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Living Spirit

Chapter 1: Birthday surprise

'Amity Park Hospital'

The light shined through the window, onto a bed, were laid a small boy, no older than 4 or 5 years old. He had messy raven black hair, with piercing china blue eyes, that took away notice to his sickly pale skin; the boy had been in the hospital for nearly a year now, do to his condition; he was ill and very weak, he had to be under constant watch because of it.

But he didn't mind, he had trouble walking and had to where braces for his legs; though people worried about him being ill and disabled, to him it's better than someone he loved. Besides it was a special day- his birthday - and nothing was going to ruin it for him.

Looking through the window feeling the warmth of the sun touch his face, longing to smell the fresh air and hear the birds chirp, wondering what it was like to fly like one and if one day he could also fly, it was a silly dream but what do you expect for a little kid to dream; lost in thought he was startled by a nurse who took care of him. To him she was a pretty woman who was really nice, always reading to him and giving him snacks, the only time he disagreed with her was when he had to take a bath, sadly in the end he got the bath.

"Hey there sweety" she said in a southern accent, or how he put it cowboy voice, " looks like you have visitors" she opened the door to show three figures.

The first was a man who reached to about six-foot and well-built, though a bit over weight, having salt and pepper hair and dark blue eyes, what made him stand out was that he wore an orange hazmat suit with black gloves, boots, collar and belt to match, his face was lit up with a grin that was ear to ear. The next person was a woman with auburn hair and violet eyes, she wore a blue hazmat suit also with black gloves, boots, collar and belt. Her expression on her face was loving but you could see the worry and sadness in her eyes. Last was a little girl, a little older than the boy, she looked about 7 years old and wore a light blue overall dress with a pocket -having a flower design- on the front wearing a plain white shirt underneath it, as well as white socks and black Mary jean shoes to put it all together, her hair was orange held together with Aqua head band that matched her eyes.

The boy was over joyed to see who was there, it was his family; even though they visit everyday it was a blessing to see them, but the moment he saw them he got a bad feeling, like something bad was about to happen; but what?

"Danny-boy great to see you!" bellowed the man, who was his father, Danny was happy to see him when ever he felt sad or gloomy he would go to him, he would always know what to say even when it was nothing about the subject they discussed.

"How are you doing baby" his mother cooed to him, walking over to Danny giving him a soft hug. Danny always loved her hugs they where warm and he felt secured being in her arms.

"Jazz? Didn't you say you want to be the first to say something important to Danny" His mother said to the little girl

Jazz put on a big grin running over to the bed to Danny "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY BROTHER!" she shouted, nearly as loud as their dad. The yell scared the passing nurses and doctors. The two parents covered there ears from the yell, looking at Jazz in shock.

"Wow, and people say I'm loud" Danny's dad said checking his hearing. "That's my Jazzy-pants".

"Jack, no one is as loud as you, and don't praise her for it " Danny's mom said uncovering her ears. Jack looked at his wife sheeply "oh yeah, sorry Maddie"

Maddie looked over at her husband shaking her head in disappointment, but had a playful smile. She looked over a Jazz who was grinning at what she had done, but it slowly disappeared seeing the look on her mother's face.

"Jasmine Fenton what did I say about inside voices?" Maddie said strongly to her daughter.

Jazz looked to the ground avoiding her mother's eye contact, "use our inside voices, not out" she quoted, Jazz then looked up to her mommy and said "sorry mommy".

Maddie could tell Jazz was being honest kneeling down to hug her daughter in forgiveness.

Danny looked at the event that took place learning a lesson like he would from one of his favorite shows. He then turned his attention fully to Jazz, a grin grew upon his lips, Danny know one thing that Jazz hated more than anything, and considering the circumstances of it being his birthday, she couldn't get mad at him. "thank you, Spazzy" he said with a grin, seeing the inn-raged look on Jazz's face he know he got her attention

"Don't call me that!" Jazz said stomping her foot in frustration, of the fact that she was called by her nick name that she hated dearly. Danny started calling her Spazzy when he was around two after finding out about rhyming, soon coming across how similar they sounded; also it was pay back for her always calling him brat but most of the time she would call him baby brother which he hated equally non the less.

