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"Loz wake up… wake up, we're here."

Lauren felt her brother Mark shake her shoulder gently as she opened her eyes groggily and stretched.

"What, already? How long was I asleep for?" she replied drowsily as he pulled up outside her apartment block which strangely enough, now felt like home to her. She'd spent the holidays with her family…however it hadn't been the loving, family reunion she'd hoped for.

Her mother still refused to accept acting as an acceptable career choice and she strongly resented Lauren's pursueing of it. The minute she had walked in the door her Mom had wasted no time letting her know what a "complete waste of time" it was and that Lauren needed to "get out of the fantasy world she was living in and do something worthwhile." Lauren had spent the majority of her Christmas break fighting with her, and it had been some what of a relief to leave. The only person who had kept her sane was Mark.

"You slept like the entire journey and now I'll finally get rid of you," Mark replied light-heartedly,bringing Lauren back to reality.

She smiled dishearteningly at his playful teasing.

He put his arm around her, seeing the saddness in her eyes, and pulled her into a tight hug. "Forget about Mom Loz, she'll come around."

"What if she doesn't? And every time I go home I'll see the disappointment in her eyes… She didn't ask me once about college or my new friends or the plays I've done or... anything about my life." She responded, tearing up a little, "I feel like I'm letting her down. She hardly even calls anymore… It's like she doesn't care."

Mark pulled back from the hug and Lauren saw that his face was now completely serious.

"Lolo, she loves you and she only wants the best for you. It's just taking her longer that the rest of us to see that acting is exactly that. You belong on a stage."

Lauren wanted to believe his words but it was difficult to imagine her mother ever accepting her choice. She hadn't even dared tell her about Darren, knowing it would result in another shouting match and Lauren couln't help but reminisce about the days where she could tell her anything.

"I'm gonna miss you little sis."

"I 'm gonna miss you too," she whispered looking into his eyes, which were almost identical to her own… a deep chocolate-brown with a light brown ring on the outside. However the resemblances between them stopped there and in fact if you were to look at them you'd never think they were related… While Lauren was tiny, Mark was almost 6ft tall with dark blonde hair.

"C'mon I'll help you with your bags."

They climbed out of the car and Mark popped open the boot. Lauren wrapped her coat around herself tighter, feeling the chill in the air. She felt her phone beep and pulled it out, smiling when she saw it was a text from Darren. She couldn't wait to see him.

- I spy a hot 5ft brunette 3

She bit her lip and blushed slightly, thinking about his infectious smile and twinkling green eyes.

Mark interrupted her thoughts, "I'll bring this up for you," he said with her suitcase in his hand.

"Thanks, I'll be up in a sec," she replied distractedly, throwing him her apartment key.

Lauren looked around her, searching for Darren's mop of curly hair. She jumped as she felt a pair of hands on her waist twirl her around, right into his chest. Darren's beautiful green eyes gazed down at her and she took his face delicately in her hands, running her finger along his jaw line. She immediately felt so much better, now that he was here.

"I spy a hot hobbit," she giggled, kissing him on the lips. "Who was that guy you were with?" he asked in between kisses, although Lauren swore she could detect something in his voice. Was it jealousy? She found it kind of cute.


Lauren leaped back from Darren on hearing Mark's voice and she could feel the heat rising to her cheeks despite the cold weather. Darren in comparison looked slightly pissed and confused.

"Oh, Mark… this is Darren, my… boyfriend. Darren, this is my older brother Mark."she introduced them to each other awkwardly.

Realisation dawned on Darren's face and his eyes widened. "Oh...sorry man."

Darren extended his hand out to Mark, who looked questioningly at Lauren as he walked over. He pulled himself up to his full height, dwarfing Darren and shook his outstretched hand. Lauren sighed and looked frantically from Mark's face to Darren's, trying to read their expressions. No one ever tells you how terrifying it is to tell family members about relationships you're in... especially your brother.

