked me out. I pushed the thought away and kept walking, but it was slightly nagging in my head, like an annoying fly that you knew it was there, but you didn't know how to get rid of it.

I knew that only Angels could do that, since I was one, Nora's Guardian Angel to be exact.

I shrugged and kept walking, most of the humans were inside by now anyway, what else could happen?

I was just thinking that to myself when I heard the scream.