"Hehehe Spazzy face looks funny" Danny stated pointing a Jazz's scrunch up face.

It was a bit funny how Jazz over reacted to the nick name, but Maddie couldn't let Danny think calling someone names was a good thing, "Danny it's not nice to call people names" she said in a soft but firm voice towards her youngest "now say your sorry".

Danny lowered his head feeling shame and disappointment in his mother's voice. He lifted his head to Jazz "Sorry Jazz" he said showing his china blue to her.

Jazz know she could never be mad a Danny for long, no one could, when ever he would look at you with those eyes you couldn't help but think how warm, sweet and playful they where. "It's ok" she said with a small smile "here I got you a present" showing a gift, that was behind her out of view of the birthday boy.

A smile spread across the little boys face, similar to Jack's see a small square like gift in his sisters hands, it had colorful raping that looked like a rainbow with silver stars all across it. Jazz handed it to Danny with closed eyes waiting for a thank you in return to ring in her ears, but what she didn't expect was two small arms to rap around her neck.

"Thank you Sissy" Danny said while giving Jazz a hug in thanks for the gift (AN: not sissy as in wimp, but as in sister. My nephew five and calls me that, so don't confused the two).

After releasing Jazz from the hug, Danny lifted the present to get a good look at it, The sun reflected onto the silver stars making them shine. Danny soon ripped the paper from it's nicely raped state to see what he got, It was revealed to be a book with the words 'H. The Stars' with small print that spelled 'a new way to see them', Danny could make out stars, giving him the idea of what it was about. Danny loved the stars and all of space, one of his dreams was to become a 'spaceman' as he would say, but he also didn't like books or reading, making him have conflicting feelings of said gift, looking at it in both discuss yet wonder.

"I know you don't like reading, but I saw this book, it has lots of pictures and facts on stars and stuff" Jazz said with glee in her eyes. In away Danny did like the book so he smiled to his sister, opening it up to see stars and words describing it, later he may ask the nice nurse to read him as a bed time story.

"That was very sweet of you, Jazz" said Maddie, being touched by the moment her two children had "Jack, would you like to give Danny his gift" she turned to her husband who looked like he was about to burst with joy, the moment she gift he had already raced out the door, shortly after he returned with a big gift, it was purple with little green ghost all around it. Danny was amazed at it and had a million ideas of what could be in the box.

"Here you go Danny-boy "Jack said handing the gift to his son, "now come on, open it, open it" jumping up for joy, making Danny laugh see how his dad acted like a little kid.

Before Danny could open his gift, he felt a sharp pain in his chest. It's not the first time, it would happen through out the day and then he would have a doctor come in to check how he was doing and then leave like nothing ever happened, Danny never really know why it happened when ever he asked they, would just tell him he wouldn't understand or it's nothing to worry about. Then why did they always check on him? If it's nothing then why bother checking on him.

Danny relaxed like the doctors would tell him to do, he didn't want his family to worry about him today, he wanted everyone to be happy, so before anyone realized his reaction to the pain, he put on a happy face and ripped the paper to pieces to reveled a box with a rocket on it. At first Danny didn't know what it was, then slowly realized what it was.

"It's that model rocket you wanted" Jack stated with a big grin seeing his son's expression to the present "when you feel up to it we can work on it together".

Danny was at a loss of words, he was hoping to get this ever since he saw it in the window before coming to the hospital. He ignored all the warnings to calm down, practically jumping into his father's arm. Jack reacted quickly holding onto the small boy setting him softly onto the bed."Thank you daddy" Danny said as he was set down.

"DANNY! don't do that you could get hurt doing something like that" Maddie said in shock seeing her son do something so reckless, him being so sick it was dangerous for him to even move so quickly.

After that stunt Danny felt queasy, but that wasn't going to let that stop him from having fun with his family, he may not know what time it was but he did know that when the nurses start handing out medicine it was around time his family had to leave so he can take his and go to sleep, and the sun was already going down past the big tree that was not far from his window meaning it was almost time for bed. So putting a big smile to fool his parents and sister he showed he was ok.

"Sorry, Thank you for the present" He said in an innocent tone to both his parents.

Maddie only sighed, Danny may have not been able to do much in his state, but it still didn't stop him from acting like any other five-year old would and hyper active was being one of them.