"You never mentioned you had a boyfriend Loz," Mark said, more as a statement than a question, his eyes remaining fixed on Darren.

"Should I leave you guys alone to talk?" Darren asked quietly.

"No stay….." Mark answered confidentely, clearing his throat before continuing in an intense tone, "I think I need to make things clear. Lauren is my little sister, my only sister... and if you hurt her, you'll have me to answer to."

Lauren didn't know whether to laugh or cry with embarrassment, "Oh my God, Mark stop being so ridiculous."

But as she looked back at Darren, she saw that he too wore a completely serious expression.

"I would never hurt her. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I'd be a fool if I let myself lose her."

Mark seemed satisfied enough with his answer, however he still eyed Darren warily. Lauren on the other hand could hardly believe what she was witnessing.

"Ok, am I the only one that finds this extremely stupid and completely unnecessary?" she almost shouted in disbelief.

"Yes," Mark answered, finally looking down at her. "Look Loz, it had to be said and now it has been."

Darren stepped back discretely to let the two say goodbye. Lauren leaned up and hugged Mark.

"Darren's a really great guy you know, you don't need to worry... So stop glaring at him intimidatingly," she whispered in his ear knowing his eyes were still focused on Darren behind her.

"Loz do you realise how weird it is for me to see some guy with his hands all over you? If he wants to be with you, then he needs to know he can't mess with you," he responded, "I'm only fulfilling my role as a brother by looking out for you."

"Trust won't hurt me," Lauren told him sincerely.

Mark released her and grinned, "He better not … and don't worry I won't say anything to Mom."

He opened the car door and sat in. "Bye lolo, I'll call you next week." He inclined his head towards Darren, "Take care of her."

"I will." Darren responded genuinely

Mark revved the car engine and Lauren sighed as she watched him drive away. As soon as the car was out of sight Darren wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Well… what do you think of Mark?" she laughed trying to make light of what she had viewed as an extremely embarrassing situation.

Darren had a completely different outlook, "I just hope someday, he'll no longer only see me as the guy making out with his sister."

"Well, you are the guy that's making out with his sister," she responded cheekily, kissing him passionately on the lips.

"Being that guy is awesome," he responded breathlessly, as they pulled apart. "How about you come back to my apartment and we can watch a movie? Or we could make out on the sofa while the movie plays in the background? I'm cool with both."

"Is Joe not back yet?" Lauren questioned.

"He is. But he can go to Brian, Nick and Dylan's for a while," he answered

"Well in that case, option two is sounding rather appealing," Lauren smirked, as Darren grabbed her small hand and pulled off in the opposite direction.

They walked into Darren's apartment, only to be stopped by Joe in the hallway. "Hey Lauren. Uh Darren, can I've a word with you for a minute?"

"Ok… sure, I'll follow you in Lo."

Lauren nodded and walked into the living room. She bent down to pick out a film, eventually choosing West Side Story She placed the disc in the DVD player, ready to play before heading into the kitchen to get some snacks and drinks. She opened the door to see a stunning redhead, with legs that went on forever, sitting at the table. Must be Joes current playmate, she thought to herself.

"Hi, I'm Devin," the girl introduced.

"Oh hey, I'm Lauren. Are you Joe's…uh friend?" she asked carefully, not wanting to come across too invasive, while at the same time interested enough to find out if her asumptions were correct.

"Oh no no no, I'm actually…"

The kitchen door opened interrupting Devin and Lauren looked around to see Darren standing there, wearing a stunned expression. Devin shrieked excitedly and Lauren leaped to the side as the girl raced across the room towards Darren and flung her arms around his neck.

It took him a moment before he managed to detach himself from Devin's crushing embrace.

"Dar, it's so nice to see you again… guess what? I'm after transferring to U of M so now we'll get to see each other all the time!" she squealed.

"I'm sorry, what is going on?" Lauren asked, confused.

"This is Devin, a friend of mine from back home," Darren responded carefully, looking at Lauren expectantly. Devin laughed, "Friend? We were more than friends Darren," she said throwing him a flirty smile and placing a hand on Darren's shoulder.

