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Warnings: Extreme OOC, OC, extreme drama (I don't know about you, I made myself cry! T-T), bitchy and evil Misa, and Light, later in the story, is N-O-T Kira…L is a mommy, which reminds me of M-Preg. Also, it doesn't have any lemon, I suck at writing lemon so I just have lime! Multi-chaptered Fanfiction!

Pairings: mainly LightxL (suggestions are open)

"A dream and a sacrifice"

Light sighed. It was 5:30 in the morning and L was in the bathroom, throwing up. After three weeks of 'that' night, his little lover has been throwing in early mornings and it gave him slight suspicions of something that sometimes he thinks as insanely impossible. He went to his L's side when he reached the bathroom, rubbing his back for comfort. His eyes were full of exhaustion and pain. Light continued to rub L's back and moments after, he calmed down and leaned into him. He carried L to their bed and tucked him in. Light removed L's bangs that hindered him from seeing his lover's face. He smiled when he saw him fast asleep and his expression was described as bliss. Maybe he dreamed of Cake Land and ate all the strawberry cheesecakes to his heart's content. It was one of the things that Light loved very much about L. He loves to watch L eating sweets and it mostly reminded him of a child, he found his habits cute and especially when it was time for the taskforce to go home, L would open up to him. The first night that L opened up to him is when he was released from his oh-so terrible confinement and was handcuffed to L. He told Light about who he is, who his family was, and how his life turned out after the horrific incident that happened to L's parents. It was also the first time that L showed emotions in front of him.

~Flashback Story~

"My mother's name was Elizabeth. She was a very beautiful woman and a loving mother to me. My father's name is Gabriel and he was a protective father. They love each other very much and were devoted to each other as well. I was happy to have them and they were also happy to have me. They always said that I was a little angel from above, so sweet and so pure. I would tell them that they are also my guardian angels because they make me happy, they protect me and most of all, they love me as much as I love them. They never had a fight and they never scolded me too. I never wanted to disappoint them so when they sent me to school, I did my best to make them proud. After the school year, teachers didn't recommend me to go to school anymore. They said that I was too intelligent to go for another school year. I told my parents that I did my best to make them proud but they said that they were already proud of me when I just act like myself. As a child with an intelligent mind, I understood what they meant. There was never a time that I didn't tell them 'I love you', they also did the same to me and it made me feel special. I always blamed myself for their deaths. I let them die in front of me and I was too weak to defend my parents from the murderer. My parents hid me under our big sofa couch and told me not to make any sound. I did what they told me, I clamped my mouth shut but I can't stop the tears from flowing. It was just painful to see them die in my very own eyes. I knew they didn't do anything wrong to the goon. I knew that the killer was out of the house when I heard the front door close. I ran to my parents' side from that couch. I started to apologize to them, but they insisted that none of what happened was my fault. They didn't blame me and I just want to die. My father died first and I just couldn't bear to look at their stabbed bodies. My mother made me promise that I will forget that incident and someday have a family and be happy. Reliving my memories of them is painful especially they were altruistic people. I still haven't caught the murderer of my parents but I'm determined to catch him. He will pay for what he did to my parents…

~Flashback Story Ends~

Light just wanted to give his 'friend' a condolence hug, even though the Lawliet family's homicide happened just about 11 years ago and it also tore his heart to million pieces when he saw L trying not to cry while telling him his story but in the end, he was crying. After that day, they grew closer and closer. L helped Light to get rid of Misa in an 'intelligent' way and Light comforts L when he has nightmares in his sleep. The day that made Light the happiest man on Earth is when he confessed to L and discovered that his precious one reciprocated his feelings and that was 'that' night. He stood and kissed his darling's forehead before taking a bath and got dressed up to talk to Watari, who was L's guardian and also the one who encouraged him to confess to the sweet and lovable sleuth. Watari was in the kitchen, preparing cakes and sweets for the detective. Light greeted the old man and sat down to eat some fruits despite the early time for breakfast.

"Watari-san, I need to talk to you about something important..."

"Is this something has got to do with L?"

"Yes, he's been throwing up early mornings and he said that also has nausea-"

"He's also not eating sweets as much as he usually does"

"How did you know?"

"As a guardian and butler to L, I must watch him, Yagami-kun"

"Oh, well that makes a lot of sense…but Watari-san, I think the vomiting and nausea is the pattern for morning sickness and he eats a little bit of both sweets and normal food."

"I also thought of that as an explanation of those things as well"

"Watari-san, do you know any pharmacies that are open at this time?"

"I think so. What time is it?"

"5:50 so 10 minutes before 6:00"

"Oh! I know one and it's just near To-Oh University"

"Thank you, I have to go before so I could come back early, he just gets worried too easily about things and you know that it also considers me…"

"Yes, do go. I'll tell him you went to a pharmacy when he wakes up"

At that, Light went to the pharmacy as fast as he could. What annoyed him is the young pharmacist girl was being so slow and she just kept on gazing at him while he was freezing his feet on the floor, waiting while his patience starting to run out. At last, the girl comes with the pregnancy test and the receipt much to Light's relief. He left after he bid the girl a polite goodbye despite his cranky mood. What made him angrier is that the girl left her name and phone number at the back of the receipt.

Name's Mika

Phone number: **********************

He took breaths to help him calm down. Why can't they just leave him alone? Can't any people see he has a precious one-then it hit Light. L prefers isolation than being outside, socializing to people. He has the charisma that drives people's minds crazy, crazy about him and his 'flawless' features. When he made it back to their room in the headquarters, L greeted him with a worried hug. Of course, L has a 'girlish' type of personality which really includes the wariness, sweetness and loving nature. He hugged his lover back only to see Watari come out of the bathroom and hears a sound of a flushed toilet. He ruffles L's hair and kisses his forehead. L then noticed the 'thing' that Light brought with him. He took it from Light's hands and saw a pregnancy test. He stared at him, eyes so wide with so much innocence and his head was slightly tilted on the left side with thumb on his lips. "It's a pregnancy test for you, both Watari-san and I concluded that your vomiting in early hours, your nausea and your food cravings that those are the symptoms of early pregnancy."Light explained. Oblivious to what Light said, L just tilted his head again and blinked several times. After a long time of silence and blinks, L innocently asked "Pregnancy test for me?" Both Watari and Light nodded their heads and helped L do the test. After 10 minutes, the test stated the results. Unfortunately, L didn't have the chance to see the results. After taking the test, nausea takes over his system and he loses his consciousness after throwing up. The results shook Light's core…positiveL was pregnant, pregnant with his child…He just wanted to jump out of the headquarters and scream "I'M GOING TO BE A DADDY!" He couldn't describe the anticipation that he was feeling. He was euphoric, L was going to be the mommy of his child…he tucked L and went to the laptop to type something about L being sick and unable to come down to the office where they all usually work. Watari also went to the 'said' office to greet every member of the taskforce. Both he and Light can't wait to tell L the news that could change his life forever.

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