"Alright birthday-boy time for my present Maddie said sitting next to her small son, she looked at him -blue meeting violet -she started to rub the back of his neck, it was something she always did, to ether calm or relax Danny. After what seemed like for ever (in reality a few seconds) she stopped and took out a small rectangular box from her belt pocket. It was tanned with a simple red ribbon on top, all Danny had to do was lift the lid to see what was inside.

She handed the gift over to Danny, placing it into his small hands; even though the box was small compared to his hands it was big or at least medium. Danny could look at it in ahhh wondering what could behind the lid, something in the back of the little boys mind told him something vital was right being it, lifting it, it revealed a pair of goggles, it had thick black frames and rubber strap, the lens where red and could only be seen one way so no one would be able to see the users eyes. The goggles looked like his mother's but older like they've been used for a long time, he looked up to his mother, with a confusion on his face.

Maddie only laughed softly at the look on her youngest face, "those were mine when I was young, I was about you age when they were given to me" his mother cooed to him stroking his black hair, feeling how soft it was with her fingers going through.

Even though he was young, Danny understood how important it meant for his mother to giving him something so memorable from her childhood, it made him think how he needed to honor it. He glanced back at the goggles, he then picked up the gift, putting it on, but considering how big they were on his head the fell, making it look as though it was a necklace. Everyone laughed at the scene, other than Danny who pouted because of it.

"Hahaha, don't worry son, you'll grow into it" said Jack, getting over his laughing fit and wiping away a tear.

"Hahaha, at least your gift is something you will be able to grow into" Jazz said holding her stomach from her laughter "daddy gave me a hazmat suit I will never be able to ware". Jack didn't feel hurt from what his oldest said, it was true the hazmat suit was to big, in fact he could wear it.

Danny's only response he gave as a small glare but you could see laughter in his eyes. Maddie uncovered her mouth after a few giggles, she didn't want to be rude to her son "it took a while for it to fit me as well, it'll fit when you're a little older" she said with a warm smile.

That made Danny happy to know he wasn't the only one who was small. He then gave a big -as he could- hug; "Thank you, mommy" he then tried to adjust it to fit (note, 'tried'), soon giving in to defeat.

"Time for CAKE!" Jack said, shocking Danny making him feel the sting in his chest again. To his luck no one noticed him winced giving him enough time to put on a smile, that was both forced and but manly reel the moment his dad returned. Jack left, returning with a cake with white frosting with five red candles on top, there wore words that read 'Happy Birthday Danny' on it, Jack set the cake on the table, it was always next to Danny's bed so he could, eat, draw or move something out-of-the-way, but today his stuff was moved to make way for cake.

Jazz saw Danny winced by their father's outburst, she was smart enough to know Danny was doing his best to hide the pain, she didn't understand why people did what they did when they where in pain; ever since Danny was sent to the hospital she had seen different reactions, to similar illness whether it be small or big, it got Jazz wondering how the mind thinking, maybe there was a book or two on it at the library she would ask mommy later if she could go- even though she was in 2nd grade her reading level was of a six grader, if not better. 'Maybe it was nothing, I saw mommy talking to a doctor, and he said 'if Danny happens to have breathing problems then call a nurse quickly', Danny didn't look he was breathing badly, especially when he saw the cake come in' Jazz thought to herself looking back at Danny and the cake. 'I hope he likes it, mommy let me help out, but only a little, still help was help and I was proud to help do something for my little brother' she grinned thinking back to when she helped her mother in the kitchen.

The doctor came in with a lighter to light the candles then left the family. "Go on Danny, make a wish then blow out the candles" Maddie said getting ready to take a picture to remember her baby's special day, she was so happy seeing how he liked his gift, that made her day.

Danny thought for a second trying to decide what his wish should be, then a grin came across his face, he know exactly what he wanted. So taking in a deep breath he blow out the five candles only having to blow out the last with a second blow at the end.

Maddie and Jack clapped saying 'way to go' and 'good job', Jazz was hopping up and down chanting "what did you wish for, what did you wish for" over and over. "Now Jazzy-pants, you know when you make a wish you can't tell any one, or it wont come true" Jack stated sounding -somewhat- responsible to his daughter.

