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Chapter 9: The warrant

the ghost prison

"Hunting without a permit, trespassing, no cooperation with authority, assaulting an officer...ugh... In need of a bath" A ghost in all white stated as he read from a book, to Skulker -who was dressed in a striped, black and white prisons uniform, and was chained to a seat; he was currently trying to break free, while the white ghost stated his crimes- he looked up at his capture and snarled.

"This is ridiculous Walker, I wasn't even aware of half those crimes... and what's with the bath reference? I don't smell that bad" the robotic ghost said sniffing himself, but then realized how bad he really smelled. 'I swear when I find the whelp I'll turn his insides inside out' he thought, lowering his arm.

"There's no excuse for what you've done" Walker said shutting his book, "You better get comfy your going to be staying here for a while" he walked behind the chair, Skulker was sitting in at the moment.

"And how long do you say that would be?" Skulker let out another snarl.

"Oh, I'd say...2... 3" Walker counted it up.

"What, 2, 3 day's, week's, mouth's, year's" Skulker was getting worry's but held a annoyed look.

"Oh no, that's to short for you... I believe 3,000 years can be a start for right now" the warrant walked behind a desk and sat down.

"3,000 WHAT! You've got to be kidding. Don't I get a trial or something?" Skulker struggled, trying to get free from the chains as best as he could.

"You would, but that's not how I work, besides; what's the point? I decides whether or not your guilty and I say you are" Walker said in a calm tone, Skulker was about to protest "guards take the prisoner to the court yard". Two guards then came and took away Skulker way -who was resisting and yelling at the guards- leaving Walker to his paper work.

The warrant looked over some photos that were taken from security film -that's how Skulker was caught in the first place- he came across a photo of a young ghost, that was around the age of nine or ten, with shaggy white hair and glowing green eyes. He glared at the photo the kid, he wasn't found like Skulker was, and Walker know fairly well who the kid was, and one way or another the kid was going to be brought in for what he has done.

Danny's pov.

I woke up this morning with another chill spiking through me. By habit I would pull the covers all around me to stay warm -though I know that it would never work- after it stopped I got up, 'stupid chills' there was no point in going back to sleep -besides, last time I try to sleep some more, Clocky came in and used a water-woes on me; where he got it I'll never know- so I try to wake up the first time so that never happens...again.

I got dressed in my usual ware, I then started to think of my death-day, 'only a few more days' I was exited I always had fun and my friends would give me awesome presets.

But it's Clockwork's gift's that tops them all, last year he had given me a motel rocket-ship, but he told me that it wasn't a gift from him. I asked who it was from, but he just smiled and left without telling me anything, in translation it meant that I would find out eventually. But still I think of it as a gift from him, even if he doesn't admit it.

After I was ready I walked down stairs -I like to do stuff like a human would, it made me feel like I was human-, I made my way to Clockwork who was -still- watching the screen, I looked on it to see an African american family eating breakfast together, there was a boy about my age who was eating a mountain of bacon, sausage, and eggs, he was also on a PDA, his parents seem like they where talking about about something important -I don't know- I never really try to ease drop.

I floated the rest the way over to my Mentor, the screen faded as I stopped next to Clockwork.

"Glad to see you up" I saw humor in his eye's, I just gave him a dry look, which he just laughed at, under his breath -figuratively-.

"*Yawn* so do you have anything for me to do today" I asked trying to get the sleep out of my eyes. Today was my day off of school, which, surprisingly I rather be there than doing chores. I was learning about the 'Human Realm', you could say I envy humans sometimes, though they can't do things ghost can, a lot of things they can do were amazing, and it made me depressed to think I could never do things like they could. But I would never tell any one what I think, they'll just tell me the benefits to being a ghost.

"Nothing really, you can go off and play if you like" Clockwork throw me out of my thought, I looked up at him seeing he was looking back, I smiled, I was glad I didn't get in much trouble with what happened yesterday, though I do remember what he told me -Remember to uses their own strength against them, and find the weak spots in their advantages- whatever it means I guess I'll find out whenever it happens.