Lauren couldn't believe her ears and she felt her stomach twist uncomfortably. Darren ran his hands through his curls while Devin continued talking at a speedy rate, "Isn't this great though? I mean now we can get back together and…"

"Devin stop."

Devin paused and Darren addressed her gently and cautiously, "I have a girlfriend…Lauren." he said, walking over to Lauren.

Devin's mouth made an 'O' shape as realisation dawned on her and she faced Lauren with a murderous glare. Darren wrapped his arm around Lauren's waist, pulling her close. Devin's face turned a deep shade of scarlet and Lauren wasn't sure was it due to anger or embarrassment... or both.

"Oh.I should have known things would be different," Devin whispered coolly, picking up her coat and making her way towards the door.

"I'm sorry Devin, but I love Lauren," Darren choked. Lauren at this point didn't know what to do and she could feel Devin's eyes on her. "It's ok, it's not your fault Darren," Devin responded sweetly, but Lauren got the feeling she was making a dig at her, which went unnoticed by Darren.

"We can still be friends."

"Mhmmm, maybe" Devin murmured.

They heard a knocking on the front door and a minute later Joe poked his head back into the kitchen, "It's our landlord. He wants to talk to you bro."

Darren hesitated before nodding. "I think it's time I go anyway," Devin decided. "Back in a sec Lo," Darren said quietly, squeezing her hand. As the door swung shut behind Devin and Darren, Lauren felt the overwhelming power of silence close in on her.

"You ok?"

Lauren looked up, surprised Joe was still there. "Ya, I guess it's just going to be a bit weird having Darren's ex-girlfriend around all the time…. It doesn't help that she's really hot either... plus I'm pretty sure she hates me."

Joe didn't say anything as he walked over to the freezer and pulled out a huge tub of ice-cream. He fetched two spoons from a drawer and handed one to Lauren.

"I hear this is what girls do when boys annoy them."

Lauren smiled and took it. "Things aren't that bad Joe, and I think it's more a girl that's the problem here...but I do like ice-cream so, what the hell?"

She dug the spoon into the chocolate swirl and scooped out a huge chunk of creamy deliciousness. "You know what? I made a good drunk decision in becoming friends with you. You provide amazing food!" she confessed licking her spoon. Joe shrugged his shoulders,"I am awesome."

Darren returned a few minutes later and his face lit up when he saw Joe and Lauren on the ground with chocolate all over their faces. "Oh I want some!" he gasped, running over to them. He flopped down on the kitchen tiles next to Lauren and pulled her on to his lap and wrapping his arms around her. She scooped up a spoonful of chocolate ice-cream and help it out for him.

"I meant what I said to Mark earlier. You are the best thing that's happened to me and Devin doesn't change things," he spoke softly into her ear, as he twirled a piece of her soft hair in his fingers.

Lauren dropped the spoon and pressed her lips to Darren's, receiving an immediate response. Their faces were so close, he could feel her eyelashes flutter on his face. He ran his tongue along her perfectly smooth lips before biting down on them gently. As the kiss deepened, a low moan escaped Lauren's mouth.

"Well this is extremely uncomfortable."

Darren and Lauren drew back from one another and blushed, completely forgetting they weren't alone. Joe had a disgusted expression on his face and Lauren tried to suppress her laughter.

"Its fine, I'll head over to the guys place," Joe sighed, "I'm taking the ice-cream though."

He picked himself up off the ground and grabbed the ice-cream tub, before hastily making his way out the door. "Sorry man," Darren shouted after him and a minute later they heard the front door bang shut.

Darren cupped Lauren's chin his hand and gazed at her lovingly. "Finally we're alone. Hmm, should we watch that movie or stay on the floor doing this," he mused.

"Well... we could do exactly this, except on the couch," Lauren tempted, tracing patterns on his cheek and looking up at him seductively.

"I like that plan."

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