"oh, yeah" Jazz said in a silly tone making Danny laugh, he wasn't going to tell either way, it was more like a goal though, and he promised himself he would keep at it until he completed it.

"Ok, ok, time for cake" Maddie said holding a plastic cake knife ready to cut "Danny, would you like to cut?" That got Danny's attention and agreed happily. Maddie let Danny hold the cake knife, holding onto his hand to help guide his hand to where to cut. Jack had set out paper plates and plastic forks, followed by a 2 letter of 'Sprite' soda (AN: if those of you who don't like Sprite, to bad it's good, plus Sprite is caffeine free -we don't need two hyper children bouncing off the walls... yet) and plastic cups, Jack had also brought balloons, some where red, and blue and others were green a purple one or two said 'birthday boy'. After they got everything set they ate cake, Jack talked about ghost, making Danny laugh only to get Jazz to argue about how they don't exist; Jazz hadn't believed in ghost since two years back, to her there just silly stores, but it didn't seem to change her dad's prospective on them being real.

After what seemed like hours, Maddie told he husband and daughter to stop bickering, Danny just laughed, he always thought it was funny to see his daddy and sister fight about ghost; lately he been questioning if they where real or not also. Suddenly the sharp pained began this time getting everyone's attention see how much pain Danny was in.

"Danny!" Maddie cried seeing Danny yelp. She spotted a passing nurse a quickly took action "Sir! come quick my son needs help" she stated getting the man's attention. See the boy, the man quickly came over to see what was the problem -testing his heart and asking where the pain was located. After a minute or two the man walked over to talk with the parents, leaving the two children to wonder what they were talking about.

Once again Danny was in the dark about his condition, and this time he really wanted to know, the pain he felt was different, he felt somewhat sleepy but wide awake.

As the adults ended their conversation, they made their way over to the little boy who looked zoned out, making them worry seeing his eyes glazed over. They tried getting his attention but failed in the process.

Danny only looked vaguely at his parents and the nurse, he could see their lips moving but Danny didn't hear them, all he could hear was the sound of his heart beat on the heart monitor, beeping slowly -ever so slowly- he saw his parents panicking and more doctors came into the room. He started to loss his vision, the last thing he saw was a doctor put a breathing mask on him before falling into darkness.

beep... beep... beep

Danny slowly awoken, but was unable to move, he tried to see his surroundings seeing wires and tubes all hooked up to him, he breathed slowly into his breathing mask. Doctors' saw that he was awake and rushed to him flashing a bright light that nearly blinded him. He didn't want these people near him, he wanted his mommy or daddy, someone he know, not these people who raced around the room.

beep... beep...beep

Danny didn't pay attention to what they was saying to him, they sounded so distant to him -but they were right in his face. He listened carefully to the heart monitor, it beeped every now a then, he never really understood why it beeped -he know it was impotent but why?- It seemed to go off later and later than what he was used too; why? There were so many questions he wanted to ask, but he didn't have the strength to talk.


It hurt... that's all he felt... he wanted to cry but he couldn't... all he wanted was his family... for his mommy to hold his hand. Danny know they were worrying about him, he hated when they worried about him, they were always sad, he wanted them happy, not sad.


The little boy felt cold, he wanted it to stop hurting, he wished he could stand up and walk without braces and run to his family, to see them smile and not worry for him.


In the back of the small child's mind started to picture his life, his mommy, daddy, and even Spazzy, flashed through his mind, he heard a voice that didn't come from any of the doctors' or nurses', 'Come' it said 'Come' but he didn't want to leave not without his mommy or daddy. Soon he saw a light it felt warm, like one of his mother's hugs, he felt himself going towered's it.


Maybe it was for the best, if he goes then his family didn't have to worry, but he wanted to stay, he made a wish, a promise ... beep...before he was fully blinded by the light...beep...he saw the world around him one more time...beep... he saw himself with eyes closed, he could see his family screaming -but he couldn't hear it- mommy was crying into daddy's shoulder while he stared at him, Jazz was confused and scared of what was going on, glancing at him ...beep... he wanted to stay, but the light kept tugging at him...beep... he made a promise... beep... before losing full site of his family, Danny shed one last tear, hearing one last beep from the machine fully losing himself into the light.

beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeep.


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