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Annabeth's POV

Right now I feel absolutely terrible. More terrible than you could ever imagine. For one thing, I was just in Tartarus. That place was so horrible I still can't fall asleep. Another reason for feeling so terrible, is that in Tartarus, I was hurt, hurt beyond repair. Broken bones, scared mind, poisoned, mentally and physically exhausted, and on top of all of that, my boyfriend sacrificed himself for me. He, Percy, was the one who carried me when I broke my ankle, fought off most of the monsters… and then this happened.


"Almost there, almost there," I muttered to myself as we hurried closer and closer to the doors, the doors that we change everything.

"Annabeth! Don't stop, we are almost there!" He was panting from exertion. It hurt for me to see him like this. He was the best boyfriend ever to walk on this earth. Suddenly the doors of Death were in front of us. I saw Frank standing there, looking at Tartarus with a horrified expression. "Perr-rrcy, w-we have a p-problem," he stuttered out. "The doors have to be closed from the inside." With that it was like the world stopped spinning. Before I could completely digest what he was saying, Percy grabbed me by the shoulders, kissed me sweetly and thrust me out the doors, slamming them shut behind me.

I don't remember much of what happened after that. I know I woke up some time later in the infirmary, crying my eyes out. The only thing that kept me going was the fact that Nico said he wasn't dead. Not that I am sure that is a good thing, but a ray of hope any ways.

Right now Thalia, Nico and the rest of the seven from the great prophecy were all sitting together on the beach, looking out over the water which reminded all of us of Percy so much. Oh how I miss his black hair, goofy smile, and those perfect eyes… My thoughts were interrupted by my good friend, Thalia.

"Are you sure that he is alive? I mean, where he is at," she trailed off with a small sigh. Even though she argues with Percy so much, they were still family. I remember her telling me that he was like her brother. You know, fights all the time, but love each other to death kind of thing.

"Well, his spirit hasn't entered my father's realm, so-"suddenly he gasped.

"I just felt him- but not dead, just nearly, um, oh gosh," Nico started freaking out slightly, jumping to his feet. He grabbed Thalia's arm.

"Everyone go to the infirmary. Thalia come help me!" and with that they jumped into the nearest shadow.

I remember the happiest feeling came over me. My seaweed brain was alive! When Nico and Thalia showed up caring a half dead Percy in between them, I thought I was going to die. I'm not really sure if it would be from shock and worry or relief, but it didn't matter.

He was alive, and with an interesting story to tell…

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