"Thanks" I smiled.

I started to fly off but not without my bag, I still had my camera in there with my sketch book and some color pencils, I also had a book I was reading called 'Dead connection' -I thought it was interesting, but there was differences in the ghosts in the story than here, but I liked it- I then left going off to explore, Ember was having practice -and she hates being disturbed- so seeing her was out, and Johnny and Kitty were off on a ride together as for Youngblood, Ember most likely knows what happened and was now grounded till who knows when -even though Ember and Youngblood are not related they always seem like they would be brother and sister, it was funny- so exploring was the best option.

It was 10:34 when I finally took a break from flying, so I've been fly for about an hour and 46 minutes now, I lad on a bolder that seemed familiar but I couldn't quite tell why, I looked around and found that it looked like a disaster took place 'oh yeah, I remember, this was the place were I met Youngblood' I still don't remember much of that day, it was like I skipped a scene or something.

I got up to get a better look at everything, by how it looked there was a battle and in the middle was where the problem was. I flow to the middle, I then felt a strange sensation like rage, frustration worry, and most of all fear, I got away as fast as I could, I felt my self breathing hard from what had happened -even though I didn't have to it was a habit a lot of ghost have, when there scared or tired from a fight-.

Glancing at the spot I was I was in I started to walk backwards away, not wanting to go through that again, I didn't even blink, for some reason I felt it was going to bite me or something.

"So, back to the seen of the crime?" I wiped my head around to see a strange ghost in -what looked like- a police outfit, he was green with red eyes, he held in his had what looked to be a green techno version of a stick police would use.

"What crime?" I asked not knowing what he had men.

"You are under arrest, if you resist we will use force" the ghost said pointing the stick at me, 'we, who's we?', I then saw about four other ghost that looked about the same as the first one they then began to surround me.

"Wh-what did I do? I didn't do anything" I cried out, one of them tried to hold me down, but I was small enough to slip through before he could get a hold on me I tried flying away but one shot me.

I felt paralyzed, I fell to the ground hitting it enough to ware I was about to pass out, "We got him Walker, we'll be there as fast as possible one of them said the last thing I saw was one approaching me, then everything went dark.

Walker's pov.

I looked at the punk in front of me -who was chained to the seat he was given and was wearing the prison outfit - he didn't look like much but I remember the destruction he caused. At the time I didn't know who he was -just that he could be a problem for the 'Ghost Zone'-, but recently I found out that this brat was the apprentice of Clockwork himself, but even with that kind of title I wasn't going to go easy on him.

The punk started to awaken, as he slowly shook his head back and forth, then opened his eyes revealing how they glowed a gecto-green. When he fully awaken, his eye's fell on me, changing his whole expression.

I saw fear, worry and curiosity, linger on his face as he stared me down.

After a long filled silence the boy finally stuttered out "W-where a-am I" he looked all over my office trying to find some hint to all this. It only amused me, seeing him like this.

"You are in my prison, where skum like you come in and pay the price for your crimes" I stated answering his question, but by the look on his expression he still didn't get it.

"W-what do you mean? I haven't done anything" I simply glared at the punk he looked scared and confused, unaware to his surroundings 'he thinks he can pull a fast one with me?' I walked over to my desk and sat down still eyeing the magnet that was across from me.

"You shall pay for your actions, and I believe for a starter..." I glanced at the punk who was now trembling with fear, his chains clanked together as he tried escaping.

"... 1,000 years, act up and the number increases" I finally said leaning back in my chair.

"WHAT! But I didn't do anything" he protested, his eyes where wide with fear as the gazed at me, I then noticed him shake rapidly, you could hear his teeth chatter, it lasted for a second or two, till his shoulders then relaxed.

"You have done plenty: trespassing, disturbing the residence, and most of all caused destruction to the near side of the 'Ghost Zone' with the ear piercing wail of yours!" my word increased at every word I stated. the kid sunk lowar and lowar into his set as I listed his crimes but when I stated the last, fear was replaced with anger and curiosity.

