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"Shit,shit,shit" Lauren swore as she looked at her watch and realised she was already running late to class. She leaped out of bed and threw on a pair of jeans and her favourite blue hoodie before proceeding in dashing around the apartment in a frantic search for her bag. Finally she spotted it under the sofa and grabbed it along with a pair of scruffy converse as she rushed out the door. She passed her roommate Julia as she sprinted towards the lift.

"I know, I know I'm late and disorganised and I should have listened to you," Lauren groaned in response to Julia's disapproving look.

The majority of Julia and Lauren's classes were the same so Lauren could generally count on having Julia there to keep her punctual, but unfortunately Julia didn't do art literature which inconveniently was always scheduled for early in the morning.

She threw herself into the lift, earning a glare from a tall blonde girl on the phone. Lauren jabbed the button for the ground floor and bent down to put on her shoes while the lift carried her down. Lauren thanked her lucky stars that the lift was even functioning, because that in itself was a rare occurrence and there was many a morning that the girls found themselves racing down the 4 flights of stairs in order to make it to class on time. The lift shuddered to a stop and Lauren shot out before the doors were even fully open. She started to feel a stitch in her side and urged herself to keep going as she tore across campus.

Looking ahead she recognised the arts building and sighed in relief knowing she was almost there. However as she rounded the corner and began making her way up the steps to the main door she ran head-on into a strong body, knocking her backwards down the steps. She felt a dull pain in her head as she slowly tried to sit up. She opened her eyes slowly as she felt a hand on her back helping her.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry, I wasn't expecting anyone to come around the corner like that," a male and strangely familiar voice spoke. She finally looked up to see a concerned face, framed by a mass of out of control black curls looking into her eyes.

She realised why she'd recognised him. He was in a lot of her classes, majoring in theatre, like her. His name was Darren. He'd actually been the first person she'd met out of all the people in her year, back in August on the introductory day to Michigan for incoming freshman students. She hadn't really talked to him much since then as they both hung out in separate circles of friends, and she now found herself a little tongue-tied as to what to say to him.

"No, no it's fine it was my fault, I wasn't looking," she stuttered as she stood up slowly, appreciating Darren's strong hold supporting her as she felt the ground beneath her beginning to sway.

"Are you ok? I really am so sorry… do you want me take you back to your apartment… Oh my God, I'm such an idiot! I'm so so sorry," he babbled.

Lauren couldn't help but be a little amused by his panicked, nervous reaction. He seemed genuinely worried and Lauren smiled in an attempt to convince him that she was alright, "I'm fine, don't worry and thank you for the offer but I actually still have to go to my class," she said inclining her head towards to main door, which unbelievably she had still not reached.

"Oh ya … sure," he said slowly, "do you need some help?"

Lauren shook her head and smiled, the ground was no longer swaying and she honestly did feel much better,"its ok, really, I'm fine, it was just a little tumble, I'll survive."

With that, she turned on her heel and began making her way up the steps. She noticed for the first time a guy, with striking blue eyes, who she recognised as Darren's friend , standing there looking unsure of what to do. She focused her eyes on the ground, realising how embarrassing the entire situation had actually been and she was relieved when she reached the door.

"Hey, wait! It's Lauren isn't it?" she heard Darren's voice calling up from the bottom of the steps. Her hand was now on the door handle and she stopped, surprised that he knew her name.

Without turning her head she responded, "Ya, it's Lauren, but I prefer Lo," before entering the building and allowing the door to bang shut behind her.

She slipped quietly into her class, cautious not to disturb the lesson and it wasn't until she reached down to take out her books that she noticed her bag was missing. She sighed as she realised she must have dropped it outside on the steps. That bag contained literally everything, her phone, her keys, her books, her money... She wasn't worried Darren would take anything but the thought of having to go get it from him made her stomach uneasy. Hadn't she already made a big enough fool of herself? Lauren tried to push the thought to the back of her head and focus her attention on the professor but she found her thoughts continually being drawn back to Darren. So much so, that she wondered if there had been any point to her showing up to this class at all.

Darren watched the door slam shut behind Lauren and blinked, trying to process what had just happened. One minute he had been messing around with Joe and the next he had felt this tiny person collide with him. He remembered looking down and immediately feeling guilty, as he recognised her small frame lying on the ground. She had been the girl he had quoted Beauty and the Beast to on their first meeting months ago. There had been something about her.

He bounded down the steps, worried that she could be seriously hurt. He let out a sigh of relief as he saw her attempting to sit up and bent down to help her. She'd looked up at him as he'd placed his hand on her back. She was so beautiful. He'd always noticed she was pretty but it was only now looking into her large brown eyes he felt something new and he suddenly found himself very self-conscious.

He couldn't even remember what he'd said to her; all he knew now was that he wanted to see her again. Joe coughed near him, bringing Darren back to reality.

"She's totally hot," Joe commented. Darren simply nodded, although in his head he was coming up with a thousand more words to describe how beautiful Lauren was.

"Hey, she left her bag," Darren followed Joe's gaze and for the first time he noticed the beige bag on the ground. He walked over and picked it up carefully and held it in his hands just staring down at it, thinking.

"C'mon Dar, let's go, Brian and Dylan will be waiting for us," Joe was obviously getting a bit impatient with Darren's dawdling and started making exaggerated sighs.

"Nah man, you go ahead, I'll follow on soon." Darren replied. Joe shrugged, "Okay man, see you later then," before heading off across campus towards their apartment block.

Darren watched as students began to file out the door. His eyes searched for the small brunette but he couldn't spot her. Where was she? By now the stream of students exiting the building had ceased and Darren's heart dropped at the prospect that he might have somehow missed her. He was just about to give up and leave when he heard the door open.

His head snapped up and he couldn't help but smile when he saw it was her. She stopped still and her eyes widened in surprise when she saw him. Darren pushed away from the steps railing he'd been leaning against. He climbed up the few steps between them to meet her.

"I just wanted to give you your bag," he said quietly holding it out to her.

Her eyes moved from his face to the bag and she took it gratefully, "oh thanks, sorry... you didn't have to wait. I was getting what I missed from my professor."

She moved as if to leave and Darren couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. "Lo…" She stopped and looked at him questioningly and also touched that he'd remembered that she preferred Lo.

"Do you want to maybe… go get a coffee or something? I think it's only right that I apologise properly for almost killing you." This made her laugh and he was relieved when he saw her nodding "Sounds good, I'd like to get to know Disney quote guy." He grinned at this remark. So she did remember him from that day.

The original awkwardness had disappeared and Darren held out his arm to her. Lauren took it and smiled. As they walked down the steps Lauren felt a cool breeze on her elbow and a stinging sensation. She stopped and twisted her arm around to get a better look. Darren bit his lip as he saw the large hole in the elbow of her blue hoodie revealing a nasty cut. He knelt to get a closer look and gazed up at her apologetically.

"I guess I'll have to take you out for breakfast,lunch and dinner to make up for this," he said.

Lauren pursed her lips cheekily and placed her hand on his shoulder before pretending to sigh in exasperation at the idea, "If you must." Darren smirked at her sassiness and before she knew it he had swept her up into his arms. "Oh there's no getting out of this deal Lo," he laughed.

Note: all representations of characters are purely for the purpose of the story.

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