"Wait, I've never used my wail outside the clock-tower since I've learned it -well I'm getting the hag of it- but I've never used it like you said" he sat up glaring at me as if I were a liar.

"You honestly think I'm going to fall for the crap your saying" I walked over to an old monitor and then picked up a tape "I have proof of your crime I placed the tape in the DVR.

Danny's pov.

I had know idea what was going on, but I did know I've never abused my ghostly wail like he said and besides.

He placed the tape in and at first there was static but it soon came in clear showing everything gray like -I don't really remember tv's, other than the name, it was something I really never came to know, the closes would be the viewing screen, which showed lots of different things like a tv would- I looked at the screen seeing that it was where I was before I was caught, but didn't look like a tornado hit it like before.

I watched closely as the image moved over to, two figures that were nearly at the edge, but one of them was more in the center than the other, I looked closely -trying to make the two- and then saw something surprising.

"Me and Youngblood" I whispered out as I gazed at the image of me and my friend.

I looked about six, 'around the time I meet YB', it looked as if we were arguing, I couldn't tell what my expression was because of how the video was shot, it was looking at the back of my head but it showed Youngblood, showing his smug grin -I once told him, he was going to get hurt because of that grin of his- he looked as if he was holding something -but what?- I tried to lean in more, but the chains prevented me from going any further.

The video soon zoomed in, showing a closer look at everything, I could see everything clearly now.

I then saw what YB was holding -my goggles- 'but how?' I never even let him touch then, let along hold, this doesn't make any sense .

He then dropped them, I looked in horror as one of my closes friends drooped one of my prized possession 'why don't I remember this' I then saw that he did one of his tricks where he switched the goggles over to his other hand, but the video me must not have seen it, because the next thing I saw was more shocking then anything.

Energy rapidly shot out, going in all directions from me, Youngblood flow back into a wall were he was nearly knocked out, even the camera went out of focus for a second befor showing debris flying everywhere.

'That can't be me' I said to myself, I don't remember anything of it, but looking back I started to think how I even got there, I hurt to think of the experience but I started to feel the same way before I was captured, after stepping in the center of where I was in the video.

A million questions raced through me, but the thought were cut by yet another chill, but it felt colder, I let out an unneeded breath showing a cold puff of air come out of my mouth, I stared at it until it fully evaporated from site (AN: I'm not going to consider this his ghost sense, considering I'm only going to allow that to happen when he's in the 'Human realm')

I looked up to see that the guy in all white didn't noticed, I looked back at the screen to see it soon turn off to a black screen, that reflected an image of me showing how shocked I was.

I looked up at the ghost, he smirked at me, but I still processing what I saw.

"By the look on your face I can tell that you have no excuse for what you have done. Good" he then walked over to a door then opened it, what stud on the other site was two more of the guards that had captured me *gulp* what were they going to do with me.

"I suggest you get comfy because your going to be here for a while. Take him to his cell" he said the last part to the guards. They came and unlocked the chains from the chair, then started dragging me away.

At one point they let me walk but they kept a sharp eye on me, we finally made our way over to a room where inside was what looked like hundreds of cells, a line up and down, left to right all over.

"Move it" One of the guards said pushing me forward, we took a weird device that elevated use up, at one point it stopped and went forward, jerking me back to were I almost fell, but I caught myself before it happened.

We finally stopped at a cell that said 'block D-34', one of the two guards opened it revealing a surprisingly big room with two bunks.

The guard once again pushed me, sending me into the cell.

"Have fun with your new room mate" said the guard with a grin, as the cell doors closed, they laughed and left, I could still hear their laughter 'if i could I would put a pounding on the two of them' I thought to myself, but then a thought occurred to me 'room mate? What do they mean by that'.

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" I turned around to see to glowing eyes stare at me, I gulped.

"H-hello" I forced a smile on my lips, whatever or who ever was there, they did not want me here.


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